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    Welcome Monday

    I don't know how welcome this Monday is. The humidity is wicked. It makes it hard to sleep at night.

    Well Saturday I made it Renfrew to get some black fabric and elastic. Never did look at my receipt. Well she charged me $7.90 instead of .79 a metre. I will be calling for sure this morning but I think they are closed today. In any case they will hear from me. We met up with our friend Lynda and had lunch as well. We had a nice day.

    Well I finished quilting the interior of the quilt. I am not sure what Bonnie was doing at the time but the back was a little short once again in once corner. Luckily I still have the original fabric and I was able to add a little. I am not sure what I will do with the border yet. It is too hot to take with me today. I also dug out some patterns for some summer tops but my mind was mush up in the sewing room, it was just too darn hot. I did work a little on the North Star.

    So back to work today. I don't know what I will take with me this morning yet.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay cool, stay safe, stay healthy.

    July 26, 2020
    July 27, 2020
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    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone!

    Monique, that’s a huge difference! Hope they honor a correction. Hope your weather breaks soon......I too hate the humidity!

    Been hot and humid here. DH left for work at 5:15.....The air was soooo thick with humidity already! We worked in the yard all weekend. Happy it’s done. It’s suppose to rain today.....we’ll see.....they miss more than they hit! I haven’t heard if the humidity will get better or worse. I rarely listen to the news anymore.....nothing worth listening too.

    This am about 5 I was out my kitchen window. It’s dark, but we have a security light and I could tell something was in the bird bath. The “bath” is fairly close to the window......but it looked strange....called DH, he headed over and then it moved....oh wasn’t an was 2 owls. I thought they were baby owls; they were small, about 9” tall. One flew down by the window, looked at me (well, wishful thinking) and flew back to the bath.....took my breath away. I realize I don’t think I’ve ever saw one up close before. They flew off....I ran got the bird book. Looks like we had a pair of eastern screech owls. Made my morning. Not my pic, happened way to fast ..... and it was dark.


    Hope everyone has a most blessed day. Hugs to all!
    💫 Star lover


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      Wow, that's a wonderful way to start your day. Yesterday there was an Osprey checking out the area on one of the light towers behind the house. The neighbor with the 'horse/ dogs' has a Yorkie pup. That bird thought he had an easy meal. Scared the neighbor to death. I kept a close eye on Gabby the rest of her trips out.

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      Lucky you. We have had an interesting gathering in our bird baths this year. With the heat, some are choosing to just lay down rather than splash away the water.

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      40 years ago when we first moved to the mountains, my car clipped a screech owl but it was alive so I took him home and nurse it back to health. Interesting creature. Later, it happened again and it had a broken wing and swollen eye. Again, took it home. I bought live mice to feed it and after a few months of taking him out to the holly tree every morning and running with him so he thought he could fly I took him to the vet and had the eye and wing removed . Then one day it was storming outside and I didn't take him to the tree or run with him and he died in the night. Fragile little personalities

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Monique, I ordered some black fabric online and the only place I could find it was Walmart. I am disappointed in the quality of it. I have made a few mask with it and I am looking at them and wondering is it thick enough? I also wonder if when washed will it hold up. I guess I could use several thicknesses of the fabric. I don't think I am going to give them to anyone because it would worry me.

    What is the "starts - ends" thing below your post for Monique ?

    Sandy is on her second round of Apoquel. Its given sort of like a z-pack. This med is awesome for her allergies, so glad the vet gave her this. She was gnawing on her paw and sneezing like crazy, with in 24 hours she has stopped the gnawing and sneezing. She is also playing more.

    She is not allowed in my sewing room but brings me toys and leaves them at the door.

    RIP Olivia de Havilland She was 104!


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      It's been a hard weekend for the older stars... Regis, Olivia and John Saxon all passed this weekend.

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      Sweet picture of Sandy!

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      I think I hit the wrong button or something.

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Yesterday was cloudy all day and rained a little more after I posted. We ended up with about 8 1/4 inches of rain from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Our basement had water so Dave was squeegeeing all day to get rid of it. It is not uncommon for us to get water in the basement when the water table gets high. Today dawned at 59 degrees and humidity is way down. It is supposed to be in the mid 80's today and dewpoints are supposed to be in the middle to high 50's. The windows are already open.

    My knees were giving me problems the last few days and yesterday I decided to take a prescription I got when I had a car accident back in February. I cannot take it for long as it wrecks havoc with my kidneys. What a difference it made. Late Saturday I had a lot of pain walking, this morning I've have very little if any. I also sat most of the day with my legs up so I'm sure that helped too.

