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Good Morning Friday! :)

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    Good Morning Friday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I feel like I didn't accomplish much yest., but maybe that's okay. One load of laundry & I sewed 2 masks using that latest video that was posted here. They turned out okay. I wore one yest. eve. when I attended a visitation at the local mortuary. It was held in the chapel with moveable chairs for social distancing. It was good to see friends. I discovered one of my friends now is a fabric rep. for RJR & another co. She's leaving on a 10-day trip to ID & will be traveling to Coeur d'Alene, where DH was born & grew up.

    In the evening I called two widowed friends who live alone. By the time I got off the phone, it already was dark outside. I hustled to do the hand watering of the patio flower pots by porch light. The year I got West Nile Virus, I was outside watering at dusk & was bit by a mosquito in Aug. The city routinely tracks & traps mosquitoes & tests for WNV & sprays active areas.

    The temps. stay in the 90's with poor air quality from ozone & smoke from the fires.

    Good Morning, Our weather is beginning to warm back up into the 90s. We have really enjoyed the cooler days and low humidity.

    I also feel that I got very little done yesterday. I seem to have a lot of those days lately. We had leftovers for dinner so I really didn’t have to cook much. We will be grilling beef kabobs for our dinner today.

    Maybe today I can play with the embroidery machine and make something small. I will be seeing my quilter before long and she may like a new mug mat. She always likes the little things I surprise her with.

    We took a long ride in the country yesterday and saw some gorgeous farms and ranches we have never seen before. We always take the Girls with us and they nap the whole time. They are good little travelers.

    I like Jenny’s tiny sailboat quilt in the new tutorial for today. Her larger sailboat quilt has been on my list for a long time. I have some Tula Pink fabric stashed away to make it.

    I hope everyone has a Good Friday. Hugs....
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    Scottie Mom Barb


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      Barb, received my package yesterday. LOVE, LOVE both! And yes, you did include a card, lol. Thanks you, my friend. Hugs, Gina

    Good Morning Joy,

    Back to the dentist today. Jim has a ride for Pepper from my house to Morgan's grandparents. Ron is paying for the trip. Sept 11 is the pick up and drop off. It's going to be a long trip. Apparently, it's a booming business to transport pets. Usually, it's puppies according to what they told Jim. They'll take Pepper and all of her stuff.

    Yesterday ended up being rather wet. We had several rainy periods throughout the day. I vacuumed the floors- carpets and hardwoods. Then mopped the hardwoods. It looks nice. I have the cutting board on the table, ready to start on the Cozy Sewquester mystery quilt. It was at the bottom of my project box until I bought fabric for baby quilts. lol, I don't think there will ever be a bottom to that box!

    Jim's taking the kids to the Zoo today. Tammy and Brian gave them a year membership for Christmas last year. I don't know that they got their moneys worth out of it yet.

    I bought outfits for Esther and Jonathan's birthdays in September. I should have gotten them letter writing things and pre address and stamp envelopes to me and Dot. I may just go ahead and do that for all three kids. Zeke is the letter 'writer/ drawer'. If he gets mail, the others may jump on board the wagon.

    Time to get busy doing something. Have a wonderful day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good morning. I am feeling much better today. I was so tired yesterday because I had only gotten 4 1/2 hours sleep the night befoe. I wound up going to bed by 8:30 last night and slept straight through until 6:30 this morning. It's a beautiful morning here. Not so much out California way. I spoke with Steve, Ana and Zeke yesterday. The smoke from the fires was up into the Sacramento area. They were heading home in the afternoon. They figured that if they really couldn't be outside with the kids anyway, they may as well be in there own house with them instead of trying to keep them happy in a hotel room. There were no major fires near the town, just hot spots now. And they checked to see that the electricity was on before making their decision. They will have clean clothes, food and diapers ready to go in case they need to leave.

      And in the midst of it, my bff's daughter in law had the baby yesterday afternoon. A little girl.

      I haven't gotten my sewing room rearranging done yet. I think hubby and I will tackle that in a bit. I've been doing some puttering about this morning and watched the half hexi triple play video. Love that little sailboat quilt! I have the one Jenny did with larger sailboats on my to do list and the little one is going to join it there for sure.

