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    Welcome Monday

    Good morning friends. Well what a weekend we had. Hubby didn't have a good day Friday. So Saturday he decided that we would go for a drive. Got in touch with our friend Lynda but she wasn't up for a road trip. I packed my little travel bag with a clean pair of underwear and a tooth brush. I wasn't sure where we were going. Met Lynda at the quilt store and bought more elastic. So we set off, stopping in a nice town for lunch. WELL, that was a battle as restaurants are only open for patio dining. It was raining, so the patio was closed. We set out on the road looking for a chip stand, ended up getting subs at Subway. We were sort of headed towards Trenton when hubby says to call Phil and see if he is home. So we went there instead and had a wonderful visit. Maizyn was pretty excited that we came. Left there Sunday morning and made a few stops at antique stores. We didn't buy anything, wearing masks everywhere we went. Masks are MANDATORY!! It was a long day but we ended the day with dinner with my brother and his wife. Yesterday was Les' birthday and tomorrow is my brother's birthday. We had a lovely visit but I was exhausted by the time we got home.

    I don't think we got the amount of rain we were all hoping for. It is so much cooler this morning than it has been. I have more masks to make. I will not answer the phone today because I don't want to work. I start Friday and work steady until the middle of August. I would like a few days to myself, am I being selfish?

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    You? selfish? I think not.
    Truly hot here...humid...I hope this is just a heat wave. The air conditioning compressor was replaced this weekend and the house is pleasant with the thermometer set at 80.
    Went out on the kayak yesterday morning. I am getting the hang of it.
    DH took it and went into the marsh.
    There is a great blue heron that I think must be nesting in the marsh. I see her often walking around over there. Lot of interesting different wildlife out there. seagulls, I saw a pair of white egrets, some big black hawks, a lone Canadian goose....DH caught an Atlantic sting ray...ugly critter but tasted good.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


    • Claire Hallman
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      We tried that circles from a sting ray scallop, it wouldn't work since those "wings"were totally sinews/tendons crisscrossing and virtually impossible for us to cut.

    • grammaterry
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      Claire, I wondered about that when I saw the meat. Didn't look at all like the soft fluffy scallops I love. DH insisted that was the one. Maybe its another fish and he has them confused. Sometimes I see he is confused about stuff lately

    • Monique
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      Terry I envy you kayaking.

    Good Morning. Monique, glad you got a little break away with Les. Jeff and I need to do that.

    Again the rain missed us yesterday. I guess we will have to water the hibiscus and some of the other shrubs to hold them over until rain comes. It’s either flooding or drought around here.

    Yesterday I baked a whole chicken and made oven roasted veggies. It was nice having something different for dinner. There are leftovers for another meal. I surprised a Jeff with some brownies, too.

    I would like to try a new embroidery design today. I think I can make it happen.

    What is more fitting than a tomato quilt? I made this quilt a few summers ago to celebrate an incredible tomato harvest. It was our first year to use 5 gallon buckets for tomato plants.

    Have a great day everyone.
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    Scottie Mom Barb


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      I love the tomatoes!

    • geegeequilts
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      Tomatoes look yummy! Gina

    • Monique
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      That is pretty cool.

    Good morning! Hope everyone is doing well.
    So Saturday I made the 6 masks for 2 granddaughters. My daughter will pick them up today on her way home from work. Yesterday Mike and I left around 9 AM and drove down to a casino that's a little over an hour away. It's the first time I've been there. Pennsylvania has always allowed smoking in casinos so I never went to one in PA. Well, the dept of health ordered this particular one to go totally nonsmoking. I don't know why. But I'm happy about that. We had a good time even though neither of us came home with a profit. We stopped for lunch at a local restaurant on the way home. The place was practically empty!
    I plan on starting on a quillow today. I'm going to use the pattern that Rob Appell demonstrated except I'm going to use a panel on one side of the quilt part. I have two other panels to make quillows for my other two granddaughters. I plan on saving them for Christmas gifts. I might make a couple for my grandsons, too, or at least the older one. He's two. The younger one won't be a year old till the beginning of November so I may wait till he's older.
    That's all folks!
    Have a happy day!
    ~ Carol from PA


      Good morning!

      Today is going to be a beautiful day -- high around 80 and sunny. The humidity is down and I have the windows open.

      Masks are mandatory here, too. I need to make a couple more. My county has the highest Covid-19 level in the state. They have been talking about the possibility of another shutdown. I asked when I ordered Mom's glasses, how I would get them if they had to close. The store said they would mail Mom's glasses to me. I wonder if the porch visits will stop? If so, would we be able to visit her anyway, since she is enrolled in hospice? I need to call over there today. My sister went without me last week and didn't make an appointment for this week.

      Speaking of my Ohio sister, she canceled her annual trip to Cedar Point. The weather is supposed to be hot this weekend and she would have had to wear a mask all the time -- in the hotel, the restaurant, the beach and the park. She has no problem wearing her mask when she goes out, she doesn't want to wear it 24/7. Here's hoping she can go next year.

      Time for some breakfast and to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


      • Nwmnteacher
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        We have to wear a mask at work, and let me tell you, wearing one for 8 hours straight, isn't fun.

      • MSN
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        Yep. I have to wear both a mask and a face shield all day, every day that I am at work. It really makes it hard to stay hydrated, since I can only remove the PPE if I can move way away from others. But whatever I have to do to help stop the spread of that deadly virus!

      Good Morning All,

      It's already bright and starting to warm up. It will be another hot one. Hopefully, we'll get some rain showers. We didn't yesterday.

