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Social Distancing - How's everyone handling it?

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    The first 8 to 10 weeks was very hard for me. I had to basically isolate from my daughter and grand kids because of my fragile immune system, and lousy lungs. (I only have 34% of my lung function anyway) I went from seeing my grand kids almost every day, to not being able to see them at all. I cried a lot. My daughter was still working in the public, so we just didn't feel like I could take that chance, since it is so lung specific, and the nightmare stories we were hearing, was scaring us to death. Hubby did all of the necessary errands, while I stayed home. The more I paid attention to some of what was going on however, I began to relax a bit...The first time I actually left the house we went for a drive, and it was very intense for me to leave the safety of my home. DD had taken the kids out a few times once inside dining started, and the places she took the kids were very conscience about social distancing, and sanitization practices. That helped me to be a little bit more comfortable about going out.
    The first time we went in to a was a little nerve racking. But it was very clean, and people were spaced out a good distance from each other. We did that a few times, and now I am very comfortable going out to eat...if they practice distancing inside. I always have hand sanitizer with me....and I am careful about where I do go.
    We have also gone on 3 different trips within the state. We all, DD, GK's DH and I, rented a nice condo at the Lake of the Ozarks, and spent a week down there. I even went to the outlet mall with the girls. Then DH and I did another long weekend at the lake when he had a fishing tournament. Finally we just got back from a 4 day trip to Branson, where we also rented a condo. We were careful about where we went, and work mask when necessary. Part of the reason I am as comfortable as I am, is because I have taken a combo of hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin for years...for my lungs and lupus.
    I have also made somewhere in the vicinity of 1000 masks. Both to give away and sell. I charge a minimal amount for the ones I do sell ($3) I give them to first responders, and health care workers.
    I personally just do not believe all of the numbers being thrown around. The way they count covid deaths is just ridiculous. It doesn't matter what you actually die FROM...if you die WITH covid, it is counted as a covid death. That is just wrong, and only inflates the actual numbers, to scare me at the beginning. In other words if you are decapitated in a car accident, but test positive for covid, your death is counted as a covid death...even though they KNOW that was not the actual COD. Like now the numbers of positives keeps going up....but they aren't reporting the negatives. I know in my county the number of positive cases has gone up drastically, but the death rate has not changed in over 2 months. So anyway...I am just not as scared as I was at the beginning of all of this. I am being careful, but not paranoid.
    Get out Bob...go grab a burger at a nice local place that practices great sanitization and social distancing. Meet a friend for lunch. Wash your hands like a lunatic. and wear a mask when you go in public places where there are other people. Have faith.
    When it is my time, it doesn't matter if it is this, or I fall off a cliff.
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