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Well, It's another Thursday

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    Well, It's another Thursday

    Good Morning All,

    It's another Thursday, and we've reached the less than 4 months until Christmas point.

    Jim found a buyer for a chair and love seat. He and Mike delivered it yesterday. While they were doing that, I kept Josiah and Jonathan. They were in baseball mode. Josiah has an arm on him. I'm glad he was throwing toward the fence and not the house! Jonathan loves baseball, but he doesn't work and it shows.

    I worked on the sewquester once they left. I have all of the strips sewn for step 1 and have over half of them cut into the half square triangles. I'm going to finish up cutting and pressing those so I can move on to step two of block A today.

    Yesterday was the first day we haven't had rain in a long time. It was nice to see the solar panels getting a workout. lol, Josiah was impressed we had solar panels. lol

    I do hope those in Laura's path will be safe and secure. I've been avoiding the news recently and stick around only for the weather. It doesn't look like a cake walk that's for sure.

    Prayers for those in need, and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings and especially for our quilting friends.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Hopefully yest. will be our last 100's deg. day for the season. We hit 102. Starting tomorrow, it's supposed to be a bit cooler. I'm ready. It seems like it's been a long, hot summer. It clouded up yest. afternoon; we had some thunder & lightning & only a few sprinkles. Hopefully it cleared some of the smoke in the air.

    I didn't do any sewing yest. Took it easy. I watched some of V.P Pence's speech & saw when the President & First Lady came in. Even though the audience was socially distancing with chairs spaced out, I saw only a few masks. IMO, everyone should have been wearing a mask.

    I haven't had time to check out the status of Hurricane Laura. I'll do some browsing later. This a.m. I have a dental appt. (routine cleaning & exam), then I need to get groceries. I'll be back after DH's breakfast to post my pics for the day.


      Good Morning....I’m having trouble using the forum this morning. I will give M* a call if this continues. I’m not sure if there would be anyone there to help me.

      The hurricanes are terrifying. Our neighbor has most of her family and many friends in Louisiana and also our Pam (pcbatiks) and her husband live there and have evacuated.

      We got some good rain yesterday. Our truck is still in the shop. We should get it back today.

      I’m heading in to make another cup of tea and see if it will wake me up. I will check in later.

      Continuing prayers for the hurricane victims.

      Scottie Mom Barb


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        Barb, to answer your question on the Irish Change, I'm using Island Batiks Petal Party for the layer cake and a cream background with a pink batik for the "chain". We will see how it turns out. Colors look nice together so I think it will be good.

      Good Morning,

      Weather continues the same although it is supposed to be heading to cooler temps and lower humidity. My daughter's surgery is scheduled for 7:30 on Monday morning and she will need to be at the hospital by 6:30. So for me that means I will need to be getting up several hours earlier than my normal time all next week. I will be aiming for arrival at her house by 7 on Monday. I may go a little later the rest of the week as she will need help with the daycare kids, preparing breakfast, lunch & snack and changing diapers. The surgery is on her right hand so she is not sure how much she will be able to do.

      My grandkids have not yet started school. The Makayla and Natalie will be going to school on Thursdays and Fridays and then distance the rest of the time. They will start next Thursday. Carson will not start until the day after Labor Day and will be distance learning full time. Dave and I will be going over at least once a week to help keep them on track, especially Natalie who was not turning in daily work this past spring.

      I did not accomplish much yesterday. In a kind of funk I guess. I did get the characters printed that I will trace for my grandson's dish towels. They are Pokemon characters. Double checked with my daughter and she gave me some ideas. I may try and get some of the Irish Change quilt cut out today. I will need to get groceries tomorrow instead of my normal Monday since I will be over at my daughter's pretty much all day.

      A load of towels will be in the works this morning and pick some more tomatoes. The Amish Paste tomatoes are starting to turn but I don't think they will be ready to pick for at least a few more days although if the weather turns cool I imagine it will slow down the ripening. I'm still getting a bunch of cherry tomatoes and have been keeping up with them.

      I am also continuing my prayers for those in the path of the hurricane and also for those dealing with wildfires.

      Time for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Have a great day everyone and stay safe.


        Good morning. Looks like we had a bit of rain overnight because everything is wet out there. Not enough to wake either of us though. I checked out the news on Hurricane Laura this morning. That is one monster storm. I pray all are safe.

