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Tuesday Two-fer?

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    Tuesday Two-fer?

    Good Morning All,

    I guess I'll start, but most likely someone else is starting too.

    Yesterday was dreary, it rained midday which meant the blanket effect lasted all day. The pressure is high again today. I spent the day reading the cutting directions for the Sewquester quilt, and cutting. It seemed like I cut forever! I finished and found one of my deep box tops and put all of the pieces in there. Today, I'm planning to work on block A. We'll see how far I get. Mike's off and the person he covered for yesterday is taking his shift. She'll get less hours, but oh well.

    Jim wants Mike's help getting some stuff out of the garage. He's doing curb alerts. While I'm still notifying Jax that the bulk didn't pick up last week here. Lousy service!

    Yesterday, Howard got a check from Energy United from their Capital Credit Refunds... from 1990-91. It's not much, but it will pay for a nice dinner out, and I got the rebate Visa from the dogs pills. That was a nice surprise. I hold on to it and use it for part of my long arming.

    I hope everyone has a great day! I hope Marco and Laura weaken into gentle rains for all.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning...It's going to be a hot one today. Jeff has been outside with the Girls for almost an hour to enjoy the cool of the morning. I made the bed and started a load of dishes.

    A dear friend of ours died suddenly yesterday of a heart attack. He leaves behind his wife Pam and family. Pam and Nick were soulmates and lived for each other. This is a shock to all of us who knew and loved Nick. Please remember Pam and family in your prayers.

    I'm not sure what I will do today. So far I don't have much ambition.

    Wishing everyone a blessed day.

    Scottie Mom Barb


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      So sorry to hear about the loss of your close friend. Prayers for his family.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Thanks for getting us started, Katrina.

    I got a PM from Barb yest. asking me to finish out the week with quilt sharing; Pam & her husb. have had to evacuate due to the hurricane. I won't have time right now, but I'll be back later to share some pics.

    Yest. afternoon I finished the backing for the Smoke & Fire quilt. I had to re-do 3 seams. Without thinking, I had done the usual scant 1/4" seam, but I always do 1/2" seams on backings. So the ripping took extra time. The next job will be to do all the clipping of threads on the back of the top, then press everything & sandwich & pin baste it.

    The high temp. was 100 deg. We may see a slight cooling trend by the week end. It was another hazy, very smoky day. At least 1 lane in either direction of I-70 through Glenwood Canyon now is open, so traffic finally is moving again along the interstate. It was closed for >a week.


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      Thank you for confirming the 1/2 inch seam allowance on backing fabrics. That is what I do also and it's ok with LA quilters that quilt my projects.

    Good morning everyone. Please keep those in the hurricane path in your prayers. I asked Bubby to have someone else post quilts the rest of this week. I will finish my week of quilt post later on. Thanks.
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      Stay safe! Keeping those in harms way in my prayers.

    • Bubby
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      Just take care and be safe. We are praying for you and Gordon.

    • KPH
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      Lifting prayers for safety and protection.

    Good morning to all,

    There is never enough stitching time so I'll take a two-fer if I can stitch through them. The grocery pick-up yesterday was so nice. I am happy not going "into" a grocery store. There is even an option of delivery if needed.

    Our local guild is going to start again with zoom meetings. I am co-chair of the chapter so need to speed up learning about this feature to help other members. We haven't met since February and miss everyone. We may even have a pajama party just for fun.

    My fabric/patterns/supply orders are starting to arrive so the little elves need to get busy. Waiting on shipping for the batik orders but there is no hurry at all.

    May your day be filled with love!


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      I love the delivery option. I'll gladly pay for someone else to do the shopping and bring it to me. No unexpected purchases either.

    Good morning all. Here we are at Tuesday. Yesterday was an odd day for me. I had this nervous, uneasy feeling come over me. Hubby suggested maybe taking a ride to a local garden center to get some bird food that we will be needing and a few other garden related things but I just didn't want to go out. I hadn't seen my eldest son post since last Thursday in our family chat, notceven when sin #3 announced that he and Ana are expecting their rhird child. John suffers from depression so I was concerned. I reached out to him privately and he finally responded a few hours later saying that, yes, he was feeling down but didn't want to talk about it. I hope he can deal with it and get through it soon.

    I did go into my sewing room for a bit to keep my mind occupied and that helped. I got some decisions made and fabric pulled for a few more Secret Santa gifts and also added the last two hexis that needed to be added to one of the paper pieced projecta I shared last week.

    Today will probably be another day spent at home but I think that I may see if hubby wants to maybe go exploring some gardens out here on the island that we haven't visited before. I need to get myself out and about. Rob also sent a message saying that we haven't visited in a while and we should drive up so maybe rhat will be in the xards soon too.

