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    Hello Tuesday

    Good morning friends. AND the countdown is on. I haven't even started packing. Hubby is excited but me not so much YET!! I will get there. And so after this week I won't be here much. I will post when I can. I don't have data on my phone so will have to rely on free wifi on our trip. I will probably take my embroidery with me as it won't take up too much space. We will have all the necessary essentials with us, masks, gloves (for the gas pumps), and hand sanitizer. We aren't really going to be visiting with anyone so I feel we should be okay.

    I had a very busy work day yesterday, lots of mail. I stopped for lunch but kept on until 4. Not sure what the mail will be like today.

    Today will be another hot humid day. We did have thunder and a little rain after I got home from work.

    Well that's it for me. Have an awesome, no matter what you do. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    So excited for you Monique.......a well deserved vacation. You’ve been working hard and so much lately. It’ll be good to recharge and relax!

    Been HOT here and high humidity. There’s hope.....small hope of loser humidity tomorrow. If the weather guessers were more accurate, I’d be more sure.

    Spent most of yesterday on the phone. When things go they sure can be hard to fix.....especially with this pandemic thing! Stuff never got “fixed” but it’s been resolved. I was wore out. People were nice, but had they’re hands are tied.

    I had plans to make it into my sewing room....never even went in it. Ah well, we’ll see what today holds. One just never knows.

    Happy to be picking stuff from are “garden.” We just have several huge pots, but it works for us now. Yummy!

    Hope everyone has a most wonderful day! ☀️ 🌻
    💫 Star lover


      Yesterday I volunteered again at the Habitat store. I am trying to alphabetize the books. There are probably 2000 books and they are just shoved on the shelves in no order whatsoever. No wonder there are so many...customers can't find any order so they just don't look. I tried to browze and when you go from fiction to self help and then cookbooks it is just too overwhelming. The first two days I volunteered I tried taking down a few shelves and putting them in alphabetical order. That wasn't working...second day , I tried finding fiction authors and putting their works together...again, no so yesterday I found some totes and started piling the books into each tote for a' for b's...etc. That was fiction. Then I took all the self help and religious books and put them in one place...all the military in one place...craft and cooking in one place. A male volunteer is going to go on Wednesday and put the shelves in better spacing and then, I will put them back on the shelves . Hopefully this will help the sales of books.
      Went out on the kayak for a little while yesterday morning . My eyes need to be checked again but can't get an appointment until October. In the meantime, I get a little nauseated just from looking out so I can't stay out too long.
      Big thunder and lightening storm yesterday afternoon. Took the temp from 90 something to 72. No breeze afterward so humidity was a little high late afternoon.. Weatherman said this would happen every afternoon this week.
      DH's computer must have gotten damaged from the storm last week. He thought it was the power cord but ordering a new one didn't fix it. So I guess we will have to get a repair person. He just bought it in January but if it was lightening they won't cover it on the warranty.
      DGD is off to college today. My two DD are driving from the Carolina's to Texas with her to get her settled in. I know they are all excited about the trip and the new college adventure. I am so happy for her. She was homeschooled, so this is her first in person schooling. Her dad and the other 4 children are staying home. The older kids will watch after the baby...another adventure but a good break for the mom.
      Have a great day.

      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


        Good morning!

        Today will be a little cooler than yesterday and humid -- highs in the mid 80's. Looks like we will have temps in the 80's for the rest of the week.

        We had a good porch visit with Mom yesterday. She was animated and chatty. She is going on a bus trip today. They told me they started taking four residents at a time for a drive -- down to lake (Lake Erie), or the metro parks, or towards Amish country. I was surprised they were taking them out of the facility. They don't get out of the bus. The residents have been so isolated with the pandemic, it helps to get them out and about. The one caregiver told me Mom has gotten quite chatty with a few of the other residents, which is wonderful.

        I sewed the inner border on my Halloween panel yesterday. I laid it out on my design floor, and decided it needs a small middle border before I put on the outer border. I have the fabric cut out and hope to work on that today.

        I'm going to run up to the grocery store this morning. I don't need much, mostly produce. It can be a bit of a crap shoot at the local Giant Eagle. If the produce doesn't look very good I will go to Fresh Thyme tomorrow.

        Time to grab some breakfast and log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


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          What a great idea, road trips so the residents can experience a change of scenery and take in the beauty of mother nature.

          My GF is a paper crafter and each weeks she makes 10 cards and mails them to nursing homes. Can't use names, but I am sure the residents enjoy the "beautiful" cards she makes.
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        Good Morning,

        Today is bright and clear and cool. Temps in the 50's. We are supposed to get into the 80's today with dewpoint on the rise. We are heading to high temps and humidity tomorrow and the rest of the week.

