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    It's Tuesday

    First of all I would like to apologize the start/stop thing that appeared on yesterday's post. I must have accidentally hit the calendar button but could not get rid of it. Sorry!! What a difference a day makes, it is much cooler this morning. At least the humidity is not as heavy as it was yesterday.

    It was another quiet day at work but I think I may have melted a little, man was it hot in there. I took crochet work with me and made a few dishcloths.

    Not much going on. I am going to call the fabric store this morning when it opens.

    Wishing everyone a great day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    It should be a beautiful day today -- high around 83 and sunny. We had some storms yesterday but they held off until after we visited with Mom. We had a good visit. My Texas sister FaceTimed in -- alas, on my phone and not my computer, which would have been easier. Mom didn't really understand my sister was there. I did have a little fun with it, though. Ever worried about Mom's wardrobe, my sister asked what slacks Mom was wearing. I moved the phone under the table so she could see Mom's shorts. This started a great debate between my two sisters over where the shorts came from. Ohio sister said she didn't send any shorts with Mom. I said they were probably left behind by a former resident. The facility does that a lot. Instead of telling the family that their loved one needs X, they just dig through whatever is there and use that. Mom got a couple extra sweaters that way.

    Mom had a haircut! The beautician was allowed back on site. Her hair is shorter now, and looks very cute.

    I get to pick up my new computer from work today! 🎉 It will be interesting to see the changes made for social distancing. I am not looking forward to the trek to my office, though. There is only one entrance, and it is in the other (connected) building, as far away from my office as it is possible to get. Plant operations assures me the elevators are working. That's a good thing. The arthritis in my knee has been acting up lately. I was worried I would have to climb up three flights of stairs to get to my office.

    Time for tea. Have a wonderful day!


      Good morning. Another hot one today but we are expecting some storms later to break the heat. Meanwhile we will just spend another day inside in the a/c. Yesterday we went to the farm early to get our produce and then hubby went grocery shopping. Believe it or not, he has really missed doing that. We will limit the shopping trips to once every couple weeks and he will stay away on the weekends for sure.

      I spent the afternoon working on a couple of Farmer's Wife blocks, reading and watching some Netflix. We did sit outside on the front porch last night for a while. There was a breeze so even though it was still hot, it didn't feel awful. It was nice to wave to the neighbors as they were out walking their dogs or just walking.

      Keep cool everyone. Have a good day.
      Ginny B


        Good Morning All,

        Mike's back to the later hours, someone in corporate messed up. He's glad that he didn't have to get up at 5 this morning. I'm glad since the refrigerator is right outside my bedroom door and I sleep with the door open.

        Yesterdays plans were in flux for a bit. Jim and Morgan brought the kids over while they rented the storage unit. Papers signed and first load of stuff moved in. Esther brought a pony kit she got for Christmas. It became painting time. Esther and Zeke painted on the ponies while Jonathan used his water colors. Then Zeke switched to water colors. The table was full of art work before their parents got back. I think I ended up changing water about 6 times for each of them. Clean up was easy, I washed all of the brushes and stacked everything once it dryed. Needless to say, I was pretty much done after that.

        Morgan's mom and brother were going over yesterday afternoon to help them out at the house. They are still purging, sorting and now storing what they really want to keep. Jim brought another load over to Salvation Army in the afternoon. He stopped by to see the car, finally. He thinks it was a good purchase. I'm pleased with it. Told them both, that's the last car I'm paying for, they were on their own now.

        I called and cancelled the insurance on the Vibe, called AAA to see about getting Mike a membership. I felt like I was hooked to the phone for a while. Then the telemarketers and suspected spams started.

        Today, I'll have to call the window tinter to confirm that we're still coming. I guess it's no different that confirming a dental appointment. I'll make that call a little later, once they open.

        Coffee's ready, I guess it's time to start the day! Have a great one!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good Morning Everyone!

          I plan on finishing my sisters Christmas present quilt piecing today . I also have a quilt made finished for my niece that I need to box up and get Amanda to mail .

          I had some wonderful news yesterday. We found out that my son and his wife's baby is a boy! Mom and baby doing great.
          Next Monday, The Jeff Poor show is moving to Mobile . Jeff will be on from 9am - 2am at FM Talk 106.5. Although, he is going to be further from me, this is a bigger market and better time slot. I know its been hard on them going back and forth from Tallahassee to Huntsville. They will still have to have two apartments but with the baby on the way they now will be closer together. I hope they can figure out how to someday live in one town.

          Sandy is pestering me to death ! Its time for her breakfast.

          Have a wonderful day!

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            Good Morning. We are supposed to get some more rain later today. It’s almost unbearably humid.

            I spent a little time on the embroidery machine yesterday. I hope to get a little more done today.

            The Curved Log Cabin is one of my favorite quilt patterns. A few years ago I made two CLCs from the Incarnadine line of fabric. I made one quilt for our neighbors, Steve and Cindy, and the second one was for us made from leftovers from the first quilt. It makes a nice Christmas quilt. Jenny has a good tutorial for making this pattern.

            Have a great day friends. Hugs....
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            Scottie Mom Barb


              Good Morning, Everyone ~ I had another productive morning weeding yest. a.m. I worked out for a total of 3 hrs. I took one 30 min. break. My hands feel it today! I had to avoid one area; I saw some nervous bees (yellow jackets?) so left that area unweeded. I suspect a nest in that spot. The flower bed looks so much better. I cut back some of the perennials that had finished blooming. I still want to transplant some of the daisies to another spot, but that will have to wait for another day & renewed energy. By the time I finished, the temp. was 90 deg. Hotter than they predicted. High temp. in the afternoon was 94.