    I worked on the dishtowels I'm making for my daughter for a Christmas gift while sitting yesterday. Made good progress, Sunday and Monday are done and I'm half way through Tuesday. Should have them completed by the end of the week.

    Today is groceries. My son asked me to pick him up some snacks and bring to the rehab center. He asked for so much and I don't see why he should have everything, he has no control. Not sure they will allow him that much. We also got an automated call from the rehab center yesterday saying that one of the employees has been diagnosed with COVID. He has been in quarantine so I'm thinking he should be okay.

    Other than groceries just the normal house cleaning things. Should be a great day to grill a steak so I'll probably pick one up at the store if the prices aren't too bad. Think I'll plan on grilled baked potato and some corn on the cob, too.

    Teresa, I saw that Olivia de Havilland passed away. She was such a great actress and to make it to 104, wow. One of our dachshunds is allergic to grass of all things. We give her Benedryl everyday during the spring, summer and fall otherwise she is constantly licking her paws. Vet told us we could use 1 pill 3 times a day but she is quite a bit smaller than your Sandy, Milka is only 12.4 pounds.

    I best get going to avoid the "crowd" at the grocery store. Have a great day everyone.


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's nice to have a cooler morning. I slept well last night. The skies had cleared before I went to bed. Only 80's predicted for today. I want to get out early & weed the last flower bed so I can get the weeds out in the toter before the garbage truck comes by. The area where I need to work is on the S. side of the garage, so its gets the sun early in the day.

      I took it easy again yest. Church was on YT, but I haven't watched it yet. Instead I watched 2 videos from the National Quartet Convention 2019, which included the Hoppers, the Booth Brothers, & other southern gospel artists. Great music! Sat. afternoon the Gaithers Homecoming program was an interview with Rory Feek and music by him & his wife Joey. It's been 4 yrs. already since she died of cancer at age 40. I follow his video blog & specials. I want to buy the latest CD when it becomes available.

      I actually made it to the sewing room yest. afternoon for ~45 min. One more row of blocks got snowballed. I'm now on row 6 out of 9. Slowly coming along.

      Teresa ~ I like the pic of your dog. Anita ~ Interesting about the owls visiting your bird bath. A couple summers ago we had a hawk visit ours.


        Good Morning friends. Talking about hot, I feel like I’m melting already. We have a/c but the extreme humidity is overwhelming it. We are supposed to get rain every day this week. We desperately need the rain. Our weather predictions seldom materialize.

        Anita, having owls in your birdbath is amazing. We have huge owls here and a few times they swooped down and tried to take our dogs! We haven’t had that issue where we live now but it happened more often when we were closer to town.

        I have several loads of laundry to wash today. I hope our washer works right after all the work we did to it.

        The quilt below is one of my favorites that I bring out for July every year. It’s the Pinwheels On Point pattern by M*. It was so much fun to make. It used a Jellyroll and some additional yardage for the pinwheels. The trimmings were sewn together for the border. Talk about fun and easy!

        Wishing everyone a blessed day. Hugs....
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        Scottie Mom Barb


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          Your quilt is beautiful. I had forgotten about that pattern. I might just tackle that one before summer's end.

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          That is one of my favorites, too. I made one and gave it away, need to do another.

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          Beautiful quilt! You are soooo talented, Barb!

        Good Morning All,

        Yesterday was mask day. I worked on a mask for Mike. He says it's too big but it will go under his beard. Jim's MIL gave me the fabric for a mask, that's done and ready to go to her. She wanted a head band to match. There's plenty of fabric left, I guess I'll go look for one that's made from quilter's cotton. It will give me something to do today. I need to clean the items Jim and Morgan brought over for us to keep and get them put away.

        There was an osprey hanging around yesterday afternoon. We're not too far from the river, hopefully, he'll go back that way! I know the neighbor will be keeping a closer eye on her little yorkie.

        Mike's back to normal hours at Office Depot. I hope the restaurants are opening up earlier, or I'll have to start getting him stuff for breakfast. He normally stops at Chick-fil-a for breakfast and sweet tea. He's looking forward to the day he can go in and eat.

        Time to get busy. Jim will probably be calling soon for his morning call. They're renting a storage unit close to the hotel we would stay at when we came down to visit. I hope, they got one big enough for what they want to store (including what they've dumped in my unit).

        Have a wonderful day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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          Jeff has trouble getting good face coverage because of his beard. We are now using the kn95 masks and it’s a trick getting them to cover his nose and mouth. He absolutely refuses to cut his beard.

        Good morning!

