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Monday Morning Greetings! :)

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    Monday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Oh! Such terrible smoke! Yesterday was the worst ever for smoke. The Cameron Peak Fire, west of Ft. Collins, grew by 10,000 acres. It's >34,000 acres burned now & only 5% contained. It has burned into the northern edges of Rocky Mountain National Park; some areas of the park are closed due to the dense smoke & visibility problems. The plume of smoke extended 40,000 ft. in the air. Ash has been falling as far south as the Denver metro area. The sun was covered with smoky haze all day. The sun set in an orange globe. The air was really bad. No way to escape it. I delayed turning on the swamp cooler as long as possible, but once we turned on the cooling, it brought the smoke odor in the house. When I went outside in the evening to hand water, I saw particles of ash all over the picnic table, the patio, & the driveway. It still was falling from the sky. Today is supposed to be another smoky day.

    Yest. I watched church on YT. I finally watched Jenny's bear paw tutorial & caught up on the various blogs I check every day. Bonnie Hunter's is one of my favorites. In the eve. I watched David Jeremiah.

    Yest. DH covered the pipes to the anti-siphon valve with foam insulation, covered everything with a rug & then a plastic bag. It's fastened with a bungee cord. At the end of today, I'll make sure all the hoses are disconnected. The first year we moved here, we had a bright, warm sunny day in Jan. & DH washed the car. Without realizing, we hadn't disconnected the hose, so the faucet didn't drain & froze inside the wall. The next time we used that faucet, we had a flood in the bsmt. So we always are diligent to disconnect hoses when the temp. is likely to drop to freezing.

    The cold front dips down tonight into tomorrow. We're expecting rain, then snow. Totals vary per the weather forecasters, but we could see 2-6" here, with higher amounts in the foot hills. Temps. should be back up to the 80's by the week end. At least we'll get a break from this heat, but I hate to see the annuals get zapped. I've really been enjoying the flowers.

    I never made it to the sewing room yest. Maybe today. Enjoy the last day of the holiday week end.

    Good Morning. Joy, Your weather is almost too much to put up with. Praying you and DH will come through fine. At least if the weather cools off a lot you won’t need to use your swamp cooler and draw the smoke smell into the house. Weather everywhere is totally unpredictable.

    I got the borders sewn onto the Irish Change quilt yesterday. It will take me a while to trim threads from the back, press and prepare a backing. Now I get to decide what to work on next! I love the Pinwheel Picnic quilt and may make it. I have a pastel layer cake that I think would work well. It may even be the one Jenny used in her tutorial.

    Our BLTs for dinner yesterday were so good...a real taste of summer. I happened across some really good bacon that cooked up great. My new thing for the past few years is to cook our bacon in the oven and that makes it so easy. I may cook pork steaks or ribs today and make some baked beans and slaw.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day everyone.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good morning. Joy, those are some wild temperature swings you are expecting! Good idea with the hoses. I grew up in the south, and my dad would always insist on turning off the water and draining the pipes when we were expecting a hard freeze. My husband, from the north, thought it was crazy, until he had to fix a busted pipe. Needless to say, after that we always drain the pipes when expecting a hard freeze now. A slight inconvenience to turn it back on in the morning, but worth it.
      Yesterday, I drove to Houston, did some returns at IKEA, THEN MET A


        Good morning. Another sunny morning. Yesterday was a very nice day outside. Last night it even felt a little cool. Sorry those fires and the smoke has gotten worse Joy.

        Yesterday was a pretty low key day. I did a little work outside. A bit of weeding and also some seed gathering from my annuals. I also spent a bunch of time printing out and cutting up the rest of the paper piecing patterns from the Farmer's Wife book that I need. After dinner I also actually watched a Christmas movie that I had on my DVR. I guess I just needed a little Christmas.

        Today I think we will do a bit of work out in the backyard. There is a large clump of daffodil bulbs that need digging up and splitting. And the shed needs some going through too. But I would really like to spend some time just sitting out there and reading a while too.

        Have a great Labor Day everyone. Fall is just around the corner.
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        Ginny B


          Good Morning Joy and those who follow.

