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    It's Saturday

    Good Morning All,

    Well, the Malibu was delivered before noon to Mike at work. When he got off, he went straight to the insurance to make sure his insurance was transferred and collision was added. According to the agent, it's going to be less than what they originally quoted. So, next month, we'll see. On the way home from the insurance, he stopped at the tinters. We have an appointment for Wednesday.

    I worked on one of the uglies yesterday. It's ready to bind, but I don't have enough binding ready to go. I'm debating, fixing binding and finishing this one up or sandwiching the next one and then fixing binding. Dad would say 6 of one and half dozen of the other.

    It's supposed to be around 91 today. It's perfect outside right now, not too hot, not too cool, not too wet. lol, if the breeze keeps blowing it won't be too bad. We'll see what happens!

    Have a great day!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I had a productive morning yest. I ate an early breakfast & headed outside to work in the yard before 8 a.m. It was a cloudy morning, so it was perfect for yard work. I weeded the front flower bed by the porch. Quite a bit of tall grass had grown up among the flowers. At least it was easy to pull up with the aid of my handy cobra curved tool. Oh my, what a difference now! I planted the last few impatiens (11). Next I weeded the area of rocks across the front of the house. It was mostly grass that had crept in, a little clover, & some pig weed. I don't know it's real name; that's just what my dad always called it. By the time I had washed the dirt off the tools & put things away, I was ready to quit. I worked outside a total of 4 hrs. I enjoyed a long soak in the tub. I'm not as sore this a.m. as I thought I'd be. I took it easy the rest of the day.

    We had some light rain showers late yest. afternoon & eve. It was a cooler night for sleeping.

    I really hope to make it to the sewing room today.


      Good morning. The sun is here this morning after yesterday having some torrential rain in the morning and then a pretty cloudy day the rest of the day. Looks like we are heading into another few days of very high temps.

      Yesterday I took advantage of the break in the heat to spend a good amount of time in my sewing room. I got a few things done including a Secret Santa gift. This morning I've got some diapers in the wash. I got an order for a dozen burp cloths.

      Prayers for those in the paths of the hurricanes heading towards Texas and Hawaii.

      Have a good Saturday everyone.
      Ginny B


        Good morning!

        We have sunshine today! Temps are pleasant right now, but will be in the upper 80's today. I'm looking forward to a cool down next week -- seasonal temps in the low 80's.

        I spent some quality time in the sewing room yesterday. My patriotic heart is quilted. Not much left to do -- sew down the binding, the hanging sleeve, and trim some threads. I will finish that today. I'm not sure what to work on next. I think it will depend on whether I'm in the mood to piece or quilt.

        Have a wonderful day!


          I am about to go out and weed, actually grass grown into flower beds but a weed to me. There are two areas I really need to do before it gets into the 90s.
          I have a quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt, just haven't figured out what to do, it is a curved log cabin and some of the fabric has leaves on it so perhaps leaves all over would look good. It is fallish colors, leaves would work.😊
          I have a charm pack plus a bit of stash to turn into a falling charms ready to sew and I want to cut out a 60% triangle quilt. I haven't tried one of those so I am rather excited about the process. Wish me luck.
          I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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            I made a king size with all 60 degree triangles for my son. I loved making it for him, but starch really helped with my cutting. Then again, I think you are more experienced than me.

          Good Morning, No pleasant temps for us today. Already 81 with a dewpoint of 76. Sticky as all get out. Heading for the 90's.

          Yesterday I got my son into the rehab center. I know he is not a happy camper. No phone in his room and he has to quarantine for 14 days. Hopefully they will be able to get him into an assisted living place soon. If he leave he will loose his meds and his insurance won't pay for new ones. I can do outside visits but I think he cannot do that until the 14 days are up. I am also allowed to call and they will take a phone into him. At least he will have his laptop and a TV. Just cant go anywhere. Like my daughter said, suck it up buttercup! He has caused this situation by not taking his illness serious in the first place and now he is paying for it.

          With him in the rehab center I may not have to do a bunch of running for him. We will see.

          My garden is doing well, I picked 4 cherry tomatoes and there are a bunch that will be ripe within the week. There are also 4 lovely beef steak tomatoes that will be ripe soon. Need to thaw the bacon and get that ready for BLT's. Yum.

          Cut out the pieces for most of the remaining sampler blocks. I have 3 that are applique so I will do those when watching TV. I have 21 blocks completed and have about 18 left. Once they are done I will add the sashing and cut out the corner pieces for the sashing. I am contemplating buying the magic circle and the quilt as you go hex template. I have so many scraps they would work well with those templates. Haven't made up my mind yet.

          Planning on staying inside today with the heat advisory yet today, maybe even tomorrow. Monday and Tuesday should be better, lows at night in the upper 50's is predicted. I'm thinking porcupine balls for supper tonight (family favorite) so need to take some hamburger out to thaw. Have a great day everyone.


            Good Morning. We made a trip to WalMart this morning to get everything we forgot or couldn’t get when we shopped Thursday. There were “Limit of one per customer” signs on ever so many products today, even on dish soap, Kleenex, hand soap, etc. it makes shopping frustrating. We try to buy two of numerous things so we don’t have to shop too often...we aren’t hoarders. The only thing I hoard is! they did lift the limit on hand sanitizer but there was little to choose from.

            It’s so hot already. I can’t imagine how people survive without a/c. A mother and daughter were found dead in their home and the cause of death was heat related.