        We had a good day out yesterday. The weather was perfect. We headed out east and our first stop was the cemetary to "visit" my mom and dad. We also stopped at my first husband's grave and left flowers there too. Then we headed over to the Peconic Herb Farm. It was a nice place to wander about and look at all the different areas of plants and we even went down by the river and sat and relaxed there for a while. A few new plants came home with us. On the way home we found a cute little place to get something to eat with outdoor seating. A very nice day and it felt almost "normal". Except that everyone was wearing masks. But I suppose that is normal now.

        When we came home we had a message from the power company explaining why there had been a short power outage earlier. Seems a car hit some pole somewhere in the area. Our power was back on, phone was working, we were able to turn the cable on but no internet. We called the cable company and after being on hold for a while, they came back on the line and said there was an outage in our area that they were working on and it should be back on in about 30 minutes. Well it still isn't so we will be back on the phone again asking them what's up. Luckily we have unlimited data on our phones so I don't feel completely cut off. Not be able to check the forum?! I would not be happy. But I can't use any other device except my Kindle.

        Time to get something done. Not sure just what yet but I am determined to accomplish something. I may start with digging up our beets. They are ready.

        Have a good day everyone. Be well. Stay safe.
        Ginny B


          Morning all ,

          Not sure what the weather will be today, was sunny, now overcast. The workers poured the apron for our driveway yesterday but we will not be able to drive on it for a week. They came by this morning a put back the Belgium blocks they had to pull out when they tore it up. Slowly getting it put back again. Next step is the repaving of our street they say they should be finished about Sept. 6th.

          Hope Pam is safe after the hurricane and will be able to return to her home soon without damage done to it.

          It is much cooler today so I think I may bake some chocolate chip muffins. Not much else on my agenda except at 2 pm, my local quilt shop will be doing a live feed. Last week they featured new machine embroidery designs, each week is something different. You can order whatever they are showing and I have been fully taking advantage of it. LOL! If you'd like to see it it's on Facebook at 2 pm today, Patchworks Quilting.

          I just got an e-mail this morning I became a great aunt again. My nephew and his wife had twins this morning, two boys.

          Well time to get a move on and start my day. Wishing everyone a good one!
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            Congratulations on the twins...a double blessing. The parents must be thrilled.

          Congratulations on the new boys, how exciting to have twins.
          I am hoping storm Laura isn't s severe as predicted with little damage. No damage would be even better. It is a shame we can't direct all that rain onto the fires.
          I did get my quilt blocks sewn into rows and then rows into a top. Now I need to add the borders but I will have to wait until an order arrives, supposedly Tuesday. I probably won't be able to finish it until mid Sept but it is a Christmas quilt so there is no hurry. I do have a few other things to do, some placemats to quilt and a top to sandwich, I won't be bored.
          Have a nice Friday eve.😁


            Good morning,

            I'm still working on the Christmas table runner but had to rip out a block of stippling. I missed lining up the pattern and couldn't live with it. I need to re-learn a technique so I don't cover the birds with stippling.

            The two orders of fabric for my next quilt are showing some fabrics out of stock already. One vendor has shipped a partial order but four fabrics will have to be purchased at the LQS. They are keeping the fabrics in the back as this was a BOM quilt. Perhaps I should have bought the kit after all but I fear mis-cuts and running out of fabric. I like to support the LQS but the on-line prices were about half of the cost.

            Thinking of those dealing with recovery after the storm. May their daily needs be met each day as they re-build their life and communities.


              Good morning!

              I am running behind today. I slept in a bit. That's one advantage / disadvantage to telework -- you can sleep in as long as you log in on time. Today will be hot, with a high near 90 and rain later on. This should be our last 90 degree day for at least a week.

              I've been busy troubleshooting a mess left behind by a gal who was laid off. I really should have ran that report last week! Two problems are fixed, the last one I can't fix until after a meeting later today. She must have been more upset about the lay off than she let on -- she dropped several messes in our laps on her last day.

              I am looking forward to spending some time in the sewing room this weekend. Maybe I will take my new snap hoop monster for a spin and start quilting my Halloween quilt. I can't believe next week is September already! It feels like the year has flown, even with the telework.

              Have a wonderful day!