          Happy Labor Day. Well, Jim's luck turned. He started having transmission trouble with the truck. He filled up, then couldn't get it to shift above 3rd. This morning he filled up and couldn't get it into third. He's waiting for a tow. Nana and Nandy have the kids and are going to meet him at the mall. I doubt that they'll find a place to have it worked on today. Jim's thinking about trading it in on something bigger. Who knows what he'll decide, this is a hiccup for sure. I told Mike yesterday when he first called, things have been going too smoothly, the other shoe had to drop at some point. There's nothing I can do to help him at this point, other than pray for their safety and travel mercies.

          We had some pretty strong storms blow through last night. It's different having 2 scaredy pups, one snuggles and the other plants herself close to us. We finally got Pepper to relax on the sofa. It was late when we had a break. I had both of them out for their final bathroom time while the lightning flashed in the distance. Needless to say, they both made it a quick trip before bedtime!

          I didn't make it into the sewing room yesterday. I was tired, then after Jim's first call, I was worried and tired.

          Tomorrow is the day to take the V Tech wall hanging to the long arm. Naturally, they forgot and gave Mike a longer shifts all this week. It's going to be cutting it tight to make it on time.

          Well, Jim's calling again. Thank goodness Mike's off to talk 'truck' to him. Now they're talking about how long it will take for the transmission to be fixed. sigh

          Have a great Labor Day. Pepper has destroyed her one toy, so I'm getting ready to go get a new one for her. With all of the of the toys she had, they didn't bring a single one over here. Time to get busy. Have a wonderful day! Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good morning!

            It has been dark and storming for the last couple of hours. I woke up to thunder. The rain didn't start until almost an hour later. I thought the storms might stay over Lake Erie, but I guess they are just slow-moving. I was hoping they would clear out before our porch visit with Mom. I checked the radar and it doesn't look like we'll be that lucky.

            I talked to Mom's facility on Friday and they said they are going to start limiting visits once we get into flu season. They will be able to schedule special visits if needed when my Texas sister visits in October. They haven't figured out how they're going to handle the porch visits when the weather gets colder. My guess is they will have to use the front reception area.

            This afternoon I want to work on my Halloween quilt. I'm thinking of doing a flange binding. I haven't tried one of those before. I know Jenny did a tutorial on it, as well as Donna Jordan and others. I'm not sure I have enough fabric for the accent color. The quilting isn't anywhere near done, so I have time to figure it out.

            Have a wonderful day!


              Good Morning,

              Joy, I can't imagine the smell and all the ash that covers your area. Even when our next door neighbor has a bonfire going it can get unpleasant but I'm sure that is nothing compared to what you are experiencing. Hope they get a handle on that soon. Maybe with the snow coming it will help.

              Yesterday here got very sticky so we ended up closing up the house for a bit. Opened it back up when I went to bed around 10. This morning was in the low 50's when I got up. I already did my Monday morning grocery shopping and everything is put in its place. My son called last night and asked for a ride up to Walmart to pay for the next month of his phone and to get some groceries so I will be going to pick him up in a little bit.

              All the "chain" blocks have been completed for the Irish Change quilt I'm making. I have been thinking about how to go about the QAYG. I could do each block by itself but I'm thinking since there are 9 block across and 9 blocks down I will divide them by 3 and do 3x3 blocks and quilt that way. Since I've never done QAYG before not sure how that will work out. I will plan out the layout of the blocks sometime today. I don't want too many of one color in the same area.

              Other than running Jim around I don't have anything planned. Sounds like we are supposed to get some more rain this afternoon and maybe overnight. Think I'll plan on making something in the house for supper tonight.

              Time for some breakfast and coffee. Have a great day everyone.


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                Carlie, I’ve never done QAYG before but your plan sounds feasible to me. Good Luck.
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              Good Monday morning to all,

              Finished a few blocks (16) on the new quit pattern. I am using numbered pins to keep the fabrics straight. Then a little sticker goes by each instruction in the pattern so I know it's done. This pattern will be a challenge but I am taking my time to cut and piece each unit.

              Heading to my office later even though its a holiday. I will take tomorrow off instead to help DH and DD with their day. I will probably treat myself to lunch first though. We don't have big dinners anymore and I like to eat around 20 for the day.