      Have a good day everyone. Happy Friday. Stay safe. Be well.
      Ginny B


        Good Morning,

        I didn't accomplish a bunch yesterday either but got to spend a little time with several of my grandkids, although Makayla stayed in the daycare room with the kids as they were napping so I didn't see her much. When she came upstairs it took me back a little. She is growing into quite the young lady. The middle one, Natalie, is our quirky one. She must have been spending a lot of time outside this summer as her hair is almost white. My husband was like that when he was very young. His grandfather called him the golden boy because he would get so tan and his hair would be almost white. The youngest sat inside playing some video baseball but showed me his new desk set up for when school starts. He will be doing distance learning as my daughter is concerned about him having to wear a mask all day (he has asthma). He is very proud of his desk.

        I was able to spend a little time in the sewing room last night after supper. I was able to get the blocks laid out and got the cornerstones figured out. I have the sashing with the cornerstones sewn together. Now to sew the rows of blocks together and then the sashing all around.

        Dave usually waters all the baskets and pots outside each day. He has asked that I take care of that this morning. Not sure why but he did mention something about a pulled muscle. That will take me about 15 minutes or so. Late morning I will be leaving to pick up some items shipped for Menards. Dave is going to replace the siding on the workshop and dining room. He wasn't happy when I got home last night. He stated "I've opened a can of worms". I had a feeling what he was talking about. He took my outside and sure enough there is severe water damage in the corner of the workshop that will need to be repaired. Doesn't look like it will be an easy fix either. What is looks like is that when the new flat roof was laid (when my grandfather was still alive) they ignored the problem and just put a patch on the roof. I'm pretty sure that my brother-in-law had his friend do the roofing and just told him to patch it rather than fix it. If my grandfather had known about it he would have fixed it. We got a call this morning that the siding can be delivered on Monday. Hopefully Dave will be able to get the problem fixed and get the siding done without any more problems.

        I am sitting with the daycare kiddos again today for a bit. My daughter has her pre-op appointment today. She found out yesterday that she may be insulin resistant so they are putting her on something to help. She has been very frustrated in her efforts to loose weight and the doctor thinks that is the reason she has had so many problems. She was also told she has high blood pressure. This really doesn't surprise me as she has been so stressed out with the COVID-19 stuff but also both her dad and I have high BP. She has also been having foot pain a lot lately so they are giving her a cream for that. My dad had diabetes for many years but I don't remember him ever saying anything about his feet hurting. You learn things every day.

        Off to get some coffee and water some plants. Have a great day everyone.


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          I think I was the only grandchild that got the take care of your feet and legs from my Grandpa (diabetic). He also had tingling in his legs if he stood too long. My uncle has that issue. I told him it must be hereditary since Grandpa described the exact same things, be dogged if I don't get the same tinglings in my right leg now, if I'm up and walking for longer periods of time.

          Grandpa would soak his feet a couple of times a week. Clean, dry carefully, then lotion up before he went to bed. He wore compression stockings that went up to the knee every day. Every time I was there over night and it was soaking day, I got the lecture! Not one of my cousins remember hearing it. So sad for them, they don't have the crazy memories of the Grandpa whose desk at work was right in front of the dynamite.

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          I have very little feeling in my feet due to my diabetes. The doctor poked me with a metal pick and I felt nothing. Not very much they can do with that. I have to be sure to watch that nothing happens to my feet because unless I saw it, I wouldn't know. I lost my big toe on the left foot a few years ago because I used a medicated pad and didn't realize that diabetics weren't supposed to use them. Several people I work with treated me with kid gloves when I got back, but I quickly told them not to worry. When I was recuperating I saw a woman go into Walmart with no foot below her ankle. I figured losing a toe wasn't that bad.

          Just to let you know what kind of gallows humor I appreciate, a coworker, who is generally a smart aleck but one heck of a guy, told another that for Christmas that year instead of mistletoe I would be hanging missing toe. When I told him I had heard what he said he got nervous because he thought I was going to get angry. "That's funny," I told him, and it was.


        • CarlieBlilie
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          Actually my daughter has been actively trying to loose weight. She walks a lot. I think she told me several miles daily plus she is one her feet all day long with the daycare. She is aware of all the issues and does try to stay on top of things. Her A1C is very good, under 7. She is a type 1 diabetic. One thing that surprised me is that her doctor said she should have been put on a cholesterol med once she had been diabetic for 20 years. She is 38 and was diagnosed at 13. I had never heard that before. She has an insulin pump and also the monitoring device that constantly monitors her sugars. She is aware of the COVID-19 issues but she said yesterday something about it being more for type 2. She does try and stay up on all the news on that too. We will see what happens today. I believe she has some blood testing today.

