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Good Morning Friday! :)

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    Good Morning Friday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yay! The house is all painted! 😊 The guys finished up about 4 p.m. yest. afternoon. Oh my, how wonderful the house looks with its fresh coat of satin finish latex paint! He used Sherwin Williams' Duration paint, which is their top of the line. With what I paid the first painter for his prep work & the bid for the 2nd painter, the total cost came to $2,100. which I felt was very reasonable. He gave us a 10% senior discount on the cost of the labor. I'm a very satisfied customer & certainly will recommend him to others.

    Today DH has a dental appt. for crown prep. He is dreading it. It's the tooth on which he recently had the root canal.

    My DIL's mom fell while riding her bike & has broken her leg. She has a cast on from her ankle to her hip. Her dad is undergoing tests for a new lump. He was treated for Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma several years ago. They live in the Netherlands. Their gr. dau's wedding is today, so Gerrie will have to attend the wedding with her new cast. This is the wedding my son's family had planned to attend in the spring, but all travel got stopped with the virus.

    Our weather remains sunny & about ~90 deg. A big change is coming next week when temps. could drop into the 30's. Sure glad the painting got done now while the weather is nice.

    I'll bring DH home after the dentist appt. then head over to the groc. store. I need chicken & carrots. Tomorrow is chicken soup making again. Have a good Friday.

    Good morning. Nice and sunny here this morning. Joy, I saw the weather report for your area that included a big drop in temps and the possibility of snow. Wow. My brother lives out there and I will have to see what he thinks of that forecast.

    I had a nice productive day in the sewing room yesterday. I finished the 10 masks that I had orders for and then I completed another Secret Santa gift.

    This morning we will head out to the local farm and get some produce and then hubby will head to the grocery store for a few things to stock up our pantry. We are trying to get things stocked up for the fall in case we need to go back to staying home more. I don't want to be as dependent on grocery delivery or having others do our shopping for us as we were at the beginning of this crazy time. The rest of the day is up in the air.

    Have a good Friday everyone.
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      Yes, the forecast for next week is markedly cooler with a chance of snow. I'm waiting for the house paint to get good & dry, then I need to re-cover the anti-siphon valve of the sprinkler system. In the mean time we're enjoying temps. in the upper 90's.

    Good Morning. It’s going to be a beautiful day here. We are having some building supplies delivered today so we can do some work in the garage and get organized better. We also need to get rid of a lot of things. When we were landlords we accumulated a lot of extra things that we can’t use in our house.

    Joy, that’s great that they are finished painting your house! Now you can get that off your mind.

    I made good progress on the Irish Change quilt yesterday. With another good day of sewing it will be ready to go to my quilter. I’m not sure yet what to work on next.

    We decided we weren’t hungry enough for a big meal for dinner yesterday so we just had fried egg sandwiches and fruit. It was good for a change. We will have roast beef, mashed potatoes and green beans tonight. Luckily the meat is already cooked so I will just need to pull the sides together. We need to make a trip to the grocery store for a few things.

    It’s time for me to get moving and start my busy day. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend.

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      Good Morning!

      This morning it is 48 degrees. Good sleeping weather. Had the windows open all night. With my house being constructed (the first floor anyway) on concrete block I'm hoping that it absorbs the coolness. It helps to keep the house cool. We are heading for 78 today for a high which will be nice. We had some pretty strong winds yesterday, gusts up to 35 mph but I'm not sure that we will have that wind today.

      I spent the morning and early afternoon with my daughter yesterday. She only had 4 kids yesterday all 3 and under with only one being a baby, so a pretty easy day. She kept saying it was too quiet. She is so used to all the energy from the three 5 year olds she has. We were outside for a bit and then we went for a walk. Boy, that tuckered me out quite a bit but it was good to get out and walk a bit. I think she was walking a little slower than what she normally does though because when we got back to her house she commented on the length of time. Oh well. It was good for me to get that walk in. When we got back lunch was made and then Jennifer read a story to them and they went down for their nap. She has changed things around a little so one little one started to cry and I thought we might have an issue getting them to sleep. Jennifer closed the door part way and within one minute she told me that I could leave. I asked if she wanted me to wait in to make sure they wasn't going to be a problem and she told me, "Oh, she is already sleeping". Man, I wish I could go to sleep that quickly!

