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Good Sunday Morning

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    Good Sunday Morning

    Good Morning All,

    I hope we're not double starting the day, but here goes anyway.

    Yesterday was a scorcher here, with a feels like temperature of 105. The clouds started building and after Mike got off work, he decided he wanted something cold for dinner. I couldn't think of anything but the Chicken Salad Chicks. It was good, but we barely made it there before closing. Who closes a restaurant at 6? We had chicken salad croissants. It was good. A quick trip to Target and then back home. We could see the scattered storms against the bright sun. By the time we got home the clouds were building. Gabby did her trip outside toot sweet, when the first thunder rolled. The clouds were amazing, color wise, at least. The sun was setting, and it went from a greenish gray to rosy in some areas, before the clouds went loose!

    Gabby has discovered lizards. The brown anoles have discovered the porch. In the evenings it's fun to watch Gabby at the door wanting to get to the tiny lizards. I think it's time to get the bird feeders back out. Then the issue will be squirrels. Ugg

    I didn't make it into the sewing room yesterday. Maybe today, after church. I have one quilt sandwiched and waiting on the ironing board.

    Time to get ready for church. Take care!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou

    Good Morning, It’s going to be so hot here again today. We were supposed to get storms with rain last night but it didn’t happen. We have huge cracks in the ground from lack of rain.

    Yesterday I made a quick trip to Dollar General for a few items. The store was quite a mess. I guess they must have had a sale. I was in and out in no time. Their a/c wasn’t working and I was wearing a mask and I couldn’t stay in there as long as I would have liked. A girl needs to breathe after all.

    Maggie and Sugar have been enjoying their little swimming pool.

    There is still no sewing going on here. I have been watching some of Jenny’s older tutorials. Many of my favorites are older ones. The picture below is made from one of Jenny’s older tutorials, Exploding Block.

    Wishing you all a wonderful day...


    Scottie Mom Barb


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      Love the quilt!

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      Beautiful work, Barb!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Thanks, Katrina, for getting us started this a.m. It's hot here, too, but it was 10 deg. cooler yest. than the day before. Our high was 97. It cooled off just a little bit last night. At least I slept better. It's 64 this a.m.

    Yest. a.m. I cooked up the beans & put the containers in the freezer. Three lb. of beans makes 10 containers (1.5 pt.). I did some vacuuming & cleaned in the bathroom. Washed the rugs. With my new dryer, I can't use heat on any rubber backed rugs. I only can air fluff them, then I have to line dry them outside. They dried quickly in all that heat. Every eve. is the hand watering routine for the pots on the patio & the flower beds. I have one area the sprinkler system doesn't reach, so I have to set out a small sprinkler. It's a constant vigil in all this heat.

    The church is having service in the parking lot today. People can either sit in their cars or take lawn chairs. There is absolutely no shade. I'll wait & watch the video on YT.

    No set plans for today. I really hope to make it to the sewing room today.


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      We have the service at 8:15 outside, and 10:15 inside that's on YouTube. Jim's decided that if Morgan's working, we'll go to the 10 service inside. If Morgan's off we'll go to the early service in the shade. Today, it was just the two of us. Nana and Nandy won't wear masks, so they stayed home with the kids. I don't think I'll be going to the outside services, because of the heat and humidity... unless I can find some lighter weight clothes!

    Good morning everyone,

    My alarm was set for 5:30 (or so I thought), but it went off at 4:30. I tried to go back to sleep but gave up a little before 50, and got up. As expected, I was really tired after work yesterday. I was in bed at 8:45 pm. Another work day today. We are getting ready for inventory next week, so lots to do. I made it through the day without buying any fabric.....yay me!!! FYI, for those of you that live near a J's, there's a big one day sale today.

    That's it for me. Have a restful Sunday all.


      Good Morning,

      Yesterday I was a little out of sorts so didn't do much, completed the embroidery for the baby quilt and I'll probably layer and start the quilting today. Worked on a counted cross stitch last night while watching TV. It was hot and a little less humid yesterday until we got storms mid afternoon. About 2:30 we were put in a thunderstorm warning and the rains came like crazy followed by a tornado warning so I spent about 10 minutes in the basement. We got about .80 inches of rain in about 15 minutes. We had another threat of rain about supper time but we didn't get any of that.

      Today is church online and then I'll work on the baby quilt. Not much else planned for today. Have a great day!


        It is going to be a beautiful Summer day here, hot and humid.😅Last night at 70 it was still 90 degrees, whew. Actually earlier it was not too bad and I was able to plant the last three plants in the new flower bed. At least the last three that are evergreen or perennial. I always put out some sort of annual flowers here and there.
        The new queen mattress arrived yesterday, I was surprised when the guy walked in with a huge roll on his shoulder. It unrolled onto the springs looking quite flat, amazing. He did say to wait 8-10 hours before laying on it. I now need to re-make the dust ruffle into a tailored style instead of gathered which should be fairly easy, it is made in 3 pieces on "waistbands" so I see some un-sewing in my future, I might be able to just cut off the waistband as they seem long but I need to do some measurements first. 🤔
        My newest quilt top project will have to be expanded to fit the wider bed and longer drop. No problem I think, just another border or two, hopefully no more blocks. 😊
        I didn't know anyone with c 19 until last week, now I know 3 people, sad, two aren't sick and the other is not terribly sick, I hope it stays that way. Luckily I haven't been in actual contact with them. Things seem to be escalating here.😕

        Have a lovely day and upcoming week.


