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    It's Monday

    Good morning friends. It has been so hot of late. The air is so thick. We did have a storm Sunday morning complete with thunder, lightening and heavy rain and I SLEPT through it all. I still can't believe it. I was able to secure keys to Doug's house and was able to get in there. Seems like he left in a hurray as there were dirty dishes. Got those done, collected laundry, and went back before supper last night and vacuumed the carpets, washed floors and bathroom. I don't know when he will be home but at least it will be relatively clean. It was so hot the sweat was dripping off my nose.

    My sister-in-law and I went grocery shopping yesterday. I needed 'things' I can take for lunches. So we will eat well for a few days anyways, LOL!! No sewing as it is just too hot.

    Some large animal passed through the yard the night/morning before. Hubby thought maybe a moose with a calf or a cow with a calf. Large patties left behind.

    And so my work week begins. I still have Bonnie's quilt to finish so I will take that with me again today. Masks are mandatory now for us and customers. I was given one by the post office but guess where they come from? China. I soaked in hot water with soap so it is ready to go today but I will also take the one I made myself.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique and all who follow....

    Wow, a moose! How cool is that! Well, it would be cool to me....I've only seen them from a distance. Hope work is kind to you and not too uncomfortable with a mask.

    It's been scorching hot here of late. We did the lawn Saturday and I felt like a puddle.....but good thing it was done. Rained....poured Sunday. We sure need it, but wow....all at once! Humidity is to be somewhat lower today....doin a happy dance. Anything lower is better!

    I feel better each day.....I'm so very thankful to the Lord for His grace.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day, stay cool as you can and safe!
    💫 Star lover


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      I looked up moose poop and now it seems like it was a cow. No cows near me so I have no idea where it came from. It's a mystery Charlie Brown, lol!! I am glad you are feeling better.

    Good Morning. I’ve been awake for quite a while..not feeling great. In a bit I can get up and make some tea.

    We had storms last night but I’m not sure if they gave us any rain. I really hope so.

    I had a chance to sew yesterday but I was too lazy and just goofed off instead. We had tacos for dinner. Jeff always turns his tacos into a salad. He loves salad in any form.

    The covid cases are creeping up in our area. In our county there are 16 but surrounding counties have many more. I pray for safety for all of us here On the forum and for our families.

    Plus Sign quilts are fun to make. The one on the left was made from leftover charm squares and bits from my stash. I actually made it to keep in our truck but after it was all done I decided it would have a better life in the house. The gray quilt on the right was made with large pieces cut from yardage in many shades, textures and prints in gray. It’s King size and my daughter took it home with her on her last visit.

    Have a great Monday friends. Hugs....
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    Scottie Mom Barb


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      Barb, I really enjoy seeing the pictures of your quilts.

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      Loving all your quilt pictures. I’ve lost my sewing mojo and I’m hoping that quilt exposure may get me back in the mood again.

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      Lucky daughter! I love your quilts.

    Good morning!

    Temps will be cooler today, in the mid 80's. Unfortunately, the dew point is rather high -- "steamy" is the word used in the weather report. We had a storm yesterday afternoon, lots of thunder and some heavy rain. It was over in less than an hour.

    I have a care team meeting with Mom's facility today. The director won't be participating, but that's fine. I just have a couple of questions about Mom's care now that hospice is involved. My Texas sister is obsessed with Mom's wardrobe. My brother took a picture of Mom when he saw her last week. In the photo, Mom has a stain on the front of her shirt. It looks like she spilled some tea. My sister is horrified Mom was wearing a stained shirt and is on a mission to get her new shirts. I tried to explain it is a newer shirt, I gave it Mom right before the lockdown in March. She is funny -- she has decided the shirt is not worthy and has to go. Things must be slow in Texas if Mom's wardrobe is her biggest problem.

    I spent some quality time in the sewing room yesterday. I worked on a patriotic heart, based on the American pillow amartin24 posted at the end of June. Mine will be a wallhanging for the front window. There is a bracket for a flag on the front of the house, but it was installed by a tall person and is difficult for me to reach without hauling a step stool outside. This will be much easier for me to put up and take down on patriotic holidays.

    Time for some breakfast before logging into work. Have a wonderful day!


