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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    I hope this day finds you all well.

    It's still pretty gray and extremely humid outside this morning. It feels like you're trying to breathe through a wet blanket. We'll see what the day brings, probably more rain. My lawn looks really nice, that's a plus!

    Yesterday, Jim took care of the tires. I took care of the kids. After they left, I took care of the recliner. It needed some lovin' after the kids, or I needed some rest after the kids. Both excuses work. Mike and I went to Neptune beach. Parked at the little corner bookstore, shopped in there then walked through town. It was so humid even with the sea breeze. We didn't walk down to the shore.

    I did get in the sewing room, only to use the printer. I made address labels for Nana and Nandy, Grammy and Daedo, Grandpapa and GreatGrandma, and me. Each of us should get 20 notes from the kids! I stuck the labels on and stamped all of the envelopes. I couldn't believe I didn't have any rubber bands. I guess I'll tie a ribbon around each bundle. Right now they're stuffed back in the box. I bought them a ream of paper, too. Won't Dad be thrilled. Now to get the address or name of the camp grounds they'll be staying at for the first month.

    Time to finish getting ready for church. They're still doing 8:15 outside, but Jim's playing today so we'll be inside for the 10:15 service. I'm glad! I don't think I'd be able to stay outside in this humidity! Have a wonderful day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning...I didn’t sleep well and I really feel it this morning. Jeff went outside with the Girls after he made me a cup of tea.

    Our hot weather is back with no relief in sight for the next week. I guess it will be indoor fun and games for a while. I plan to make a pan of brownies today so Jeff has goodies to munch on.

    I played on the embroidery machine for a while yesterday making a few mug mats. Designs By JuJu has some really cute designs.

    The fires in California are still spreading and the weather isn’t cooperating. I don’t know the status of the two hurricanes. All I know is that we need to pray for all involved.

    I need to get moving and see what this new day brings. Wishing everyone a blessed day.


    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Katrina ~ Thanks for getting us started today. This will be another Sunday of "electronic church", as DH calls it. The congregation still is meeting in the parking lot of the church.

      Smoky still is the word of the day around here. Yest. it was the worst ever. The camera from the TV channel was directed towards the mountains. It was impossible to see even a faint outline of the foothills or mts. The weather man said he'd never seen it this bad. And it got hot. It was 101 at our house. Stinky describes yest. night; the skunk visited the neighborhood again ~10:15, just as I was headed to bed. Had to close most of the windows.

      Yest. I did 3 loads of laundry; one included the lap quilt DH uses. After fluffing it in the dryer, I laid it out on a towel on the picnic table. I had to brush off small particles of ash first. When it was fairly dry, I hung it on the line.
      I also ran the vac. on the main floor. I gave DH a hair cut in the afternoon before his shower. It had been 6 wks. I cut my hair one day last week.

      Is anyone here following the music of Savanna & Mat Shaw (dad/dau. duo) on YouTube? They continue to make beautiful music together. Their latest song is "You Raise Me Up"; I love that song. Gaithers yest. featured Josh Turner. I wasn't familiar with his music. I plan to order his CD of hymns.

      I already have read through all my new Amish fiction books, so I had to search my shelves for something I haven't read for a while. I decided to read through all the Anne of Green Gables books.

      I really hope I can get some sewing done today.


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        We follow Savanna and Mat. Beautiful to hear them sing together! Waiting for the Gaithers to return to Sweden for another concert. Their music always lifts me up when I’m feeling down.

      Good morning!

      It's going to be another warm one today, high in the mid to upper 80's. We have sun to start and a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon or evening. My sister & I have a porch visit with Mom tomorrow, I hope it won't be too hot or humid.

      I am very tempted by today's DD. I am loving the deep pinks and purples with the green. I like working with batiks, they don't seem to fray as much as regular prints. And I do have $20 or so in quilter's cash...

      I didn't finish my organizing project yesterday and need to get that done today. I am looking forward to getting back in the sewing room later in the week. I have two quilts to sandwich and quilt, and after that I'm not sure what the next project will be. I have one UFO left (I think), but I'm leaning towards a new project -- that idea for a quilt for the boss's grand baby is calling to me.

      Time to give the bunny her breakfast. Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning all,

        Today will again be hot and humid. Doesn't sound like we will get any relief until the end of the week. Yesterday I picked tomatoes. Boy did I pick tomatoes. I got 14 cups of cherry tomatoes. I already had some in the house as well. Together I had 20 cups. I cooked them in the slow cooker yesterday. Seemed like they were rather watery so left them in the slow cooker overnight. They look better this morning. I'm going to cool and then freeze them and then when the tomatoes are done this year I will cook them down some more and make sauce from them.

        I finished piecing the rows together for the sampler quilt. I plan on doing the border today. I have plans in the works for a quilt for my sister-in-law and her husband for their 35th anniversary in December but I'm waiting on some info from my nieces before I can start. I plan on working on some panels for autumn and Christmas/winter until then.

        Nothing much planned for today except church in a little bit and then some sewing. Have a great day.


