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    Hello Wednesday

    Good morning friends. We have a beautiful blue sky this morning and quite cool weather for the moment. The house is cooler than it was last week.

    The bedding got washed yesterday and put right back on. I worked on masks and I will continue that today. I also made some fabric ear savers. This morning we have to go to the bank and will pay for the vehicle we are getting, a 2009 Ford Escape. Not many miles on it as BIL never drove very far with it and great shape.

    My brother and his partner stopped by as they taking a tour on the motorbike. It was his birthday.

    So that is what my day looks like.

    Have a great day and stay safe everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning all,

    Looks to be another nice day, the sun is starting to brighten the sky. Up early this morning as we are having two friends over for brunch so I've been busy in the kitchen making quiches this morning and cutting up fruit. Yesterday I made some apple cinnamon muffins so just have to warm them up a bit.

    My big sewing for the week I made my husband another mask. Not a big accomplishment but for someone who lost all motivation to sew lately I was happy with that.

    We sure could use some rain here, everything is so dry. Will have to water all the planters l and veggies later.

    Well back to the kitchen to finish cooking up the bacon and spinach for one of the quiches. Wishing everyone a good day, be well and stay safe!
    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


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      You are making me hungry! It all sounds so good.

    Good morning!

    Today starts another heat wave -- temps at or near 90 for at least a week. I'm glad I have air conditioning but will miss having the windows open.

    We had a good porch visit with Mom yesterday. She looked good and was very chatty. We took her a couple of her older shirts. The clothes we sent with her are too big now that she has lost weight. My sister is looking through boxes for some of Mom's smaller sizes. Our sister in Texas ordered some smaller slacks or capris. Which is a good thing. We took her a pair of slacks yesterday, only to discover the hem wasn't sewn down. Mom was never very tall (around 5'1" in her prime); she always had to shorten her slacks. She must not have finished that pair before she outgrew them.

    I need to make a couple more masks and can't remember what I did with my elastic. I'm off to search before logging in to work. Have a wonderful day!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ I'm late this a.m., so I don't really have time to chat right now. DH is anxious for his breakfast. I ordered the DD from Jordan Fabrics, which is a mystery Kaffe Fassette FQ. Later I'll tell you about our guest speaker at quilt guild last night. We met again on Zoom; there were 77 of us.


        Good morning everyone,

        Work day for me today. I won't get home until 80 tonight. I've been seriously considering being done with this job and just enjoying my retirement.

        Yesterday I had my hair cut...not much of the brown color left. Probably the next cut I'll be all gray. It's salt and pepper according to the hairdresser. While in Grand Forks, I had an appt. to get the car's oil changed. Did that, plus rotated tires, and had to have a new engine filter of some kind installed. Other than that, they said everything else was fine. I made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way out of town, and was home by 3:30. I headed to the sewing room and made another block for the scrap challenge, then made some masks for DD and her roommate.

        That was it for my day...nothing too exciting, but that's ok. Enjoy your day, everyone.


          Good morning all. It looks like it is going to be a nice day. We went to the beach yesterday morning. It was a nice morning there. Then I had a nice outdoor visit with Ceil. The only sewing that happened yesterday was a bit more on the log cabin binding last evening.

          Monique, congrats on the new to you car. I love my Ford Escape. Cathy, sounds like a yummy brunch. Julie, I am glad you had such a good visit with your mom yesterday.

          Not sure what will be on the agenda today. The sewing room is beckoning and the backyard too. I need to make some potato salad to go with the burgers hubby will be grilling tonight.

          Have a good day everyone. Stay cool, stay well and stay safe.
          Ginny B


            Good Morning all,

            Today is very cool compared to what the temps have been lately. House is open, it's 60 degrees outside but dewpoint is 59 so it is rather humid. I'll take it for now. Supposed to be in the 80's today and humid.

            Worked on the carpenter wheel yesterday for several hours. I set it aside as I was getting frustrated. I have the center done and the outer part is pieced together in pieces. What is frustrating me now is attaching the outside to the inside. I'll eventually get it, I'm stubborn enough to not give up.

