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Monday Morning Greetings! :)

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    Monday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Wow! Did it cool off during the night. The wind came up & blew in some colder air from the Northwest. It's only 50 deg. this a.m., after a high temp. yest. of 96 -- much warmer than they had predicted. It's supposed to be only in the 70's today.

    I never made it to the sewing room yest. Instead I took it easy, did some reading, watched some quilting tutorials on YT, browsed, etc. I watched Karen Brown's video on 10 Sample Blocks to use up scraps, twice. The 2nd time through, I stopped & started it in order to take notes. I need to do a better job of organizing my scraps. I have so many strips of fabric on batting--trimmings from quilts--that need to have the stitching removed to preserve all that good fabric. It's one of the jobs I tend to ignore. I need to devote some time to ripping those apart & organizing.

    I had a phone call from the painter on Sat. He's coming this a.m. to power wash the house. He'll let it dry on Tues. & come back Wed. to start the work. I had thought he wouldn't get to us until the end of Sept., so I'm happy he can get to us now.

    Does anyone know when Monique plans to be back home? I know she mentioned they were headed back east from their travels.

    Have a good start to the week.

    Good Morning,

    Yesterday was pretty nice although we got a small amount of rain. We had storms overnight with rainfall of 1.3 inches. Dave certainly won’t have to water anything today. It is raining here at my daughters house. Chose to start raining hard just as I got into town about a half hour ago. I stopped at McDonalds for my grandkids’ breakfast. They had requested it of their mother and she forwarded on their choices to me and ask that I pick them up. They are already working on their chores for the day. I have the two panels with me and I will be finishing the binding on each. Otherwise it will be a slow day. Expecting my daughter to be back home around 11.

    I was able to get all the backing blocks and borders with their backing cut out. I also got the strips sewn together and hope to get them cut out tonight. The only thing left to cut will be the batting. Feels like I’m flying through but I’m sure it will slow down once I start the piecing. I think that I will get all the blocks sewn and then do the quilting of each block otherwise I’ll be changing the presser foot for the walking foot. Seems like wasted time to me.

    Offnow to finish my coffee and make sure these youngsters don’t get into trouble. Have a great day everyone.


      Jim called, time to get dressed and ready to go to Jim's. Patching walls and painting are on the list.

      Mike's off, he's been offered 2 management positions. One across town, one at the store he's at. We'll see what he does. I told him, Grandpa always moved up. Only reason he stayed with the company he started with for 42 years. Pray for him that he'll make the right decision.
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Good morning,

        The laundry is started even though DH is still sleeping this morning. I'm enjoying one more cup of coffee and then a little time in the sewing room this morning. A small wall-hanging a/k/a previous UFO is finished. It was fun to just do the backing, binding, and even make a sleeve for it. Even that took most of the day but it's nice to have it done. By coincidence it fits the new quilt hanger that I need to put up in the room.

        It's an office day this afternoon for the month end.


          I got up early to rip a border off a quilt that I sewed on wrong yesterday. Tedious work. It’s off and now sewn to the right side. Now I remember why this project has been a UFO for years...lots of bias edges. If I have another major issue I will cut the flimsy up for a bunch of small items if I don’t pitch it in the burn pile.

          It’s gloomy again today and we are going to get rain off and on until evening and then it becomes storms. Tomorrow is September 1st...hard to believe.

          Jeff did a great job grilling our steaks yesterday. I just baked some potatoes and made a salad and called that dinner. I seldom eat a steak because I don’t care for meat but last night it was tasty. Maggie and Sugar are always happy to eat what I don’t.

          I’m off to eat some cereal and then to get on with borders on the cantankerous quilt.

          Have a wonderful day everyone. Hugs....

          Scottie Mom Barb


            I lost a day, when I woke I thought it was Sunday. Most days are pretty much the same so no problem.😉
            A good friend, one that has been my DH friend since 1st grade, has/had heart surgery today. He is on my mind, they are replacing a valve without cutting him open.😮 That seems impossible but he said it has been done that way for at least 10 years. I sure hope it is successful, he is the main caregiver for his wife that suffered a stroke due to radiation therapy. I realize how lucky we are to be mostly well.

