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It's Thursday

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    It's Thursday

    WOOHOO that means that tomorrow is Friday!!

    It was another relatively quiet day again yesterday and I am thankful for that. I am happily quilting away the rest of the day. Hopefully I can get it finished by the end of next week.

    My brother stopped by and dropped off my new sign. I walked past it twice before I noticed it the 3rd time. I will get a picture of it.

    Aside from that not much else to report. It is not looking good for our vacation this year. Really nowhere to go camping. I am hoping that we can go to the camp for a couple of days. We shall see.

    Wishing you all a grand day. Stay safe and cool.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning to all!

    Monique, sew happy you’re able to get sew much sewing done! We won’t be vacationing either......and probably not for some time yet.

    I’m staying busy. Cut the lawn yesterday. The drain in the bathroom drain sprang a leak. Turned out there was a hole! Thankfully or not thankfully......I had towels under there and they soaked up all the water before I discovered it. DH had that job waiting for him when he got home. I’m hoping to vacuum and wash the truck today. Not sure I’m up for another puddle day.

    Hope everyone has a most wonderful and blessed day! 😃
    💫 Star lover


      Good morning!

      Today will be a little cooler -- high in the low 80's, and muggy. I could do without the humidity. Tomorrow should be about the same but I'm hoping the humidity will be lower.

      It's official -- Mom lost a tooth! It probably happened during one of her falls back in May. We noticed the gap in her smile during our porch visit Tuesday. The tooth was more towards the back, so not really noticeable unless you are at the right angle. Mom was always so proud of the fact that she had all of her teeth. She still did good, though -- this is the first tooth she's lost and she is 90.

      I had a bit of a headache yesterday. I have had far worse, but it really tired me out. I did not get any quilting done. I'm still auditioning quilting designs for my patriotic heart. I have two designs stitched out. Either would do fine, but both have large design elements that will get cut off when I trim it down to size. I'm going to stitch out a third design this morning, it is a smaller overall design and it might be the better choice.

      I'd better run and stitch out that design before it's time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning All,

        Yesterday was pretty busy, Jim's house is a disaster zone. I don't know how they'll keep it cleaned up before the photographer. This weekend he's wanting to clean out the garage. I thought that was before now. He's packing books now, no where to put the boxes. He doesn't want a storage unit. He wants a POD, but can't get one until they really get ready to move out. What a disaster! His FIL isn't happy with putting the camper in their back yard when they come home either. So, they'll have to have a campground when they're here (but his MIL is trying to get her DH to change his mind).

        Mike's back at work today. He's wondering if the schedule they sent is right. It's so different from the schedule he's been working for quite a while. He'll find out when he goes in. He's on his way.

        My MIL will be happy, her middle son will be up there today. He'll stay through most of August, while the youngest son goes out west with a few of his friends.

        Plan for today, lol, I think I'll work on an ugly. I have two left to do. Once those are done, Mike's portfolio cover. Won't that be a fun project! I'm hoping it will be similar to making a journal cover. I'll be watching tutorials to get back up to speed.

        It rained yesterday afternoon and sometime during the night or early morning. Everything is wet with fresh puddles.

        Have a great day!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yest. I made my run to the groc. store. I didn't need too much. I took DH's car & drove it out on the hwy. & the country roads to give it some exercise. Our high temp. was 93. In the eve. we had a brief thunderstorm & rain shower which cooled the temp. off from 90 to 74. It's still cloudy this a.m.

          This a.m. I'll be mixing up my usual batch of turkey patties. I hope to make it to the sewing room today.


            Picked up my car yesterday from autobody shop. It looks great.
            Kayaked yesterday morning. Might do it again this morning
            DH works outside in this heat everyday. I worry but he seems to be thriving
            Might sew but probably just read a book today. I do that most days. Too hot to be physical (or mental for that matter)
            Tired of all the hate and discontent and shoving fear down my throat from the news. Turned off the tv right after the weather
            I try to just relish the beauty that God has put before me and absorb all my blessings.
            Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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              Down here, they make sure you stay tuned to the news. If you're wanting the weather, it comes in three separate segments in the half hour segment. I've stopped watching that and just pull up the weather on the computer. I HATE the news, even the local news anymore!

