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Upside and Downside of state shut downs. What's yours?

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    Upside and Downside of state shut downs. What's yours?

    Since the initial Washington State "Stay at Home" mandate began,

    Upside - I have saved a lot of money. No dining out, no shopping adventures, no movies, no haircuts, no manicures or pedicures, no farmer's market. My Credit Card has actually cooled down! I actually see more of my Son and Grandkids, they can't go hangout with their friends, so instead they'll come hangout with DH & I.

    Downside - My hair looks like a stringy gray mop, my fingernails are horrendous and my toes... Oh let's not talk about my toes! I’m tired of tweezing my moustache, would like to get it over with with a good ‘ol fashion waxing. My summer wardrobe is two years past due for replacement. I am beginning to look like Raggedy Ann. There are two things I won't buy on-line... 1. Shoes and 2. Clothing

    So I was excited when our state finally allowed retail stores to open - with certain precautions. Not so excited anymore. Went to a couple of stores: Inventory is minimal to say the least, dressing rooms are locked up (no trying on clothes before buying) and ALL sales are final, no returns or exchanges! And the salon's appointment waiting lists are at least 6 weeks out still. What’s a girl gotta do to look decent?

    I have bought lots of tops on Zulilly. I finally put myself on restriction from them last week for thirty days. We have been able to go up to the lake for a couple long weekends, which is nice. Love social distancing there as I sit on our deck and look out over the relaxing! I even have been into the quilt shop, Annies, in Shelton. I don't know if you have been there or not. She does not sell fabric for full price, and you have to buy it in yard increments.

    I'll cut your could be fun! Libby will help me!

    No rainbows!


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    • Caroline T.
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      With your "sharp item" track record....hhmmm Think I'll wait for the hairdresser's schedule to open a bit LOL

    Caroline, I've been socking money into the savings account. I'd love to go clothes shopping, but the restrictions on trying on and no returns are a real turn off. I guess I'll just keep wearing the same old stuff for now.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      I too need a haircut badly, but otherwise, it really hasn't affected me much. I'm a hermit by nature, and only go into town a couple times a month as a rule. If it weren't for the masks and the shortage of some items, I might not have noticed.
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        My husband is just fine with the whole thing but he isn't very outgoing. I'm not either but I miss being able to go have breakfast with my best friend (we've been friends for 60 years) and going and meeting with my quilting friends from the church I belonged to before we moved. I really miss being able to pop in to see my daughter and her family, even her daycare kids who all call me "gramma". Our governor just issued an order that we have to wear masks when in public. Our city did that several weeks ago. Not a big deal to me as I only run errands when I absolutely have to. I've cut my husband's hair since our son was 2, he just turned 42. My hair is just long (better than waist length) and has been long the majority of my life so no change there. Too expensive to color or perm my hair too so nothing to "fix" there. I have purchased a bunch of stuff online, mainly fabric and quilting stuff but I would have done that regardless of the pandemic.


        • CarlieBlilie
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          We figured it was coming. We don't go many places, groceries and a few others like Menards.ive been just doing stuff around the house and sewing of course.

        • MSN
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          I've been expecting Gov. Walz's order for awhile. I wear a mask and a face shield all day at work, and we wear fabric masks whenever we go out to a store, so no big changes for us. I have been sewing more fabric masks to give away. My co-workers are having trouble finding masks that fit their kids. I told them to measure their faces and I will sew some for them. So now I am on the hunt for skinny elastic!

        • bubba
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          The order for masking up started in Washington again in the past week. I would wear one regardless. After fighting to get MM thru his cancer, it's the least I can do. I rarely go out now anyway.

        My husband and I have been wearing masks and staying home since March 1. The only time we go anywhere is to the ATM machine and for food and doctor visits if absolutely necessary.
        We do occasionally go for drives

        I haven’t had my hair cut since the first week of February or had my nails done. I cut them off short and leave them bare. A few days ago I cut about two inches or so off my hair. Jeff has done my toenails twice, so at least they look decent. I really miss church services; getting together with girlfriends for lunch; and shopping for the fun of it. I had an ER visit during this time and Jeff had to wait in the parking lot...that was rough. My family lives in California where things look pretty bad right now.

        We feel blessed to live in the country in a part of our county with little population, so our covid rate has been low. We do everything we can to keep it that way.

        I thought I could sew my way through the pandemic but my mojo has come and gone several times. Right now it’s!
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        Scottie Mom Barb


          I had my haircut shortly after our Gov allowed salons to open. That is about the limit of our non essential coming & goings. I do wea


          • MAMSAN
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            I tried to edit this as my computer is misbehaving. Sorry

          It's bad to worse here. I live in El Paso,TX. We're getting ready for another lockdown. Our theory is that while they opened stores, they created unnecessary crowding by reducing hours. Our Walmarts still close at 830pm. Target is open till 10 guess where everyone goes. Hardly anything else is open, all bars are closed again due to they sent a team out to check social distancing and too many failed.

          Pro: Saving lots of money working from home. I work for ADP and they are fantastic to work for. I love working from home! Spending more time with my 17 year old, she'll be a senior this year. Daniel is happy I'm home and can cook on demand. I've done my own nails and feet since I've been with Daniel, he doesn't like the whole idea of a salon...I pick my battles! So no change there.

          Cons: Daniel sells insurance so his job is harder, we're waiting to see if we take a hit come open enrollment. Stuck in the house, I like being out. People are awkward when you are out so you just want to go home lol.

