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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    It's looking like a cloudy day around here. The weather forecast is calling for rain, so they just may be right. We didn't have any yesterday, it looked like something might build but it traveled somewhere else.

    Yesterday's excitement included the entrance ramp to the highway being blocked off, and the police helicopter flying in circles over head. I'd asked a neighbor if he'd like to have it. When he came over he told me what was going on. Police had gone down the second cul-de-sac and were going back through peoples back yards. I guess they caught the 'bad guy'. While I was looking at the helicopter, I managed to get stung by a wasp. Well, the wasps are gone, the smoker is gone and the back porch feels a little bit bigger.

    Mike and I are going to Cinnamon's Quilt shop this afternoon. The orange I purchased for the VT quilt clashes and I can't stand it. I'll see if there is some grunge or something closer to the orange that's really in the backing and bandannas. The other two fabrics that Hobby Lobby got in stock should be here before long.

    Just got a message from Jim, we're going to the later service. That means I'll have to change into something warmer! Morgan's job starts in a week. Not sure when she's leaving for that. I'm not high on the need to know list for that one.

    Better go get busy and changed. Have a great Sunday!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good morning!

    We have a lovely cool start to the morning. Temps today will be near 90. I have the windows open until it starts to warm up and I have to turn the air back on. It has been nice having it off for the last few days.

    My headache did not turn into a migraine yesterday! The Tylenol made me drowsy, so I didn't make much progress on my Halloween quilt. I stitched out a few quilting designs to audition; I have two Halloween specific designs and the others were more generic. I also spent an inordinate amount of time squaring up the panel. I followed the directions in the video from Hoffman Fabrics -- My panel was even wonkier than the Christmas one they used in the demo.

    I am playing phone tag with Mom's hospice nurse. I called to ask for an update, as it has been a while. I think she called me back (she uses her own cell phone and the call comes up as "No Caller ID"). I was out running errands and did not hear the phone ring in my purse. She did not leave a message. I will give her another call tomorrow.

    I don't have a lot planned for today. I may run up to the grocery store. Then there is the usual housework and laundry...and maybe a little time in the sewing room. 😁

    Have a wonderful day!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Glad you got us started, Katrina. Oooo ~ wasps! We have a huge nest in our metal shed. I had planned to go out one cool morning & spray them, but DH was afraid I'd get stung, so I left them alone. The wasps build in that shed every year. They get in through little openings under the roof overhang. Even if a person caulked all those little openings, they still would go in through the small crack in the doors. One year they built a nest in my watering can which I had hanging on a hook outside of the house. Not knowing it was there, I filled the can with water; that could have turned out badly. I sealed up the can in a garbage bag & disposed of it. The wasps hung around looking for their nest but finally moved on. We have some ground bees that have been going in & out of a crack in the driveway by our garage door. I've sprayed that area multiple times but they keep coming back.

      We had another hot day yest. It was 102 deg. again & it probably will be almost as hot today. The forecast for the whole next week is for 90's. The news reported our entire state now is in drought conditions. We really need rain.

      Yest. after breakfast I headed out to Walmart. I don't like to shop there on week ends, but I needed to pick up 3 Rx's & get a few items. I still have to ask where some things are since they remodeled the store & moved everything around. Made a stop at Dollar Tree; both items I wanted were out of stock. I bought more Sobe flavored vit. water at Safeway. It's the only place I can get it. Last stop was to fill the car with gas. I sure haven't driven as much since the outbreak of the virus. It's a bit inconvenient to have to estimate how much gas one needs & pay first. But they had so many drive-aways they had to do it. I don't use a credit card to buy gas.

      They're having church in the parking lot again today, but I'll stay home & watch the video after it's posted. I'm really hoping to make it to the sewing room today.


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        I'm allergic to bees and wasp stings. In Ca I would go out super early and spray to get rid of them. We're dealing with moquitios right now...I'm so over them. Never been bit so bad in my life!!

      • JCY
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        My older DS is allergic to bees & carries an epi pen with him at all times.

      • Maria Sews
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        I'm allergic to wasp stings. What has worked for us many times is to put up a fake wasp nest (even Dollar stores carry them). The wasps are very territorial and if they see a nest already there, they don't build a new one.

        As for estimating how much gas you need, we typically just choose the highest amount. You only get charged for what you actually use. We've had that system here in Canada for years.

      Good morning all. Nice and sunny here this morning. We had a day filled with baseball yesterday . We went to Henry's game. I got to spend a good amount of time with Tessa. She has a new name for me...Gigi. She wanted on my lap or going for little walks the whole time. She is also developing a bit of a sassy side complete with hands on hips. Then in the afternoon and evening we watched the Yankees double header. They won the first game but lost the second.

      Not sure what today holds. I will make some vodka sauce for today's dinner but other than that I don't have anything else planned.

