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Sunday Morning Greetings :)

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    Sunday Morning Greetings :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Glad to see the Forum now is up & running. I was here at 6 a.m. & it wasn't available.

    We have a sunny start to the day. After 2 cooler days, it's supposed to be back up to 90 today. But over all, the temps. are trending a bit cooler, esp. at night. We had a mostly cloudy day yest. with a couple brief rain showers. The sun finally came out late in the afternoon & it warmed up to 82.

    I finally got the Smoke & Fire quilt sandwiched & pin basted yest. afternoon & eve. My back & R. side felt a bit better yest., so I did the crawling around on the floor to do the quilt sandwich. I have a kneeling cushion I use to pad my knees & bottom. After I sew together the binding strips, I'll put the walking foot on & mach. baste the perimeter of the quilt. Then I'll need to clean & oil my LA & do some practice FMQ prior to starting on the quilt. I'm thinking I may use leaf pattern, which also sort of looks like a flame. I want to quilt a flame in each of the red diamonds.

    This a.m. is DH's medical procedure (every other morning), so I'll have to come back later to post today's quilt sharing. Later will be church on YouTube. If all goes well, we may start having church services in our sanctuary starting Sept. 20. For now, they're still doing church out side in the parking lot.

    oh get yourself some of those kneeling pads carpet workers use. they are padded and help so much. at least you wouldn't have to be moving the cushion along with you all the time. one less hassle. You sound busy!!!


      Good Morning, Joy and all who follow,

      Today has dawned in the middle 50's. I'm very much enjoying the cooler weather and the house being open. There have been fairly nice breezes as well. Yesterday I spent time going through some blocks and strips I've had left over from projects and have several now paired up with some patterns. I will work on those once I have the Irish Change done. I was also able to get the strips cut out last night and I plan on sewing strips together today and finish the cutting. I am planning on doing this as a quilt as you go. We will see how that works out.

      More tomatoes to pick today and I will will get the Amish Paste cut up to freeze as well as all the extra beef steak. I will roast up the cherry tomatoes as I think I have at least 10 cups worth in the house and I have more to pick.

      For now alomost time time for online church and then some breakfast. Have a great day.



        Good morning Joy, just curious, why do you crawl around on the floor to make a sandwich your quilt if you have a LA?

        Today is 2nd day of retreat for friends going away party. Wasn't in the sewing mood yesterday, but managed to get some done while there. Will go back today after church and baking lasagna to bring for lunch. Hope you are all having a good day.
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          Karen ~ My LA is a table model, not on a frame. It's the Baby Lock Tiara II. I have no space in my house for a stand-up frame. Besides, I want to sit to quilt. My fam. rm. carpeted floor is
          my "design wall". If I have a large quilt, I send it out to a LAer. The only quilts I've done on my table model are crib quilts & lap quilts. I just don't want to hassle with so much bulk.

        Good morning. It's a beautiful morning with a nice breeze. Yesterday was off and on rainy so I didn't get to a couple things in the gardens that I wanted to do. Instead we got the carseat that Henry outgrew down off the shelf in the garage. Kathryn and Joe needed a bigger one for Tessa. They forgot that we were storing the perfect size one for her. So I got it all unwrapped and freshened it up and we brought it over to them. We wound up staying for dinner and had a nice visit.

        Today we are headed up to John and Rob's and hopefully my sis will pop over too for a bit. We will spend the night. So this morning I was out in the garden early to split a few hostas to bring up to them and also get a couple pots of marigolds ready for them.

        Now it is time to finish up a few chores, hop in the shower and pack up and get on the road.

        Have a good Sunday everyone.
        Ginny B


          Good Morning. It’s a dreary morning. We had rain and storms all night we had to turnoff our house phones and modem right after dinner. This morning so far so good. Lightning often strikes us through our phone line even though the phone company swears it’s grounded. We have replaced our cordless phones at least four times due to lightning.

          Ginny it sounds like you are going to have a fun day. Be careful and stay safe.

          So far I’ve done the Girls’ laundry. They have thin mattress I made in their crates where they sleep. I also made a chair cover out of two towels. The Girls are both white and they shed a bit, so these things help me not vacuum every day.

          Yesterday I got the inner borders sewn onto a large UFO quilt. I also cut and pieced the outer border. I may sew them on later today. It looks like I will need to buy a wide backing for this one. I have a few on hand but nothing looks good with the quilt. I saw some nice ones at Connecting Threads in their newest catalog.

          I’m off to shower and get dressed for church (online).

