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Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

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    Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I hope Monique is on her way to somewhere fun & relaxing. It sure would be nice to have a vacation. I haven't been anywhere for 7 yrs.

    The forecast is for another smoky, hazy day. We had 94 deg. yest. which was better than the 102 & 104 we've had recently. Today DS#2 & a friend are coming by to haul away our riding mower which we haven't used for 8 yrs. now that we use a lawn service. His friend has a farm & will be able to use it there. I hope they can get it in good working order. It gave us many years of use. I'm going to offer them our old bicycles, too. We have 2 men's & a woman's bike. He already said he'd take our tomato cages. It will be good to have some items gone.

    Yest. a.m. I made the chicken soup. I ended up with 17 qts. That was an all-morning job. I'm always glad when that job is done. It takes the most time of any of my cooking & baking projects.

    One painter called yest. with his estimate. He wants to spray paint, which we really don't want. We want the house brushed & rollered. The other bid is pending. I should have it before Mon. We'll make a decision when that comes in. I said I'd get back to him one way or the other. I think it would be difficult to have the windows closed & taped over during this summer heat. We need them open for the functioning of the swamp cooler.

    I had planned to mix up my turkey patties this a.m., but that job will have to wait until after the mower is picked up. I hope everyone has a good week end.

    Good Morning Joy! Glad your temps are starting to come down. Has the haze/smoke lessened too? I am assuming that you freeze your chicken soup, do you freeze by the quart?

    My day yesterday was spent in the car from about 8:30 until I got home around 4. Drove first to Wabasha, over 2 hour drive. Nice drive though. I told Dave that we should take that drive this fall when the colors are nice. Lots of hills and lakes, etc. The dogs would love it too. The shop in Wabasha was unique. It is called "What's Brewing" and is a combination coffee/donut shop and quilt store. They had a very nice selection and the people were very friendly. Next stop was in Winona about a half hour away. This is also a very nice shop. I've only been there once or twice. I walked in the door and was greeted immediately with a boisterous "Hello!" Looked around for a bit and found a Moda kit I just couldn't resist. Oh well, I have nothing but time. After that purchased I grabbed some lunch and then on to Rochester which was about an hour away. That shop is pretty large and they also sell Bernina sewing machines. Took a look at them. Boy would it be nice to have one of those so I could quilt easier here at home but they are so expensive. Don't think that is something that will happen. After Rochester I headed home. I could see the clouds building to the west. Dave asked that I be home no later than 5 because we were supposed to get storms. And we did but they came between 6 and 7. We ended up with some very hard rain and high winds. Nothing damaged, the really bad stuff was further north and west of us. So that was my adventure for the day. I have two shops left for that section of the Quilt MN shop hop. I am needed at my daughter's to watch her daycare on Thursday and Friday this week so I think I may just do one shop on my way to her house each day.

    Nothing much planned today, a few chores. I think we will probably grill out today. Temps are supposed to be in the high 70's today. The house is already open. Humidity is much lower and it is supposed to be like this for the next week, although some temps will sneak into the 80's. I don't mind the heat if the humidity stays down.

    Time for some coffee and breakfast. Have a great day!


    • Ginny B
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      Sounds like a wonderful day of shop hopping.

    • Momofmonsters5
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      I have a bernina its fantastic. I love shop hops!!

    • JCY
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      Carlie ~ Yes, the soup gets frozen in 1 qt. plastic containers.

      The smoke is no better today. I was out & about today & I think it was worse than a few days ago. Very hazy. Occas. one can smell the smoke.

    How generous of you to share your unused items with the farmer. I know he will feel blessed.
    Fall is coming so perhaps the painting can wait a few weeks so it won't be so stifling.
    I haven't done much cooking this summer due to the house needing airconditioning and it seems like turning on the appliances will just contribute to the indoor heat. I worry about money but DH just doesn't seem to care. The more I try to conserve, it seems the more he has to spend. I just don't get it. Its like he just doesn't plan to live as long as I do.
    Leak in the shower drain yesterday so another repair project for DH. Amazing how many little things go wrong in a house you purchase. Its almost like nothing was done and what was done was a cobbled patch to cover up the problems. Eventually we will have them fixed.
    DS traveled from SC to Ark to buy a new car this week. He took the children and they were having a good trip. Said he stopped at a Crackerbarrel along the way and they didn't want them to come in with their own masks. Said they might be carrying germs and wanted them to come in without masks and purchase a new mask in the store. They wanted $15 for a mask!! DS said he asked her if they had to wear them in the eating part and she said no, just while you are in the store and waiting for your table. They left.
    DD's got the GD to Texas and checked into her dorm room. She looked excited in the pictures.
    I worked at Habitat yesterday. I had spent 3 days sorting the books into tubs of alphabetical order and on Wed. the fellow working there was building new bookshelfs (actually just shoring up the shelves) so I had emptied the shelves. I went in yesterday and the books were on the shelves...but not in ABC order. At least the volunteer had not mixed up the groups. But I had to pull them all off the shelves again and rearrange them. The person who did this was an English teacher. You would have thought she would have realized someone had sorted them. She told the other volunteers that she really got a lot done...hummm. Good to have volunteers though.
    Raining here and probably will most of the day. kind of gloomy looking.
    Have a great day and weekend
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


