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    Welcome Wednesday

    Good morning everyone. 3 more sleeps!! I had a good day at work, not much mail or parcels. Speaking of parcels, I received the fabric I won last week on a Facebook post. Tula Pink fabric. I made 3 masks for son and his wife as well.

    Immediately following work, we headed to town and brought some Million Dollar Relish to both my sister-in-laws. I went into Canadian Tire and bought the three remaining packs of Butane for our stoves that we use while camping. I have 12 but will likely need more later on.

    My son will be here early this morning. He and his dad have a golf date today. He will spend the night so I will have to straighten the room a little. I have been sleeping in that room a lot lately.

    And so that is my day today. I posted a bunch of upcoming birthdays so hopefully, no one will be missed while I am away.

    Have a great day everyone and be safe and stay healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone!

    Sounds like you’re getting really excited about your vacation. I’m so happy for you. Hope time flys so it’ll be soon ⛺️
    You’ll be missed, but this trip is well deserved!

    The weather has cooled this am. Not sure about the rest of the day. I though they said it was to be mid 90’s...... cukes are coming in pretty good. So yummy fresh from the vine. 😋

    I’ll probably cut the lawn later. For now I’m going to bake some bread. Love the smell while it’s in the oven.

    Have a most wonderful and joyful day. Love and blessings for all 😀
    💫 Star lover


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      Love the smell of bread in the oven, or I guess cookies, too.

    • Ginny B
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      Bread baking was one of the things I was going to do during this stay at home time. Once I was able to get yeast. Well, I've gotten the yeast but have I baked any bread? Nope. I've only made pizza dough.

    Good Morning. Monique, I hope you and Les have a wonderful trip. You two deserve a break. Getting a change of pace is so renewing.

    I have been up for a few hours going through my desk in the sewing room and pressing some blocks. The house is still asleep.

    The Girls look so pretty after getting groomed yesterday. They get so dirty swimming and digging and they look like princesses now, but it won’t last. They smell as good as they look.

    Our local grocery store has a few good specials today and I need what’s on sale. Now to get Jeff to go with me to wrestle cases of water is another issue. They don’t have carry-out at our store unless you are quite elderly.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Went out on the big boat yesterday morning to fish. We didn't get any. Only had a couple of bites. DH was pretty disappointed but I had a great time just being out there on the water. I did see a bald eagle. It kept circling our boat so we got to watch it a good while.
      Another afternoon weather storm yesterday. Really cools things off.
      Had a load of road gravel delivered yesterday to fill in a huge pot hole. We live on a private road that has to be maintained by the residents and since the people on this road are second homers, no one seems to think they should maintain it. The guy building the tiny home next to us had building materials delivered in the past year and the big delivery people put a huge rut by his drive. He is in town now working on his deck and staying in a small utility trailer with a generator. When the truck came, he ran and hid in his trailer. I guess he was afraid we would ask for a portion of the $$$.
      Another neighbor had invited him down to his place two nights ago for dinner and while the trailer guy was there he said, I've been meaning to talk to you about your dock lights. I wish you would turn them off at night when I'm here. What a your food and complain about your lights.
      He is not making points with DH. DH just shook his head and said, "what can you expect...he's a yankee"
      I don't know what I'm going to do today. Might go to volunteer at habitat today but not sure.
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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        Terry, we sometimes get to see eagles when we go up to visit my sons. Usually down by the river. They are magnificent.

      • chelea
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        what's a yankee?

      • grammaterry
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        to a southern raised boy its someone who moved to the south and wants to change the culture and is pretty rude in the process.

      Good Morning All,

      Monique, I'm so excited for your vacation. I haven't been anywhere since I went to my MIL's. I really need to go up there to see her, but don't want to fly at this point.

      Barb, I know exactly what you mean about the pups smelling good and looking so pretty coming home from the groomers. It's a shame it doesn't last longer!