      By the time I got home I felt quite wiped out. Sat with my legs up and today I'm glad that I did because my knees aren't too bad. I have a few things on my list to do today, one being taking care of the tomatoes. My cherry tomatoes look like I may have another couple of weeks worth and then they will be done but the other two have quite a few tomatoes still growing. I need to get some pants hemmed and do some general house cleaning.

      I did not get up to the sewing room yesterday, felt I should keep my legs up a while, so stayed downstairs and sat with Dave watching a program on the Minnesota State Fair. It was quite interesting. I also finished the binding on one of the panels, I have one left to bind and I may work on that today.

      Time for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day.


        display cabinet front.jpegdisplay cabinet side.jpeg Good Morning to all! Going to be a hot weekend for sure. I finally got the display cabinet in my sewing room. That is not a real child next to it, it was my mom's "time out doll". The wording on the side is just a vinyl from the dollar store. Not sure how long it will stay on, I just recently found it when I was cleaning the room. Forgot I had even bought it.


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          The cabinet is gorgeous and a perfect storage place. If you don't like the mirrors, you can cover foam board or cardboard with fabric to fit on the back of the shelves. Even scrapbook papers can be taped up.

        Good morning everyone . . .

        Woke up to sunshine this morning . . . what a change. We have had nothing but rain, cloudy skies, etc. since Monday. Yesterday when I was back at the house for a little bit, I emptied the rain gauge . . . over 3 1/2 inches of rain over the last couple of days. We needed it. The grass has not been cut for 2 weeks. Hopefully, they will show up on Tuesday. All that rain should make it grow.

        I have been staying at my daughter's house the past week with their 3 dogs. They are on vacation with the in-laws family. I have been getting up and feeding the dogs and then going to my house later in the morning, shower, and then work on my project. Then later in the afternoon, I go back over to my daughter's, feed the dogs and am there for the remainder of the evening. They are coming home a day early . . . today. Yea!!! I get to be back in my own house and in my own bed tonight!!!

        I have been working on finishing a project I started in a class about a week and a half ago. It is painting on fabric using Derwent Intense pencils and Liquitex fabric medium. It is fun but has been a long process. We started out with a picture that was quilted onto a quilt sandwich with a piece of paint ready fabric on the top. Black thread was used for quilting the picture. Then you use the pencils and fabric medium and "paint". It has been a long process because I try not to paint areas right next to each other as it can tend to run together. I am thinking of making it into a quilt or a pillow. Not sure yet. I will wait till it is completed before making a final decision.

        Well, not much else is happening here. It is time to pack up my stuff and get ready to go back to my house. I will have to come back and feed the dogs this evening as daughter and son-in-law will not be home till later in the evening.

        Hope everyone has a great day and a great holiday!!!



          Weatherman promises an autumn-like weekend, so I can't wait. I love to grill out, but I use charcoal so I feel like I need to stay outside to make sure the fire doesn't cause any issues (even though I use a chimney, I've had a couple of instances where I'm glad I stayed outside), so that means sitting through the heat. Add to that the fact that our patio sits with a western exposure, and it can get pretty hot, so from July to September, I hardly ever grill out. Thinking about sirloin.

          Got the piecing done for the Regiments quilt (see Show and Tell) and just need to put the border on, which I hope will happen when I get back from talking to my boss. In spite of some stupid mistakes, it generally turned out OK. Thankfully, Cheryl was there to save me from myself.

          She continues to work on the Kentucky Sampler. The Kentucky Crossroads block is turning out more difficult than she anticipated, but I think she'll get it done.

          Have a great holiday weekend all!

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          There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
          --Ken Burns


            Good morning from Saskatchewan. We are making the trek home. It has been an absolutely wonderful vacation so far. Tomorrow we celebrate 39 years of wedded bliss. LOL!! Not sure where we will end up today. I have lots to tell when I get back home.

