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Wednesday Hellos! :)

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    Wednesday Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Here we are at Hump Day! It promises to be another beautiful day. Yest. was sunny & 87 deg. Very pleasant. It was another cool night for sleeping.

    Yest. I changed the sheets on my bed & did 2 loads of laundry. I aired the pillows outside in the sun for several hours. I never made it to the sewing room. The mowers come today, so yest. eve. I picked up all the twigs that blew down a few days ago in the wind.

    DS#1 e-m'd me that the product I need for the ground bees is Bonide 363 Spider & Bee Dust. It looks like it's available from Amazon. Apparently the dust works better to get down into the nest. That will be my next try.

    The painter comes this a.m. I have a lunch set up with the BSF ladies for today. There will be 11 of us. Because of C-19 we haven't been able to meet in person since before the lockdown. In the spring we finished our lessons & group discussions on Zoom. Sept. 16 BSF starts up again, & we will have to use Zoom again for at least a few weeks. Not ideal, but better than not meeting at all.

    I have lots to do before the painter comes. Have a great day!

    Good Morning, Joy and everyone. It’s going to be another rainy day but beginning tomorrow things will clear up for the holiday weekend.

    I got the borders sewn onto the Hourglass quilt and I found a 108” backing for it in my stash. Now on to the Irish Change quilt and hopefully I can turn both quilts in to be quilted at the same time. These two quilts are my last large quilts. It’s hard for me to wrestle huge quilts since arthritis moved into my hands. These will also be my first quilts with machine sewn binding. That will be an adventure.

    Has anyone heard from Monique? I know that she and Les have been in the wilderness and probably haven’t had a signal.

    I think I will cook a pot of beans today and put some in the freezer for later. I think Jeff would love a country meal. Beans cooked with ham, fried potatoes with onion and cornbread. Jeff says that’s good enough to make your tongue slap your brains out!

    Joy, I hope that product takes care of your bee issue. Around here yellow jackets build nests in the ground and you had better not disturb them, even with a lawn mower. They’re mean and love to sting. Please be careful.

    I’m off to start a load of laundry. Wishing everyone a great day.


    Scottie Mom Barb


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      I love Jeff's comment! Beans, taters and cornbread all in one meal, delicious!

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      Just started putting my block together on my Irish Change. They go together quite quickly once all the cutting is done.

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      I'll be there for dinner. Don't let Jeff eat before I get there. He might not save me any. LOL! Gina

    Good Morning!

    Yesterday was a little rainy in the morning and temps were very pleasant. I don't think it got much above 75 and it cleared up in the afternoon. I got to Jennifer's about 7:30, just before their breakfast. Unfortunately, the kids weren't able to get outside in the morning which is their normal schedule because it was still raining a little . When they are couped up like that they get a little crazy. They really need that outside time to run off their energy. Things went so good with Jennifer, very little pain in her hand, that she said she was comfortable with me going home and that I did not need to come back until Thursday when the girls would be gone to school.

    Today it looks gorgeous this morning, currently 52 degrees and humidity is very low. I feel like I'm in good company as this is my "normal" day for laundry. Dave and I will be making a trip to the pet store for some more R/O water and fish food. We need to make a stop at a hardware store for a part he ordered for the rider lawnmower too. My knees are acting up right now. I plan on taking it a little easier today and see if that helps. It helps me to sit with my legs up for a while each day and lately I've not been able to do that as much as I would like. If they don't get better over the next few days I will probably give a call to the orthopedic surgeon and schedule another injection. My last one was in February so I'm far enough out to get another one. The injection I get is to help the cushion in my knee, it is called synvisc. So far I've had two and they do work very nice.

    I worked on the Irish Change quilt yesterday and I was even able to get 5 blocks done. I am really liking the way it is coming out. I should be able to get quite a few more done tonight. It is very surprising how quickly they are coming together.

    Well, time to finish up bills and get a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Have a great day everyone.



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      My Irish Change got set aside for about two months but l’m working on it again and it will soon be ready for the borders. It’s a large quilt. Glad to hear yours is going together quickly.

    Good morning!

