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Monday Hellos! :)

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    Monday Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ With Monique on vacation, I'll get us started this a.m. I hope everyone had a good week end. Our weather remains hot. It hit 100 deg. yest. It was a hazy, smoky day from the 4 wildfires in Colo. The wind patterns are supposed to be different today, so maybe there won't be quite as much smoke. There still are air quality alerts for those sensitive groups with pulmonary & heart issues. I've been debating weeding in the flower bed, but I'm not sure I want to work outside in the poor air quality. For sure I'll be doing at least 2 loads of laundry.

    Yest. was a quiet day. I continue to watch our church services on YouTube. They are having church in the parking lot, but I don't have a lawn chair. I think I would have a hard time hearing with the sound system they use outdoors. Inside, I use their hearing assistive devices.

    Yest. morning I mixed up my turkey patties; in the afternoon I froze up the turkey bacon. I divide it up into 1 serving portions. I'm the only one who eats it.

    I've been reading up on the web the best way to get rid of these wasps in our storage shed. I still haven't settled on a plan of action. I also need to get rid of some ground bees that have nested in the crack of our driveway close to the garage door. I've sprayed them at least 5 times, but they're still there. Ugh.

    Good Morning Joy and those who follow.

    It was a miserable day yesterday. We did get some rain but it made the rest of the afternoon like a sauna instead of refreshing. I guess it came too early.

    I started work on the V Tech wall hanging. The big pinwheel in the middle is done. I put it on point and finished that out to make the big square. Borders on the top and bottom. Black frame and it will be ready to quilt.

    Morgan starts today in Portsmouth. She was taking their generator to a friend's house to store. She had rain all the way up according to her Mom. I took Jim to lunch after church. We went to a Mexican place he'd never been to, well he'd been to the bar it was before when he was in the Navy. He really enjoyed the meal, I took a dinner home for Mike since he was at work.

    Tomorrow, Jim is going to work on the swing frame. I have no idea where they'll put it. It will be nice to have my swing back. I have little faith that it will be done nicely. I guess the back yard would be the best place for it. I wish I had a covered porch! Oh well, that's not happening! I know the swing won't last as long out in the open. There won't be any kids playing in the back yard to watch while swinging, so it honestly seems like a waste of time and money to me.

    Time to get started doing something...

    Have a wonderful day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Morning all,
      It is a sunny day here after a day of a steady soft rain yesterday We have been enjoying our stay at our daughter and son-in-laws but will be traveling back home today. We hadn't seen them since January due to Covid restrictions so it was good to be able to give them hugs and spend time with them.

      I got to give my daughter her first sewing lesson on her sewing machine. She found it a little intimidating but I assured her the more she uses the machine the more comfortable she will be with it. She's never used one before but she did a good job

      Well, time to move on with our day. Wishing everyone a good day!
      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

      Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


        Good morning Joy. We had a rainy day yesterday. Which is good because we really need the rain. Today is sunny.

        Today will be a laundry day with some sewing time too. Other than that, not sure what will be on the to do list. I have another small rearrangement idea for the sewing room but not sure I will get to that today.

        A new week is here. Have a good Monday everyone. Be safe. Stay well.
        Ginny B


          Good morning!

          We have a cool start to the morning, with some sun peeking through. High today in the upper 70's, perfect for our porch visit with Mom. It will be nice to visit with her and not melt into a puddle. It was 90 when we visited last week. It does make me wonder, though, what they are going to do when winter comes. Will we be visiting on the porch in 20 degree weather?

          I finished piecing the back of Halloween quilt yesterday morning. I am quite pleased with it and almost like it better than the front! 😃 I don't think I'll have time to sandwich it for a couple of weeks. I have the quilting design picked out, I just need to figure out how many hoops it will take on the embroidery machine. I'm going to use my new snap hoop monster -- I tested the hoop to make sure it works on my machine, but haven't tried it with a quilt, yet.

          Time for breakfast. Have a wonderful day!


          • Rhonda K
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            Good idea to test the hoop since the hoop can pop if there is any drag on the project..

            I do a preliminary movement around the corners of the design before starting the actual stitching. If there is a problem, it's easier to re-hoop. I also write down the + or - coordinates if I have moved the design up/down/left/right. This helps in the event of needing to re-hoop the project. Good luck!

