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    When Missouri Star Quilt Company's website was change many of the forum members learned that the "user notes" would no longer be a part of the member's profile.
    Of course many of us liked to be able to send someone a card at different times and were saddened to learn that the "user notes" where a forum member could put their mailing address so that a forum member could send someone a card etc.

    I recently talked to Alan Doan about ways to make the forum members mailing addresses "SAFER" for everyone. Alan said that this could be done, but the addresses couldn't be stored on MSQC website.
    I notice the next day that Monique and I apparently think alike. Monique had mentioned in a comment about obtaining addresses for everyone and she and I agreed to do this together.

    So, Monique and I are offering to help everyone here at MSQC. If you would like to send Monique and Jacqueline/Sugar (redcaboose1717) yourmailing address, please do so in a private message to Monique or me.
    IF you want to get someone's mailing address, feel free to contact Monique or myself. The addresses will be sent to you from our private email addresses
    redcaboose1717 [email protected]
    Monique (I'll add Monique's e-mail address soon)

    When we get a request from a forum member for someone's address we will then send it to the person that made the request. The person must be a member of MSQC's forum for at least 30 days.

    The only information that will be saved off site by Monique and myself will be the (snail) mailing addresses for MSQC members. We will check to make sure that the person requesting the information is indeed a member of the forum here at MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company) prior to giving someone a requested mailing address.

    Remember this is voluntary. No one has to participate of they do not want to. Please remember, I did get permission from Alan Doan to do this for ALL MSQC Forum members who would like to participate. In other words, if you don't want to do this, you don't have to. It's clearly up to everyone if they want to participate or not.
    just wanted to give those of you who are forum members the opportunity to be able to send a card etc. to someone if you wish.

    All the mailing addresses will be kept off the MSQC's website. We will only send (snail mail) addresses to those that have provided an address for this list. This is only for MSQC Forum Members. IF someone requests a (snail mail )address and the Forum members mailing address hasn't been given to us, this means that the Forum Member wishes NOT TO PARTICIPATE.
    We will of course notify the person who requested a (snail mail) address that we don't have said address. (We won't contact someone to ask if it's okay to give an (snail mail) address out.)

    I hope this helps everyone here on MSQC's Forum!!
    If you have questions, please email either myself or Monique.

    Please send all requests to : [email protected]
    Monique (I'll add her mailing address soon)

    Please give us a couple of weeks to obtain your (snail) mail addresses as we have just started doing this.(Monique did post a few days ago asking for addresses.).

    We hope this will be a good thing for all of us.
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    Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

    "I miss the me I was when you were here"

    This is a really good idea. Thanks to you and Monique for bringing back some of the little things that made this forum so special.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      That's a great idea. Thanks for setting this up. I know a lot of people didn't want to put their info out there (I did) but maybe this way they will feel more comfortable.
      🌺 Lorie


      • redcaboose1717
        redcaboose1717 commented
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        I think this is a great sending the information to either Monique or myself you will receive the information from one of us thru our private email addresses. This way, nothing will be on the MSQC forum.....just the request for an address due to the fact that Alan Doan said we had to keep the information OFF the Forum Website.
        (I'll add Monique's email address soon.)

      I always had my address in my notes except for about the past year. There were people I did not want to have it, so I removed it. MM and I are one of the few people I know who are still listed in phone books. People laugh at us.

      No rainbows!


      If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!


      • Monique
        Monique commented
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        We are still in the phone book with our phone number.

      Hello everyone, my email address is: [email protected]
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!