    • Granny Fran
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      We have scheduled a pick up for our electric range and microwave for Habitat. I did not even realize they had a resale store here until DH saw one of their trucks go by. We called them and they are delighted to have the appliances. They are gently used and came with the condo, but the new microwave is now over the new slide in range. So glad they will find a good home.

    • JCY
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      Terry ~ Really?! $15. for their mask. Huh! You can buy a whole box of 25 masks at Walmart for $15.! They did the right thing by leaving. That's no way to treat customers.

      Sorry you had too much "help" at the Habitat store. One time I visited our H. store. The books were one jumbled mess -- no organization at all.

    • grammaterry
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      JCY, that was my thought...a jumbled mess. I went in months ago and noticed all the books and thought I might pick up a few on the history of the coast or something but after 10 minutes of turning up zilch I walked away. Each time I went in the same thing happened and finally I said, who, if not me, can fix this so that it is fun to find a treasure book.

    Good morning,

    Still a quiet day here but most days are in our house. It will be a quiet this weekend as no visits from DD and grandson. She is a teacher and started back in the classroom this week.

    The binding is glued onto the table runner waiting for the final stitches. Finally! I will lay out the backing pieces to fit the dino-quilt and stitch them together. Then on to something else this weekend. What next? My notebooks are organized so it's easy to find inspiration and patterns now.

    May your day be filled with sunshine and happy stitches!


    • Ginny B
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      I have been working on organizing my patterns and books too. It makes it so much easier when I want to make something that I know I have the pattern for.

    Good Morning!

    Well, Howard's toy trains are back in my attic. The car seats we bought are in Jim's truck and Morgan's on the way to VA. Jim's finished up everything on the list that the inspectors gave him. So now he waits until closing. Today he'll be moving some of their furniture to help a young family. His bed frame/ side tables, sofas, etc. will be welcomed to their new home. I wonder how Pepper will react to her corner sofa seat being gone!

    I worked on Mike's portfolio cover yesterday. The pattern's I found are for the small pads, so I'm guesstamating the sizes. I pulled apart a portfolio that belonged to my Dad, and kept the cardboard pieces. I have the outside and inner liner cut and ready to go, pocket flaps and the slot for the legal pad are todays job. Hopefully, I'll get it all done. Then I can start working on the Virginia Tech wall hanging, the last of the fabrics came. Once that's done, I'll be able to get started on the sewquester quilt from Cozy.

    I guess it's time to see what the day will bring. Have a wonderful day.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


    • Ginny B
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      My first hubby's trains are now with my son Rob. He is the "keeper" now. Of course, we do have current hubbies trains upstairs in the crawlspace in my sewing room. I can't complain though. My collection of sewing machines and related items takes up more space than both their train collections.

    Good morning. I've been having sort of a quiet, slow morning. I woke up at 6:30, made some tea, fed Myrtle and then headed back upstairs to go through emails and read some blogs. I usually watch the early news on my tablet while I'm relaxing back in bed with my tea but my Optimum app has quit working on my tablet. It quit a while ago on my phone. I did all the things they said to do online to reset it but to no avail. You can see the guide, see your recordings list, even set up recordings but when you want to watch something, you get the spinning circle of death and then a black screen. Grrrrrr. Well, I went to their reviews page this morning and found out this has been happening to people for months and there is no help from Optimum. Seems they aren't supporting or updating the app any longer. The company was bought by someone a few years back, supposedly nothing was going to change (except the price of course), things were going to be so much better, yada yada yada. They actually have launched a new brand, Altice and that's their focus. Done with my rant now. Oh well, I should cut back on my news watching anyway.

    Not sure whether we will head out to Henry's game today. I think hubby wants to go though. Yesterday I got a bunch of masks sewn and hubby prepped about a dozen more for me so there is that to work on too. The order of burp cloths was picked up yesterday too so that bag is gone.

