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Good Morning, Tuesday! :)

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    Good Morning, Tuesday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I see Katrina is on, so maybe we'll be posting at the same time.

    Even though the skies were hazy yest. a.m., it wasn't as smoky as the day before, so I decided to do weeding in the flower beds. I finished the 2 loads of laundry before I went out. It was a pleasant morning; I had shade in which to work. I weeded the longer bed by the patio, another short one, & pulled weeds from between the fences. That's the toughest spot because I have to reach my hands in between the chain link fence to grab the weeds. It bothers my hands to do the weeding, but there's no one else to do it but me. With one 30 min. break for a snack, I worked outside a total of 3.5 hrs. & was able to get the bag into the toter before the garbage truck came by. I took it easy the rest of the day.

    I looked at the 2 weeks extended forecast. Hot! Almost every day is expected to be 90 or hotter. We had 98 yest.

    I haven't made any plans for today. I'd sure like to get some sewing done.

    Good Morning!

    Not much going on here. Wonderfully cool night. Windows open and nice fresh air. Our forecast this week is pretty nice, upper 70's or low 80's and humidity more tolerable. I love having the house open and we have had some nice breezes even though we are in a little valley so we don't always get wind.

    Cooked up my cherry tomatoes that I had sitting. They came out quite watery so I'm thinking I will just freeze these and keep adding to them until I have enough to fill my lasagna pan and cook them into a paste. I have a ton more that are ripening. My paste tomatoes are doing pretty good but they are a long way from ripening. I have about 8 beef steak tomatoes in the house. I will be taking a couple over to my daughters on Thursday. For now I think BLT's will be on the menu either today or tomorrow. I may end up peeling and coring some of these and freezing for tomato sauce later.

    I'm on my last applique block for my sampler. I've had to re-do one of them a number of times. I keep thinking I have the placement correct and then it doesn't work out. Just another learning experience, I guess.

    I may run to a quilt shop about an hour away today. It will probably be the last one I go to for a while. I've found some really nice fabrics and picked up some of the Quilt Minnesota fabrics as well. Another project for later. I did find some nice fabric that will go nicely with some Christmas panels I have so that may be my next project.

    Off for a cup of coffee and maybe the quilt store. Hubby just went down for a shower so I'll wait until he is done before I leave. My poor Auggie isn't going to be able to take much more of my leaving. He gets so upset and now that he cannot see he just wonders all over the house. Dave said that after I left yesterday he had gone looking for him (he had been in the shop doing some woodworking). He found Auggie upstairs in my sewing room, looking forlorn. If it wasn't so sunny I would take him along, he loves to go bye-bye.

    Have a great day everyone!


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      Nothing quite like a BLT with a good beefsteak tomato!!

    Good morning!
    I'm hoping to get to the sewing room today. I haven't had the opportunity much lately. I need to get the third quillow done and get my machine in for a good cleaning- it's making too much noise when I use it.
    We took the German shepherd to the vet yesterday for a pedicure and to have his teeth looked at. For the past few weeks Mike has been feeding him with a fork. It seems Floyd is unable to pick up his food from his dish. He sometimes tries to rub the side of his face with his paw- but he can't reach it. The vet said she couldn't see anything in his mouth that may be bothering him. So now he's on an antibiotic for a couple weeks. If that doesn't help, he'll see a vet dentist.
    Today is the second day of lots of landscaping being done in the front yard. There were 12 trees to be removed and about 10 bushes. The previous owners had this place looking like it was in a forest. Besides, the 11 pine trees were all either dead or almost dead. We want the yard to be opened up. That should all be done today. That will be 27 trees that we've had removed in our lot that is less than an acre.
    Time for my second tea-- I hope everyone has a happy day!
    ~ Carol from PA


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      Holy cow, that is a lot of trees!

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      Wow, I cannot imagine taking out that many trees. We took several down when we moved here. Trees aren't going to grow straight if they don't get the light they need. Then too I like so see the sun. That many trees must have made the house dark.

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      Wow, that's a lot of trees! You had the little cabin in the woods... Oh man that song is going to be stuck in my head now.

    Good morning all. It is a nice, pleasant morning here. We had a big t-storm roll through here during the Yankee game last night. Delayed the game for over an hour. We sure do need the rain though. After Isaias blew through, I noticed all the leaves on the trees turning brown around the edges and a whole lot falling. I thought maybe it was because it had been so dry and hot here for a while and I just happened to notice it after the storm but then there was an article in the paper and it said that it was actually caused by the storm because it had such fierce, warm wind that it sucked the moisture out of the leaves as it was blowing. They said to give the base of the trees a good soaking once a week and I guess mother nature decided to help with that last night. Unfortunately for my sons though, they had a storm roll through where they are during the night and it knocked out the power..... again. Rob is sure glad he got that generator before the storm came through. I bet he didn't realize how much use he would get out of it already. I think he was thinking more about the winter and snows.

    Yesterday I did get the laundry done and some sewing too even though I wasn't feeling quite 100%. I was a bit achy and throat was slightly sore. Of course, I checked to see if I had a fever but I didn't. Just relaxed for the afternoon and I am feeling better today.