                Had hoped to grill out last night, but as I was working on the Crossroads quilt I heard the distinct sound of raindrops hitting the bathroom skylight. Even though it stopped, I didn't want to take a chance. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to since I've already thawed the ground pork out to make pork burgers.

                Got a surprise when I picked up my grill cover yesterday. A tiny lizard scampered away. It startled me at first, but it later asked me if I knew where it could meet a gecko who liked Brother sergers. I told him I'd work on it.😁

                Tried several different things yesterday from making sure a tiny sliver of the bottom fabric could be seen to holding the fabric together at least six inches away from the needle to not pinning as much (except where points crossed). By and large it made a difference, although I had some times when I didn't feel quite as confident and I let the fabric slip just a bit. Still had a couple of missed seams, but definitely not as many as previously.

                Weatherman is talking about the remnants of Laura hitting us tomorrow, and then maybe cooler (or less humid) over the weekend. Hope so

                Have a great day!

                There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                --Ken Burns


                  Good morning everyone,

                  I'm thinking of those in the path of Laura as well. Is it just me, or does it seem like there have been a lot of hurricanes this season?

                  I canned 4 more pints of beans yesterday. Looks like there are more ready to be picked. So far, I have 25 pints from my little garden! I think canning tomatoes will be on the agenda today. Yesterday I sewed a couple of face masks, but that was it for the sewing room. I tried to get the housework done (did laundry and dishes), because I knew my new Apple watch was arriving in the afternoon, and I figured it would take a long time to figure it out. Both my DD and DIL have been concerned about the time I'm at the cabin alone. They both felt an Apple watch would be a safety measure since it has "fall alert" and SOS capability. I don't usually have my phone on me when I'm at the cabin...sometimes I don't even notice that the battery has died. Anyway, DH thought it was a good idea as well, so I ordered one and added it to our cell phone plan. It's a lot more complicated than the FitBit I've been wearing. I'm not sure this old dog can learn all these new tricks!!

                  Starting today our temps will be cooling to the 70's....perfect as far as I'm concerned. I work at J's Fri. - Sun.....not looking forward to three days in a row. Next week it will just be Wed. I have cataract surgery on Th., and I hope the doc clears me for driving by Sat. so I can meet DD at the cabin.

                  I better get moving along with the day. I'm a slow starter in the mornings.


                    Well, Sewquester is on hold at step 2. Curtains for three bunks are taking priority. Jim's final inspections are done. The guy buying the house is going to take the TV, so Jim won't have to take it down. Yippee for him, it was a 'we're moving, take it, TV' so he didn't pay for it. The new owner isn't going to have to pay for it and it really fits the wall!

                    Back to the sewing room for three sets of bunk curtains. Oh boy! lol, not.
                    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                      Got a text from daughter today with picture of her potted plant... Mom can you macrame me a hanging holder for this pot. I said I haven't macramed in years, no supplies nor pattern. Her response... Okay, I will buy supplies and a pattern for you! I say oh boy too!

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                      Mimi_Howard check out DD's beginner macrame you tube... she makes it look pretty easy.

                    Yes, good morning. well it's after Noon now. The huge storm missed us entirely. I live North of Houston. Whew! glad that is gone. We still have one lone cat outside. male. used to belong to a family and he wants inside. i have two 14 year old girl rescues inside so he's not coming in. he sprays all the time anyway.
                    Tuesday i captured a kitten in her second pregnancy and took her to a pet shelter my son recommended. when putting her in the carrier she got me once in one hand and a claw in the other. i also slammed my arm and maybe hand in the lid while shutting it and keeping her inside!
                    my right hand is now very swollen and i got very ill later Tuesday. hardly slept. groaned all night in pain, mainly headache. got up every two hours to go to the bathroom. had chills, teeth chattered. all that. strange. i thought i might have broken bones in my hand if i hit it too hard. been off bone medication for six months due to price. Well after being that ill, i now think it was the puncture bite. just one tiny spot. My Doctor called me and said i must take penicillin and then tomorrow have a tetanus shot. yea? I am icing it often. keep my hand up, hurts a lot if i lower my arm. Needless to say, not sewing right now. i got my border pattern in the mail but can't do it for awhile. I'm so bored!
                    sunny here, clear skies. I hope everyone in that storms path stays safe! !