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Good Wednesday Morning

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    Good Wednesday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    Well, surprise, surprise. Mike had the day off so I called the dentist. I hated how my mouth looked with the one tooth in between two crowns that were so much lighter. I called to find out if I could get the middle tooth crowned. They must be hurting.. I got an appointment at 1. So now I have matching teeth and the tech that fixed the temp, also made the temp fit with the root canal tooth. It was a different dentist from the first, and she had to work on the root canal tooth that wasn't in quiet right. I'm a lot more satisfied and I'll be going to the second dentist from now on!

    Mike went to Jim's while I was in the chair to help him get the work bench and shelving from the garage. The workbench was picked up before Mike got home, and the shelving was gone before we took the bag of goodies for the kid that Mike forgot after I left the dentist.

    We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, they have a new item... Chicken Pot Pie, it was delicious! Mike had the trout. Mike's eyes about popped out of his head when it came out. I could easily eat 2 meals from the dish, but it was late (since we waited until the numbing wore off) and I ate the whole thing plus two biscuits.

    I didn't do much in the sewing room yesterday. I picked the 36 half strips I'm going to make into tubes today. The rest of the day was kind of busy. Mike's off again today. He's already done his laundry, not sure what Jim will need.

    Lifting prayers for those in need, and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings. Have a wonderful day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning. I’m just waking up with a cup of tea. There is the possibility of rain today and every day to the weekend.

    Our truck has to go for a repair today. A few months ago we hit a tire from a semi that was in the road while we were driving at night. We live in the country and there are no lights here at night and very little other traffic. We thought we had the issues dealt with but now there is a new problem. They are coming to the house to pick up the truck early this morning.

    I bit the bullet yesterday and cut my hair. I think I lopped off at least two inches. It doesn’t look very good but it’s cooler. It’s also uneven.

    I have little on my agenda so far today. I would like to spend some time sewing.

    Have a safe day everyone. Hugs.....
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    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good morning. It's a cool one here this morning. We are going to take advantage of this nice weather and take a ride out east today. We are going to go visit an herb farm out that way and, since it is in the area of the cemetary where my parents and first husband are, we might atoo there too.

      My sister saw Johnny last night and said that he was in a pretty good mood and helped them move a washer. He is also going over there for dinner on Thursday. That is making me feel better. He struggles so much with depression at times.

      Time for more tea. Prayers going out for everyone in the path of Laura. Have a good day all. Be safe
      Ginny B


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It was another hot day & warm night yest. We hit 100 again. The weather web site said it was 104. The smoke & haze continue. There was a large feature article in the paper yest. about how bad the smoke & the particulates are for our lungs & bodies. I've been minimizing my outdoors exposure.

        Yest. afternoon I did all the thread clipping on the back of the quilt top & starched & pressed both the top & the backing. I got the batting cut from the roll & fluffed in the dryer. Everything is ready to sandwich. My lower back was bothering me; I didn't feel like crawling around on the floor. Maybe today. The guild deadline has been extended to Oct. 1, so that gives me some extra time to complete the quilt.

        Last eve. I watched some of the speeches from the Republican convention. I wanted to watch First Lady Melania's speech, but she must have come on later in the evening.

        I ordered some books & gospel CDs from Christian Book Dist. yest. Josh Turner was the featured artist on the Gaithers on Sat. I wanted to get his CD. I order from CBD when they have free shipping. I've been browsing the web for the 4 mil SemperGuard nitrile disp. gloves I use on a regular basis. The prices on gloves have pretty much doubled in price since the advent of the pandemic. IMO. it seems like price gouging to me. So many items say unavailable.

        Time now to fix DH's breakfast. I'll be back after while to post some quilt pics.


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          Joy, I'm sure you can find the First Lady's speech online. I intend to watch it later today.

        • Ginny B
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          The First Lady didn't come on until around 10:30.(eastern time) I watched pretty much all of the convention last night because I didn't want to miss her speech. I like hearing things myself instead of just the clips you get on the news. The Second Lady will speak tonight.

        Good morning!

        It's a dreary start this morning. We have some very light rain -- it looks worse on the radar than what I see out the window. Temps will be in the 80's again today.

        Yesterday I held a training session for a couple of the gals at work. The one gal has been having a really difficult time with a function of her job. I spent an hour online, taking her through the process from beginning to end. I stopped several times and asked if there were questions or if something needed clarification. No, all was good. After the meeting, she and I were chatting for a minute and she said she was sure she would have questions later. I give up! I spent an hour and half of my life trying to explain this to her, not including time her boss and another coworker have spent, and she is still going to have questions?! It isn't that hard! She is so afraid of making a mistake, she is making it way more difficult than it has to be. We're not talking life or death here. If she does make a mistake it's easy enough to fix.

        I am looking forward to Natalie's "The Final Stitch" series that starts today. They announced on M* Live that Natalie's segments will be pre-recorded.

        Time for a second cup of tea before logging into work. Have a wonderful day!
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          Good Morning everyone,

          Yesterday I was able to go to the local quilt store and got some fabric for the quilt I'm making for Dave's sister and her hubby. Very happy with that purchase. I also got backing for the sampler quilt. Ordered some batting from M* also as they didn't have the size I needed at the quilt store. I was also able to get a couple of panels read to quilt after all the "excitement" of Dave getting bit by a bat. He is so funny sometimes. He just came in to talk with me a little. Says he doesn't know what he will do today after all the excitement yesterday. How can he top that. I looked at him and asked, "The excitement of sitting and waiting for a doctor". He replied, "Oh, yeah, I forgot about that". Thankfully he is doing okay. Now it is a waiting game to find out how the insurance will take care of this. Hopefully it won't hurt too much.