          I've been sewing more and this forum keeps me sane!!


            MSN, try: and search for face mask elastic. I recently received my order (very quick shipping) and the elastic is soft and narrow.


            • bubba
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              I ordered mine during the big rush for it. Got it in three days and it's nice! Everyone likes it.

            My big change ahs been working from home.

            Pros: Plus side is I save on tolls, gas, etc. Went from two hour commute daily to 2 minute commute, if I walk slow. LQS is only open 10-2, so this is helping me with my plan to sew on stash instead of buying more fabric. (my fabric diet). Very casual work clothes. Easy to toss on shorts and top in the morning.

            Cons: Miss visiting with others at work, but try to connect via video chats, etc. Miss the fellowship of the walking group on Saturdays. We just started back up, but we walk in groups of 2-3 max with lots of social distancing. Most races are cancelled or switched to virtual races, which I'm not into. Hopefully in 2021 we will be able to have 10Ks with the real finish line, etc. Miss being able to visit family when i want to. Sad for those who have or will lose their jobs during all this mess.


              I found some wonderful cotton T's at "life is Good" They are sized well and wash up like new. I own 3 and wash them twice a week and after 8 months they still have that new out of package look.
              I ordered dry goods from Sams Club and they deliver free. Don't know how they can do that. But, since I don't have a Sam's anywhere near, I'm happy.
              There is a walmart up the road and I can get most anything there. Found a roadside produce stand.
              The new house has kept me busy and company wanting a place to go on vacation has kept us really busy.
              cons: I haven't been able to find a church which I was really looking forward to so I haven't met any locals which makes me sad. If I had a church I had been attending, I would invite them to worship in my home in the amounts of people that my home would accommodate. We need to assemble in groups so we are free to discuss issues and keep our mental distresses at a minimum.
              I havent sewn as much as I would like but there is no one to really share it with and I think perhaps I need the validation to make it fun.
              I love you all. Walk with God and pray for our country
              Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                I've been teleworking since March 18. I survived round one of layoffs and am grateful to have a job...especially since I still have 2+ years to go until I have all of my years in the pension system.

                The upside I'm happiest about is that Mom finally adapted to life at her memory care facility. Not seeing us for three months made the facility her new normal. Such a difference from before the lockdown in March. The downside of that is we weren't able to see her for three months. She had several falls in May and it was difficult not being able to check on her.

                I have adapted to teleworking fine, to the point where I'm not looking forward to being back on site. I miss being around people some days more than others. I am worried about co-workers not following social distancing when we go back. We will be required to wear masks.

                It is still hard to find paper towels here, and jam. At least toilet paper is back in stock.


                  Last year when we were house-hunting, Mike and I said that this summer we would be going away a lot to make up for all the times we couldn't do that last summer. Well, that's not happening. We're both pretty disappointed.
                  Our restaurants and bars are all open in this county so we do get to go out to eat a couple times a week. The places just have restrictions on seating and how many customers they are allowed to have inside. A crazy rule for bars is that customers have to sit at a table, no bar seating, and must also be having food. So some bars are serving pretzels and chips, etc, as a food.
                  We've been wearing masks whenever we go to any store since March. It's up to each store to decide if they require masks for customers. Most do.
                  I haven't been to any stores that sell clothes-- like Macy's. But every year I take my oldest granddaughter clothes shopping and let her get anything she wants. We have a really fun time with that! I never thought about her not being able to try things on--- that would be a problem.
                  Some school districts are planning on having students full-time, and some are just waiting to see what the governor's restrictions are at the time. I hope the kids can go to school, especially my 6 yr-old granddaughter who is autistic. She needs the school environment to make any progress. Her mom taught special ed for 10 years, so she is able to do some work with her. But the little girl doesn't understand that school happens at home now. When my daughter was teaching (she's an RN now) she taught in schools where a lot of the kids showed up mainly to get a meal that day. I wonder how those kids can go on without attending school.
                  I read somewhere that a vaccine is expected by the end of the year.
                  ~ Carol from PA


                  • Nwmnteacher
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                    Our school district provided free lunches until the end of May when the school year usually ends. I'm thinking they will do that again if school isn't back full time.

                  • TMP
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                    I never realized that there were so many children in this country in need of food. This is one of the richest countries in the world and we have hungry children. That is so wrong. It makes me want to cry.

                  • toggpine
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                    Our school district is providing lunch & breakfast 5 days a week. They are continuing this all summer.
                    We have a food program for school aged kids in our community. It was originally distributed through the school as a backpack with enough food to get the kids through the weekend. We have changed it up to a Saturday pick up of a box that gets the families through the week.

                  There really haven't been any changes for me. I'm lucky too because my friend who takes me grocery shopping once a month is a former hair dresser so she cuts my hair at my house. :-) She does a wonderful job and is better than anyone who has cut my hair at a local salon!!! And, and, and.....she does it for free!!!! Oh My!!
                  Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


                    Every time I go shopping and walk by a worker stocking shelves, i feel for them. I worry that they are so young and may not be taking this problem seriously or that they are not being taken care of well enough by their employers, etc. We must worry about each other, not just ourselves. Every day. Someone mentioned the end of the year, that long? i cannot fathom this going on and on. I really can't but guess it will. This doesn't happen often in nature. good thing too. Happy Saturday everyone. (almost said Friday!). 😷