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This is so sad....PLZ Everyone, DRIVE SLOW.....and be aware...

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    This is so sad....PLZ Everyone, DRIVE SLOW.....and be aware...

    ---Of construction zones, etc.
    A child was killed and others injured :
    This happened Friday. It's not too far from where I live actually.

    Every time something happens like this in my county or near me, I get so worried. I hope and pray that what happened wasn't to someone I know and love.
    Be AWARE of your surroundings. So many people (young and old alike) are talking on cellphones as they drive, their music is cranked up WAY too high, etc. The way Driver's Education is taught in our state is ridiculous. Parents are "supposed" to shadow their children while in Driver's Ed. many, many of these parents NEVER take their child out teaching them how to drive. My own oldest sister did this. She NEVER took her 16 yr old son out and helped him, the boy came to ME and asked me to for help. Most parents just "skip" the practice with "Mom & Dad" part and when the DMV asked "Mom/Dad" Did your child complete all the practice time with you?" They lie and say "Yes, of course." WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The point I'm trying to make here is that so many people aren't trained properly to drive. Driver's Ed isn't taught as it used to be in the 1960-1970's OR even when my older nephews/niece took Drs Ed. We spent a lot more time with an instructor. Michigan laws today are ridiculous. It's no wonder more people are getting killed. My youngest son was in the LAST School district sponsored Driver's Education. Now it's all done by a company. In Michigan a child can take Driver's Education at 14 yrs, 9 months.
    I've said this before, but when my kids learned to drive, I didn't give them their license when we came home from the DMV with their new licenses and just say "Be careful PLZ." No, I made them take another 200 hours of me or their dad behind the wheel. We taught them how to drive in all kinds of weather and tried to help them "prepare" for an emergency too. The kids didn't like the extra 200 hours of driver time, but my kids never got into a serious accident as of yet!

    My heart sank when I read this article. People PLZ be extra careful with all the road/repair construction going on!!!
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    My daughter and son-in-law are currently teaching their 15 year-old daughter to drive. She got her permit several months ago. Because she took the driver permit paper test here she wasn't able to get the card. Dad took her in a few days later and mom started having her drive around town. My daughter said Makayla was so nervous, she didn't want to drive. My daughter insisted and since she was so nervous took her to the parking lot of where I used to work (the building was renovated from a mall to my employer's offices) and had her drive until she felt she could drive on the streets. Since then she has her drive frequently. Her oldest, Christopher, did the same thing but I believe he even drove with his grandpa, too. I don't know why they took driver ed out of the schools. That is the way I learned how to drive but did a lot of driving with my dad.


      Times certainly are different! We had to pay for Jim and Mike to take driver's ed. It wasn't nearly as comprehensive as ours in school! I watch from the passenger seat and question every time we go out, does anybody actually know what's safe/ not safe. Jacksonville has some of the worst drivers in the country... I can attest to that!

      I remember Sunday afternoon drives with my Dad, too. It was nice, because Mom was a gasper over everything.

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        This accident was entirely the fault of the semi driver that rear-ended the SUV. It would not have mattered if the driver of the vehicle with the kids was listening to the radio to loud or anything else. Betters driver ed could not have prevented this accident. Semi drivers have to take a CDL test to get their license, which is much more extensive than a regular test. Parents do need to take a proactive part in their kids learning to drive....but a rear end accident is NEVER the fault of the driver that gets hit.
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