    Hubby has to take a trip into Brooklyn to sign some papers with his brother and uncles to change the names on the deed to the house that the uncles still live in. Seems it hadn't been updated after hubby's parents passed away. That came to light after Aunt Terry passed. She was on the deed also--- it was a family investment with lots of people living there. It has been ages since either of us have been into Brooklyn. I guess it was around the holidays of last year.

    Not sure what I will do today. I think it might involve the sewing room though. Joy, I hope it really isn't too unbearable with that heat and that the smoke completely clears. And I hope you get to some sewing too. Carlie, enjoy your trip to the quilt store. It's nice that you have so many you can drive to. There are really only two here for me to get to easily. I need to check out what lqs might be up my sister and sons' areas.

    Have a good day everyone.
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    Ginny B


      Good morning everyone,

      Looks like we're in for some hot weather the next few days...80's and a couple of days will reach 90. No rain in sight for the next 10 days. We had a small amount of rain on Sat. according to DH. I drove to the cabin Thurs. and came home Sunday evening. It **really** rained there...about 5 inches in two days! The driveway there goes downhill, and we have a couple of washouts now. Thankfully my car is all wheel drive, so I was able to get up and down the hill without too much difficulty.

      More beans were picked yesterday, so today I will can them. It looks like enough for about 8 pints. The tomatoes continue to produce like crazy, and I think I'll have to think about canning them soon.

      I was in one of those "blah" days yesterday. It's hard leaving the cabin and coming home to "real life." No demands at the lake, just reading, sewing, and going for walks. I tried to finish up some rearranging in the sewing room but didn't make much headway. Maybe today. I don't get inspired to sew unless the room is organized. I was that way when teaching as well. The first think I'd do when setting up my classroom each fall was organize my desk and work area. After that, I felt ready to decorate the room, do bulletin boards, etc.

      Carlie, did you finish 2 regions in Quilt MN?



      • CarlieBlilie
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        Yep, got the last one this morning. Drove to New Prague, a little less than an hour drive. It's a new shop. Has only been open about a year. It was a very nice shop and they evidently have several gals doing long arm there. They all had samples of their work on the walls there. I found some gold fabric with metallic swirls that I bought. I've been looking for something like it for a while to go with a Christmas panel I bought a while back and this matches up perfectly. Well worth the trip.
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      It is getting warm here, or maybe my imagination. It is 76 with a dew point of 76. Our a/c went out yesterday and a repairman is coming sometime today, I hope. If we lose a/c for a few days it will be a hotel for me and DH plus boarding for the pug.😓 Our temps are expected into the ow 90s today. Right now we have a few windows open and fans going but most windows don't have screens so there's that.🙄 My sewing room is on the east side with little shade so it gets fairly warm even with the air so might not be much going on there.
      Not much else going on here, hope all you have a good day and the fires subside or get doused by some rain.


      • Claire Hallman
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        It was a switch, that is the third switch o go bad since we have lived here, never had a bad one before, weird. Thankful that it is on and working away. I did get a little quilt put together and made a couple of masks for the grandchild next door who goes to school next week.

      Ugh! No A/C stinks. Hope it gets fixed fast Claire.

      Tried my hand at another star block last night and the result was much the same as the first. I should get the fabric I need for the quilt I want to work on next today, so if I do that will likely start. No stars in it! I broke one of my own rules over the past few days. I ordered a bunch of clearance reproduction fabrics (hey, I got a 10 percent off coupon, so it would have been a waste not to use it) without a specific project in mind. So now I've got quite the collection. I know, I know. I'm a fabric hypocrite. But I figure I can get anywhere from five to six good-sized quilts out of this and most of it for what one queen sized kit would cost.

      Not much else going on here. Sometimes that's pretty nice.

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      There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
      --Ken Burns


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        Welcome to the Dark Side!
        We'll have your stash built up in no time!

      • KPH
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        That didn't take long. Who wants to pass up a good sale?

      Great minds, Joy! I was writing my short post when Jim called. I was rather distracted for a bit!

      The frame and cover for the swing is built. We found one of the chains that hung down at Mom's house, couldn't find the second. So Jim and Mike are going to drop off his tools at his storage building, go to Lowes for one length of chain, and then come back here for lunch. I have the three kids. I called Cracker Barrel and they're delivering lunch for us.

      Best get the table cleaned up from the kids art projects this morning so we can eat when it gets here.
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Good Morning All, It’s a gorgeous day in the low 80s and a nice breeze. Jeff and I have been working on one of our mowers. I just had to steer a mower while Jeff towed it to the front of the house with the other mower.

        I did a little sewing this morning and that’s it for the day. The Girls just had a terrible fight while barking at the UPS truck that went by. No blood so things must be okay. Sugar has quite a quick temper and starts most of their squabbles. Maggie is larger and stronger and she finishes them. The perfect recipe for a dog fight.

        I’m not sure what we will have for dinner today. Maybe something simple like pasta and salad. Right now nothing sounds good.

        Joy, glad your air quality is clearing up some.

        Wishing you all a stellar day. Hugs....

        Scottie Mom Barb