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WOOHOO it's Friday

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    WOOHOO it's Friday

    Can't say that I am sad that today is Friday!!

    It was another quiet day at the post office. I continue to quilt and am seeing the end of this particular quilt. I had a fellow employee come in yesterday and ask for 2 more masks for her husband. Got those made and will drop them off this morning on my way to work as I pass her house.

    I am thinking of heading out tomorrow and getting some black fabric and elastic as I have no more black elastic. Not sure what tomorrow will bring just yet.

    OH OH OH I won some fabric. It was a giveaway on Facebook and I won a Design Roll Bundle by Kaffe Fassett for Free Spirit from Cherry Tree Quilts from British Columbia. Pretty cool.

    Have a great day and weekend everyone. Stay safe and healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning fellow forumers.....(I know, not a real word....)

    Wow, Monique a win fun for you. I’m sew very happy for your win! Not you’ll have to come up with a fun project!

    Yesterday morning I vacuumed and washed the, humid....miserable! So I finished and went in to clean the house (oh joy!) Went out later and was beautiful! Couldn’t ask for a prettier day. ☀️ What a difference a couple hours can make.

    No plans for today......tuned my hammered dulcimer yesterday, so maybe some long time of practice might be good.
    Thank you Barb (Bubby) for your daily quilt pics......a blessing during these times 😀

    Hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful weekend!
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      Last summer I gifted myself with a hammered dulcimer. I had a lot of fun playing it, but had it in my craft room and it didn’t handle the temperature changes very well - always out of tune. I finally moved it into the house, but now don’t have a place to play it. I need to figure it out.

    • Star lover
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      There is no one near me that plays. I’m learning on line and I’ve gone to several festivals and workshops. I too had to find her a spot....she now shares a room with my sewing machine.....they now make beautiful music together 🎶

    Good morning and WhooHoo!

    We are going to have a beautiful weather day today. High in the low 80's and sunny. Even the humidity is down. I have some of my windows open already. I'm looking forward to giving the air conditioning a day of rest.

    The boss has put the call out for volunteers to work on site on Mondays or Thursdays in August and September. We would be there all day. I like my boss, she is a very good boss. I feel like I should sign up for a couple of days, even though I would rather not. I'm more concerned about fellow employees not wearing masks or following social distancing. I have to be on site Tuesday to pick up my new computer. I want to see the protections in place before I make a decision. I think we have until Wednesday to decide.

    I started quilting my patriotic heart yesterday. I went with quilt design #3 -- a smaller, allover design. I also used a 50wt thread instead of a 40wt. I am pleased with the results so far. Which is good, because edge to edge quilting designs take only 2 or 3 minutes to stitch, but an hour to rip. I hope to finish it this weekend.

    Time for some tea and breakfast. Have a wonderful day!


      Starlover, good to hear of your dulcimer . I have one that DH gave me as a Christmas gift our first year of marriage and another he made for me. I never really go very good at it but I enjoy it now and then.
      Car rental people called me yesterday and told me that they were going to have to detail the car (I had it less than 24 hours) because it had an odor and I would have to pay $100 for the detailing. I protested this and told them it was impossible as I had only driven it home and back with a stop at the gas station for a fill up. I demanded a manager and after her questioning me about drinking, spilling, smoking etc she said that they would absorb the cost. I was so angry.
      Congratulations Monique on your win. I guess you have to enter to win stuff. lol
      DH pulled the boat yesterday to clean the hull. I was disappointed because it doesn't seem we've gotten much use out of it yet.
      I'm not sure what I will do today. Probably piece a bit on my quilt and read a book.
      Hope you all have a blessed day.
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


        Good Morning All,

        What a lovely morning. Apparently Gabby got cold because when I woke she was snuggled next to my tummy. lol, or maybe I was snoring and she was tired of it.

        I didn't work on much of anything yesterday. I called Melinda and talked to her for a while. Wrote the check for the Malibu and pulled all of the paperwork together. It's being delivered to Mike sometime today. He'll take it straight to the insurance office to get it inspected for insurance and make the first payment for that. We'll have to set up the appointment for getting the tag transferred from Mike's truck to the Malibu. I'll have to turn in the tag for the Vibe next week, then I'll cancel the insurance. I guess we could do that all at the same time or I could mail in the tag. Then I'll officially be out of the owning a car part of my life. It feels weird.

        Jim called yesterday, he's got another wild hair. Papua New Guinea. Merciful heavens... that boy is going to drive me to drink! Sunday, Morgan is picking up more hours, so the kids will come home with me until Jim finishes with the later service. He'll bring lunch for all of us. At least he called and asked if it was alright.

        I had to laugh yesterday. With Jacksonville being a hot spot, the RNC is going back to Charlotte. Wonder what NCs gov. is going to say about that! All of the contracts were in place, and still had to be paid. I think it's the right thing to do, scale back, have only necessary delegates and get the nomination done and go home. I kind of wish they could do it on Zoom. That would be a first!

        Time to get busy doing something. Have a wonderful day!