          Good morning everyone. It's going to be a hot one here today, and for many more days, to be honest. Well we might get a breather when the storms in the gulf head our way over the next few days. Yesterday, I finished quilting the one block wonder top someone gave me for a charity quilt. I hope to do the binding today and clean up the sewing room a bit. That room really needs some TLC.

          Before that happens though, I need to go visit DD and family. Nothing else on the agenda for today. Have a good one everyone and be blessed.


            We have had some rain for the last two days, not storms, just a gentle rain and now the trees are dripping occasionally, so nice. The plants are probably thrilled. After whacking on some low hanging branches and cutting back some annuals I got a chance to fmq a bit. I have finished the center of my current sandwich and now need to figure out the border, do the same, do something different, always a quandary.
            We bought some pretty brioche style bread and I think french toast is in order this morning.
            I hope everyone has a lovely week upcoming.


              Good morning all. It's a bit more humid here today and cloudy. We might get some rain later. Maybe? We have no plans so I guess it doesn't matter.

              Yesterday we got a lot of inside chores taken care of and then we headed outside to tackle the weeds on the oil tank side of the house. Well we were surprised to see that part of the siding had been damaged. Too high up for hubby to repair so we will need to get someone in.

              But the exciting news here is that we are expecting grandbaby #7! Steve and Ana are expecting again. Much to their surprise. They had lost their first pregnancy and then it took a while to get pregnant with Zeke and then also with Aviendha. While being a bit shocked, they are just looking at it as a blessing and not a burden. They had talked about having 3 children but maybe not having #3 when #2 would only be 1 year and 4 months old. I am thinking we will be seeing a bit of a covid quarantine baby boom in 2021.

              Katrina, I think that's a wonderful idea about the paper and pre addressed, pre stamped envelopes.

              I think today will be a relaxing day. Maybe a bit of hand stitching some more Farmer's Wife blocks and some reading. Still no Yankee baseball to watch.

              Have a good day everyone.

              Ginny B



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                Congrats to the family on the "surprise" little one! A blessing for sure.

              Morning all!

              Got a good start on the Crossroads Variation quilt, although I'm none too thrilled with my color choices. I personally like the mixture of red, blue, and green, but for some reason it isn't working. It's obviously too late to change anything, so I plan to keep going forward and hoping the color choices will grow on me or I just will look at this as practice.

              Cheryl also got a good start on the Ohio Star quilt. Having the Accuquilt has been a Godsend. I had to cut over 450 patches for the Crossroads quilt and it only took me about an hour or so. I spent more time getting the fabric ready for the dies then I did cutting. Cheryl has the Ohio Star die and was ready to go after about an hour or so. We decided to invest in a Go Big, since Accuquilt has them on sale for 20 percent off and we had some points to use up which made it even less. Told Cheryl yesterday that we need to put the brakes on the spending, but now we're hoping to adopt another basset where we got Droopy. We found one named Patsy that is adorable. I had been hesitating since we had to put Droopy down on Labor Day weekend in 2018. I've had dogs put to sleep before, but I never had to be the one to bring them to the vet. Our vet, who is a terrific guy, has a "first come, first served" schedule, so we had to wait in his office for almost three hours before we could do it. By then Droopy was so out of it she slept most of the time, but when it came time I couldn't bring myself to go into the room. Fortunately, Cheryl did so Droopy didn't have to be alone at the end.

              I know it was the humane thing to do, because the cancer was eating away at her, but I swore I never wanted to do that again. I've attached a picture of Patsy. It will be a few days before we hear back from the rescue organization. Keep your fingers crossed!

              Have a great day.
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              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


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                I had a basset. Her name was Maude. She belonged to one of Dad's cousins. He had to go into a nursing home, diabetes and he just couldn't take care of himself. Maude was spoiled rotten when we got her (sausage biscuits, grits and cheeseburgers from McDonalds were high on her list of yummies. She found out she wasn't getting that with us. lol, we could barely afford taking the kids there! She and Toffee were besties... Toffee was a miniature pincher. Bless her heart. She was Toffee's snuggling partner. lol, Toffee would jump two stacked kid gates to join her in the kitchen. We finally gave up and put them both in the kitchen with one dog gate. He wouldn't leave her side. What wonderful memories!

              • Rob the HOAQ
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                Droopy's one indulgence was when I would make biscuits and gravy for breakfast on Sunday. We always had one biscuit left over and a little dab of gravy. Of course, we would have to hold her back while putting it in her bowl, and it would disappear within half a second.

                I miss her.


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                Patsy, is so sweet looking! What an adorable furbaby! Gina

              Good morning,

              It's a relaxing morning today. Playing with a few sample blocks to make sure the pattern instructions are good before cutting the actual fabrics. The pattern instructions are for pieced FG at 2 x 3 1/2 inches (unfinished) which seemed like an odd size. I have only done 2x4 or 3x6 units. It did work with the other block though.

              Groceries are ordered for pick-up tomorrow. It's quite simple to place the order and saves time in the store.

              Hope your day is happy!