      Jim fixed the items that would hold up the VA loan for the guy yesterday. Last I heard, he hadn't gotten a copy of the report from the inspectors. I guess that will come today? Who knows. He said he and Morgan were going through the things in their bedroom last night. There is a family in need, so they're giving several pieces of furniture to them. One was Jim's dresser. Morgan leaves Saturday for her new job that starts on Monday. Jim's still got to learn how to drive/ park/ move around with the camper. I hope he remembers the height when he's pulling it.

      Mike's appointment to transfer the tags on the car is at noon. I'll turn in the paperwork for the Vibe and that tag while he's there. He says he's paying for it, so should get out pretty cheap today.

      Have a wonderful day!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Good morning everyone,

        Monique, I think I'm almost as excited as you are for your vacation! I hope you find the perfect camping site.

        Work went well yesterday. There was a steady stream of customers which helps the day go by. Of course, lots and lots of cotton and elastic went out the door.

        I'll be canning beans today, doing some laundry, packing for the cabin, and maybe doing some more straightening in the sewing room. I picked up two wooden crates at work yesterday, and some plastic storage containers to help in organizing projects. I was thinking of staying at the cabin until Monday since I don't work until next Wednesday, but then there will probably be more beans ready to be picked and canned, so I better come home on Sunday. I love having a garden, but it does tie you down. I think I'll take mask making supplies for the weekend, since I have some requests that I'm behind on.

        Enjoy the day, everyone! Jeanne


          Good Morning!

          Yesterday didn't turn out too bad, had the house open all day until Dave came to bed last night around midnight. I don't know how he does it. He gets maybe 6 or 7 hours of sleep. I need more than that although I was up before him today which is very unusual.

          Got the appointment for the dog's teeth cleaning, October 8. The MN shop hop will be over but since it is an all day thing I will probably go over to Rochester and check out a couple of the stores there and then visit with my daughter during daycare nap time.

          Cut out the cornerstones for my sampler quilt yesterday and then went through the pieced ones to make sure they were all sized correctly. Nope! Found one that was a half inch smaller. Looked at the pattern and figured out what I did wrong. Forgot to add the additional 7/8" when doing the HST. Other than that not much accomplished.

          Today Dave and I will be going to the pet store. There is a piece of coral there he would like to get. After we get back I'll check the tomatoes for any ripe ones. I have a bunch of the cherry tomatoes right now so I will be making some more of the cherry tomato sauce so at least they will get used. I do have several other tomatoes to blanch, peel and core before I freeze them. Shouldn't take too long. Then I am planning on cutting the sashing for the sampler quilt.

          Barb, I know what you mean about how the dog's look and smell after grooming. Milka (smooth coat dachshund) doesn't look much different but Auggie does as he is a long hair. He always looks so much better after a good trim.

          Monique, have fun on your vacation. Dave and I have not been on a vacation in quite a while. I am content, however, right now. Hopefully down the road when this pandemic is finally over we will be able to go on a vacation.

          Terry, I love watching the eagles. We get them here, too, as we live by two rivers. In 2001 I was lucky to be invited to go to the company cabin at Lac La Croix. It is something special. We went fishing everyday and there were bald eagles everywhere. They are so awesome to watch.

          Best get my butt in gear. Have a great day.



            Good Morning, Everyone ~ It was a cool night for sleeping; I slept well. It was hot again yest. DH said he saw 100 deg. It was 98 when I looked. Still very hot. The poor air quality continues with ozone alerts & we're getting the smoke from west. CO.

            I have an appt. with another painter between 11 & 1 p.m. He'll call to let me know a specific time. So many of the painters are engaged through the summer. Painting still can be done in Oct., weather permitting, of course. One year we had 8" of snow mid-Sept.! Ya just never know.

            I had a productive afternoon in the sewing room. I now have 4 rows of blocks sewn together. Matching all those seams has been a bit tricky, but the red diamonds are going together pretty well. Our quilt had its monthly Zoom mtg. last eve. There were only 44 of us this mo. Usually we have ~80.

            Monique ~ Lucky you getting to have a vacation. I haven't been anywhere for 7 yrs. The care giving makes it impossible now for me to get away. I hope you have a wonderful time.