          Morning all.....

          Today, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Then, traveling to Arkansas for the new life on Friday morning.

          There is a lot of packing to do. There is anxiousness on hearing back from of rental application on a home we have applied for. There is disappointment I can't sew/create for many, many days. Although, I pulled aside some hand sewing (EPP) project I started 2.5 years ago. It will be lonely being in Arkansas by myself starting the new job and trying to patiently wait for my family to join me in a few weeks.

          It seems like since I was offered the job in Arkansas, the days have flown trying to get as much packing done as I can. I ask for good thoughts and prayer that my DH and I reach our destination safely; DH will fly back to Vermont to finalize the household move and finalize his job in Vermont. It almost seems like a burden has left me; and hope seems within reach.

          I hope everyone has a great day! Quilty hugs!

          "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


          • cjsews
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            Congrats on the move. I hope all goes smoothly for you

          • KPH
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            Praying this is where you belong. I hope the move is totally uneventful! I know it will be busy, but wishing you calm and peace in this new transition.

          • pcbatiks
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            Sherri, prayers for safe travels. Hope everything involved with the move goes well!

          Good Morning All.

          Had a mimi story time yesterday (facetime) with the small ones. But we weren't able to do it until 4 and the kids were like zombies. They had been in the backyard pool (blow up one) most of the afternoon, and then bath and then Mimi. Normally they are chatty, but not yesterday! They were even eating their snacks every so slowly!

          Stay cool and safe!


          • KPH
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            I know I'm going to be joining you on the facetime story train. Morgan's mom suggested the Libby app. I'll have to look it up and figure it out!

          • Mimi_Howard
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            I had to look that one up. Looks like an app to download library books. I may have to go that route when we get thru the stack my daughter brought. Download to my kindle and show them the pictures thru the ipad... this grandma may have to go high tech whether she wants to or not.

          Good Morning....So far our sun isn't out. Jeff is with the Girls outside and I just made two quilt blocks. That may be it for me until this afternoon.

          I have a few loads of laundry to do and I will drive to town to mail my daughter's birthday card. Hard to believe she will be 55. Her business is still closed due to Covid. She worked January and February and then had to close. She reopened in June and closed after a few days by the Governor's order to try to get southern California under control with the Covid spread. So far nothing has changed there.

          Joy, I hope you get your wasp and bee problem under control. We killed a hornet colony Saturday evening...they are either dead or gone.

          Mimi, your story about your Grands gave me a smile. I had a mental image of them moving in slow motion with their eyes half closed.

          I have really enjoyed our daily Quilt Sharing/Show the past weeks. Cathy and Dove really do exceptional work and such a variety. Please don't be shy about sharing your work even if you are a beginner. We all started at the same place. I look forward to seeing what Ginny B will show us. I know she quilts and does embroidery so she will have some beautiful things to share.

          I need to get myself moving. I hope everyone has a safe and happy day. Hugs....

          Scottie Mom Barb


          • KPH
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            It has been great seeing everything that's been shared. It's making me want to be more active in my sewing room, that's for sure. I have 1 project left in my box. That alone doesn't seem possible!

          • Mimi_Howard
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            I wish our governor would make up his mind..... If my kids and grandkids weren't here, I would be out of California for sure.

          Good morning,

          It's a lazy Monday in this house. Does thinking count as movement? Well I am thinking about what needs to be done today and the next stitching project. At least the sewing table and the dining table is cleaned off.

          It is miserable hot outside so those projects have to wait. We shouldn't plant until September/October to give the plants a chance. Two zones work fine on the sprinkler system but the planter zone needs a small repair.

          Hope your day is blessed with happiness!


          • Mimi_Howard
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            My daughter says when she has trouble falling asleep, she mentally starts organizing what needs to be done and it puts her to sleep. So has to count for some kind of movement, wears her out and puts her to sleep. Not me.. it just winds me up more .. I need to NOT think about what HAS to be done the next day. Just channel Scarlett O'Hara, worry about that tomorrow for tomorrow is another day!