            Wishing everyone a wonderful day and long weekend.
            Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


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              Happy Anniversary have a wonderful day.

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              Wow, you've had quite the trek! Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to hear all your news. Pictures, too!

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              Happy anniversary! My DH and I will celebrate 39 years in October.

            Good morning to all,

            I am making progress on a couple of projects. I will make samples of the drunkard path block to see if the AQ die will work and the blocks compare. The quilt pattern is for a 6 1/2 inch (unfinished) block and the die is the same size. This is an older die and no longer available. A friend let me borrow the die. The difference between pattern and die is the placement of the the curve and the remainder piece. Will it matter in the final layout?

            My grocery order is in for pick-up tomorrow. I will try to add milk later as it was out of stock right now. The whole experience is such a time saver and that means more stitching time! Plus it's a long weekend. We used to love these when working the daily grind. Now that I can take a day here and there as needed, they aren't quite the same.

            May your day be filled with sunshine and happy stitches!


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              I have yet to order groceries on line for either delivery or pick-up. Getting out to shop is one of my get-away-from-the-house outings. I'm particular & really don't want someone else picking out what I want.

            Good Morning All,

            Jim's on the final days here in FL. His part of the closing is done. The people hired to clean the house were 2 hours late and worked for about 4 hours. He was not pleased with some things about the company, but they were thorough. He told me not to call them. He's already been to the camper putting things away this morning. I know how he does, so I don't think I want to go see. He and I have totally different methods for getting a camper ready to use. Right now, Mike is changing the oil in the truck, Jim's changing the windshield wipers.

            I pressed a few of the part A blocks yesterday, but my focus wasn't there. I'll have to get the wool mat out and finish pressing them, but I doubt that it will be today. My machine goes in next week for a spa retreat. I just don't think I'll get the top done before I have to take it in.

            Well, Mike has his schedule for next week. I need to call and make an appt to get my last crown put in, he only has Monday and Saturday off. I want to make sure the same dentist that started it finishes it!

            Have a great day! Prayers for those in need, and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Good morning everyone,

              It definitely feels like fall this morning. It's crazy, it's like someone flipped a switch, and it was fall.

              DH drove me to the eye surgeon yesterday morning to meet the doctor and discuss options. I really liked him, and appreciated the thoroughness of everyone in the clinic. I'm scheduled for Dec. 8 and Dec. 22 for the surgeries. I have a lot of astigmatism, so I chose the more expensive lens. Medicare covers only part of that one, and we'll have to pay the rest.

              No sewing room time yesterday. I canned 3 more pints of green beans for a total of 28 so far. Still more to come, although they've slowed down. We've been having rain lately, so production might increase.

              I'm heading to the cabin today. DD and her roommate will be showing up later tonight. They want to visit the North Shore State Park near Duluth, so that's what we'll be doing Saturday. I've been to Duluth a number of times, but never to that park. I expect it will be very scenic.

              Glad to hear from Monique.

              I better get myself organized. Have a great long weekend everyone.


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                Yep, very cool here this morning, too. Just like you said someone flipped a switch. Tuesday is supposed to be cooler yet. I imagine your temps are a little lower than here.

              • MSN
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                Are you talking about Jay Cooke State Park? That's one of our favorites.

              Hi all,
              Weather wise it was dull overcast today, not the warmest temperature inside either brrr.
              Its been a busy Friday have been teaching himself, how to use his new to him computer. This was after he said was not happy using the old one after it coughed and refused to turn on one day.
              We set up this new to him computer thing last week and it took a while to get everything configured. spent most of today sorting going through things.
              Am thankful for touch screens😁
              being able to custom the start menu,
              pinning things to task bar,
              moving taskbar to side,
              for the ms shopping bag site to download the missing useful things.
              Last night we made a fruit cake, all went well until Barn wood buildrs came on telly, my helpers vanished to watch it, did not return till Maine cabin masters ended. Of course there was a small amount of time before himself was off again to watch triple d, with Guy f.
              Have a great evening, best go seek the fodder.