              Good morning!

              It feels cool to start the day, although the local weather says we're at 70. I have the windows open even though there's not much of a breeze. High in the low to mid 80's today.

              I got a surprise at work yesterday. I mentioned last week a department was eliminated and the job duties reassigned. The boss announced in our team meeting that instead of reassigning all the duties to one department, they would be split between another department (which I knew about) and mine (surprise!). I don't have problem with the extra work -- things are a little slow, anyway -- but I have no idea how to code their stuff. I will have to pull up some old records and see where the differences are. Fun times!

              I put the middle border on my Halloween quilt last night. I really like it. I think it gives a bit of pop. I will work on the outer border today, then I can start piecing the back.

              I am still playing phone tag with Mom's hospice. The spiritual advisor called me yesterday, but the phone was in my purse and the purse was in the kitchen and I couldn't get to it in time. At least she left a message. I will try to get a hold of her today.

              Time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


              • Ginny B
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                Julie, I hope you get to speak with hospice soon. Phone tag is so frustrating.

              Good morning. Another humid day here today. Wr were awakened by a tstorm at 5 this morning but I don't think it cooled things off any.

              Yesterday was a good day. Hubby and I got some outside work done early before it got too hot, I also had a nice lunch with Ceil and then had a nice phone chat with bff Sharon in California. We are both very disappointed that the trip she and her hubby had planned here for this fall will not be happening.

              Today I will spend some time in the sewing room working on masks. I have a couple orders for a total of 21 masks. Mostly kids sizes.

              Monique, how exciting to be getting to go away for a bit.

              Have a good day all. Syay cool. Stay safe.
              Ginny B



                Morning everyone!

                First, thank you for all the thoughts and prayers that came our way; because evidently the Lord is providing us a way back home. I got a job offer yesterday in Arkansas and we should be moved back by mid-September!

                I am scared, yet excited. Again, thank you all for your support. Quilty hugs!

                "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


                • Rhonda K
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                  May your journey home bring you happiness. I know you have been waiting for this move to happen. Best wishes!

                • KPH
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                  That's awesome news! I hope your new home will be filled with peace and joy for you and yours.

                • Monique
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                  Congratulations. I hope this move back 'home' will be all you want it to be.

                It will be a day of spending and sadly, not for anything fun. Dryer repairman is scheduled to be here sometime today (they could only give us a five-hour window) to replace the heating element. I think I've settled on my next project. It will be the largest I've ever attempted (70x70), but the design seems pretty straight-forward, although I would hesitate to say simple. It's a variation of the Crossroads Civil War block that I found in the Big Book of Civil War Quilts. I've attached the drawing.

                Cheryl has started on a Christmas quilt last night. It is based on the panel in the center. The green fabric underneath the trees will also be the backing. Lot's of work will be going on here for the next few weeks. Good thing WAWAK delivered my scissors and ergonomic seam ripper yesterday!

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                There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
                --Ken Burns


                  Vacation? What doe that mean? Sigh, maybe a little tear trickled down my cheek. Hopefully, next Spring. Gina



                    Looks like I am the last stitcher to the party today. It' been a run, run, kind of day. Leave my truck at the dealer for service and get the courtesy shuttle home. Take DH to his appointment for the MRI. He did hit the bone when he fell two weeks ago. We were trying to get the shutters closed for the pending storm. Then back out again to run to the grocery store for groceries.

                    I managed to score some new notebooks for patterns. There are 20+ notebooks on the shelves in the sewing room. These have the machine manuals, embroidery designs, quilt patterns, etc. Now to just label the front each one so I can find what is in the book. I color code the notebooks too. The room is small 10x12 si everything has to be organized or I don't function well. There are two tables approx 60x30, the ironing station approx 48x24, a lateral file, and four of the wire basket elfa systems, a serger and plastic storage totes. It's a busy place.

                    Time to make dinner for DH and I. It will be a steak with some mushrooms and a small salad.

                    Hope everyone enjoys happy stitching in your day!