              My machine is back and purrs. I will call them to get the bobbin case lid with the 1/4 inch marking. It was left behind and I depend on that line for piecing. A piece of tape over the plain one works for now.

              Joy, Hope the air clears and the temps settle down for your and DH soon.

              Julie, Flange binding is so much fun! I have also inserted ric rac under the binding edge and sewn down for a bit of fun. Good luck!

              Happy Stitching to all !


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                It's still smoky, but not as bad as yest. Hopefully the forecasted rain & snow will help with the problem.

              Rondak you're a workaholic like me!!


                Short posting today. We plan to devote the day to doing things we haven't done due to quilting. Put together a new DVD stand and am headed to Home Depot to pick up shelving that will go into the sewing room. We will move the design wall next to the door, which will get it out from behind my pressing table and make it totally usable. Where it was we will put three 48-inch shelves, which will increase our storage space considerably. Will also mow today. Some quilting might get done, but not much.

                Have a happy holiday!

                There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                --Ken Burns


                  Jim made it to a dealership, apparently got financing for a newer diesel truck.

                  I think Howard may be making a little mischief for the kiddo that promised to stay in FL before we moved down here.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                    I just noticed that it's 3 o'clock already, so Good Afternoon!

                    We had planned a Labor Day cookout for our families today. Yesterday I made lots of pasta salad, fruit salad, and cole slaw. Mike started making the ribs yesterday. After all of that was done, we found out four people from Mike's family weren't coming. We knew my one daughter and her family wouldn't be here. So that left Mike's sister and my other daughter and her 3 kids (oldest is 5). We decided to call it off. It would have been nice if they would have told us a couple weeks ago that they weren't coming. At least I hadn't made the brownies yet or I would have been eating them all myself! We are both very disappointed but it is what it is. We'll be eating all that food for a long time!

                    I started watching Valley Blossoms videos again. They are so very informative! There's even one on how to do the machine embroidery. Both instructors give recommendations for supplies, too. So I ordered a wool mat. It will be used to line up the appliques to place them correctly in order to embroider them on. It's recommended to stick pins through the pieces into the mat to hold the appliques in place before spraying with 505 between the background and the applique. There is lots and lots of planning before starting the quilt.

                    We are having a perfect weather day today so Mike and I will have a nice supper on the deck later. Good ribs, sides, and an excellent wine! I may still have time to make some brownies!

                    Have a happy day!
                    ~ Carol from PA


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                      Dove ~ Even if you bake the brownies, you can freeze them up & take them out one at a time. Sorry the party fizzled. Yes, it would have been considerate if they had let you know sooner.

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                      Sorry about your get-together falling apart. I’ve been in your position before. Just look at all the great food you have to eat...more time to sew and less time cooking.

                    It's been a rainy day here today. I woke up with a migraine and went back to bed until about 11. Feeling better now, just dragging. I've been doing mostly nothing this afternoon except being lazy. Some reading and 'puter surfing a bit. I need to get myself in gear and do a couple of loads of laundry, and then some housework. Yesterday I moved some furniture around - moved a desk from the living room into the dining room so I can use it when I work from home (easier access to the electrical outlet), and moved a bookshelf from the dining room into the living room. Of course, that meant I had to move other things - it's always a domino effect! Need to finish cleaning up that stuff and straighten & sweep the kitchen. Talked to DH this morning and he said he's unattached - no tubes, monitors, or IVs! He's a happy camper right now and it looks like he will be coming home soon, possibly tomorrow. So I've been enjoying this last afternoon of "me" time before I become a full-time caregiver again and I refuse to feel guilty about it, even if all the dusting and vacuuming doesn't get finished tonight. I think I'll go into work early tomorrow and get my payroll reports done, then I can bring them home to work on after I pick DH up. There are a lot of reports to print at the beginning of the week and they print much faster at work. Better get with it - looks like another round of t-storms coming thru in a little bit. Hope everyone has a good week!!


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                      Yippee! Glad your hubby is doing better!

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                      Great news about your Hubby coming home. Yay!

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                      Great news about your husband. He'll feel better for not being hooked up to anything.