        It's going to be a hot one today -- highs 90+, humid and a 70% chance of storms. Not good weather for our porch visit with Mom! I am going to miss two meetings at work. Well, maybe only one meeting. My guess is the second one will be canceled because another gal can't make it, either. We had been seeing Mom on Tuesdays, but her facility changed the schedule for this week. My Texas sister wants to FaceTime with us. I hope I can get my laptop to work -- we're not allowed within 6 ft of Mom. My iPhone has a small screen; Mom wouldn't be able to see or hear.

        I spent a chunk of time this morning trying to find old pics of my friend who is retiring on Friday. Good thing I still have access to one of drives where we used to work. They should have taken away my access six years I ago. I copied the pics on a thumb drive before I left my old position, but couldn't find it (of course). I was going through pictures of various retirements, etc. I found a few. She is very photogenic but camera shy. Hard to believe her last day is Friday! We have worked together on and off since 1994.

        I'd better log back in to work. Have a wonderful day!


          Good morning everyone,
          Its been awhile since I've signed in. When M* made upgrade in March, I haven't been able to log in on my very very old iPad. I can view as a guest, but no post. I can only post when I log in on computer in upstairs office, which I don't go there except to pay bills and view Facebook. And I haven't been very social media active this summer.

          Monique - I have to agree that the heat and humidity is oppressive. I cannot imagine life without a/c. We are under a heat warning advisory. We have had so many, that its just another day to stay in, in my books. Its been another hot summer, I cant remember the last decade we had a nice cool summer. It's as hot as when we have gone to Kansas, less the tornados, sometimes. That is a real difference in price charged. But wow, they had fabric for .79cents. That's a bargain. I was also upset the other day. Our LQS has been doing curbside pickup since this started. A few weeks ago, they decided to go by 45 min appts, with a $10 plus tax charge, refunded on anything purchased. So I thought I would encourage local business. There was 1 other client in store and 4 staff. I bought some fabric from bargain bin, and a small quantity of new fabrics. New fabrics sell in the range of $22-25m which is about $6-7 more than other shops. When I got home I looked at my receipt, and there was a charge $6.83 for materials. Then I figured they were tagging on for keeping the place clean or paying staff. That's more than 10% of what I spent. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I guess I have had long standing issues with that shop, and will probably not go back.

          I have been playing with LA, learning a lot (meaning I have made a lot of mistakes). There's always a new thing to figure out, but so far, I have organized the manual with my own quick reference guide, and I have on-line videos organized by topics of relevance. I have a lot of VQC quilts which I use for practice. So far not bad. I quilted 2 on Saturday. I have the loading down pat, and I am building a library of the various sizes -- which go between 48-54 wide by 68-74 long. We have about 30+ quilt tops to be done in our group alone. While Victoria Quilts Canada is not able to accept or deliver quilts at this time, the quilts are being finished for when the go-ahead to donate comes back. I love the lighting system, but DH finds it too bright and after a few hours it gives him a headache. He is going to look for a stronger tape to attach the diffusers.

          Today, I will go visit my mom. Then probably on Wednesday, I will go for a Covid test, as mine expires today. I will have a call with my niece who lives out of town. My daughter is at his family's cottage under Tuesday. I will drop off a lasagna for them for dinner. I made a few last week, and froze them to give. DH's son finally have a/c re-installed as they had to disconnect while they were getting a pool installed. It was supposed to be done in 2 weeks but took over a month to finish. Our new fence installation is set for August 10th, pushed back a few weeks because of thunderstorms. The garden is going wild,

          Better get off, and get the day going. DH is still sleeping.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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            The elastic should have been 79 cents not $7.90.

          Went out on the kayak this morning and when I got to the mouth of the river I saw a pair of great blue herons. One seemed to be standing guard, the other fishing. Quite a site. I took the kayak to the far end of the creek we live on. I have anxiety about venturing into areas I've not been. It was beautiful down there. I went all the way to the end. There is a vacant (more like abandoned) property at the end next to us. It was awesome. So calm and peaceful.
          Yesterday I worked on double wedding ring. I have all the small piecing finished. Now I'm adding the ovals to the centers. I can't remember how to do it. I need to lay it all out so I don't have to rip it out. Frustrating when I can't remember s***.
          Going to be hot and muggy here again today. So in about an hour I will close up the house, turn on the A/C. I am hoping that by hanging out my laundry and not running the dishwasher it will make up for the excess electric bill. Doubt it but I try.
          I bought a small dishdrainer yesterday instead of a towel. Can't believe how much they are. I hadn't had one since 1970.
          DH is sanding off the barnacles from the boat bottom and is getting ready to paint it. Says that will keep them from sticking. That boat is WORK!!
          Considering how little we actually go out on it.
          Have a great day. Love ya all.
          Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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            Claire, that's too funny!! I could replace boat with cabin: a hole in the ground, ........