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      Hi Julie, not sure what part of TX your sister is in, but yes things are slow in Texas, but not slow enough for me to get worried about someone's clothes. Sis, must need a reason to shop. LOL

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Yesterday was a little cooler, if you didn't stay in the sun it was tolerable with the breeze but I didn't spend too much time outdoors. This morning it is 63 and a dewpoint of 61. Getting tired of all this heat and humidity, I would rather have the windows open.

    My sister left for Arkansas with her boyfriend. He has a son who lives down there. So I am on duty to get Jellybean (a mini dachshund) outside and make sure she has water. My niece comes at night to take care of feeding her and the kitty.

    I got the bead/sequin wall hanging done as far as the beads and sequins. I found that several were popped off because I was rolling it each night. The thread caught one or two each time. Thinking of putting a backing on it so that it doesn't continue to happen. Might even put a "border" on it to make it a little larger. No sewing done this weekend but I did get the dishtowels ready for me to embroider for my daughter. That will be the next project to work on while watching TV in the evenings.

    Today I have my weekly trip to the grocery store and then I will probably work on getting my herb garden cleaned up. Have a great day everyone.


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ A reprieve from the extreme heat yest. The high was 90. Like Barb, I had time to sew, but I didn't. I took it easy, read in my book (I have one going all the time), & watched several videos on YT. I've been going through Karen Brown's quilting videos to view some I hadn't seen before. I also watched a live chat with Mat & Savanna Shaw from Utah, the father/dau. singing duo. It was with their whole family. Very nice. They've been busy in the recording studio. They are working on an album. No word on when it will be released.

      Our gr. son got married in eastern WA yest. I'm hoping to get some pics soon. It was to be held at a wedding event place. His new wife is in college studying to be a vet.

      Monique ~ We have moose in Colo., but mostly they're at the higher elevations in the mts. They've been known to wander down on rare occasions. There are quite a few on the western slopes in Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park in the Grand Lake area. Hmmm. Wonder how a cow wandered through your yard? There are more common problems here with mountain lions & bears in the foothills.

      I'm hoping to do some weeding in the flower bed this a.m. while it's cool. I'll see how much I can get done before the garbage truck comes by, which usually isn't until noon or after. Also it will be the usual Mon. laundry.


        Good Morning All,

        I guess it's hot all over. Yesterday afternoon was miserable, but not as hot as it's been.

        I pulled the next Christmas Ugly out of the box and pressed it. Everything is ready to sandwich, when I get motivated to move. I'm in need of some coffee this morning!

        Nana and Nandy have applied for a rescue poodle. Yesterday at dinner, the volunteer called. Diane had put me down for a reference. Diane called while I was on the phone with her. Apparently she'd been in contact with someone about a different dog, but it turned out to be a scam. This is a reputable shelter. The volunteer certainly did a good job of asking all the right questions. I do hope she's able to get a young dog. She's going to need something to love once the grands start their traveling.

        Well, Mike wants to go talk to the insurance guy today about the malibu before we talk to Martin. He's wondering how much that will be. lol, more than his truck insurance, that's for sure.

        Have a wonderful day. Stay cool and hydrated.

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good morning all. It is another hot, hot day here. We got the outside watering taken care of first thing this morning. The rest of the day will be spent keeping cool and hydrated inside. We were able to sit outside on the front porch last evening for a bit. I am hoping for the same tonight.

          We had a great weekend. We headed up to Rob and John's Saturday morning. We went to a local nursery and helped them pick out some plants and shrubs. My sis and her hubby stopped over for a short visit so we got to see each other too. After dinner and when it got dark enough, we sat out on the deck and we were excited to see a few shooting stars and also amazingly, we spotted the Neowise comet. You could see it faintly with the naked eye but it was much clearer through the binoculars. We had tried to see it here at home with no luck. Too much light. But up in Lake Peekskill there is a lot less light pollution. And as a bonus, we saw the International Space Station traveling across the sky. It was a fantastic evening.

          John had to work yesterday so we got to see him only for a short time in the morning. We went out early in the morning after John left for work and helped Rob get the plants and shrubs into the ground. We wanted to get the work done before it got too hot. We stayed until early afternoon.