            • Nwmnteacher
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              That's why I love going to our little internet, and no television....only movies on DVD and tape. I spend much of the time just looking out at the lake.

            • Claire Hallman
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              I gave up the news several months ago. DH watches for a couple of hours each day, I don't see how he stands it. I just go outside or to our bedroom and read.

            Good Morning Everyone,

            Yesterday was a beautiful day. High 70's and fairly low humidity, at least compared to what we have had. This morning is absolutely gorgeous. Temp is 59 and dewpoint is 58. Wish the dewpoint was a little lower but I'll take it. There is already a heat warning for the next 2 days. We are supposed to be in the 80's but dewpoint is going to be going up. Weatherman predicted 90's for Friday and Saturday with very high humidity again. If the humidity stays descent we will keep the house open otherwise it will be closed up again sometime today until next week sometime.

            Dave and I got the wall hangers up. I have 3 more to go but have to get the wall hangings done first. I have a panel that I think I'm going to work on as a Christmas gift for my hubby. It is a "wine" panel. He has a wine cellar so I know he will like it.

            I don't have much planned today. Think I'll get head up to the sewing room and work on the sampler quilt. I completed one block yesterday, the pattern is cut glass dish. Turned out nice. I'm now working on a grandmother's flower garden. It looks like my template is a little big so I will need to cut the block down but I'd rather it be too large instead of not big enough. Hopefully I can get at least one block done. Slow going but at least it is progress.

            I agree, Terry, we, too, are just trying to appreciate God's blessing. I'm so tired of the negative news and people complaining. I wonder if there was this much complaining back in the early 1900's when the "Spanish" Flu was rampant. Probably not because there wasn't the media that there is today. I keep thinking of the words "take the plank from your eye so you can clearly see the speck in your brothers".

            I have a good friend who had to take her hubby to the ER yesterday. He had a procedure done to remove some gallstones. His symptoms? Hiccuping. He had hiccups that would get so bad it almost made him throw up. I asked my friend if the doctor said the hiccups were just a coincidence and she said it is a symptom. I had no idea that was a symptom of gallstones. Procedure went smoothly and today he is having his gallbladder removed. Just thought I'd put that out there.

            Hope everyone has a great day.


              Good morning all. Looks like it will be another hot one here today. We did have some tstorms come through last evening that did cool it off enough for is to be able to sleep upstairs in our bedroom. No a/c upstairs so we have been using the guest bedroom downstairs.

              Not much sewing happening this week. Just a few projects I can work on downstairs. I have also done a good bit of reading and we watched an interesring documentary on John Lennon the other day.

              Have a good day everyone. Stay cool. Stay safe.
              Ginny B



                Good morning,

                We are up and making blue berry tacos with play-do. Yes, grandson spent the night. His mom is attending HS graduation so she can see her students. It is outside on the football field. Hopefully, they brought umbrellas as it’s raining this morning.

                The dinosaur quilt is ready for the quilter. It’s a mix of machine embroidery and smashing strips so a meander will do well. I could finish on the embroidery machine but don’t want this time.

                Little Dino-man wants his breakfast. Have a wonderful day!


                  Good morning everyone,

                  Lots of heat warnings at the places I have saved at, including us. Not at the cabin, though! The dogs and I are headed there later this morning. We'll come home Sunday. I would stay longer since I don't have to work next week, but I have an eye doctor appt. Monday afternoon. It had been rescheduled from earlier this year due to CoVid, so I figure I better get there. Who knows how long it would take if I reschedule it. I've got cataracts in both eyes, and she'll probably want to set up a time to get the right one removed.

                  The only sewing yesterday was some masks. MN gov. gave the order for mandatory masks in the state.