          Good morning. The sun came back today. We will have temps in the 80s . I cut and sewed pieces for my current quilt yesterday. I still have many blocks to make . I want a queen size quilt for my bed.
          My son is slowly getting ready to go back to Penn State. I think it is a mistake to open the campus. Even the University of Penn is going virtual
          I plan on making a few more blocks today. It is also good weather to walk the pug.
          Have s nice day.


            Good morning all!
            We had more lightening this morning but nothing like it was yesterday. It's overcast and already quite warm. The temp will be in the high nineties again today. The laundry is calling to me so I better go put in the first load. Then I need to run down to my neighbor's and help her give her little dog her medicine. I'm in a quandary about my daughter's wedding photos. They print out a bit washed out. But she loves them so I don't want to say anything. Although she hasn't seen them printed. I wish she would come over so I could show her. I guess it is better not to say anything?



              Today will be experimenting day. I want to try to make a star block. Nothing fancy, but just want to see if I can do it. When M^ had the daily deal as a layer cake for Limoncello fabric I ordered that. Evidently it must have run out because they sent me a Riley Blake Tranquility line instead. Not bad looking, but it's not Limoncello. Anyway, I'm going to use pieces from that to experiment with.

              Cheryl continues to work on the Christmas quilt. She has five of the six trees done and the sixth is cut out. We had to mow and pick up our grocery order yesterday, so she wasn't able to devote her day to it, but I think she should be able to get it done in a week or two. I'll post pictures once it's done.

              Have a great week all!
              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


                Good Morning,

                Later than usual to the forum. Got groceries, put them away, had breakfast and picked more tomatoes. I had about 10 cups of cherry tomatoes so I'm trying a recipe for Slow Cooker Cherry Tomatoes. The crockpot is completely full of the tomatoes/garlic/onions/olive oil mixture. I know that Dave won't eat it as a side as it has onions in it but if I puree it into a sauce he will. He does not like the texture of the onions. When I cook things that need onions I generally use dried minced onion because if it cooks long enough he doesn't notice them. Otherwise I use onion powder. He is that way with mushrooms as well but will tolerate them if the itsy bitsy.

                I completed one of the applique blocks this weekend. There is one that has been sewn at least 4 times and then torn out because it didn't look right. I have it almost complete and then one more to finish and I will have all the blocks done for the sampler quilt. Not sure when, or if, I'll make it to the sewing room today. I have a conference call with my son's caregivers at the rehab center at 11:30 today. Then I think I will go to a quilt shop south of here. I've not been to this one. I think it is fairly new.

                Our weather here is pretty nice although yesterday got a little warmer than they thought it would. Our house was in the 80's and the marine aquarium was at 81 degrees which isn't good. Dave took some ice and put in containers to float in the aquarium to bring the temp down. Did the trick. This morning was in the low 60's and humidity isn't too bad.

                Joy, I hope you find a way to get rid of those wasps. We haven't had problems with them at all here. I've never seen bees nest in the ground around here. Is that something that is common where you are? Hope they can get those wildfires under control soon. That cannot be good being outside with all that smoke.

                Off now to wait for the conference call. Have a great day everyone.


                • KPH
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                  Rob, as a teacher, I never made kids clean their plates. I wouldn't eat the cafeteria food, why should they be forced to eat what they didn't like.

                  When we cooked in the classroom, I would insist that they try a bite before they started to say they didn't like something. If they didn't like it, they went to the cafeteria for that disgusting lunch. There was only a couple of kids that didn't eat what we all worked on. One was a food allergy issue, the other was just a picky eater.

                • CarlieBlilie
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                  Katrina, that is what my daughter does. Both with her kids and her daycare kiddos. Try it. If you don't like it than that's okay.

                • Mimi_Howard
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                  I would tell my kids ... you didn't know you liked ice cream until you tried it. And if I cooked something differently they needed to try again. Told them, hey certain vegetables I like only cooked certain ways, you may find that to be true for you too. My son likes the taste of onions but not the texture, so I did the powder or flakes too in cooking, his father didn' t do raw tomatoes, but the man put ketchup on almost every thing he ate.

                ha, ha. sorry Rob, can't get over your teacher having such a reaction to your not liking tomatoes. no matter what it was. So funny. I told my son I was going to put broccoli into the stew and he about fainted. well not really, he is 52!