        Good morning!

        We have sunshine today and warmer temps -- high in the mid-80's. Upper 80's and low 90's are in the forecast for the next week. I'm not ready for fall, but I sure enjoyed the lower temps while we had them!

        Yesterday I worked on site for the first time in five months. It went fine. There were only three of us in our office suite and we were good about social distancing and wearing our masks. They also installed plexiglass shields on our desks. The entrance was a little more crowded. It was nice to see some familiar faces and catch up. One co-worker was lamenting his wife gave him a "honey-do" list a mile long when he was home. He was glad to be back on site and get a break from the home improvements! He did some beautiful work, though, including putting down hardwood floors.

        Bunny had her vet appointment last night. She has cataracts in her eye but no signs of glaucoma. The vet said the eye is sensitive to light. She gave me some drops to help alleviate any pain and we go back Sep. 1. Then it will be decision time. The options are: cataract surgery, which requires a specialist and will cost a lot of money; surgery to remove the eye (she lost the other eye in March); or let her go. This is a tough one. She is still a happy bunny, but I'm not sure how much more I want to put her through.

        I'm debating whether or not to make the boss a baby quilt for her first grandchild. I saw a picture online for a pillow case and the design would be perfect. I graphed it out and won't have any issues enlarging it. The baby is due in January.

        I'd better log back in to work, I had connectivity issues and had to log out. Have a wonderful day!


          Carlie, I hope your daughter will do what her doctor suggests and improve her health. I have type II Diabetes and so far I have been able to manage it without medication by healthy eating, staying active and keeping my weight down. I also get my A1C checked twice a year.

          It’s not always easy but I fear the consequences if I don’t. I wish your daughter success. She may have to start out on medication but if she follows the doctors suggestions she may be able to get off the meds I at some point.

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          Scottie Mom Barb


            Good morning everyone. We are in Summerland BC. We have this site booked until Sunday and then we move a little more south to another site until Thursday. There is a quilt store here which I will visit later. The other site is directly across from wild fires BUT we are safe. Well off to make breakfast. Have a great day everybody.
            Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


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              Very nice. I have / had friends that live in that area. One couple has moved out east last year, made the road trip with 2 labs in tow.

            Diabetes scares me, my DH's mother was diabetic and I always am concerned that it will happen to him. He does have neuropathy in his legs, poor circulation and he has pain and cramping if he walks very far. It is so sad since we used to love to hike. The PA we saw at his last dr appt said to just power through it but I don't know, no fun in that.
            We are heading to the grocery today, the last trip out before our upcoming trip. We are going to double down about social distancing to make sure we remain well.
            We had some rain last night/today, I am so glad as things have begun to look very tired. I think I may do some cutting back of annuals tomorrow and treating our azalea that is showing signs of lace bugs.
            I have a quilt center almost done with fmq, the border needs a different design, maybe some ruler work.😮🤨😳😁 We will see what happens with that.

            I am glad to read that the transplant patient is getting better, hope that continues steadily. We have a friend scheduled for a valve replacement on 8/30 or 8/31, they are doing it without open heart surgery, wow that just doesn't seem possible.
            Good luck to Shermur on her move, hope she can finally be happy and valued for her work skills.


            • CarlieBlilie
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              I can't say that diabetes scares me so much as I grew up with it in my family. My dad's mom had diabetes, as did her sister who died at age 16 from it. My dad was diagnosed when I was 11. I come from a very large family on my dad's side. He was the youngest of 11. Out of all if my cousins none of us, to my knowledge have diabetes. I believe my daughter was the first of all the kids if the grandkids. I do know there are several now who were diagnosed with type 2. I keep a close watch on my numbers now because of that history.

            Finally got back to sewing yesterday. I'm working on a quilt that I saw on a YouTube video from Fabric Cafe. As soon as I get it pieced I will show it.

            The rotary cutter is here! It was kind of funny because our postman, who does one heck of a job, accidentally left a book here that belonged to our neighbor. I started to walk over there to give it to them and he was turning around. He stopped me and asked if he had delivered the package to the wrong address. I told him that he had, but that it wasn't a big deal. He said "well, I'm so used to leaving things at your door, I just figured it was yours." Pretty bad when the postman keeps track of how many packages we get. Reminds me of a meme that a friend sent me. It said something to the effect that for a couple of days the UPS man didn't deliver any packages, so he knocked on the door just to make sure we were OK.