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            It cost less $ to keep the house closed and continue to run the AC, than to open it up, then have to work twice as hard to cool it off. Thank God we don't have a big boat...just a 20ft bass boat, that is taken out of the water and cleaned every time it is used.

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            The joys of boat ownership. I once heard that boat stands for "bring out another thousand."

          Good morning,

          A busy week with 3 birthdays in our family. Son's birthday is on Wednesday and husband's is on Friday. Our grandson will be 4 years old on August 3rd. How did that happen? I made a small RWB table topper and had to rip almost every time. I just need to put the borders on and quilt ITH (in the hoop).

          Cleaned out closets and have a few bags to drop to thrift store. It's time to let go.

          Hope your day is filled with sunshine!


          Good morning everyone,

          Dogs and I went to the cabin last Thurs. and came home last evening. It rained Fri. late afternoon, and most of the day Sat., so it was really humid. We have two of those stand alone air conditioners there; one upstairs and one down. Even though I dislike running them, I had to on Sat. and Sat. night. I did some sewing on Saturday while it rained, and I also did some reading. I had found the book THE GOOD NURSE at a thrift shop and read the whole thing; couldn't put it down. It was written as a novel, but was actually a factual account of Charles Cullen, a nurse, who was responsible for killing more than 40 patients at the hospitals where he worked. I think he was caught in 2003.

          I have an eye appt. today in Grand Forks, and will probably also stop at WalMart to pick up a few things. A friend from work and I are taking part in "Quilt Minnesota" this Friday and Saturday. We're just going to do our region; four shops: International Falls, Bemidji, Oklee, and East Grand Forks. We'll stay at my cabin Friday night which is about an hour and a half from International Falls. Lots of driving, but should be fun. I know a gal who did the entire state one year for Quilt MN; I think it took her 2 weeks. There are prizes for completing a region, 3 regions, and if you do the whole state, you're entered in a drawing for a trip to Alaska.

          While at the cabin, I enjoyed watching the pair of loons who live in our little bay. They have 2 babies this year. One of the adults was out with the two little ones, and they swam really close to our dock. Adult ducks down into the lake, comes up with a tiny fish, and gives it one of the babies. They are such beautiful birds, and so big when you get close to them! I read that it takes 4 years for their eyes to turn the trademark red.

          Off to find some breakfast, and then get ready for my trip to Grand Forks. Jeanne


            Hello everyone, it's another hot and muggy day here too. There's a nice breeze that's making it quite nice in spite of the heat.

            Yesterday I pressed the backing for a new quilt and got it sandwiched and pin basted. It's just a strip quilt, but the fabric is Tula Pink and it is so soft and nice to work with. I'm planning on using decorative stitches in lots of different colors and stitching on the seams. Kind of a fake crazy quilt???

            I spoke to DD this morning and she's not having a good Monday so far. Two people quit this morning, another just didn't show up and he's on his way to quitting. They are still in the high 80's and mid 90's with high humidity. DD will probably be transferred to New Jersey some time soon but nobody really knows for sure. The hotel that she would be staying in is not pet friendly, so she would have to stop here on the way and drop off her cat. She would be close enough to come home often, but we don't know the situation regarding Covid 19.

            Our garden is in full swing now. We're picking green beans and zucchini every day and starting to give it away to neighbors without a garden. What a joy to pick something out of the garden and eat it 20 minutes later. No salt, preservatives, chemicals, colors or other things that can't be pronounced.

            Well DD just texted me; looks like shell start heading this way after work Tuesday. Darn it...that means I have to clean. Well off I go......


              Good afternoon! We had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, my dear daughter was married. It was a lovely ceremony, very very small due to covid. Then we all went to dinner in Palo Alto. They close off this one street and the many restaurants put tables out into the street (again due to covid.) There were only 15 of us, all family. When the bride and groom cut their cake the entire street burst into applause! Then one of the restaurant owners said he had a song for the newlyweds. He pulled out a guitar and sang "Ring of Fire" to them. Again, the whole street sang the chorus! They will have great memories to cherish. Thanks for letting me share.



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                What a beautiful bride. I love her dress! Thanks for sharing with us

              • Star lover
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                Beautiful couple and a sweet story. Wonderful memories. Thank you for lifting our spirits!

              • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                Beautiful couple. Congratulations.

              Her wedding dress is so sweet.