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It's a very wet Tuesday

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    It's a very wet Tuesday

    Yes more rain this morning. Someone did an awesome rain dance because we are getting some much needed rain.

    I had a great day yesterday. I was able to get all my work done by 12:30 or so. I don't stress anymore and do what I can in the allotted time I have and do take my hour lunch. It is working great.

    My friend Lynda was able to buy the same tent we have on Sunday. She writes would it be weird if we camped together with the same tents, kind of like couples were matching sweaters?

    Hubby is scouting for camp grounds. After my 2 week stretch is over, we are going camping somewhere. No doubt he will find us a good place to go.

    What wonderful news about Cokie's husband's transplant. Continued prayers for all involved.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone!

    So happy for you Monique that work went so well. So nice you have someone to enjoy camping with......I camped as a kid. DH and I have no desire to. Our kids and grands love it!

    I too am so thankful for Cokie’s husband successful surgery! Praying that he continues to heal as well as the young man who donated. My heart goes out to Cokie.....she has to stay home and wait......sometimes really hard to do.

    My that rain dancer has been very busy, we’ve had 3 days of rain.....we really needed it. Now the fun begins.....waiting for it to dry so we can cut the, it sure did grow in 3 days. It’s suppose to rain today’s dark and cloudy, so they may be right.

    Had a good weekend with family.....raised my’s been way too long since I’ve hugged a grandchild. It poured rain and kids being kids, played in it. They were soaked to the hugging was adventurous! But I loved it 💕

    Hope everyone has a blessed day. Love and hugs to all ❣️
    💫 Star lover


      Good Morning All,

      We had a few bands of rain from Isaias and a breezy day. Not nearly enough rain for our needs. It stayed in the upper 80s, that was nice. We'll be back in the upper 90s today.

      I managed to get the last ugly sandwiched. It's waiting on me today. I'll work on it while Mike's at work. I need to make enough binding for the last two uglies. Mike's portfolio is the next job in my box. I think he's excited about it!

      Jim and Morgan have started moving stuff out of the attic, sorting what they want to keep and what they want to donate.

      Yesterday, the Fire sticks arrived. I wasn't expecting them until today. Mike hooked up the one in the living room and my bedroom. His TV doesn't have enough places to hook it in. So his will end up in the kids room. He sits in there and watches TV from time to time.

      Not sure what else the day will bring. Have a great one!

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Good morning. It is a humid one here for sure as Isaias approaches. We had this big t storm show up here last evening. A lot of heavy rain and lightening. We will have more of that when the storm arrives in a few hours I guess. We have a tornado watch in effect until later this afternoon. We will finish outside prep this morning. Windchimes, etc. need to be taken down and a few more chairs need stacking.

        Monique, I am glad you had a good day at work. And how exciting to have a camping trip to plan. I know you will enjoy it. I'm not a camping gal but I look forward to being able to plan a bigger trip somewhere again. For now, I am happy with the occasional trip up north to visit with my sons or my sis. Or even just a close one to the ballfield this Saturday to see Henry play ball.

        Anita, grandkids hugs are such spirit lifters aren't they. Katrina, I have two Firesticks I need to hook up. I want one in my sewing room.

        Have a good day all. Stay safe.
        Ginny B


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ An unsettled night due to having to get up at midnight & close most of the windows, then up later to open the windows again & turn on the attic fan. Skunk again!

          The full moon is setting in the west this a.m. It's supposed to be in the 90's again today. The heat still is with us.

          I did make it to the sewing room yest. Got a few more corners snowballed, then my son called, & we talked almost an hour. He takes advantage of his commute home from work to call. He is able to put the phone on speaker so he has his hands free. At one point he was driving through heavy rain; it was noisy!

          I have someone coming today to give us an estimate on having our house exterior painted. He said he's been painting since he grad. from HS in 1991, so he ought to be well experienced. I know his parents from my church.

          I'll take a turn on posting pics, Barb. That's what I was doing yest. when I posted those few pics. I doubt if people usually take the time to browse our albums. Over the years I've created a lot of albums.


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            Joy, That’s great that you will post pictures. Cathy will coordinate it from here. I’m sure everyone will be thrilled to see your lovely quilts. Thanks!

          Good morning!

          The sun was peeking out a bit this morning. We have cooler temps today, high in the mid-70's and a chance of rain this afternoon.

          We had a good porch visit with Mom yesterday. She was in good spirts. The nurse told us Mom saw us get of the car and got all excited. She always knows who my sister is right away. We took her a soft candy bar and she enjoyed that while we talked. After the visit, my sister and I went to the local Cookies by Design and bought some cookies to take home.