        Made it to the two last quilt shops for my section in the Quilt MN shop hop. I was only gone a couple of hours. I told my husband I would be home mid afternoon and he was surprised when I walked in the door just before 3. You're home early says he. No, I'm on time.

        We had steak and tomato gratin for supper last night. I also had some coleslaw (Dave doesn't care for cabbage). We may grill again tonight. Probably pork chops.

        I worked on one of my applique blocks last night and got about half done when I realized I was doing attaching the pieces in the wrong order. I spent about an hour taking the pieces off and then marked the fabric and will start again tonight. I think I will mark up the other two as well so I don't run into the problem again.

        Nothing much on my plate today. I will be calling the vet to get my two dachshunds in for the yearly teeth cleaning. If I can get it scheduled in the next two weeks I will plan on dropping them off and then going to a couple more of the quilt shops in that area that are participating in the Quilt MN shop hop.

        Time for some coffee and breakfast, have a great day everyone.


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yest. the sun came up very orange. Our skies have been sort of hazy recently, with ozone air quality alerts most days. But this was more hazy than usual due to wildfires in the western part of the state. The smoke drifts this way. The high temp. was supposed to be the coolest of the week -- upper 80's were predicted -- so I baked DH's 2 loaves of spelt bread. However it got up to 92. Today & the rest of the week more 90's.

          I have a painter coming today to give us an estimate. He's been painting since 1984, so he should be well experienced. He said he might have time within the next 4 wks. Another painter I talked to is booked through Sept. I really don't want to wait till Oct. if I don't have to. Hoping & praying this guy works out.

          DH is waiting for breakfast, so no more time now.


            Good morning! After last week's weather was a little cooler, the heat and humidity have cranked back up again. It's already 72 and steamy. I batch cooked yesterday, so today is a "warm it up" day. I'm going to try to sew some today, until it gets too hot for my little AC to handle it. Haven't got the new AC installed yet. I need to work on a quilt for my granddaughter. Have a great day!
            *~* Myrna *~*
            *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


              Good morning,

              Monique, Enjoy your vacation time. it's nice to get away from the normal routine for a little.

              Julie, Glad you were able to have a nice visit with your mom.

              The house is still quiet this morning and I'm enjoying that second cup of coffee. I switched back to a regular brew pot from the k cup system and it tastes so good. Plus the coffee is ready to pour into my cup when I open my peepers.

              The RWB topper is trimmed and ready for binding. Maybe I can work on that this morning. Next is to piece backing for the dino quilt and take to the LA this week. She will quilt a meander around the designs. I'm going to piece the left over FQ for the back so it will be fun. I promise to show pics when these projects are done. I don't what will be next. How do you decide?

              I looked at vinyl plank flooring yesterday. It's now in 6' length and wider which would work great in our 2 bedrooms. There are so many choices in colors and designs just like our fabrics.

              Have a great day!


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                We've had vinyl plank flooring for quite a few years, and have really liked it.

              Morning all,

              Looks to be another humid day here. Will close the sunroom up and put the air on in the other part of the house. Have some errands I have to do this morning so will try to get out early before it gets too hot.

              I have a Zoom meeting at 5:30 for our Pilot Club, we are installing our new members tonight so it will be a quick and easy dinner before it starts, BLT's on tonight's menu, yum!

              We just received notice that the town will be repaving our street they haven't given us a definite date yet but most likely before school starts. Traffic will be very limited on it and we have a school 5 doors down from us that the school buses have to get to. Not looking forward to the mess of the street being torn up.

              Well, time for coffee before errands. Wishing everyone a good day!

              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                The streets in my neighborhood were resurfaced earlier this year. It was a real pain for a couple of weeks, but oh, are they nice now. Still waiting for the city to send us the special assessment bill.

              Good morning everyone,

              I'm scheduled to work today, so I just have a few minutes before getting ready.

              Yesterday I worked in the sewing room to find space for the "new" chest of drawers. I put all my flannel in the drawers, arranged by boy, girl, and solids. I still have some other fabric to put away, but need to buy a couple more wooden crates that I use for shelves. I'll pick them up today after work. About 70 I went out to the garden to pick beans......oh my! I couldn't believe how many there were! Tomorrow will be a canning day for sure. I think we'll be eating beans for every meal this winter 🤣 The cucumbers and tomatoes are producing well too.

              I better get off the computer and head for the shower. I hope you all have an extra nice day.


                Good Morning All,

                Well, yesterday was expensive and today, I'm sore but not too bad. The tooth that I thought was splintered, actually was good from the outside, but the decay was under the fillings and was really close to the nerve. Apparently, it was very close to being dead anyway, because there was no blood or anything during the root canal.

