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    Well hello Tuesday

    Good morning everyone. What a difference a day makes. It is so much cooler than it has been. Storms were all round us on Sunday and it seems the humidity left with them. I had a much better sleep last night.

    Had a fairly quiet work day. I had to remind people about masks as they can't read the signs I put up about masks. I had mine on. I worked on the quilt yesterday and did make it out at lunchtime to the dollar store.

    Dougie is home so I stopped on my way home. He seemed very pleased that I had 'cleaned' up and that the dishes were done. He did suffer a mild heart attack earlier last week. So I will be keeping an eye on him in the coming days.

    Today hubby is getting the vehicle transferred to us.

    And so that is it. I have a load of laundry on so I can get that hung out before I leave for work.

    Have a great day my friends. Stay safe and cool.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique and everyone!

    It was suppose to cooler yesterday and less very hot and very humid. Decided to clean windows and was a puddle when finished. We had storms Sunday and a limb broke in a tree in the front yard. I didn’t notice it until yesterday. It was hanging over our neighbors drive. We didn’t want it to brake and hit someone or their car. So when DH got home, that was our project. Whew.....didn’t think it would be that hard. It was higher up than thought and attached better than thought ......but finally got the bugger down. DH needed a power saw to cut it up. We were both puddles when we finished.

    So many projects, so little time....which to tackle next. It’s always the question. Not sure what I’ll be doing today, I’m sure melting may be involved 🤪

    Hope y’all have a most wonderful’s gonna be a good one!
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      Good morning!

      Today is supposed to be 82 and muggy, with chances of rain. Not ideal weather for a porch visit with Mom, but I'll take it over the 90+ weather we've been having lately.

      Mom's glasses are in! I won't have time to pick them up before our porch visit. The store opens at 11 am and you have to make an appointment. I will schedule another porch visit for Thursday and see if I can pick her glasses up tomorrow. I want to put the glasses in Mom's hand, or at least the employee's hand to put on Mom while I am there. I don't trust them not to lose the new pair if I drop them off at the front desk.

      I have a meeting with the boss today. I think I mentioned one of my work friends took the voluntary separation package, and will be retiring as of July 31. She is the boss's right hand. My friend told me I'm going to be picking up a couple of her duties for a while, but didn't say which ones. I'll find find out when I talk to the boss. I don't mind. Work is a little slow with the pandemic and our site being closed. This will give me more to do.

      I put the borders on my patriotic heart yesterday, and got the backing fabric and batting cut out. I will work on basting the quilt tonight and hope to start quilting it tomorrow.

      Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning. Monique, so glad you are getting a break in the weather. It makes sleeping easier. This is shaping up to be a very hot summer. Glad to hear that Dougie is home from the hospital. You are such a good friend to him.

        Anita, you are such a hard worker. Glad you were able to get that tree limb down without hurting yourself or damaging property.

        I got little to nothing done yesterday. We had grilled chicken, Alfredo noodles and sliced garden tomatoes for dinner...easy. Not sure what I can pull out of my hat for today’s dinner. It’s too early to be thinking about dinner.

        Joy, I took a page from your book and cut my hair myself yesterday. It wasn’t easy and I only cut off about two inches but it doesn’t look terrible as I feared. I had some dry ends that had to go and Jeff was afraid to help me in case he messed it up!

        The Dresden quilt below is made from 1930s reproduction fabric. The blades are machine pieced and the plates and centers were then hand appliquéd onto the background squares. It’s one of the warmest quilts I’ve made. The scalloped border seemed to take forever but it was worth it in the end. Jenny has a good tutorial on scalloped borders.

        Have a blessed day everyone.
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          It is absolutely beautiful! Love the scallop edge! Your work is so perfect ... thank you for sharing!

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          Your quilt is beautiful. I want to do one of these some day, in 30's repros. I have a quilt that is a WIP that I'd like to try the scalloped borders on but I'm quite intimidated by them!

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          My quilt guild had a lecture via Zoom this week. The guest speaker was Susan Cleveland, who has written a book called "Dynamic Dresdens." She talked about the difficulty of piecing together all those blades only to find out that your dresden is shaped like a volcano. Yours all look so perfect!

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ I had a productive morning yest. I did 3 loads of laundry. I got outside early & weeded one of the flower beds. The clover has made an inroad into that bed. That is terrible stuff! Tenacious roots that are impossible to dig out. It spreads everywhere. We've had a patch of clover in the front lawn for many years; I suspect some seeds blew into that bed. Anyway, that area looks much better now. That bed was in the sun, so I dragged out our old umbrella & propped it over the top of the fence to give me shade in which to work. By noon, it really was getting hot. I had enough time before I quit to cut back some perennials in the front porch bed. I got the garbage bags out into the toter before the truck came by. Altogether, I worked for 2.5 hrs. I took one break for a snack & to rehydrate. I also chatted with the next door neighbor a few min. They're our age. The first owners of their house. We've been neighbors all these 42 yrs. Then I was ready for a good soak in the tub. Except for 1 more load of laundry of my work clothes, I took it easy the rest of the day.