      I hope you all have a nice day today.
      Ginny B


        Good morning! It'so another pretty, cool morning heading into the upper 80s, low 90s today.
        Mike is thinking of going to the cemetery today for his late wife's birthday. It's an hour drive to get there. I don't know if I'll go with him or not. I think he'd rather go alone.
        I got some binding on the latest quillow yesterday and will finish that today. I still have the pillow part to do, quilt it and attach it. Then on to the third one.
        My daughter asked if I would wait till next Saturday to visit for my granddaughter's birthday. She'll be 5 tomorrow but is in quarantine for another week. My daughter said she finally got her to understand what quarantine is so she doesn't want to mess that up. I'll just call Celeste tomorrow sometime to wish her a happy birthday. She loves to talk on the phone!
        Have a happy day, everyone! I'm going to have my second tea.
        ~ Carol from PA


          Good Morning Everyone,

          Yesterday was hot but cloudy most of the day. We got to about 90. Would have been hotter if the sun had been out more. Then the rains came in the middle of the afternoon. We got almost an inch. Dave said the chances for rain yesterday was only 30%. Today is supposed to be a 50% chance. We have gotten 5/100 so far today and it is clouded over. Glad I didn't plan on doing much outside today. Our poor phlox took a beating from the rains.

          I peeled and cored the paste tomatoes I had sitting in the house yesterday and now have them in the freezer. I will add to them until the tomatoes are done producing. I will probably can them sometime during the winter like I did last year. That way the house doesn't get so hot. I have a good number of beef steak tomatoes that I may add to the past ones since we cannot eat that many in just a few days. Cherry tomatoes are piling up so I think after I pick the ripe ones outside I will probably make the cherry tomato sauce and freeze that.

          Did some sewing yesterday, or maybe I should say some ripping. I ended up ripping out seams a lot yesterday but was finally able to complete the block. I will probably spend some time sewing again today once I get the tomatoes taken care of. I think we will probably have BLT's for supper tonight so not a lot a prep work. I will also work on my grocery list so it is ready tomorrow morning.

          Off for some coffee and breakfast. Church is online again today. Not comfortable yet going. We have a outside service in a couple of weeks in a local park. I'm not sure that we will go, I'll discuss that with Dave to see what he would like to do. At least we can spread out. It would be nice to see some of the people from church. Have a blessed day everyone!


          • Mimi_Howard
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            I keep having the same thought reading about your bounty of maters... pick em sooner, what a heck of "fried green mater" meal could be had. I was hoping my SIL backyard crop would over produce this year.. but alas I have only gotten a couple (green) from her. They were so good.

          Good morning everyone. This is a bad season for wasps. I buy the spray foam 2 cans at a time. Today will be another hot day, but I must mow the lawn tonight. I’ll wait until after 7 when it cools a bit. DGD stayed overnight so waiting for her mom to pick her up this morning. We have been going strong since 60 this morning.

          Hopefully I can make it in the sewing room later. Time will tell


            Good morning. It will be a hot and humid day for us. Yesterday I volunteered at the cafe. I did realize how tired I was from my surgery. I felt like a zombie when I got home. I ate a quick lunch and went to take a nap. I did not do and sewing or scrapping .

            Today I want to sew a few more blocks on my quilt. I think I will have my DH do a little vacuuming . The dog and cat hair is piling up. I do not want to over do it again.

            Have a good day.


              Morning all,
              Another sunny day here too, hopefully with less humidity. I don't have anything special on my agenda today so we'll see how the day progresses.

              Yesterday my Amazon order arrived so I was kept busy in the kitchen washing them and reorganizing the pantry cabinet. I had a hodge podge of storage containers and some of the round ones took up too much space. Now the pantry looks neat and super organized, containers have nice labels and you can see everything that's in them and they all match. That was on my to do list for a while and it feels good to have crossed it off.

              Now if I only had the stamina to get my sewing room cleaned up, ugh!

              Hoping everyone is having a good weekend, off for a second cup of coffee!

              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

              Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
    [email protected]/



              • CarlieBlilie
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                I read somewhere some time ago that the best way to tackle a large job is a little at a time. They suggested like 15 to 20 minutes a day. I've never limited myself to the 15-20, more like an hour. Then go on to something else. I has helped me get monumental tasks done without exhausting me. It takes a few days, or more depending on the job, but it has worked for me.

              • JCY
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                Karen Brown suggests setting a timer for your sewing projects to remind to take a break, of if bored, etc., move on to something else. Taking frequent breaks is very important when FMQ to give those hands, shoulders, etc. time to relax. Sometimes I say to myself, I have only 30 min., how much can I get accomplished in that amount of time? Believe me, those times add up & you'd be surprised how much you can get done.

              Good Morning. I was at Dollar General when they opened at 7 am. Only one other person was shopping. Then I made a quick stop at the grocery store and bought a slug of stuff. I just went in for produce, milk and a loaf of bread! Everything is put away pretty much. I still have some produce to wash.

              I’m proud to say that I straightened the closet in the sewing room yesterday. It’s hideous how much stuff I have stuffed in there. I have a better idea where to look for most things now. I have ever so. Any UFOs hanging around. I also found an Elizabeth Hartman fox kit I forgot about.