    It is warm and muggy here. We're expecting highs around 80 with a chance of rain. We had some rain overnight.

    The electrician comes out to Mom's house today. My sister is going to call me when they are on their way and I will walk over there (Mom's house is across the street). I'm very interested to see what it will cost. We were talking yesterday and added an item to the list -- replace the push button light switches with regular toggle switches. Most of the switches are original to the house, very trendy at the time, I'm sure...and don't always work.

    The vet gave bunny a new med yesterday and she seems to be more comfortable today. We go back next week for another follow-up visit. The vet said she is otherwise healthy, so that's a good thing. I'm still not crazy about the idea of another surgery. She seems to be adapting well to her lack of vision.

    My sister has yellow jackets in the siding (and walls) of the garage. My go-to exterminator sold the business to what looks like a national chain. I hope their level of service hasn't changed. My sister tried to take care of the problem with the usual spray stuff but it just coated the entrance / exit and didn't do much.

    I'd better eat some breakfast before my sister calls. Have a wonderful day!
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      Good morning!
      Another cloudy day but we've needed rain for a long time and now we're finally getting some. Everyone's grass is beginning to get some green in it again.

      Yesterday was grocery shopping day for this week's meals. Tomorrow we'll go out again to shop for the Labor Day cookout. There will only be 8 or 9 people but I like to make lots of food so everyone can take some home with them. Mike is going to make some ribs and burgers and I'll make side dishes and desserts.

      I'd like to thank everyone for their kind comments yesterday about Floyd. Mike is doing a little better this morning. He lost two wives- one 10 years after her liver transplant and the other to brain cancer. So losing his best friend dog is really hard for him. But we'll get through this in time.

      I got a call from the quilt shop yesterday-- my sewing machine is ready for pickup! Yay! I hope to get it today. It's a bit over an hour to get there and we have an appointment at the vet for the dog to get her pedicure. Maybe Mike can take her himself and that way I can go get my machine and shop a bit for some fabric. It's a very small shop but they have lots of fabric. The more I think about it, the more I want to buy some fabric! I have only shopped online this year. It will be fun to shop in person and feel the fabrics!

      Have a wonderfully happy day!
      ~ Carol from PA


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        Mike has had a lot of loss. Floyd passing is very hard for him, Im sure. One day at a time. Hugs & Prayers for both of you.

      Good morning all. Haven't been here for a few days. We had a very nice weekend. Saturday night we went to Kathryn and Joe's to drop off a carseat and stayed for dinner then Sunday morning we headed up to John and Rob's. My sis and her hubby came over for a visit too so we had a fun time. Each time we go up there, it's fun to see the changes they are making in the house and how they are settling in. Both their places are looking great and I love that they ask my opinions on how to arrange stuff. We did some work in the garden with them too and I helped Rob with framing a picture he wanted to put in his living room. I had also brought up a large framed picture of my grandmother, grandfather and my dad (he is about 3 or 4 yo we are guessing) for my sister. It was taken in Germany and it was very faded. We were wondering about how it could possibly be restored somehow. Well lo and behold, the next day she carefully was taking it apart to see about just cleaning the frame and glass and there was the original picture behind the one we had been looking at our whole lives!

      We came home Monday evening and I didn't get here yesterday. So I will have to catch up on things here. I hope Monique is having a great time. And I have also been thinking about Pam and her family as they deal with the aftermath of the storm.

      Time to get a move on. We have Optimum finally coming today to fix our internet. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe.
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      Ginny B


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        What did the hidden picture show?

      • Ginny B
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        It was the original copy of the same picture.

      Good Morning All...

      Things didn't go as planned yesterday, back shower still has nekked seams. My carpet in the sewing room grabbed my chair wheels one too many times... no accident, but lets just say 1/3 of the carpet is now missing. Yep I ripped it up. So much better!!!! It was on the to do list (way down on the list) but it has moved up a few notches now. It wasn't until I started taking it up that I realized this was the carpet that was put in when it was my son's bedroom. I thought son and DIL had replaced it when they were living here (I had moved in with my dad for a few years to care for him). WOW at the amount of dust/dirt that had worked its way under the foam mat. A couple more sessions and the carpet will be gone. Gotta give the body a rest between the wrestling rounds!