    Joy, I am sure that riding mower will be very much appreciated by your sons friend.

    Have a good day all. I bet Monique is having a great time. Stay safe everyone. Be well.
    Ginny B


      Good morning!

      We have another warm one today with a chance of storms later this afternoon.

      My sister in Texas is not happy with one of her SIL. My sister planned a small BBQ for five people, including her and her DH. The SIL showed up, uninvited, and brought four guests! Who does that? My sister is upset because she had ten people in her house, there was no social distancing, and no one wore masks. My sister didn't even know some of the surprise guests. She said one of them was very creepy. She is worried they will all get Covid.

      Today is going to be spent mostly on housework. I absolutely loathe it, but it must be done...if for no other reason than to find more places to store fabric! When I first started quilting, my Ohio sister wanted me to promise not to buy "too much" fabric. She obviously forgot there's no such thing! 😀

      Have a wonderful day!
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        After my doctor's appointment I stopped at the local fabric store (not really right to call it a LQS, since they sell all kinds of fabric), looking for a gray reproduction fabric. Didn't really have anything that spoke to me, so I went ahead and placed an order online for one that I think will work better. However, I did come across something I wasn't looking for. Given my thought of not buying something without a specific project in mind, I argued with myself (quietly, of course) as to whether or not to buy it. Decided to go ahead and get a couple of yards, with the idea that I could use it as a border for one of my works-in-progress.. It's part of Windham Fabric's "Let Freedom Ring" collection.

        Hope to get an order for a project that I'm itching to start. If it doesn't get here today, I will likely go ahead and start on the Comfort quilt using the Kansas Troubles fabric.

        Hope everyone has a great weedend!

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        There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
        --Ken Burns


        • Momofmonsters5
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          I have a really old fabric that I'm using on the back of a scrappy log cabin and stars. That pic reminds of it. I never knew what to do with it till I made this red white and blue scrappy quilt. Sometimes it takes a while but all fabric talks!

        • SuzyQue
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 are a quilter! When you argue with yourself over a fabric purchase and then go ahead and get it without a plan, you have fully arrived! You will find something to do with it, even if you have to make a new quilt to use it up! I just had to chuckle, as this is my brain and thoughts in a quilt shop!

        Good Morning Everyone,
        We're continuing to have dry weather here, but I'm loving it. We're watering the veggies every night so they are doing well.
        Yesterday I got 72 quilt blocks kind of randomly arranged on my quilt wall. I'm not sure how I like it yet. Although I love each individual fabric, there's not a lot of contrast to make anything eye catching. I'll play with it over the next few days....usually as I go through the room I stop and rearrange one or two blocks. I have 5 extra blocks so I have some wiggle room. I'm not sure about a border either.
        Also yesterday (I was busy all day), I gathered up all the string beans and processed them for freezing. This is the first year we have enough to freeze. I didn't blanch them, so we'll see how they taste in December. I've heard that they have a better texture if they're not blanched.
        Today I made Italian Meatballs for dinner. Hubby will cook the pasta when it's time. As they were cooling, I started processing the zucchini for the freezer. I grabbed my KitchenAid food processor, and it was dead. I checked everything, and when I talked to DD this morning, she told me that when she tried to use it last year, it was dead. That's upsetting, as it was very expensive. My KitchenAid mixer developed a leak in the motor seal, so it can't be used. I'll never buy another KitchenAid appliance again. But anyway, I used the hand grater and grated 10 cups of zucchini for the freezer. I can make Zucchini bread through the winter.
        DD has yet again been potentially exposed to Covid. One of the guys on her crew said he didn't feel well, had a headache, fever and sore throat. He then fail a scent test, so he was sent home. The hope is that he was just hungover from partying the night before and didn't want to be at work. He needs a test before he can go back to the job. If he's positive they're all in trouble. This is getting really old. We were planning on her coming home this weekend.
        Well it's time for lunch, and then another very large cup of supercharged coffee.
        Hope you all have a very nice afternoon......


        • MSN
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          So this guy doesn't feel well, has a headache, fever, and sore throat, and STILL goes to his worksite? Has he not heard of the pandemic? SMH.

        Barb, I really hope your daughter hasn’t been exposed. Regarding freezing zucchini, doesn’t it get really watery after it’s defrosted? That’s what keeps me from freezing it shredded. I have never known anyone who does that. Curious to hear what you have to say...thx.

        Scottie Mom Barb