          The effects of the layoffs and voluntary separations are starting to show at work. I had several emails from a gal yesterday, asking me about a procedure for something processed through another department. I told her they use a different software, try asking this person...and that person is gone. We eventually figured out a work around, but she needs to find someone else because I have no clue how that department operates. Things ought to be interesting for a while.

          Time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


          • Cokie
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            Julie, we're doing this at work too. A lot of "job eliminations" were effective last Friday. Try to reach out to a previous contact in another department only to find out that they're gone. Very frustrating because no one communicates when someone leaves to let us know who the new contact is.

          • Momofmonsters5
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            Same here! I hope the layoffs stop!

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            Julie, What kind of company do you work for?

          Good morning. We are having heavy rains here now . Winds pick up this afternoon. Not a Great day to my errands before I have surgery tomorrow. I am sure I will have some pet accidents to clean up. These small dogs refuse to stay out and do their business when it is raining.

          I will have some time to get back to my current sewing project. I need to cut more strips and triangles. I am sure the dogs will be next to me with all the heavy rain.

          have a good day.


          • Monique
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            I hope your surgery goes well and that you will heal quickly.

          • Star lover
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            I’ll pray for successful surgery and complete healing......let us know you’re OK.

          Sending well wishes for your upcoming surgery.
          If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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            Thank you. Hope to be home tomorrow afternoon

          • Bubby
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            Good luck tomorrow with your surgery.

          Good Morning.

          Today continues the cooler weather although it sounds like the humidity will be going up through the day. Enjoyed a little time outside and we grilled steak and tried an new recipe that I saw on public TV Saturday, a tomato gratin. It is to use those extra tomatoes in your garden. Both of us really liked it. Not much to it, tomatoes, some cubed up baguette, a little garlic and parmesan cheese and fresh basil on top. There is a little sugar (2 Tbsp for the whole recipe) and some salt and pepper, too. Came out like a savory bread pudding. We had it with the steak, no potato and we didn't really miss it either.

          Didn't do too much in the sewing room yesterday, worked on cleaning up a little and cut out some pieces for a block I didn't add the 1/4" seam allowance to. Sometimes I wonder where my head is when I do silly things like that.

          Bedding is getting changed and washed today, other than that I have no plans.

          Have a great day everyone.


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            Changing bedding is enough work for one day. The older I get the bigger task it becomes.

          • CarlieBlilie
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            I have to agree with you in that one.

          Good Morning to all. Found out a friend of my daughter's is in need of a birdcage for a cockateil she just got for her daughter. Oh my oh my, you betcha I can help with that. I still have the mansion cage when I had my bird. So today I will get all the stuff sorted and super cleaned (been in storage for a while) and she will come pick it up this weekend. Going to tinker around at my dad's house, things are all over the place with everyone coming at different times to make their pick ups. Son and realtor will be doing a walk through tomorrow with suggestions for selling. It will be sold AS-IS but minor items I am willing to do. Hoping by time my court date happens (end of Aug) I will have my ducks lined up and quacking away! Sell me! As my cousins in Tenn were helping with property there for me, removing items, etc.. a couple stopped by and left their phone numbers, they want first dibbs when I put up that property for sale. If things happen as quick as I hope they do, then I could actually be done with probate path by end of December. Oh how I would love to start a new year with a lighter plate! My big battle.. trying to get his taxes for 2019 filed. But first things first... provide a clean home for the birdie!!!

          Hugs to all and please stay safe.


            Back again ~ It's going to be hot today. Well, it's really hot already! Up to 93, & we're not to the hottest part of the day yet. The painter just left. He is the 47 y.o. son of friends of ours from church. He'll be giving us a considerable discount on the job. Our project is next in line. DH does not want the house spray painted; he wants it brushed & rolled, so it will take longer & cost a bit more, but IMO, it will cover better than spray. He will caulk any cracks then power wash the exterior & let it dry a full day. I'm looking forward to having a fresh coat of paint on the house. It's probably been at least 15 yrs. since it last was done.

            This a.m. I got an e-m from my gr. dau. with news that friends of hers in IL have been affected by the C-19 virus. One son died at his home, and a bro. is ill in ICU in the hosp. When she was in Bible School, she lived with this family. The dau. is her best friend & was maid of honor in her wedding. She's feeling really sad today. This virus is no respecter of persons; it's killing the young as well as the old.

            The last I heard, our Bible Study Fellowship discussion groups will be meeting on Zoom for the first 6 wks. of the new study, which starts after Labor Day. Some schools in CO already have opened in person, others have delayed start dates, some haven't decided yet what they're going to do. It certainly is a quandary for working parents as well as teachers. My DIL in ID is an elem. school teacher.

            It's time for a late lunch, then off to the sewing room.