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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          I pray for you that at some point soon, Jim will come to his senses. It all sounds like a lose/lose situation.

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ So warm last night! Our warmest night yet. Cloud cover, so it didn't cool off that much. We have all the windows open & the fans going. I had to turn off the attic fan at 2:30 due to skunk odor. Turned it back on at 4 a.m. It was 99 yest. Most of our recent days have been poor air quality days due to ozone. The morning sky is pink this a.m.

        I spent the yest. morning in the kitchen mixing up the turkey patties. Took it easy the rest of the day. Yest. eve. I ran across a live stream of Rory Feek interviewing Paul Overstreet at the Music Ranch in Montana. Paul sang several songs. I was pleased to learn he is a Christian & attends Bible Study Fellowship. He & his wife have been married 35 yrs.

        I need to do some book work & filing of papers. I also need to keep on sorting & purging old files as time allows. This a.m. I want to get outside early & do more weeding before it gets hot. I still have a few annuals that need to be planted. There still is 2 mos. to enjoy them.


        • Claire Hallman
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          It is a very irritating guy thing.

        • MSN
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          I used to work with a woman who was (jokingly) planning to patent her invention, the guy's refrigerator. It's wide, but only deep enough to hold one row of beer cans.

        • Cokie
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          My husband drives me crazy when he can't find something. He'll be looking for something pretty good sized, and he'll pick up a flat piece of paper on the table to look under it. If it was there, the paper wouldn't be flat! Sometimes I think he does it so I'll get up and help him because it's usually me who finds the missing items.

        Good Morning Everyone,

        This morning is already quite humid and headed to the 90's. Heat advisory is in effect for the next 2 days. Looks like Sunday night the temps and humidity will be going down and the beginning of the week is supposed to be nicer. For now the house will stay closed up. Yesterday was nice in the morning but we closed up the house around noon. Glad we did. I spent several hours upstairs sewing and when I came down my husband said "you're hot". I have never been quick with replies (should have said "thank you") but I said I know. It gets hot when I'm sewing even with a window A/C unit on. I put aside the blocks I've been struggling with and completed 4 that were mainly just straight sewing. I've been getting frustrated with not accomplishing anything so it felt good to get a few blocks done. I had Dave look at the 4 I completed to see which one he preferred. I just don't understand him. He didn't like any of them. I don't think he can "see" the big picture of when the blocks are put together. So far the only quilt I've made that he really liked was the disappearing 4-patch that I made for our 15 year-old granddaughter for Christmas this past year. I have to admit that it one of my favorites, too. The blocks I made are probably too dark for him. What do you think?

        Today my son is being released from the hospital. They have him placed temporarily in a nursing home that is actually just a mile or so from my home. He is starting to wonder if this is going to be more like a prison, not being able to come and go. There are no shops or anything like that around this nursing home so he won't have anywhere to go anyway. Sounds like he could be there for about a month. I don't know what to say to him to help him adjust to this new life he has. I know that it is going to be hard but, to me, the alternative would not be acceptable. Not sure if he feels the same way.

        This morning I'm going to cook up some spaghetti sauce and put it in the slow cooker to simmer so I don't have to do it later today when it will be a lot hotter. Besides, it always tastes better when it's been cooked longer to help the flavors blend. Might make a trip to the store to get some french bread to make some garlic bread to go with supper tonight. No plans for the rest of the day except for some regular cleaning stuff.
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          Individually they look great! I'd have to see them with sashing to separate the values. Honestly, I'm boring and super matchy controlled. If I showed you a pic of the sampler I did it's really matchy.

        Good morning. We had some more rain last night. The flowers and lawn had a nice watering. I did not do any sewing yesterday. I need a break after finishing the baby quilt.
        I decided to to make some greeting cards with washi tape and stamps. I have been watching videos on different techniques to use. You could spend hours looking at stamps ,paper etc

        Have a great day.



          Good Morning. It’s brutally hot today. Jeff has our washer in parts all over the TV and laundry rooms. I’m ready to get a new washer and call it quits on this one. He won’t listen to reason.

          Like most quilters I have other creative interests. Right now I’m passionate about machine embroidery because you can make so many cute and useful items. In the 80s and 90s I was an avid x-stitcher. Quilting is, and will remain, my favorite thing to pursue. Today I’m sharing a few things that aren’t quilts.....for a while I made lots of banners and gifted several to forum members as well as for baby gifts. I love making lace items, especially angel ornaments. The x-stitched portraits hang in our living room. Back to quilts tomorrow. Thank you for looking.

          Have a wonderful Friday...
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          Scottie Mom Barb


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            Love the spools too. And the angel. Heck, I love them all! :-) Your work is all so nice.

          • pcbatiks
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            I have one of those pretty quilt banners hanging in my sewing room right now! So pretty! Thanks again Barb!

          • Momofmonsters5
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            I wish I was more knowledgable of embroidery ...I have a machine. I don't get a lot of it though but would love to learn more and buy more cards

          Very creative projects