          Have a wonderful day everyone. Hugs....

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Good morning!

            We have a beautiful, cooler day here -- high today around 72. I have the windows open to enjoy the breeze. Temps the rest of the week will be back to normal, with highs around 80.

            Tomorrow I work on site. They changed the requirements to get in the building, I had to sign a "statement of personal responsibility," which is good through the end of the year. I just have to show my ID when I walk in the door -- no more questionnaires or getting my temperature taken. I don't go back again until late September.

            This week is going to be busy one. It seems like everything happens at once. Bunny has a follow-up with the vet on Tuesday; I'm still not sure on the best course of treatment for her. Wednesday, an electrician will be at Mom's house to give us an estimate on work that needs to be done there. I need to talk to my sister about the chandelier in the dining area. We were going to have it replaced with a different light fixture. The last time we talked, though, I think we were learning towards taking it out and letting whoever buys the house worry about it. Friday the heating/air conditioning guy will be at my house for an overdue tune up.

            Today I have lots of errands, etc., to run. I probably won't be back in the sewing room until the weekend. I can't believe next week is Labor Day already!

            Have a wonderful day!


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              Check with Lowe's, this time of year they're starting to put out new lighting. I got my fixture in the bathroom for $25 since it had been the display model. Regularly it was almost 300.

            Good morning! It's a slow morning here. DH is going to grill steaks for lunch and we're going to just hang out at home today. Our community lost a good woman to Covid-19 yesterday. She was my age and the virus attacked her lungs. She was on a ventilator for almost 2 weeks before she lost the fight. She left a husband, 2 daughters, and grandchildren whom she adored. This virus is not fake and it doesn't care about your race or political affiliation. Please wear a mask and social distance.
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            *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


            • Bubby
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              I’m so sorry to hear this, Myrna. Covid is definitely not a joke. We seldom go into public and we always wear masks and take other precautions.

            • KPH
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              I've been updated by family, a cousin with asthma and afib was diagnosed, then his wife and now two more in that same family branch. His sister, who had been taking food in, is now not feeling well. Fonda, is telling everyone, pray but for heaven's sake don't visit. Such is Fonda, she has a dry sense of humor.

            I understand about the bulk of a large quilt even with a sit down long arm. The queen size one I am working on is giving me quite a shoulder work out. I just do about an hour or a bobbin's worth of time and then move on to something else and try to use different muscles.
            I put borders on a Christmas quilt yesterday, I was quite pleased until I realized I had a block out of place.🙄 I could probably leave it since this is rather a low volume design but it would niggle at me so the seam ripper will get some action later on and I can swap out two blocks fairly easily.

            We have sunshine today, the first day in a while with a clear sky, it is lovely.

            I am going to run to the grocery and get gas later, my planning didn't take into account that milk sours so we need a little of that and perhaps something new and exciting for dinner.😂 I would love something new and exciting but the food industry hasn't come up with anything really new in a while. 🤔 Maybe a gyro would be different and interesting.


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              I’m with you about ripping out the block that is niggling at you. I would do the same. My husband tells me that no one will notice. I will. So I usually take it out.

            • Claire Hallman
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              Of course I had to fix it, not a problem. It didn't even take 30 min.

            • MSN
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              Time well spent, Claire. It would have bothered you for a lot longer than that.

            The one good thing about insomnia is that eventually your body forces you to catch up. If it's at night, it works out just fine. If it's during the day, not so much. Last night my body demanded I sleep overnight, so I woke up feeling somewhat better. Made pancakes (low sodium recipe) along with sugar free syrup (that actually tastes really good), so I'm ready to face the day.

            While waiting for the sashing for the Crossroads I started on my Regiments on Parade quilt. I got two Jacob's Ladder blocks finished, although it was quite the battle (no pun intended) After the success of the four patch (appreciate everyone's kind words) I went back a couple of steps with the half-square triangle. Eventually something broke and they seemed to go together much easier. I even had a couple of points meet on that, although more than a couple didin't. However, I can live with them.

            Will likely work on the remaining two Jacob's Ladder blocks today and move on. I think instead of taking the Crossroads quilt to the longarmer, I'll let Cheryl practice her FMQ on it. It will be the biggest quilt she's attempted, so she will have to break out the Flynn system along with the extensions we bought. Given her schedule, not really sure when she'll try it, but I'll share the results.

            Have a great day all!

            There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
            --Ken Burns


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              If you are having trouble sleeping, check your magnesium levels. Not enough=not enough sleep.

