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    Yes it's Friday and my son is still asleep. i hope it is a day off for him. they keep changing his schedule so it's hard to keep track. his boss posts a weekly schedule and then changes things daily. sigh. I am still working on my dragonfly quilt. trying to finish it up. Deciding on quilting is what slows me down. And i'm waiting to hear from my long time friend's daughter. Her Mother isn't doing well and I've not talked to her in a month or more. The daughter said she would call me but hasn't done so yet. not a good sign. I'm getting old.
    the weather gets good and then hot and muggy again. my hair looks terrible. can't think if it is the weather or the length. nothing works.
    my two outside cats (strays) are getting more friendly. that is good. the female needs to be fixed. well the male too. Want one? so cute.
    I want to shower but wont' until my son wakes. small house! anyway, Friday people. take care and have a great day!!


      Good Morning Everyone,

      This week has flown by ! Can you believe its Friday already ? I woke up at 6 am sore in my upper arms and left hand. It has gotten better as time has gone on. I will tell the rheumatologist about it Tuesday. Yesterday was John Avery's 8th Birthday. Amanda and family came by and we social distanced in the back yard and he opened his gift. I noticed we are all looking pretty ragged and need hair appointments. Amanda said he had a good birthday even though he couldn't have a party.

      Today, I will do laundry and I hope to clean the frig and floors in the kitchen.
      Have a wonderful weekend!



        I cleaned my kitchen today and made dog food for the pups. It’s a good feeling to get those things done.

        Scottie Mom Barb