          Good morning everyone. I don't keep track of the temps, but I can say it's been hot, hot, hot. I have babysitting duty this weekend, so not much else happening. We did manage a trip to the post office yesterday to put some masks in the mail. Also a sleepover at mimi's is not complete without a trip to Chick fil A. Other than that, it's short order cook time. For breakfast this morning, we've already had yogurt, a muffin, and now she's begging for an apple. Glad to see you are all staying safe.


            Good morning!

            Temps will be a seasonal 81 today. I have the windows open this morning, trying to catch a breeze. There isn't much wind and the humidity is higher than I would like. We do have a low chance of rain (30%), but it looks like it is mostly south of here.

            I need to grocery shopping. I may hold off and go tomorrow. I admit to being spoiled with the telework -- it is so nice to be able to go to the store during the week when it isn't as busy. Looks like we'll be teleworking at least through the end of the year. Covid cases are on the rise in the county where I live. We are at level 3, but meet most of the criteria for a level 4. There is talk our county may shut down again if we reach level 4.

            It's been fun watching the poll I posted about which border to use. I don't feel so bad about not knowing which one to pick. The one border was in the lead at first and now the other one has the most votes, although they are still close. My two sisters sent me their opinions via email.

            No real plans again today, mostly housework and the sewing room. Have a wonderful day!


              Good day everyone,
              It was another really hot & humid day yesterday. We got much needed rain overnight into the morning. Needless to say that DH's planned breakfast gathering with his son, DIL & GKs was moved indoors. Although we have been reluctant to have anyone in the house, we know that they have been mostly at home, and take precautions when out. They brought some delicious breakfast pastries from a bakery in the neck of the woods. OH MY. We may have to make a trip there. I put out fresh fruits, watermelon, cheese and assorted drinks for the kiddies. They are growing up fast. They were surprised when we told them, the bedroom upstairs no longer contained toys. I gave away the play kitchen, small table & chairs and a lot of the toys they have outgrown. The bedroom is back to guestroom, and this should keep the house cleaner. They come so few times per year before Covid, time to make use of our space. My daughter agrees, as her kiddos can play with other things -- games, crafts, etc. when they visit.

              I did sew on the 2 borders on the 9patch/hourglass quilt. I also have some flannel which is perfect for the back. Tonight I have a mammogram, which was rescheduled due to C-19. Then Tuesday, I will go for another C-19 test, so I can visit mom on Thursday. That's all for now. Be safe everyone.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                It's nearly Monday, and I'm just getting around to reading the news. I have been so busy the past few weeks that I haven't had time to check in. My son in law has terminal cancer, and is nearing the end. I've been trying to keep DD's feelings on an even keel. She doesn't want us to come up there, and knowing how stubborn she is, I won't go. I think he only has a few more days as it has reached his brain and he's in a coma. She wants to come here as soon as he dies and bring the dog. Sheba is very attached to Ted and Terry thinks she will adjust better here. My poor cat will have a heart attack! Sheba is used to having cats around, so hopefully it will all work out. We will go back to IL with her and help clean out. Ted is a hoarder, not like the ones on TV. He has 3 storage sheds full of stuff, and a mobile home full. Anyway, looks like the next few weeks will be busy also. I dread going to IL in summer. It's almost as hot there as here, and the sheds are not air conditioned. I really suffer from heat now that I'm so old! I'll take along a small quilt to work on. Terry still has my antique machine. It's a Singer 301A I bought in 1958! Hope it works. I'll pack in the Janome just in case. I'll try to be better about checking in!



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                  So sorry to hear about your son-in-law. As for your machine, all it will need is some TLC and you will have that baby happily sewing along.

                • KPH
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                  Lifting you and yours in prayers. I'd think being a third party in the cleaning out would make things easier to get rid of. I wonder if the owners of the storage sheds would help with recommendations for auctioneers to just auction the stuff off.

                • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                  Linda, I'm so sorry to hear about your SIL. This is so difficult a diagnosis in the most difficult of times.

                Ted (SIL) owns the sheds. They are on their property. DD is not sure what is in all of them, so I think we will call an auctioneer. Lots of the stuff can be thrown away. Then she has to get their business going again, or sell it. She has been waiting on the courts to open. They counsel domestic abusers who have been paroled from prison. They have to go to counseling as part of the parole. The courts have been closed because of the virus, so she has no clients at the moment. When it rains, it pours for some folks! Fortunately we can help with most of her troubles.