          I finished the binding on the log cabin quilt last night while watching tv. So the guest bedroom has a nice new quilt....can't wait to have some guests again.

          It will be too hot in my sewing room to spend much time in there today. Maybe I will just pull some fabric for a few more Farmer's Wife blocks and cut the pieces downstairs or I could take a pile of my scraps, a small cutting mat and my rotary cutter, set up on the island in the kitchen and get the scraps cut into usable pieces.

          But first, it's time to finish some laundry. Have a good day everyone. Keep cool. Stay safe.
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          Ginny B


            Good morning everyone,

            I spent the weekend at the cabin....just the dogs and me. I brought the scrap quilting project with me, but ended up reading a couple of books, walking the dogs, and just sitting and looking at the lake. No internet at the cabin, and that's fine with me, although DS and family are constantly telling me I should have it put in. DD tells me, "Mom, your cabin, your rules." LOL

            Tomorrow is a work day at J's. I've been praying that the Lord will guide me in a decision to quit or stay. Right now we are getting "bonus pay", but that's supposed to end at the end of this month. That might be a factor in my decision.

            Today's plan is get the cabin laundry done: sheets and towels. DD wants some masks from Harry Potter fabric. I picked up some at work last week. DIL asked for masks for the GKs. She's thinking ahead about school this fall, although we still don't know what reopening will look like here in MN.

            My stomach says it's time to eat something! I hope everyone finds something pleasant about their day. Jeanne


              Good morning!

              Yay, it's still morning and I made it here. I'm ready to buy the paint to re-do the kitchen and dining rooms. I have 4 paint decks and had to find the right nuance to make me able to make a commitment. There rooms were a pretty green that was close to a light palm tree color but I'm getting restless so it will be a darker green color. I found a pretty fabric so will make a new valance for the kitchen window.

              There is a new shower curtain and towels waiting for me to hang. I want to machine embroidery the towels first using a knock down technique before stitching the designs. It should be fun. Our LQS had a class last year on it and hopefully I can remember all the steps.

              Off to the paint store. Have a wonderful and fun day!


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                I've never heard of the "knock down" technique for machine embroidery. Can you explain it or post some pictures? It sounds interesting.

              Hello to all today'
              We're continuing our turn with the hot weather. It could be worse however, but it's been cloudy on and off. It makes such a big difference to not have the sun coming in the windows.

              Friday our daughter's dog had some minor surgery, but it's enough that somebody needs to be with her constantly to keep her from scratching the stitches. I'm not getting much done, as the hubby is outside doing badly needed painting.

              I am making progress on the quilt I've been working on since February. I'm starting the last bit of quilting today; I just need to figure out how to line up the half circles so everything is even and doesn't look like I colored outside of the lines. This thing is the Murphy's Law of quilts. When it's finished I never want to see it again. Hubby commented that I've learned so many things. Yes, I bad I'll never do another one of these again.

              I finally broke down and went to the doctor because of some foot/ankle pain that I've been having. I had an x-ray and have an appointment to see an orthopedic guy later in the week, but it looks like I've fractured the navicular bone in my foot. If that's the case, I'm going to be one grumpy old woman because I'll be in a cast and won't be walking my 4 miles a day. Walking is my sanity.

              Well, lunch is over and the news has been read. Time to get back to doing all the stuff that needs to be done that I don't want to do.....then I can quilt. Have a good one.....


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                Oh Barbara, I hope it's not broken. being in a cast this time of year would be a nightmare.

              Hello everyone;
              The dr cancelled my dh's hip replacement surgery. She said his BMI was too high. So now he and I are on a doctor-led medical fast. That's what the program is called but I think it is basically a liquid protein diet. My dh is in terrible pain when he walks; his hip is just bone on bone, so he wants to get the weight loss going as fast as it can. I'm doing it with him to support him (and I am fat Fat FAT!) Meanwhile my daughter is getting married on Saturday and I have no intention of missing the wedding dinner. I told dh upfront that i would not be dieting that day. It will be a small ceremony in the church with just immediate family. We're all very excited about it. It will be so nice to have something to celebrate!



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                I had my right hip replaced more than 8 years ago and the pain relief was phenomenal. Hopefully he can get the weight off quickly.