      Mike's off today, not sure what Jim has planned. He's pretty discouraged with the job hunt situation. I can understand why. I think he's also figuring out he's always been in a service career and he's not sure about the corporate business world. Kid's got standards.

      I stayed out of the sewing room yesterday. Well, I went in and walked right out. I just couldn't get in the mood to sit down to sew. Maybe today.

      Time to get busy. Have a great day!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      • Mimi_Howard
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        I did the same thing yesterday... went into sewing room and was just going to try and clean up a little, nope not in the mood to even pet the fabric.

      Good Morning!

      Monique, what fun, a road trip on the spur of the moment. I cannot get my husband to do that kind of thing anymore. He just wants to stay home unless he has to get something from the store. Otherwise he is just fine and dandy at home. Me, I like to go out. Reminds me a lot of my youth when my grandparents would take my sisters and me out for a drive during the hot weather (we didn't have A/C when I was young). We always ended up at the Dairy Queen.

      Still feeling a little out of sorts. Took it easy again yesterday. I finished the baby quilt and also have the mystery quilt all pieced. It is only 59x68 so I am thinking I may add a couple of borders. I won't be able to get it large enough to fit on our queen size bed without looking wonky so I may just leave it an have it in the living room during the winter months. I guess I could actually go to the quilt store where I bought it and get some more of the material and add rows both vertically and horizontally. At this point I'm not sure.

      This morning is groceries and then after they are put away I am picking up my son. Things are not good with him He has been told he had an actual stroke recently and he told me he has not been doing well. He has no money for a room so he will be packing up his stuff today. He has asked me to take him up to the ER this morning. I wish we could get the paperwork through so we could get a low income place of his own. Does not look like that will happen any time soon.

      Once home I have a few household chores to do and then I will probably work on something in the sewing room.

      Have a great day everyone.


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Temps. still are in the mid to upper 90's. A possible reprieve coming for Tues. & Wed. with 80's.

        I took it easy yest. Did quite a bit of reading. Always need to do the daily hand watering of the flower beds & pots on the patio. The flowers I planted last week seem to be doing well. The lawn really needs to be fertilized. I might be able to do it this week when it cools off a bit.

        I plan to bake DH's spelt bread today. I'll get it started right after his breakfast.


        • grammaterry
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          I read a wonderful book yesterday..."where the crawdads sing" is about a young girl growing up abandoned at age 10 in the NC marsh in the 50's with a murder mystery and love story intertwined. I cried, smiled, and couldn't put it down.

        • JCY
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          I just finished reading 2 of Catherine Marshall's books: Julie and Christy. Maybe some will remember the TV series based on the Christy book. Both books are based on facts in Catherine's family history. I'm currently reading one of Walt Whitmore's books on the Appalachian people in the hills of TN or NC back in the 1920's. I have a book going all the time.

        Good morning all. Sounds like a very nice weekend Monique. Maizyn must have been thrilled to see you guys. Ours was different than we thought it would be. We had planned on going up to Rob and John's on Saturday and spend the night. But since we got lots of rain on Friday and they were expecting tstorms up their way on Saturday and our plans included lots of outdoor activities, we all decided to wait until next weekend. I was disappointed but looking forward to next weekend now.

        I finished the binding on the flag wallhanging on Friday night and it's up on the wall now.
        I didn't get anything much accomplished other than that this weekend. I couldn't seem to focus on a direction I wanted to go. I did finish another book. I have done a lot of reading since March. I am still working on the log cabin binding.

        Terry, seems like you are really liking your new place and the area. That's great! Carol, I haven't made a quillow in a while. That might be an idea for a Christmas gift for a grand or two this year. Thanks for the idea. Barb, I hope you get to do the new embroidery pattern. I haven't turned my embroidery machine on in a few weeks. I need to get some inspiration. I may look through my patterns and see if anything speaks to me.

        Today I need to get some laundry done and I want to make a new mask for Zeke. He has been going to a School of Rock program and he needs to wear a mask so I will make him a music themed mask and get it in the mail to him.

        Have a good Monday everyone. Stay safe and well.
        Ginny B


          It is so nice and cool here this morning after a thunder boomer came through yesterday afternoon. After it passed we were able to grill some pork chops, they were yummy. Today, who knows, I am so tired of planning meals and cooking but not yet tired of eating.

          I re-made the double gathered bed skirt into a tailored queen one, hope to install it today, not looking forward to having to get on the floor to get that accomplished.😲 I ordered a mattlassee [sp?] bedspread for that bed since the quilts I have for there are now too narrow. I think they will look good just folded across the bottom and easy to change out for different seasons.

          I decided my next quilt will be made from a Jo Morton jelly roll along with some extra yardage. I think a log cabin but I can't decide if I want regular or curved one, I am leaning towards curved and cutting the neutral yardage I have for the light curved bits.

          I think I am picking up my long armed quilt today or tomorrow, I have seen videos of her working on it and I am so very excited. I had planned on entering it in our guild show but that is postponed until 2022.😥

          So sorry for everyone's troubles, life is just not very fun at the moment.😢


            Good morning everyone,

            After two nights of not sleeping well, I slept like a rock last night.

            It's cooler this morning, although we're supposed to see 80 today. There's 100% chance of rain with some thunderstorms later today, so it's rather gloomy looking outside. My garden says it's time for some water.

            We were quite busy at work yesterday with the clearance sale going on. I blew my fabric diet and came home with a bag full! Clearance fabric was 50% off on top of its regular clearance price.....I couldn't say no :-( Now to find some space for it in the overflowing sewing room. I have to admit, I'm a fabric addict.

            I'm off to find another cup of coffee.


            • Monique
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              I don't think I could work in a fabric store. I wouldn't make any money at all.