                  We had our first produce from the garden last night. Green beans...😁 They were delicious. There are also 2 tomatoes that are ripe. My SIL has a great recipe for marinated sliced tomatoes. She's gong to text me the details.

                  I suppose I better start moving along. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


                    I think I am heading out today for some quilt backing and a grill. I think I will just go to the lqs instead of Hobby Lobby, lower people traffic but higher price. I think the higher price is worth it. We might head to the grocery, too, maybe do that tomorrow. Our favorite sodas are restocked on Friday and we are running low. I don't know why the local store doesn't keep that shelf stocked.🙄🙄
                    I pulled out a new project to work on but I only have one charm pack and a yard of matching fabric. I think this will become a falling charms quilt for Project Linus, small, fast and easy. I starched the fabric [plus some for another top] yesterday and it is in the fridge waiting to be ironed after the shopping trip.
                    Pork chops are thawing to hopefully cook on the new grill.😁Asparagus and a salad sounds good to round out the meal.


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                      I remember my mom putting my dad's shirts in the refrigerator before she would iron them.

                    • Claire Hallman
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                      Because my mother did, haha. I think it helps the starch soak throughout the fabric and keeps it from drying out before I have a chance to iron it.

                    • Monique
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                      Thanks Claire, makes sense to me now.

                    Good Afternoon...I’m late today because we have been shopping at WalMart and Dollar General. We got to WM early and loaded up two carts with no problem. I seldom shop anymore. We began the checkout process when the checker says ,”No”! Turns out that they now have a limit of one per customer on hand soap, hand sanitizer, dish soap, paper towels, toilet paper, masks and gloves and any other PPE items. Dish soap, really? They didn’t bother to post any signs or make any announcements. We had to surrender several items. On the way home we stopped at Dollar General and bought everything that WM has a limit on with no problem. Go figure....

                    Today I’m sharing a Log Cabin quilt that I named My Journey. This quilt took about twelve years from start to finish. The blocks were actually “missing” for five years. They were found in the attic when we were packing to move where we live now. My life took so many twists and turns during the making of this quilt. I was widowed during this time and had to start my life over again. The years were full of joy and tears, ups and downs. The fabrics are primarily from Thimbleberries with some additions from my stash. My dear former quilter, Reggie, machine quilted it for me. Dottie adored this quilt. Of all the quilts I’ve made, this one has the most significance to me. I truly sewed a lot of myself into this.

                    Have a wonderful day everyone. Hugs....

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                    Scottie Mom Barb


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                      Sniff, this quilt & Dottie made me teary-eyed. Beautifully done, Barb. Gina

                    • JCY
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                      Awww, there's such a cute pic of Dottie. A beautiful quilt.

                      I had never heard of Dollar General until I visited my gr. dau. in IL 7 yrs. ago. My son & I flew out to see the new baby. I bought quite a few baskets & items to help her better organize her kitchen. They were pastoring a small church in Monmouth at that time. We have 3 Dollar Tree stores in my town, but only one of them is really nice & well organized. I shop there for
                      selected items. The store there should have had postings on the shelves limiting only 1 of those items. I haven't seen any limits of items in any of our stores lately. The last time I shopped, I was able to buy 4 doz. eggs & 4 gals. of distilled water. Generally, the shelves are well stocked now.

                    • MSN
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                      Barb, I can see why this quilt has so much significance for you. One of the best things about quilting is the story behind our quilts. I hope you made a label for this gem that explains its title.

                    Just got back from Cleveland Clinic where my husband had testing done today. Had to be there before 7 a.m. so it was an early morning! Laid down to take a little nap when we got home but of course couldn't sleep. So I put a load of laundry in and I'm catching up on the computer. It's been raining off and on all day but not enough at a time to really water the grass or cool things off - just made it more humid. Not sure what the plans are for the evening. I should probably log into work and see what I missed. Not sure what we'll have for dinner but it will be something simple - maybe sandwiches! DH doesn't really care as long as it's something to eat!

                    Hope everyone had a great day.