              It’s going to be a real midwestern scorcher today. Thankfully we have some leftovers for dinner. I was a little desperate for something to make for dinner yesterday. I had some boneless skinless chicken breasts thawed out. I patted them dry and seasoned them with seasoned salt, a little oregano and a very little bit of garlic. Then I spread each breast with a generous amount of mayo all over the top and then sprinkled on a generous amount of unseasoned panko bread crumbs over each piece and gently packed them down a little. After adding a little salt and pepper on top of the crumbs I baked them at 375 for about 45 minutes. The crumbs got brown and crispy and the meat was so tender and juicy. I checked the internal temperature to make sure they were done because Jeff kept hijacking the timer I was using. I will make these again. Seasoned crumbs could be used also. We liked these so much I will stick with the plain crumbs. Sometimes improvising really works out.

              I’m thrilled to see the pieces that a Cathy posted today. I’m very fortunate to have been gifted several of her works of art and I treasure them all. Above her talent she is a wonderful person and a great friend.

              I just realized I forgot to eat breakfast this morning so I will check back in later. Have a great day everyone. Hugs....

              Scottie Mom Barb


              • jjkaiser
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                Mayo? On chicken? Sounds kind of weird.

              Well, I found the best sleep aid available. It's called piecing a quilt for about seven or eight hours! Last night was the first night in literally months that I slept through the night. I was exhausted.

              Have an idea for my next project, but won't say any more until I work things out. Probably should have mowed yesterday since it's raining this morning.

              Take care all.

              There's nothing more directly linked to who we are than the fabric that we make.
              --Ken Burns


              • Bubby
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                Quilting is a!

              So true! Sometimes when I'm sitting at the embroidery machine stitching out a lengthy piece the memorizing sound of the machine makes me sleepy.
              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                Good Morning to all. Woke at 4 ish and decided to lie there a few and decided do I really want to start the days this early. Closed eyes - open eyes and wow it is was 7.30. Guess I got my answer! Felt so good too!

                Got my dads old super comfy rocker recliner transferred to my house yesterday. Oh what a peaceful time I had just rocking in that chair. Your were right MSN, it was so theraputic. We used to watch tv together, he would turn to talk to me about the show and I would be there zzzzzzzzzz... yep had rocked myself to sleep watching tv with him in that chair. Kinda felt like a hug to me!

                Katrina... oh I know the frustration when dealing with orange ... my dad was Univ of Tenn graduate and my kids are fans of Denver Broncos... definitely couldn't buy just one shade of Orange to use in both of those sewing projects.

                Beth... please go slow and don't hesitate to put that vacuum handle in your hubby's hand.

                Bubby - if Jeff is a man that has everything and hard to sew or buy for... maybe a "timer" would be a good thing, keep him from hijacking yours! I recently tried to clean/reorganize in sewing room, like you - finding things I forgot I had. Now I just have to remember where I put some things I had to move around.

                Today's plan.......... go thru the piles (mine/dads/honey's) of clothing that I will be donating just to make sure I didn' t overlook any fabric items that would be good for later on use of projects. Might even kickstart some creativity in me!

                Starting to experience "forward thinking" and it feels good.

                Hope all have a very good day!


                • MSN
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                  As you go through their old clothes, be on the lookout for shirts from your dad or honey. You might find some that can be incorporated into a throw or pillow that you can snuggle with.

                We're having what I consider to be a perfect summer day. Started out nicely cool and now it's warming up and breezy. I really miss my morning walks and puttering in the garden. I got the official results of my MRI yesterday; many times a stress fracture just cracks the bone part way through. Nope, not me. I fractured that baby completely through the bone. I also have severe tenosynovitis in 4 tendons and neuropathy in one of the nerves. The good news if that the foot (aka The Beast) is beginning to calm down and I'm getting around much better. The MRI was done before I fractured the second bone so we don't really have any information except that it's broken. I can't figure out how one foot took such a beating.

                Yesterday I finished making the blocks for the latest project. I have 77 blocks, but only need 72, so I have some wiggle room in the layout. I don't know if I'll get it laid out because being up on a ladder is kind of scary right now. I also need to decide which fabric I'll use as borders and backing and get them planned.

                This morning I crumbled up the catnip I had drying. I can't believe how much more potent this is compared to the store bought stuff. Now that I know how to do it, we can start cutting the rest of the huge amount we have and get it drying. Hubby and I put together a bookcase this morning. He read the directions and passed me what was needed as I scuttled around on the floor putting it together. Now what I really need is a very large cup of coffee and a couple of Tylenol.

                Hope the rest of the day is good, have a good week everyone!


                  Good morning!! We stayed in yesterday. I spent the whole evening cutting out for Dresden quilt. All left are the fussy cut centers. I think I'll cut a couple ugly quilts today too. When I sit to sew...i have tons to do.

                  I need to go buy cheese today ...we go through tons as I've been doing a low carb diet.

                  My poor Abby had a meltdown yesterday. She's 17 and was trimming her hair and cut too much off when doing her layers. She still has the length but cut a lot of the fullness. She has so much hair it doesn't look bad just fuller. After an hour Daniel and I convinced her she looked fine and if she wanted to go to a salon we'd take her.

                  Whenever I start working on something quilting I swear that's when everything happens, constant interruptions lol

                  We're heading out today, should be fun! I'm enjoying the quiet morning since everyone else is still sleeping.