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What is that website that I.D.'s a picture?

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    What is that website that I.D.'s a picture?

    I knew I should have saved this info! A website where you can forward a photo of a flower, or a bird, or piece of fabric and it will tell you what it is. Lorie I think you originally posted this. I asked Alexa but she said hmm, I don't know that one!

    I don't think that was me. I use Bing and it searches for images. I just used it yesterday to find a certain type of bead. There are apps though. I found one just for plants and flowers or botany in general. lol I found this one, maybe you could try it out.

    Here's a site

    I just used Tineye and it works! Let's see if the link will work

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    🌺 Lorie


      If you use Chrome as a browser you can just right click on an image and do a google image search on the picture.
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