            Today is a trip to the vet for my two dogs. It is a little over an hour away. We do have vets here in town but I go to a friend of mine who I met at taekwondo classes years ago. I had had to put my little dog to sleep and she was so sympathetic whereas the vet I had at the time really didn't show any sympathy at all. At first I thought she was a vet tech but found out that she is the vet. When we moved to where we live now I did try a new vet but when my Milka had a tooth infection I took her in on a Saturday and was told there were no vets available on Saturdays. Did not make sense that they would be open with no vet. I called Doc Suzzi and she said bring her in so I have gone to her ever since. I will be stopping at my daughter's house to drop off the baby quilt for little Izzy (Isiah III). Can't wait to find out if mom and dad like the quilt.

            I should also do some laundry so I should get that going. Have a great day everyone.


              It's a wonderfully cool morning heading into a very hot day. For now, I will enjoy the fresh air with windows open.
              Mike wants to go to Sam's Club today- they've advertised a sale on lots of things he wants to get. I might go with him. Not sure. I'm not a shopper-- never really enjoyed any shopping except when I take my oldest granddaughter shopping for clothes.
              Yesterday I made one side of the quilt part of a quillow. I'll do the the other side today. Day before I got both sides done on the first quillow. I decided to make all the pieces for all the quillows, then I'll put them on the longarm. It's fun because these go so quickly and I can see results in one day. My plans were to make one for each grandchild for Christmas but now I'm thinking I may make some larger ones for each of the adults. Hmmm. I may just do that. That would be 10 more to make! I'll have to think about that.
              Take care everyone and have a happy day!
              ~ Carol from PA


                I went to the LQS yesterday and saw a friend, nice to have a little human contact. Of course I bought a little fabric, too. I got an order from M* yesterday, too. Now I m wondering if I should make my log cabin bigger and incorporate some of the new fabric or make two quilts🤔. Since I am putting a matelasse spread on the guest bed I can fold most quilts at the bottom and they will add interest so size isn't too important.
                We voted, our candidate lost. I was in a quandary about which one to vote for so I am not really disappointed.
                I manage to get the binding sewn to one side of a quilt and will hand sew it to the back, this one is special and deserves the hand work but I will do it gradually in my sewing room instead of in front of the tv. I don't want Cookie shedding on it and she is always in my lap during tv time.
                I may do a little fmq today, a fall wall hanging for the back porch. I will post a picture when both projects are done.😊
                That is a lot of "I" stuff, hope you all have a good day.


                  Good Morning. We made an early grocery run today. I still have to deal with the produce but everything is put away. Grocery shopping really wears me out. I will be sure to fix something super simple for dinner tonight. Beef is so expensive that I only bought chicken and pork.

                  Cathy, a brunch on your deck sounds delightful, especially with your yummy menu.

                  The blue quilt below is an Orange Peel quilt I made for Jeff’s Mom a few years ago. Blue is her favorite color. I hope I’m not boring you with my daily pictures of my quilts.

                  Have a great day friends....
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                  Scottie Mom Barb


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                    Always love blue & white quilts. This is a beauty. Gina

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                    Love it. Blue was my mothers favorite color. I am not bored with your pictures either!

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                    No, not bored here....I love seeing everyone's quilts.
                    I just misplaced my cell-phone and need to find it. I've done this (lost the phone) a few times in the past.....and usually always find it, but it does worry me at times. I've got a lot of photos on my phone I should back up!!!

                  Good Morning All,

                  It's already getting rather warm outside. We had storms go around us yesterday afternoon.

                  It was busy at Jim's house. Morgan had signed up to take a certification test yesterday. She was leaving when Mike and I arrived. We'd stopped at Hardee's and picked up breakfast on our way over. Jim had already taken all of the cabinet doors and drawer facings off and scrubbed them down outdoors. He was waiting for them to dry when we got there. After we all ate, he and Mike took the fish tanks to our storage sheds. They are nasty, Howard would be upset that he didn't scrub them better. Oh well, they're in the shed now and that's where they're going to stay. I'm not going to use them.

                  I patched in the living room and dining room where they took stuff down. The paint was left over, and had been kept in the attic for the last three years. I wasn't pleased with the job, needless to say. They may have to get a quart and go back over those spots. We painted the opening side of all of the doors. Jim was like I'm painting for pictures selling the house. I just said OK< like it would take that much effort to paint the backside of all of those doors.

