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    WOOHOO it's Friday

    WOOHOO my work week is just about done. The crazy lady didn't come back in yesterday and I did notice that her mail was gone so I guess she found the right key after all. Apparently she is well known as she was told to get out of our corner store at some point. It was a quiet day.

    The Escape got fixed as it needed bearings. Took a chunk of money to pay for it but at least we can travel without worrying about any breakdowns, (I hope I didn't jinx it). I did got to town and got a few things I wanted. Brought home subs for supper and then did more packing. Not finished yet, but no doubt by the end of the day I will have everything done. I am hoping hubby gets up soon so I can do a load of wash before I leave for work. So it is all coming together.

    Have a great day everyone and an awesome weekend. I shall miss being here everyday but will pop in when I can. Be kind, be safe, be healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning to all!

    Monique, so happy your day at work went well.....hoping today does too. You’ll be missed.....but I’m happy that you’ll have the opportunity to have to down time, relax and enjoy yourself!

    Im about 3 1/2 hours sleep....DH had quite the night of snoring and I had a very weird dream 🤪, so I’ll need lots of caffeine to get through the day. At this point, I’m thankful that there will be leftovers for dinner 🥘! Yeah! 👍

    There’s a rumor that it will rain over the weekend....time will tell. I’m good either way. Lots of cukes....yummy!

    Hope everyone has a blessed weekend! ☀️
    💫 Star lover


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      Have a good day, Anita. I understand all too well those crazy sleep patterns. They really wear a person down. Hugs...

    • Rob the HOAQ
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      Sleep? What is that? You mean 3 1/2 hours isn't the norm? My doctor told me to try melatonin, which I did and which I just as wel take M&M's for all the good it's done. If I get three hours of uninterrupted sleep, I think I'm doing well.


    • JCY
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      Rob, my DH got nightmares when he took melatonin. He won't take anything due to all his health problems, balance issues, etc. He doesn't want to feel hung over in the morning. I'm thankful I generally sleep quite well. Most nights I get 6.5 - 7 hrs.

    Good Morning..Monique, wishing you and Les a fantastic trip. Come back to us safe and refreshed. Check in when you can.

    I just watched Jenny’s new video. I really like the variation at the end that makes a Star, so pretty.

    The family is stirring so I will have to check back in later. Time to walk the Girls.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good Friday to all! This has been a busy week. My vacation starts today, which means I need to get out b of bed and start packing. I need to leave for the airport in a few hours. Nothing like last minute. From reading yesterday's post, I see where that would create anxiety for some. I am looking forward to the visit with my son, maybe some hikes, and just some quality time. He still needs to work while I am visiting, so I will sew on his quilt top during his work

      Monique, enjoy your time away from the crazy. That customer sounded like a hsndful. Your life is definitely not boring.


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        Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your visit with your son. Come back to us safe and healthy.

      Good morning!

      It will be another warm one today -- high in the mid to upper 80's and sunny. We might see some rain tomorrow, and cooler temps next week.

      Monique: Have a wonderful vacation! I look forward to reading about your adventures when you return.

      Mom's hospice called again yesterday. I must have mentioned the lack of communication / follow-up to the right person, because I had four calls in two days! Yesterday's call was one of the nurses who was visiting Mom. She said Mom was doing well and was very chatty. I had asked our usual nurse if she had noticed any stockpiles of cookies or pineapple juice in Mom's room. My sister has been taking both items to the facility regularly. Since we can't go in Mom's room, we have no idea if she is consuming them. Somehow this was communicated to the other nurse as: give the patient a snack with a cookie and some pineapple juice. The nurse made a point to tell me Mom had enjoyed both while she was there. 🤣

      My bright idea of adding a middle border to the top of my Halloween quilt is wreaking havoc with my plans for back. I have enough fabric, but a couple of the prints are directional and my original plan won't quite work. I'm sure the answer will come to me -- probably in the middle of the night!

      Have a wonderful day!


      • Bubby
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        Good luck with your backing.

      Good morning! Another foggy August morning.

      Monique, I hope you have a good day at work and a great trip. Seems like that last workday drags along when you're wanting to get away to fun.

      Karen, enjoy your visit with your son.

      Julie, I'm glad you're getting more updates from Hospice and that your mom is getting her treats. I hope this continues. We've not been able to visit DH's aunt since March. Our neighbor works at the facility and we get updates through her.