            • Rob the HOAQ
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              Claire, I'm using the Accuquilt, so the size is pretty much set. However, I did realize that instead of doing a block of four patches with 2 HST's at 2 inches, it would have been much easier (duh!) to do one four inch block. Live and learn.

              auntstuff, I've tried just about everything else, so I might talk to my doctor about that. He suggested melatonin. I would have been better off eating M&Ms for all the good it has done me.


            • CarlieBlilie
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              My grandkids take melatonin however it doesn’t always work for them either. They all have ADHD and have problems with their brain shutting off at night. I’m finding that is I haven’t been busy throughout the day I can be like that especially if I’m planning a new quilt.

            Morning all,

            It is a nice sunny day after having rain most of Saturday. The mosquitos have been terrible here they don't seem to be the normal ones we have had in past years. The minute you walk outside they start biting you. Usually breezy days would keep them at bay but not these.

            Took advantage of being in the house yesterday and baked some Meyer lemon bars. They were a Krustez mix I had in the pantry. My husband liked them but I thought they were a little too sweet so he gets to eat them all!

            May take a ride this afternoon and enjoy the nice weather. They are starting the repaving of our road tommorow and don't know if we'll be able to get out so will take advantage of it now.

            ​Have not seen a few of our regular morning thread posters hoping all is well with them. Wishing everyone a good day!
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              Hello to all,

              A quiet day for us so I will get some sewing time. I found a small ufo in a bin yesterday. It just needed to be sandwiched and the binding done. It's almost finished now and will be a cute wall hanging.

              I'm re-organizing some bins in the sewing room and so far the changes are working good. Now to decide what is the next project while waiting for the fabric orders to ship.

              Hope your day is great!


                Well, I had a whole post typed up this morning, went to post it and blamo... nothing at M* forum was down. So there you go. I went to church and it pulled up on my phone, but I didn't want to try to type anything up on that screen!

                Anyway, yesterday, I told Mike when he got home, I had to get out of the house. My sewing machine is driving me nuts. It will go along fine then take a spell when it will just sit there and sew in place. What a pain! Mike went to the archery range and donated arrows, they gave him a box to put our fancy arrows. During our scouting years, our Scout Master learned how to make arrows with stone arrow heads, he fletched them himself with sinew, then he'd paint the the colors of the years service with our names. They were nice remembrances for our years of service.

                We went to Pet Smart and picked up Gabby's food and bone broth. Mike picked out a hedge hog chewy treat for her. She devoured that, toot sweet! Then we stopped at Joann's next door. I salivated over the new Huskavarna's. How tempting it was, since my baby is being a brat. Mike wanted to go to Barnes and Noble, neither of us found what we were looking for so we left there. He wanted to try the Cheese Cake Factory. There was a line out the door, people standing in the rain. I told him, it wasn't that impressive. I got out of the house for a bit, and I needed it.

                Next Sunday is Jim's last Sunday here. They'll leave after church. I haven't made up my mind if I want to go. It's getting harder as each day passes.

                Guess it's time to finish up the quadrants of Part A. I hope it's a better day with my Husky! Mike should be home soon.

                Prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.
                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                  Katrina, the Cheesecake Factory isn't anything special as far as their menu and food goes, but, oh my! their cheesecake is to die for!!!!!!!!

                Good Afternoon! I slept in late today. Yesterday I sewed all day. I worked on the basket that is woven. I have a Bernina and need to order more bobbins. I found a good deal on ebay. To run out the bobbin in order to switch colors I put the binding on a couple mugs rugs, sewed the rows together of a table topper and sewed the blocks to an ugly st paddys day quilt. I'll continue everything today! I'm struggling with finishing the woven basket, the pattern designer is one of my favorites but I can't figure out how she finished the top. I told Daniel if I can't figure it out I'll wave I as even as I can and place binding across the top. It looks good but I wont make another one.

                I'll be finishing up secert santa gifts. I need to make sure I have a game plan for the remaining months and knock them out. I've had a lot of fun with it. I think I'm further along in my head verses reality though lol.

                I don't have a question for those that have done the ugly quits...I'm doing two more, they are fast. When you restack are you putting them in the same order or random? When I did it the first time my blocks were matching right and left side so I switched a few to make it work. I'll be doing an autumn one today to see if the same thing happens.

                I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!


                Hi everyone,
                hope your all Ok,
                saw the huge storm prays to all affected.
                will chat later, just wanted to pop in.
                have a great Sunday everyone.