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Some Information For Health That You Need To Know

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    Some Information For Health That You Need To Know

    I'm watching the show called THE DOCTORS. IF you don't know, this is a show that Dr. Phil McGraw & his son Jay McGraw started on TV a few (12) years ago. Right now (this is a rerun) the show is on and there is a discussion about Johnson & Johnson how the FDA found Asbestos in the powder and the link BETWEEN Talc in BABY POWDER and Mesothelioma. There are documents that state that Johnson & Johnson KNEW of course about the Asbestos in the powder....and according to the Doctor's Show on TV went to great lengths to hide the facts.
    Of course many of you might have seen the original airing of the show, if not perhaps you might want to find the rerun of the show. It's The Doctors (show) 12th Season 12 Episode 118.
    According to the person on show PLEASE make sure that you aren't using a Baby Powder with Talc. Dr. Travis Stork mentioned that there are baby powders and other body powders that use Corn Starch and DO NOT have TALC in that powder that Johnson & Johnson sells (and other companies too of course).

    This of course doesn't mean just because your mom used Baby Powder years ago that had Talc in it that you are going to be diagnosed with Mesothelioma. The people on the show talked about that no everyone who has been exposed to baby powder with talc in it WILL be diagnosed with Mesothelioma, etc. There was also talk that in most cases it takes YEARS for someone to start having symptoms of Mesothelioma, etc.

    OF course....please do your OWN research. This comment is only mean to inform YOU.
    Again the show and the episode you need to watch is : The Doctors (show) 12th Season 12 Episode 118.

    Please know that you need to be aware. Read LABELS of products you use!
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    There are other types of cancer that are linked to baby powder, too. My mom used it daily for years. It makes me wonder if that was part of her health problems toward the end.
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      I too wondered if my parents who both suffered from Cancer which eventually killed them both (in 1994 & 2006) might have been diagnosed with cancer due to their powder usage. My mom used to purchase a lot of powders from Avon years ago too.

      I've begun to wonder if some of my medical issues aren't due to possibly being exposed to asbestos as a child possibly?? My dad worked for Goodyear and I remember the smell of what was called "lamp black" that was used in the was present on my dad's jackets...and I remember that smell etc.
      Over the years when my medical issues were finally diagnosed I know both of my parents were horrified and scared when information came out about Mesothelioma years ago.(I don't mean to imply that Goodyear was responsible for my health conditions OR were they the fault of the cancers my parents suffered from. My parents both smoked too.)
      While my neurosurgeon (who was the Prof.& Chair of Neurosurgery of U of M (Michigan) until his 2006 death believed that stopping my mom's labor with me could have caused the Hydrocephalus that wasn't diagnosed properly until I was 29 yrs old. The reason WHY it took so long for me to be diagnosed was because when I was born I didn't have the signs or look of a Hydrocephalus baby (no enlarged fact even though the ventricles in my brain are HUGE even today, it wasn't diagnosed until 1983 via CT-scan.)
      I just had to wait until technology caught up with diagnoses......To be sure I've been diagnosed with medical issues and at times I'm told I'm a medical miracle and other times I'm told I'm a medical mystery.....whatever I am I do worry about some things, but you have to accept what life brings you and try to live to the fullest.
      We don't know about a lot of things......and thanks to technology many things have been diagnosed and cured or the disease is managed thanks goodness.
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    Yes, it always pays to read the labels on everything! I had heard that about talc a long time ago. But people still use it.


      they have been fighting Johnson and Johnson for many years over this. no mention until now in the News that this company's product is bad. About time!


        I remember learning many, many years ago that talcum powder was being linked to health concerns, including cancer. I immediately stopped using it. The info has been out there for quite a long time, but not as mainstream as it is now.
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