    Prayers going out for all those in Laura's path including our Pam. It looks like it is going to be a wide ranging storm. I have also been thinking about Sherri and wondering how her move and new job are going.

    Have a good day all. Stay safe. Be well.
    Ginny B


    • Bubby
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      Ginny...I talked to Sherri this morning and things are going well. Her hubby flew home Sunday and she had the orientation for her new job.

    • Ginny B
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      Oh, that's good.

    Good Morning,

    Prayers for those in the paths of the hurricanes. I cannot imagine dealing with that kind of threat. Sure, we get blizzards but they are much easier to deal with I think. Tornadoes are scary, too but we aren't in an area where there are a lot of them.

    Yesterday was very hot and humid and today sounds like a repeat. I looked at our weather monitor and it says we've gotten almost 7 inches of rain this month. Crazy! Looked like we were going to get rain yesterday on my way home from the grocery store but it just passed us by.

    Did a lot of thinking and searching for what pattern to use for Dave's sister and brother-in-law's quilt. Settled on the Irish Change. I'll need to go to the local quilt store to get the backing and background fabrics but have a nice batik layer cake that I will use. I also went through my seasonal panels and picked out ones to finish now. I will get those done before I start on the quilt. I have decided to make the sampler quilt top that I just finished as a winter quilt. I was talking to Dave and said something about hand quilting it and he suggested that I find out how much it will cost to have it machine quilted. I told him it would probably be around $250 and he just shrugged his shoulders. That surprised me. So when I go to the quilt shop today I will inquire about the local quilters to see if they are taking work.

    Other than that I have no other plans. Have a great day everyone.


      Morning all,

      Today will be another sunny day. Yesterday morning we had a knock on the door and told we needed to move our car to the street if we wanted to use it during the week. The town will be repaving our road soon and in preparation they are tearing out all the sidewalks and driveway aprons to put new ones in. By the end of the day the apron was pulled up and a gaping hole was left in it's place, we will have no use of our driveway for 5-7 days and access to get in and out with a car. We hope they are going to repair the damage they did to the driveway when they pulled up the apron....sighing loudly.

      Made a few more pickles this week with the remaining cucumbers in the garden. Next harvest will be the carrots and looks like there will be plenty of butternut and acorn squash.

      No sewing going on here, hopefully when the weather cools down as my sewing room gets quite warm in the summer months. Been getting plenty of ideas for projects and filing them away for fall.

      Well, coffee is calling to me. Hoping all in the path of the hurricane remains safe!
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        Good morning!

        It's not as warm today (low 80's), but we have some humidity and a chance of rain. We're going to have temps in the 70's over the weekend, I am looking forward to those.

        We had a good porch visit with Mom yesterday. She called us by our brother's name at first, but figured out who we were soon enough. I am very pleased with how well she seems to be doing. I will be working on site Monday next week, so my sister will visit her alone. They are constantly changing the visitation hours based on the one employee's schedule.

        My Texas sister is coming up for a visit in October. I'm not sure about the wisdom of that, especially considering she expects to stay with our sister at Mom's house. She won't be here long, just a few days. I need to remember to measure the back of my car to see if Mom's bed will fit in there. When she was signed up for hospice, they provided a hospital bed and her regular bed is in storage at her facility. That will give Texas sister something to sleep on instead of the sofa.

        Time to prep for my meeting. Have a wonderful day!


          We got some rain last night, finally. Not much but enough that it watered the grass seed in the front yard. And..... this morning there is grass beginning to come up! Yay!

          We took my sewing machine to the quilt shop yesterday to have it cleaned. I don't have any idea when I'll get it back but I will get some housework done now. I'm going through quilting withdrawal now.

          Today I'm making a couple apple pies. One will be for my daughter as her birthday cake. Tomorrow is her birthday and I'll take it to her house then so she and her family can have it for dessert. I usually have a dinner at our house for each of the adult's birthdays but Laura hasn't told me yet if we're doing that for her this year. If we are, it wouldn't be till the weekend anyway. I have to get to the dollar store first to get foil pie pans. I prefer to use those for pies that I give away.

          I'll have my second cup of tea now and get started on the day. Have a happy one!
          ~ Carol from PA


          • Bouse
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            Tomorrow is my daughters birthday too. She’s going to be 7 and I need to bake her cake this evening.

          Between hunting down fabric, talking to the basset rescue people and trying to find out whether or not insurance will cover my diabetic eye exam (it will), not much sewing got done yesterday. Hopefully today I will be able to start on the second row of the Crossroads quilt. Cheryl was too tired to work on the Ohio Star last night, so not much got done on that front either.

          Really not much else to report. Hope all have a great day.

          There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
          --Ken Burns