      I'm tired this morning. My sleep pattern is so messed up. I woke at 1:15 and stayed awake until 4. It's becoming a nightly thing. Ugh! There may be a nap later today. TGIF and bring on the caffeine! Stay safe everyone.
      *~* Myrna *~*
      *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ We are under an air quality alert for smoke today. Yest. the skies were very smoky. When I went out groc. shopping & looked towards the mts., it was so hazy. Even looking down the street at tree level, one could see the smoke in the air. We now have another wildfire going; this one is W. of Ft. Collins. Folks have been evacuated. All this heat & no rain make for bad fire conditions. We had 102 deg. yest. & today also will be hot.

        I had another painter come yest. to look over the house. I really liked this guy. We know some of the same people & he did painting for 2 people I know. I'm willing to wait till the end of Sept. if he can do the job & the estimate is acceptable. He said he'd send an estimate to my e-m before he has to go out of town on Mon.

        Yest. p.m. I did the veg. prep. for making chicken soup today. That will be an all morning job. DH already has labeled the freezer containers for me.

        I had an hour's chat with my gr. dau. yest. She's definitely flying to IL today for the funeral of her friend & should be at the Dallas airport now getting checked in. She flies back tomorrow eve. Hoping & praying she'll be safe from C-19.

        Monique ~ Have a wonderful vacation!


          Good morning all. I see some sunshine out there this morning. I think it is going to be cooler today than yesterday. I did get some time in the sewing room yesterday and then hubby and I laid some new mulch in an area of the garden. Then the humidity was too much so that was where we left things.

          I think this morning we will head to the farm and replenish our produce then this afternoon I have a customer coming over to pick up her burp cloth order. I will also work on the face mask orders. So it will be a semi-busy day as we head into the weekend.

          Monique, have a wonderful trip. We'll miss you. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
          Ginny B


            Good Morning all,

            Yesterday was hot and humid. House has been closed up now for a day or so. We are heading for storms around 6 tonight. After the last rain we had water in the vegetable room (pantry in the basement) but that dried up pretty quick. We don't need a lot of rain but I hope we don't get a bunch.

            I have to say I have a wonderful husband. Yesterday we were talking at lunch and I mentioned the quilt shop hop. He asked me if there were some places I would like to go and we talked a bit. He then said, just go and have fun. So....I did! Made it to a couple of stores yesterday after trying to help my son with a problem. Sometime he can be such a pain. Then last night during supper Dave said if I wanted to go to the other shops that are in the section (there are 5 others) that I should make a day of it. I was absolutely stunned. So today I will be traveling to the furthest stores and taking in the sights. I'm planning on visiting 3 of them today and then the last two I will visit sometime next week. When I said something to Dave that I didn't think he would like me gone so much all he said is "it isn't like you do this all the time. It's a once a year thing". So I did some planning last night and will be leaving on my excursion this morning.

            Monique, sounds like you have everything in hand. Hope you have an awesome vacation!

            Joy, I hope the wildfires get taken care of soon. I had not heard anything on the news about wildfires in Colorado.

            I'm off to get ready to go. Have a great day everyone.


            • Rhonda K
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              That sounds like a perfect day. Enjoy your adventures in the quilt shops!

            • JCY
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              I'm not sure if our wildfires have made it into the national news. There are 2 fires on the western slope, in the vicinity of Glenwood Springs. I-70 is closed in both directions; the detour in very lengthy. A new fire cropped up W. of Ft. Collins yest. People have been evacuated. I read on the
              web about another new fire in Grand County, which is on the other side of the divide. The weather recently has been so hot, it really dries out the vegetation. Many times the fires are started by lightning. One time it was wind that knocked power lines together. There was a bad fire in SW Colo. within the past few yrs. that was started by sparks from the historic Durango-Silverton RR. People are warned not to throw their cigarettes out the window of the their vehicles. Always use the ash tray inside.

            Good Morning All,

            Monique, have a wonderful vacation! I'm glad you had the Explorer checked out before you left town. Howard always went over the vehicles before we would leave town. Dad did, too when I was at home. It was their insurance policy in their minds.

            Anita, I hope you get your rain this weekend. We've had thunderstorms 4 out of 5 days this week, expecting more today. The weeds, Dad called them Crows Feet, extend about 6 inches over Gabby's head. At least the yard is green and due to be cut tomorrow.

            Barb, I loved the Star pattern, too. I liked the first one, too. I watched it shortly after midnight.

            Karen, have a great vacation. I'm all about the last minute packing, too. It drove Howard nuts!

            Julie, I'm glad hospice is communicating with you more. Mom was in our house, so that was never an issue for us. I admire your tenacity during these difficult times with your mom. I don't know if I would have been as understanding with our experience with mom in rehab.