              My order from Jordan Fabrics was delivered yest. I had ordered a mystery FQ bundle (of 20). It was not Jordan's hand cuts, but pre-pkg. by Free Spirit. It's a nice selection of fabrics. With the sale price & shipping, they cost $2. each, which is a fair price for a FQ. I used to get orphan FQs at my LQS (previous owner) for $1. Those days are long gone. FQs make great practice sandwiches for FMQ.

              BTW, Karen Brown (justgetitdonequilts) did a recent video on fabric comparison costs of pre-cuts with yardage. If one pays the regular price for the pre-cuts, they're definitely more expensive. One pays for the convenience of the pre-cuts.

              Today I'll be baking DH's spelt bread, so I need to get an early start.


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                That was an interesting video on the price comparison. I do like my precuts for the variety of prints that you get.

              • KarenC
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                I did see Karen Brown's video. While I agree that you pay a premium for precuts, it is still a lot cheaper way to get a variety of prints that coordinate together, then to buy the minimum yardage cut for every print you want. So, like everything, it's a matter of decisions to make for every purpose. I like having the options. And then, when you can get a layer cake as a daily deal, BONUS!

              Good Morning Everyone,

              Yesterday was a nice day, we had a great breeze and made the day nice. Spent some time outside in our backyard just enjoying the day. Did my grocery shopping but ended up making two trips. My son had asked me to pick up some stuff for him using his food stamp card. I could not get into it to add my PIN so I had to waiting until the office opened to get some help. Once that was done I sent to the store again and dropped off the purchase at the rehab center. He requested so much stuff it was ridiculous, 3 boxes of Ritz cracker, 3 different types of cookies, 2 other crackers etc. I picked up a box of wheat thins, a package of nutty buddy cookies from Little Debbie, Poptarts and some Mountain Dew. I would hope that would be enough for at least a week.

              My son sent me a message last night, he is in a panic, I think. His fiance passed away suddenly 4 years ago today. He said he was afraid of starting the nightmares again. She had epilepsy and had a gran mal seizure. He was with her when she died and it has really traumatized him. All I could tell him was to try and think of the good times they had together rather than what happened that day. He obsesses about things so I'm hoping my suggestion helps get him through this.

              Nothing planned for today, supposed to be fairly nice. We are expecting a package from the place we order fish from. Some Rummynose Tetras. Should add some nice activity to the tank again since we are down to only one now, and that one we have had probably 9 years. I may take some time to work in the sewing room or just work on the embroidery for the dishtowels. I'm enjoying working on them. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

              Off now for some coffee and breakfast. Have a great day.


                Good morning everyone,

                I had my visit with the eye doctor yesterday. Lots of extra steps and changes due to the virus. Only one patient is allowed in the office at a time, masks are required, you wait in your car until they call you and meet you at the door, they have you wash your hands right away, the doctor who usually is dressed in cute professional clothes was now wearing scrubs. Every patient HAS to now have what used to be an optional scan of the inside of the eye which costs an extra $39. It's supposed to limit the close up exam from the doctor, who instead views the scan results on her computer. I've always had that done since I'm diabetic, and she wants to keep an eye (no pun intended) on the blood vessels inside my eye. All looked good she said. But she also said it's time to get my cataracts removed, and I'm scheduled for Sept. 3 for the first one, and a week later for the second. I was happy to know I'll be put asleep for the procedure.

                I stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken to bring home some for supper. We had that along with tossed salad with fresh tomatoes from the garden. I'm up a pound from yesterday.....must be all the salt from the chicken. But it was good!

                Plans for today include picking green beans, washing some cabin laundry, and working on some masks. Temps are supposed to reach 80 today, but there's a nice breeze, so it should be nice.

                Julie, I'm glad you had a nice visit with your mom.
                Joy, that's a lot of weeding! Come and do my flower garden :-)

                I slept in today, so I still need to finish my coffee, and then I'm off to sort laundry. Enjoy the day, all. Jeanne


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                  Jeanne ~ It's all I can do to get my own flower beds done! I'm way late with the majority of the weeding. We had the plumbing problem, then I had the infected finger & couldn't use my
                  hands for weeding. And the weather has been beastly hot. Early in the spring, I had the Bursitis & Iliotibial Band Syndrome of the L. hip & was in PT. I could hardly get up & down at that time. Thankfully the pain is gone now, but I still need to keep up with my exercises to keep
                  it loosened up. This growing old isn't for sissies!

                Good morning. It will be a scorcher today. Yesterday I sewed a pile of strips together and ironed the seams open. I hope this makes things line up better.

                I wanred to sew a bit before I go the doctor. I was walking the pug and noticed that a bird was stuck to the sticky paper we wrapped around the trees to catch lantern flies. I told my DH to cover the paper with chicken wire. Well he did not do that, so that left me and one of ourDds to deal w it. Thank goodness for google. My DD used olive oil and a spatula to release the bird. Hope we get some rain so the oil gets washed off him. I then went out to cover the paper with the wire.

                Not sure what this afternoon will bring. Have a good day.


                  Good morning everyone. The rains from yesterday have cooled off the temps for today and dropped the humidity. don't get me wrong, it is still hot, but all things are relative. Yesterday was a long work day. Gave my brain a workout.

                  Carlie, I pray for both of your sons. It's not easy when you know they are struggling with something.

                  Today, I worked for a bit this morning and am taking off the rest of the day. I have already made trips to the post office and the bank. Now waiting on DD to get here so we can go shopping for DGD's birthday and just have some mother/daughter time.

                  I should finish the binding today on a playmat for my godson. Then I need to search quilting designs to find one to use on a "hanging Gardens" quilt. The top has been finished for over 6 months. It is time to finish up that baby and get it out of the UFO pile. I really want to get some of thee projects completed. That's everything for me. Hope you all have a great day and stay safe.