            I had to go to the grocery yesterday and two magazines jumped into my basket. If you like traditional home decorating the Autumn issue of Victoria is a feast. I haven't bought many magazines since they have gotten so expensive but this yummy one was so worth it.

            I also got a fall quilting magazine. I has a darling pumpkin table runner on the front, I pulled some fabrics to make it. I am afraid I need some fusible first but I can get it cut out partway. It will be a perfect house guest present for my DIL's parents that we go visit later this month.

            Have a great week, everyone.


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              I used to have a subscription to _Victoria_ years ago--it is a beautiful publication.

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              I just got home from the grocery store and I also purchased that magazine.....Quilter's Word? I really like that runner.

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              Claire ~ The modern medical technology is mind boggling. They also can go in through blood vessels into the brain & remove clots, etc. The recovery time is so much less with the new techniques.

            Good morning everyone,

            A nice sunny day here, with fall-like temps. Fall is my favorite season.

            I worked three days in a row at J's, so I slept like a rock last night...10 1/2 hours straight!! I work again this Wednesday.

            Not much going on today. I will can some more beans that I picked Sat. evening and check for new ripe tomatoes in the garden. I have more masks to make for the GKs...I picked up some fabric at work that will work well for the 8th grader who doesn't want anything loud or "cutesy".

            I hope you all enjoy your day. Jeanne


              Morning all.

              Hopefully the sashing fabric for the Crossroads quilt will be here today so I can get it finished. In the meantime, it's not like I don't have enough to keep me busy. I've got the first four Jacob's Ladder blocks done for my Regiments on Parade quilt and two of the Clay's Choice. I have two more rows to do and then it will be ready to put together. The picture shows how the rows will line up. The lone block to the right is there because the design wall is covered with my stuff making it impossible to reach.

              I'm pleased with how its going together. We'll see how it does at the end.

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              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


                Good Morning to All. Today is my big adventure day... been 2 weeks so off to the grocery store I need to go. Before Covid I never considered going food shopping as an adventure, just a chore, but now.... it is my outting adventure! Also later today is storybook reading with Mimi via facetime with the little ones. A jam packed day!

                Just got a text from daughter... mom, could you make a few more adult masks? While I am not doing the production sewing of those again anytime soon, I will sew some for family and friends, but will be on my time schedule. I just recently got back into sewing and I NEED for it to be an enjoyable journey, my sewing for sanity therapy hobby, not a job.

                Well time for a 2nd cup of coffee and try and decide what to wear on my outting, daytime jammies are not exactly a fashionable look for grocery shopping!

                Please stay safe and have a pleasant day.


                  Back again ~ The painter was here & already has gone. It took him only an hour to power wash the entire house. Before he came, I had time to do 3 loads of laundry & have my breakfast, plus move the picnic table out of the way & got the hoses accessible.

                  I just saw a weather report indicating snow tonight in the mts. >10,000 ft. That cold front that moved in last night really chilled us off. A hint of Fall is in the air, for sure. It's a bit early for snow in the mts., but not that unusual. With temps. only in the 70's today, we certainly won't need any cooling from the swamp cooler.

                  I've been working my way through my boxed set of the Anne of Green Gables books (total of 8, I think). They are delightful, even for adults.

                  I'm going to fix a cup of coffee, then head to the sewing room.


                    It is a Bank holiday today in England not Scotland, surprisingly the weather, has been warm and sunny. (It normally rains on bank holidays) We had the windows open, to give a through draft, while the wind tunnel aka hall was lovely to stand in, took a look around and thought best to mow the carpet, and wipe the worktops over.
                    The Cats sat on window sill looking out through the open window enjoying the warm breeze.
                    Having sat with a cuppa thought should make bread, ingredients added into the mixer then popped into the tins, just awaiting the rise.
                    The yeast is a little old (January), we had no gluten free flour between March and July in the stores. Was a gamble if any gluten free prefab bread would be on shelves, then there was one brand that said gluten free, but gave reactions of having gluten in, that was the one, that was always left. Thankfully food limits are being reduced and life has started slowly to be a new normal.
                    We are having mince and onion, mashed potatoes, with carrots parsnips for tea.
                    It appears there are 745 notifications to read, so may be some time catching up with news.
                    Hope no snow yet seems too early in the year.
                    Have a wonderful day in all you do.