        High temp. yest. was 97. Today is supposed to be a little cooler. Not sure yet what I'll do today. All the weeding flares up the arthritis in my hands, so I'll be taking it easy. I want to watch the rest of Karen Brown's latest video. She did a Q & A on Facebook, which now is posted on YT. I watched half of it yest. eve.


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          I am curious as to how you have so much laundry. I do one load a week usually.

        • JCY
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          Laundry ~ Well, yest. I had a load of DH's 8 flannel shirts; these get done every other week. He wears a shirt for 2 days. I had a load of darks, 1 of towels & underwear. Those 3 were done before I went out to weed. (Remember I get up at 5 a.m.) The final small load was the dirty clothes I'd worn to do the weeding. The last time I changed DH's bed, I washed 3 mattress pads, 1 per load, a blanket & the bedspread, each 1 load, & the sheets. It adds up. I try to wash up the bedding in the summer mos. so if anything needs to be line dried it can go outside in the sun. I dry most items in
          the dryer. Over the next couple mos. I'll wash the rest of the blankets & quilts.

          I read somewhere that a person should change their bath towel at least every 3 days. I know some folks use a fresh towel every time. I change ours every 5 days. My kitchen towels get changed every other day, & my dish rag daily.
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          Thank you Joy.

        Good Morning!

        Yesterday was a little nicer, temps in the low 80's but dewpoints were still in the low to middle 60's. Since there was a little breeze it made it tolerable. Groceries were purchased and put away first thing in the morning. I was able to get my flat leaf parsley picked and chopped up and it now drying on a sheet pan. I should be able to put them in a jar this morning. I still have the thyme, rosemary and chives left but since I don't use those as much I'm not concerned about getting them done as quickly.

        This morning after a quick breakfast I will be going up to the hospital to help my son with paperwork. His mind is not working well and he needs to complete the paperwork to get into the assisted living with the county footing the bill. He seems to be getting worse as far as being able to do things on his own. Mainly his memory and being able to understand things. I'm very thankful that the hospital has helped get him classified as a vulnerable adult. This will help him get into the care facility a lot faster.

        My oldest grandson turns 22 on Thursday. I texted him yesterday to ask for ideas for a birthday gift. The little smart alec told me cash. He is evidently saving his money to purchase something called a mega computer. Not sure how much it is but I would rather buy him something he would purchased himself and then he can put more money away. I'm very proud of this young man. He started working for his stepdad's mom in a fast food chain when he was 14. At 17 he was made an assistant manager. He left that job early this spring because he felt he needed to be held more accountable. Because it was his grandma (and she doesn't treat him any different that her real grandkids) she doesn't say anything when he is late for work. I think he could have stayed and just held himself accountable but he decided it was better to leave. He now works at a Dominos and is being trained as the manager. He is a pretty great kid.

        I worked on blocks yesterday for my UFO sampler quilt. I have taken apart the carpenter wheel so many times it was getting stretched out so I trashed the pieces. I worked on a Barbara Banister star and think I have finally figured out how to set in pieces without having to rip out so much. I will be cutting new pieces for a new carpenter wheel. I also cut out more of the pieces for some of the other blocks. Now I have some things ready to sew.

        Well, time for a cup of coffee and some breakfast then on to the hospital. I hope the hospital gets the paperwork in quickly so Jim can get settled. Still haven't gotten his mail situation straightened out. That's another thing he will have to call the Social Security Office and let them know that he still has not received his June check or the card they sent to him.

        Have a great day everyone.



          Good Morning All.

          Yesterday was another hot one. I could see clouds building in the distance, I just don't know where they went. They certainly didn't come this way. The solar panels loved it.

          Mike went in late, he worked until closing. Jim called with house fix up plans on Wed or Thurs. Working on baseboards this time. Oh boy? lol. I sandwiched the next ugly before he left for work. I worked on it off and on all afternoon, just a quick stitch in the ditch. I was almost finished when I realized I hadn't changed the top thread to the variegated thread. Oh well! I wasn't about to rip all of that out. The bottom thread goes with the fleece. I used my pile of black binding to bind it, and used a decorative stitch on the top to finish it off. I have to say, I hate waiting around for Mike to go to work in the afternoons, but I get a lot more done when he does! 6 Uglies done, 2 left to do.