          Today the weather is supposed to start turning to less humidity and heat. We will see. I'm hoping to see the upper 50's for the overnight so we can open the house back up. Joy, Dave said he has seen some small amount of ash around here, which surprised me. I didn't think we would get ash from that far away. Have the fires gotten any better yet? Last I saw they had very little contained.

          Today is my laundry day so I will be starting that. Some other small tasks around the house. I want to make sure that I get most of what I need done this week as next week I will be at my daughter's helping with daycare. Her surgery on her hand is on Monday. I will probably get to the sewing room today also. I hope to get the two panels done I have laid out. I have several others ironed and ready to layer but I need to get the muslin backing and batting ready first. I will probably do some of the cutting of the fabric for the Irish Change I'm making for Dave's sister too.

          Time for some coffee before I start the laundry. Have a great day everyone.


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            The fire closest to us is on national forest land W. of Ft. Collins. Maybe 40 mi. from us. No concerns about evacuating.

            I'm concerned about the folks evacuating (hopefully!) from the Gulf Coast areas that will be impacted by Hurricane Laura. It sounds like the storm will be devastating.

          • CarlieBlilie
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            Just heard that on the news that it may be the strongest hurricane in16 years. Keeping them in my prayers.

          • Bubby
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            Carlie, what colors are you using for your Irish Change? I have one in the works. Mine is the same fabric Jenny used in the tutorial because I already had the layer cake.

          Nothing much shaking around here today, that is a good thing. It is overcast and I think we may get more rain, due to the gulf hurricanes. I am glad they are no worse, when Katrina hit New Orleans we lost a big section of roofing shingles. Our insurance replaced our roof, which wouldn't be a bad thing here.🙄 I am not interested in the hassle so hope it/they fizzle to nothing.
          I got my newest quilt pieces cut, blocks made and laid out. I hope to get the blocks turned into rows and the rows sewn today. It is not going to be a big quilt and I am not going anywhere so it should happen.
          I am sorry to hear about the bat bite, they sort of scare me, we used to see them diving for water when we had a swimming pool, yuck.
          I think I may make chicken salad today for dinner since I have celery and other stuff on hand, that sounds good to me.😋
          Have a good hump day, guys and gals.


            Good morning everyone,

            We will see 80 today, but it will be overcast most of the day. Then we cool into the 70's the rest of the week. No rain is predicted for awhile, so we watered half the garden last night, and will do the other half tonight. I picked a good amount of beans yesterday, got them tipped, washed, and cut, so I'll be canning them later this morning. I also need to do something with the tomatoes. I think I'm going to need more jars!!!

            Sewing room activity only amounted to making some masks for GKs that they'll need for school. I have a few more to make for them, and then I'll be working on the ones my SIL requested for her GKs. She's the one who requested sports themed masks.

            That's about it for drama at all, thank you Lord.


              Hello all.

              Will continue to work on the Crossroads quilt using the very helpful techniques suggested by everyone here. I'll let you know how things go.

              Not much else to report. Have a great day all!

              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


                Good Morning to all. It was great while my cousin and her hubby were here for 5 days, got so much cleared out at my dad's place. Filled up one of those 7 ft tall and 18 ft long dumpsters, it was towed away yesterday. So now I don't have to see it when I look out the window across the street. Looking like a normal house again.

                Should get my legal notification from the courts next week so I can put it on the market. As much as I was hoping to be done with all the mess by end of year, looks like it will be 2021 before everything get legally closed both in Calif and Tenn. But at least the light at the end of my tunnel no longer feels like a freight train coming at me for the property stuff. Now the IRS, that is a different war, still have to file his 2019 taxes and then there are 3 months in 2020 to deal with. Waiting on the EIN number so I can start that mess. But at least I am finally moving forward with it all.

                I started playing in my sewing room again.... man oh man my machine needs a spa day. But the local shop I used is no longer in business. Trying to hold off until covid eases up so I can do a road trip and test drive a couple of machines when I drop it off for service. Yep I am going to treat myself to a new machine (or gently used) when things settle down.

                Please stay safe. I found one upside to wearing masks... I can stick out my tongue at anyone that is being a jerk and they don' t know it, but it feels good to me!


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                  Yes, that's certainly a "fun" upside to masks!

                • CarlieBlilie
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                  Glad to hear from you, Mimi. Sounds like things are going okay. I went through all that legal stuff when my grandparents passed away. Grandma passed on June 22 and Grandpa on July 31, 2010. My mom, their only child, passed away in 1998. I had power of attorney for the both of them. My Grandpa prayed (we could hear him from time to time) that God would have Grandma pass first. Would have made a mess of the wills. I don't remember when we we able to close the estate but it was about a year. The house they were living in had been transferred to my sister and me so we didn't have property stuff to deal with. I was already on his checking account so I was able to take care of final bills, etc. When we went for our taxes we had theirs done as well. Since we live in the house where my grandparents lived we have had many dumpsters. I think the count is up to 7 right now. We moved here in 2011. However, some of those were due to constructions/repair to the house. Since my grandparents were a young, married couple during the depression they kept everything. We even had bent nails that my grandpa saved. Oh, and you should have seen all the plastic bags my grandmother saved. They were packed behind the drawers in the kitchen. There were hundreds of them! Anyway, glad to see you are going okay.

                Glad to hear you are doing okay and making progress on your mountain of paperwork. It seems like they should give a grace period for grieving. When my husband passed I was barely able to think straight. Hang in there, friend.

                Scottie Mom Barb