            Myrna, I was always scared to take a nap when my sleep patterns went haywire. I hope you can find time to have a few minutes of restful bliss later today.

            Well, Jim called yesterday morning. The bank was sending him a file to sign. He didn't have a printer anymore, or a scanner to send it back. So they brought the kids over for a little bit and took care of that pay off paperwork. The kids stayed while he and Morgan went to Target. Zeke started working the continent maps. He pulled Africa first, then Asia. I showed him where Africa was in relation to Asia. He thought that was neat. Once Asia was done, he pulled South America, then North America. He had just gotten started on Europe when his parents came in. He started whining, but stopped because he was really ready for lunch! He wasn't getting it at my house. They cleaned up and went on their way.

            I took Mike out to dinner for his birthday. I didn't invite Jim's family, which I normally do for birthdays... well because I'd spent enough money this week! (Taxes and tags on the Malibu, a crown and root canal... pretty much wiped out my last paycheck). We stopped by the cupcake shop, missed closing by 15 minutes. Oh well, we were stuffed anyway. We went to Miller's Ale House and both got Pork Osso Buco. I still have half of mine for my lunch today. I told Mike, I was amazed. It's never plated the same way twice, still tender and delicious but just looks different.

            I never made it into the sewing room yesterday, other than checking on Gabby. She's got her bed under the ironing board and when she doesn't want to be bothered or if I'm sewing she'll take her spot in there.

            Time to get busy. Have a wonderful day! Those going away... be safe and have lots of fun!

            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Morning all,

              Another sunny and hot day. Have a few errands to run but will get them out of the way early in the day. We are going away for the weekend to my daughter and son-in-laws we haven't seen them since January so we are looking forward to it. We furnished our bedroom there in January now we will finally get back to sleep in it.

              Today is my granddaughter's 24th birthday, boy did those years fly by. My mom used to say "the older you get the faster time goes". I guess so!

              Want to bake a few goodies to take to the kids, along with some tomatoes! Slowly but surely we are finding people to take them. We tell them they are doing us a favor as the two of us can't eat hundreds of tomatoes by ourselves and we don't have enough room in the freezers for them.

              Monique, safe travels and enjoy you vacation!

              Off for coffee, then the errands. Wishing everyone a good day!
              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

              Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
    [email protected]/



                Good morning,

                Finally Friday and nothing on the schedule for today that has to be done. Don't you love those days?

                Well, there are a couple loads of laundry to do for DH but that won't take long. I cooked last night so the dinners will be easy this weekend. Chicken pot pie, meatballs with spaghetti, and beef ribs are almost ready. I like to do the prep so the peels and wrappers go out on the next day for trash pick-up.

                Thinking of starting a few Christmas projects. I am slow and time gets away from me so best to get started.

                Monique, Have a wonderful vacation. Enjoy your time away from the stress of customers.

                Karen, Enjoy your visit with your son and the stitching time.

                Joy, Good luck with the painting estimate. Glad you found someone that you liked.

                Happy Stitches!


                  Enjoy the upcoming vacations, I am about ready to pack for ours. I am not really packing yet, we need to see weather forecasts for when we are in Montana. It will probably be quite different than hot and humid Alabama.
                  I saw a new style face mask online yesterday, it had vertical instead of horizontal pleats. After pleating the face and backing the shape was a hexagon. I only tried it on but I liked the way it felt and it should wash easily since there is no wire. I used T shirt strips instead of elastic which seems to work just fine. If anyone wants dimensions let me know.
                  I finished a little quilt and started planning one made with a fat quarter fall bundle. I am ready for cooler weather.
                  I am so ready for a shop hop but it isn't gonna happen anytime soon.😥


                    This week has pretty much been dedicated to non-quilting (meaning non-sewing) stuff. I put together a cabinet that I will use for a pressing table Cheryl made a pressing mat custom fit for it. My Oliso mini came in yesterday during a downpour. Luckily Quilt in a Day wrapped the box in plastic FedExx paper, and the FedEx guy put it between the screen door and the main door so it wasn't that wet. I have a doctor's appointment today for my yearly checkup and have to go to Home Depot to pick up some plastic storage containers. I've been working on a couple of design ideas while I wait for my latest fabric order to come in. Once it does I will be back in the quilting groove.

                    Told the die cutting company we've decided against moving forward.

                    Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

                    There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                    --Ken Burns


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                      Please let us know how you like the mini version iron. I've been considering that one too.

                    • Rob the HOAQ
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                      Will do. I got the last one from Quilt in a Day. They seem to be very popular/ Even the website is out.