                Last night the thunderstorms started a little after 8. Gabby wasn't excited about going out, so I stayed awake with her. Around 11:30 it calmed down, it was still raining, she went out anyway. She needed to! That was a quick trip! She was still soaked. I managed to get her fairly dry and we were in bed before midnight. I slept well, which was surprising.

                I guess Jim will find out how the inspection went yesterday. There was a team of people working together. He talked my ear off about what was going to happen next. The buyer was there. He really loves the house, laid out just like he wants, loves what they've done in the kitchen. Esther's closet door broke yesterday before the inspection. Jim had just gotten the new one in and was cleaning up when the inspectors came. The head inspector was impressed with all the work they'd gotten done in 3 years. It's getting really real!

                I bought Esther and Jonathan a set of Math Dice for their birthdays next month. It's small and there is so much they can do with them for school or fun. We'll see what happens. Maybe, if I can find enough coins, I'll give them a coin jar so they can play the money game together. lol, That's what you get when you have a school teacher grandma!

                Well, it's time to get started. I'm sure Jim will be calling as soon as he hears from the inspectors. Have a wonderful day!

                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  Good morning. Looks like another hot day today. Yesterday morning we headed to the beach for a few hours. It is so nice and peaceful there when we arrive. The sound of the waves and also the seagulls is so wonderful. By the time we left, the beach was filling up. We were surprised and happy to see that, unlike our other trips there, the cones that are placed in every other parking spot to keep people further apart from each other while getting in and out of their cars and I think also to keep capacity limited, had not been ignored and all the cones moved like we observed before. Not sure whether people are just "getting it" or there are more people in the parking lot monitoring it.

                  The rest of the day was very relaxing. Watched a bit of tv, read (got a lot of reading done at the beach too) and just grilled some sausage and chicken patties on the grill for dinner.

                  I will hopefully be having lunch with Ceil today. I need to bring her the masks she ordered. I got a text last night from hubbies niece asking if I could make more masks for her daughters since school will be starting....or at least that is the plan as it stands today. I have been using my scrap stash for most of the masks I've made but in anticipation of the possibility of schools opening and more masks needed for the kids, I ordered a few cute fabrics to use.

                  Have a good day everyone. I see that there are some storms and heat happening across the country so keep cool. Stay safe.
                  Ginny B



                    Good morning! I have the late shift today 9:30-6. I'm up early to eat breakfast. I may go back to sleep.

                    Still have to fussy cut my dresden centers and make a few masks for the family. Daniel sells insurance and open season is about to take off. He needs them for events.

                    Abby starts school tomorrow..virtually. She's bummed's her senior year of HS. She's a straight A student doing AP classes. She competes with her brothers on who can get better Now since the boys are grown she's trying to outdo their Act/ Sat scores. I'm just glad they are all doing great!

                    I'm going to try to make it to the post office today and use their auto machines. I have fabric for a forum member that was to go out a week ago. Working all day we don't have a post close by. I didn't know they had auto machines.

                    I went to joanns yesterday, they finally opened!! Got some interfacing to have on hand. I make little coin purses.

                    Have a great day!! Rachel


                      Good morning!
                      Yesterday was supposed to be for quilting a third quillow. My quilt machine has a way to purchase more digital quilting patterns once I have "registered" the computer/controller for it. Well, I spent a good couple hours trying to do that. Most of the time was spent waiting for the web site to load. Anyway, long story short, I had to call the manufacturer to get things straightened out. It should be ready sometime today. There's a pattern that I want to buy to use for this quillow. So maybe today I'll get that started.
                      After this quillow is done, I plan on taking my Babylock for a good cleaning. That usually takes a couple weeks to get done because the guy is always so busy. I didn't get it in last year since I was in the process of moving. I'm sure it's horribly dusty inside. I have a small Janome that I can use in the meantime. I should just use that time to get some painting done in the basement or at least get things better organized down there.
                      I guess that's all for now. Have a happy day!
                      ~ Carol from PA


                        Back again ~ Well, just after 8 a.m., the painter called to let me know he can't come do the estimate today or take on any more work right now. He got a call back on a commercial bid he'd made, so he'll be busy for the next month at least. So....I guess I'll move on down the list of names & call someone else. Sigh.

                        Normally this eve. would be our monthly guild mtg., but Aug. always is a sew day for charities. Due to C-19, the normal sew day at the Moose can't happen, so people will be sewing at home & checking in on Zoom at various times during the day. There will a brief business mtg. at 6 p.m. Maybe I'll have my own sew day & work more on the Smoke & Fire quilt.


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                          That’s unfortunate, Joy. Good for the painter but frustrating for you. We go through the same thing here due to having little or no options. Good luck.

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                          I miss being part of a guild! There isn't even a quilt store in this city...which is strange. I've thought more than once to open one!