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    I am looking at the bottom of the forums page and I see where there are 113 users on line, 7 members and 106 guest.
    Come on folks join us. Its Free and open 24 hours / 7 days a week.

    If members are online and don't login it looks like they are guests. But for those who are truly guests, they're not getting all the features available on the forum if they're not members.

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      A lot of times I don't log in if my time is limited, and I just want a quick look at what's going on. If you don't log in, you also don't get to see the photos of some very pretty quilts, or any messages you might receive. Logging in takes what 1 minute?? I do admit there are times I'm just to lazy to bother.
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      • TMP
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        I also stay logged in

      • JCY
        JCY commented
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        Logging on takes only seconds. I never stay logged on to any web site, & I don't let any web site "remember" my passwords, etc. Safer that way.

      • ktdid
        ktdid commented
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        Your right JCY, you should not stay logged on, I always shut my Beast down for the night, I had a HP rep. tell me he kept his on all the time, and stayed logged in to many sites. I guess one night he woke up, and there on the screen someone had accessed his computer and was downloading, and uploading! he said it made a believer out of him, to shut that thing off!