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This Wild and Wonderful World of Ours! πŸ‘„ 🐟

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    This Wild and Wonderful World of Ours! πŸ‘„ 🐟

    Introducing......The Red-Lipped Batfish..... (now don’t go puckering up! πŸ€ͺ)

    These strange looking fish have long and sharp nose and they also look like they put a lot of lipstick on their lip. Some scientist believe the purpose of its red bright lip is for the male to attract the female.

    With broad head and slight body, large gnarled lumps cover their body. What’s interesting from this strange sea creature is that unlike any other fishes, they are horrible swimmers. What kind of fish that doesn't swim? But luckily they are capable of walking on the ocean floor using their fins as their legs.

    Same as any other anglerfishes, once they reach adulthood, the dorsal fin becomes a single spine-like projection to help them lure prey. The size of this fishes relatively small, the length can reach maximum of 40 cm (almost 16 inches) long. The red-lipped batfish found on Galapagos Islands. They might be strange looking but they are harmless creature.

    This fish live on tropical climate and on the depth range of 3 to 76 meters (3-almost 250 feet). They have build-in fishing rod snout with a retractable appendage in order to lure prey. Red-lipped batfish are carnivores; they feed on small invertebrates such as crabs, mollusks, and shrimp. Moreover, they are related to rosy-lipped batfish that found near Cocos Island on the coast of Costa Rica. Both red-lipped batfish and rosy-lipped batfish have very similar look and behavior.

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    πŸ’« Star lover

    A fish that cannot swim well? It looks like it is trying to morph into a land creature. LOL
    Thanks for sharing these interesting creatures.
    No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


      Anita, that is one of the most unusual creatures! Gina


        Never heard of this creature before. Interesting.


          Love this post! Thanks for sharing.