          It's hard to believe we're in the down hill slide of July. Time without the kids around is hard to keep up with, I've been feeling like I've been a lazy moderator for the Secret Santa bunch. It's certainly made me appreciate all of Carlie's hard work for the years she had it.

          Time to start the phone calls. Mike's calling HR about the auto insurance plans they have... so far, Florida has been the * on every plan she's checked on, and it's not a good *. It's the exception *. We need to call the tax collector to see how much the tag is going to be and what we'll need to bring to that appointment since this is a cash deal. Mike really wants to get the tag from the truck and transfer it, I'll need to turn in the tag from the Vibe and drop the insurance on that car. Hopefully, we can do all of that at one stop. Then there's the calls for a salvage company to come and pick up the truck that need to be made. Then Maytag to find out how to turn the sound back on the Dryer. The alarms have stopped. If I can't trouble shoot it here, they need to send someone. It's too new for features not to work.

          Well, time to finish up this cup of coffee and get dressed. Lots to get done today.

          Have a great day!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good morning everyone,

            I'll be heading off to work in about an hour. I woke up to rain, and although it's stopped now, it's pretty gloomy looking outside. The poor farmers didn't want anymore rain for awhile. My garden sure likes it though. I have a couple of tomatoes that will be ripe soon...looking forward to BLTs. Tiny green beans are showing up....let the canning begin!!

            In between laundry, I made it to the sewing room. A couple of years ago I had started a log cabin for the guest bedroom at the cabin. I finished all the blocks last summer, and then it went to the UFO pile. I worked on sewing blocks together and have 1 row of them left. I noticed that in 1 row I had turned everything wrong, and the center little square was in a different place than all the others. I'm glad I saw it before I put the rows together.

            We're going to have a cooler day today with highs in the 70's, but then tomorrow it will be back to the 80's and continue for the next week or so. I don't think the humidity has been too bad, but DH says it is. As I've aged, I seem to tolerate heat better than he does. My oldest DS is like his dad....the colder the better. They inherited it from DH's mom.

            Anita, I love the quilt block you have as your avatar. What is the name of it?

            I better start getting ready for work.


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              It’s from a pattern from All People Quilt. It’s called Patriotic Points Wall Hanging. You have to create an account to get it.....but it’s free. I tried to attach won’t let me. 🙁

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              Thanks, Anita. I'll check it out.

            I am not sure what I will do today. I know what I should do and that is laundry.

            I made a quilt top a few years back and since I am trying to finish up all my UFO's I quilted it last week and finished the binding. I noticed there was a scorched spot on it. It must have been made before I got a decent iron. I googled how to get rid of scorched spots. One way was to use Hydrogen Peroxide. Would you believe this worked! Last night I used a q-tip and rub the peroxide on it and at the time it didn't look like it did a thing. This morning I looked at it again and the spot is gone! I am happy that I saved the quilt.

            I ordered some sale thing from LL Bean and I went back to check and see if they had issued a tracking number. I have ordered the items twice . Grrrrr. I couldn't figure out how to cancel one of the orders, so I am waiting until I can call customer service this morning.

            Have a great day


              Good morning all. It's going to be another hot one today but not as hot as yesterday. Spent all day inside except for watering in the morning. It was even still too hot to sit outside last evening.

              Monique, glad Dougie is home. I am sure he was very happy that you had taken care of things at his place. Anita, I am happy you guys got that tree limb taken care of safely.

              Katrina, good luck with all your vehicle and appliance paperwork and issues. Hope all gets settled with a minimum of stress....or none at all. Carlie, so sorry to hear your sons check and the card they sent your son still haven't arrived but happy to hear he is on the path to getting into the care facility.

              Julie, good idea about making sure your mom's glasses get directly to her. Joy, it sounds like you had quite a busy day of weeding yesterday. Be careful in the heat.
              Barb, that is an awesome quilt. I did a dresden plate pillow cover once. I would love to do a whole quilt of plates and in the 30's fabric.

              Jeanne, have an easy day at work. Teresa, how wonderful that the scorch mark came out!

              Well it's time to get stuff done. Not sure exactly what that will be just yet though. Stay safe everyone. Make it the best day you can.
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                Good morning. It will be another hot day here. Yesterday I went to see the orthopedic surgeon about doing a hip scope. I am scheduled for August 5th. I definitely need it. I was up at 2:30 this morn with hip/leg pain. I took a Benadryl to get back to sleep.

                I just have to sew the binding on the baby quilt. Another project will be completed. I have a difficult time with the circle getting appliquéd to the body of the quilt. I usually end up using a zigzag stitch.

                Stay safe and cool today.