      Will work some more on the masks that my daughter requested, actually doing more and be ahead of the game when she needs more. I am sure there will be more requests later, don't think the need is going to go away anytime soon.

      Still pondering on what I can sew for Christmas Gifts.

      Hope all have a safe and happy day!


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        I always recommend crafty Gemini on youtube. Easy fast projects!

      Good morning,

      I still don't have my machine back. The owner called to say they did hear the noise finally. Found a thread caught somewhere behind the scenes. I think it happened when I broke a needle a couple of months ago and couldn't find the tip anywhere. I'm just happy they found it and will fix it for me. Hopefully, it can be picked-up this afternoon. I am thankful that their two shops are very busy with customers.

      Lots of little errands on the list today plus starting to wash/iron the new fabrics. I don't usually pre-wash but will this time for bleeding and shrinkage before the quilt is made. Two friends mentioned their quilts were 6-7 inches smaller after the first wash and were disappointed.

      Have a great stitching day!


        Morning all,

        A rainy morning here but we can use it, keeps the rain barrels filled up for watering the gardens.

        Yesterday I did a little organizing of a few things in the sewing room and then started organizing my prepper pantry down in the basement trying to get a space where everything could be in one spot. I got off to a good start on both.

        I was watching a YouTube video from Kimberbell that showed their new background (in the hoop) quilting designs it looks interesting. They can be used with all their blocks but also can be used for other projects you want a quilted background for. Think I may order one to give it a try.

        Think I will bake those chocolate chip muffins today since I never got around to it last week. My husband will be more than happy to be the taste tester!

        ​​​​​​​Wishing everyone a good day!
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

        Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


          I don't know how many people noticed in my thread on the works in progress, but one of the blocks is a log cabin variation called Mr. Lincoln's Log. Doing it made me think that I'd like to do a log cabin quilt, which would be a natural progression for me given that I really like the block. It was also my mother's favorite block, so there is a family connection to it. So last night I played around with EQ8 and came up with the attached design that I call Cabins Among the Stars. The fabric choices are by no means set in stone, but rather represent fabric that I have in my reproduction collection. I thought that a variety of log cabin blocks might give it more visual interest. The bottom log cabin is a variation of a block I saw that put the on-point block in the center. Instead, I moved it to the edge. I figure it would also give me more practice on a fairly simple star pattern. Would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

          Not much else to report. I will start working on the sashing for the Regiments quilt and hopefully should have a couple of rows done today. I feel much better than I did yesterday. I think I was having blood sugar issues, either too low or too high.

          Cheryl will have a four-day weekend this weekend, so I imagine we both will be spending a lot of time in the sewing room. She is talking about returning to the Morningstar quilt she started but put on hold after having some issues. She is also considering this quilt that I designed called Life is Ruff. It features a panel of various dogs. It uses the Andover fabric line Ruff Life.

          Hope everyone has a great day.

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          There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
          --Ken Burns


            I love log cabins...I finished one and have another in progress with stars. I'm doing a dog quilt as well. It's called gone to the dogs.
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              Good afternoon all,

              I've been with Jim all morning. He brought the kids here for breakfast, then to Nana and Nandy's. They'll be staying there tonight and tomorrow night. Friday night they'll all be at Tammy and Brian's ( Grammy and Daedo- Morgan's parents). Jim is staying here tonight and tomorrow night. Pepper will be coming with him.

              Jim signs the papers tomorrow morning. Cleaning folks come tomorrow afternoon. The new buyer signs on Friday. Jim's realtor will be turning in the keys on Friday. Esther turns 6 on Friday! Wow, what a week!

              I'm pooped! I worked with Jim, going through and finishing up packing things for the trailer, storage and Salvation Army. He has a load to take to the toxic dump, that will go tomorrow afternoon, I guess. It's been miserably hot today. Clouds are starting to build and we'll have storms later I'm sure.

              I doubt I'll do any sewing today! Have a great one!

              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                Best wishes to all as they start this new adventure. I hope you get to put your feet up soon and rest.