                  Morgan didn't get to take the test. The testing center was closed. This is the second time she's gone and nobody was there. I know she was frustrated, but it was another person to help get what Jim wanted done yesterday accomplished. The kitchen cabinets are done, now they're moving on to the counter tops and the flooring of the cabinet under the sink where the disposal was leaking.

                  I'm planning on binding the last small ugly today and maybe cutting the batting for a couple of the larger ones. Melinda called yesterday, she thought she had Virginia Tech fabric, but it was Cavaliers. Shucks! Now to see if I can find any Hokie cotton. It may take a while as most places are still waiting for their collegiate orders to come in.

                  Mike's doing his laundry. I've got the order for Gabby's flea/ heart worm meds ordered and ready to pick up. I'll have to get her something to hide one of the pills in. She's picky! She loves chewy things, not hard. Next month will be getting her teeth cleaned. Won't she be a happy dog.... ha!

                  Time to get moving. Errands to run while we can, or before it gets much hotter! Have a great day!
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                    I usually use peanut butter and that irks for my two dachshunds. However my daughter has one dachshund that will onoy take her meds with a pill pocket.

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                    Hobby Lobby has some VT fabric. Don't know if this is what you're looking for.

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                    Thanks Karen, That's what I'm looking for. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing with this wall hanging. lol, so far, I have a VT pinwheel in the middle. I'll have to get some solids or marbled fabric, and go from there.

                  Good morning everyone. It's been very, very hot here lately. I've been in serious "cleaning & sorting through stuff" mode. We're having new windows installed in our home this Friday. It's time for the old windows to go. Hoping the new ones will help keep the house cooler. No current quilting project at the moment....because I know I would rather play with fabric than do much needed cleaning & organizing. 😁
                  "I'm putting together a list of 100 reasons why I am NOT relentless!" - Sue Heck, The Middle

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                  Sheldon (intrigued): You have a sarcasm sign?


                    Good Morning Again ~ Yest. we had sweet relief from the heat. The high was 82, but most of the day it was in the upper 70's. This a.m. it's a bit hazy from ozone. It's an air quality alert day. But it's sunny. More 90's after today.

                    I've been searching for new 1 qt. plastic freezer storage containers. I've been using the current ones for many years, & unfortunately, a few of them are cracking & wearing out. I did a search on line. I found what I wanted locally at our Ace Hdwr.; they were cheaper than the on line ones, & no shipping. I drove right up & picked up 4 pkgs. (of 3 each), Vit. Cot. is next door, so I restocked my Kombucha supply & bought a case of soy milk. Made a quick stop at my LQS just to browse, but didn't buy anything.

                    I couldn't pass up the DD today on Jordan's Fabrics for a Kaffe Fassett mystery bundle (20 FQs). I received $20. from my stepson for my BD, so there it went, plus a little more.

                    We had our monthly guild mtg. on Zoom last eve. The way things are going with this C-19 virus, we'll be doing the same for the rest of the year. Our annual tea was cancelled. Some of the sew days & retreats have been cancelled. The Sept. retreat still is up in the air. Our annual quilt show will have to be done virtually. The exec. bd. is readjusting plans to do things virtually. We are in the midst of a JR challenge. Quilts have to be turned in by Sept. I'm planning to donate the Smoke & Fire quilt for that. It will be a fund raiser auction which now will need to be done on line, virtually.

                    Our guest last eve. was Scott Fortunoff, CEO of JAFTEX Corp., which is a 4th generation textile business in NYC. They are celebrating 90 years. They carry such brands as Henry Glass, Blank Quilting Corp., several others, & acquired the Free Spirit line with Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink, & others from Coats & Clark. He's a very high energy guy & admitted to being OCD. He told about visiting KF's & Brandon's home in the UK. It was interesting to learn about the fabric business from his perspective. They are working on introducing new lines of fabrics months in advance. We got a sneak peak at some fabrics that will be coming out in a few mos. (We promised not to tell.) He stated that the best quality fabrics are made in S. Korea & Japan. Scott also gives away sewing machines to needy people.

                    Several of our guest speakers we had engaged for future meetings have cancelled due to C-19. Many speakers are having to redesign how they can present their programs & classes virtually. Our program chairman has been following Scott on fb & contacted him to speak to our mtg. We were fortunate to get him so quickly. He presented first, rather than after our usual mtg., because he was on EDT & it was so much later there.

                    Well, time for a late breakfast & to get on with my day.