            Today I am sharing our Luna Notte quilt, named after the beautiful fabric collection by Moda, my all time favorite fabric line. The pattern is a simple framed square and I think it allows the fabric to shine. My DD liked this quilt so much that I had to maker her one. I used a different border and backing on hers. I made matching pillow shams and pillowcases for both quilts. The photo quality is poor and does no justice to the quilt. The border is a totally unrelated fabric that I liked. I often do that on my quilts.

            If you have any hand sanitizers made in Mexico you might want to consider dumping them out. The FDA updated their list of sanitizers contaminated with the methanol that can damage your liver. Also, Dollar General brand was on the list. I poured out two bottles I bought that were made in Mexico and one bottle of DG brand. If you Google dangerous hand sanitizers a link to the article with the list comes right up. I will only buy germX, Purel and Dr Brite.

            Thank you for looking and also for the nice comments you have made. Have a blessed day friends.
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            Scottie Mom Barb


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              I can see why your DD would want one just like yours! Beautiful work!

            • geegeequilts
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              Love the quilt, Barb. Colors don't always show true in photos. Gina

            It's a busy day for us.
            The weather is headed back to hit after several days of blessedly cooler temps.
            We have an 11:30 appointment to help hand out food at the elementary school.
            Then Em and I are going to strip all of the things (including hubby shot glass collection) off the upper kitchen shelves. Then I'm going to finish painting the ceiling and the wall around the sink. I'd love to replace the kitchen counters & sink, but that's not in the budget this year.

            I had better get out and make sure everything has water before the heat starts ramping up.

            I miss my sewing room, but can't seem to make it through the door to work.
            Be who you are and say what you feel
            because those who mind don't matter,
            and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



              Good morning everyone. Not much left to it. Slept in till 7. So heavenly. Was able to get a 1 mile walk in before the rain started. Looks like we will have rain off and on all day. So, I guess that means I should hit the sewing room. I also need to complete some training for work. May try to do that today or tomorrow. It's hard to get uninterrupted time during the week. I do have a playmat on the longarm ready to go, except, I think I am changing my mind on what thread to quilt it with. It all depends on the tension/thread. The back is primarily red, but not the front. As of now, I have red pokies on the front. That's okay for just basting the sides down, but not for the interior that will show. Wish me luck. Hope everyone has a great day.


                We had some wonderfully creepy fog here this morning; when there wasn't any traffic on the highway it was so quiet.

                I'm on the home stretch on a quilt I started in late February. All I have left to do is SITD and finish the binding. I'm hoping to get it finished and get some pics outside to send to my daughter. This one has really been full of learning new things.

                Yesterday I went to the Ortho doctor to see what's going on with my foot. My GP strongly suspects a stress fracture and so do I. I've had many over the years. This doc wouldn't commit to any opinion at all. All he kept saying was MRI. So I need to wait until next week for the MRI, then another week to see the Ortho again. My foot has been hurting since the end of June. This has me in a pickle too; I want to keep walking and get my mileage, but if there's a fracture I need to stay off of it. However, if there's no fracture and I've stopped walking I'll have deconditioned for nothing. Years ago when I saw my Podiatrist (who has retired) for one of these, he would take an x-ray, say, yup you broke it again, cast it and send me on my merry way. Now everybody wants MRI's, bone scans and CT scans. Oh well, if my worst problem is a sore foot, then I'm doing well.

                Have a great weekend!


                • Bubby
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                  Barbara...I hope your foot isn’t fractured. Isn’t it too bad that medical testing takes so long. Good luck.

                • JCY
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                  MRIs & CT scans are money makers. Plus it's a cover your butt for the doctor to make sure they don't misdiagnose or miss something. But the waiting is hard.

                Good afternoon! well, I think I got my problem with the computer fixed-haven't been able to sign in for many days. We are having a heat warning today. Started back up sewing blocks together, had lost some of the spark to get in the sewing room-it was clean for a while. lol. I can create in a mess of things. stay well and safe.


                  Hello to all!

                  Late to the party today and it's almost dinner time. It will be take-out something tonight. I used a hose sprayer and sprayed cleaner on the roof edges plus the shed this morning to clean the mildew. If I have to clean, I'm not cooking.

                  I tried the 3d mask pattern and don't care for the design. So it is back to the AQ die as DD needs some.

                  Trying to re-work a table topper pattern with RWB fabrics. The pattern calls for those odd sizes of 3 1/4 cuts. I will switch it so I can use AQ dies. Should be easy, right?

                  Hope your day is happy!


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                    I like shabby fabrics mask pattern. Not sure if you've see it.

                  • Teen
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                    I tried the 3D one, as well, and didn't care for it. Just made one then I went back to my standard mask.

                  Good Evening! I have not been able to log in for almost a frustrating. Decided to try again today from my computer instead of IPAD and was successful. Not sure why there was a change but I am rarely on my computer so logging in won't be as frequent for me...

                  It's been hot here but not the hot I'm use to when I lived in Calif. so totally bearable. We've been busy with our landscaping. This week, we had boulders delivered for a retaining wall against our hillside. They start that work this week... Next week, landscape contractor begins irrigation work, curbing, and then....GRASS!!! woohoo! Sick of looking at dirt so I am so ready.

                  I'm working on a King quilt and it is slow going. Lots of HST's and will have applique borders when I get to them so it will be awhile. I keep getting interrupted to make masks, which I'm really sick of making. Sorry...but true. Anyone else feel the same?

                  RV friends coming for a quick visit this week on their travels. Will be good to see friends again... We miss our mothers. It is getting harder every day to not be able to jump on a plane..

                  Have a lovely week! Keep safe...
                  "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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                    I think the main reason I dislike making masks is that there continues to be a need for them.