            Cheryl is working on the border for the Christmas quilt. I think she's a little jealous that since I'm on furlough, I can spend the day quilting and actually getting things done, while she can only sew for a few hours at night and on the weekend. "You should have married someone rich," I said. She didn't laugh.😄😄

            There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
            --Ken Burns


              Good morning,

              It's almost afternoon and I'm still being lazy today for a little while.I'm going through the scrap bins again to find pieces for 2.5 inch strips. They will be used up to make the bowl cozies. It's fun to mix and match fabrics for little projects.

              I found a new quilt pattern and decided to invest my time and money. The quilt shop had the kit for $285 but I found them on-line on sale so ordered yardage. The two orders (different vendors) of the 14 batik fabrics were around $200. There is an overage in my ordering in case of a mess-up which we know does happen. I will convert cutting the pattern and use dies for most of it.

              Hope you have a great weekend and some stitching time!


                Good morning everyone,
                It's been awhile again. Sleep at night is sporadic for both of us, so our days are a bit more disturbed, and then we rush to get things done. Last week, our fence that fell over last fall was all replaced on the street side, and entry. Its in PVC and I couldnt be happier. No more painting for me. We kept the back and side with our neighbour as it is good shape, and the stain/paint has weathered much better. Unfortunately, we had them move one fence post to make it square rather than an angle, and of course it hit the watering system. So DH will have to fix that zone (one more thing on his honey-do list). He is so much slower at doing these chores this year. Previously, he would knock items off the list, so he could self-justify a day or two of gliding lessons. But lessons are not allowed at this time.

                I have been getting Covid test every 14 days since July 2nd, so that I could visit mom, outdoor and then indoor visits were allowed. I was able to find and rearrange her room, from which she was moved 3x during Covid outbreak. That all came to an end this Monday, as 1 employee tested positive. All employees are tested every 14 days. Since I was there in the morning and a lot over past few weeks, I went for a test with my DH and my GF who also visited mom. We booked appts Wednesday an hour from here -- we were done in less than 10 mins. Faster than going to city sites which have 3-4 hour waits now. We didnt go anywhere, and checked this morning -- all negative. Woohoo. This was especially worrisome, as we have had seen all our family and many of our friends over past few weeks. This is a reminder to remain vigilant. I saw that Florida has had more deaths than we have had in our entire country. That is very frightening. I have many friends who are snowbirds and own houses in Florida, but none are planning to return this year. I hope and pray that all my American friends and family are safe throughout these trying times.

                On a positive note, I spent the entire day sewing yesterday. I made about 15 bibs, burp pads and change pads. I had cut them earlier and assembled them. Even though I know it is unlikely there will be craft shows this xmas, I enjoy making these. I also FMQ 4 poppy placemats that I sewed a few weeks ago. I haven't loaded any quilt on the LA in over 10 days. I think its time to get back to it. Last weekend I made a batch of bread and butter pickles (21 jars). I was going to help my DD and GKs make some this weekend, but the youngest have colds, so I will make them here and bring over. They are keeping the kids at home from school. It will be challenging but her MIL was a teacher and will be of help. They asked for the kids' input in their decision, and it was unanimous. They wanted to stay home -- so they have set up school zones. They are also busy finalizing the floor plan for their new home. I hope the shovel gets in the ground soon.

                Next week is wide open as the weeks usually are, but then get filled up quickly. I want to make pickled beets soon. Our weather has cooled off, and it is great that the humidity and heat have left us. I love it.

                I hope all our safe, and sending positive thoughts for all who have health concerns. Have a great weekend.

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  Good morning! Today the pest control man comes. We have a mouse invasion. All our neighbors have them too. I don't know what is going on this year but it is bad. Hopefully the professional will work his magic and put traps everywhere and get rid of them. I've never looked forward to a pest control man arriving as much as I am today. But I won't let him use poison. Not with the dogs and all the wild critters we have around here. Hope you all have a great day!



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                    CraftyJnet ~ Has there been any new construction in your neighborhood? When DS#2 lived in WA, a new development went in adjacent to his apt. complex. There was a serious problem with rats getting into their apts. We occasionally catch a mouse in our garage, but for some reason we had more than usual. I think we killed 14 during last winter. Never have had that many before. We found 2 in the traps this spring. Mice are so dirty & leave their droppings everywhere. I hate them.