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Welcome Saturday and RAIN!!

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    Welcome Saturday and RAIN!!

    Dare I say that out loud? A nice soft rain is falling and we desperately need it. Not sure what today will bring but we have RAIN!!

    I had a great work day yesterday, busy but good. She may need me for a few days next week, she will call me if she does. I made it known that I was booked right through to September.

    Maizyn has started talking to her dad's girlfriend. What an amazing accomplishment for her. She doesn't speak with people, other than her immediate family. With the girlfriend living with Dad and seeing her every day, she is coming out of her shell. I am so proud of her.

    Have a great day everyone and God, thank you for the much needed rain. I hope it rains all day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning. We received a lot of rain yesterday — almost 4 inches. I went to get my nails done and was drenched by the time I made it back home. Hopefully my shoes have dried out. The sun is out this morn. We are back to the 90’s.

    I volunteer at the cafe this morning. I hope to sew a bit more on my baby quilt. Some lines are straighter than others.

    Have a good day.


      Good Morning. Monique, enjoy the rain. We sure could use some on our parched yard. Every time they tell us rain is coming it just misses us.

      I’m not sure what is on our agenda today. I would like to do some machine embroidery but the thought of the mess I always make is a bit much. I promised Jeff a pan of brownies and you can be sure he won’t let me forget to make them.

      Our Hardy Hibiscus are beginning to pretty. I would post a picture but I can’t get photos to attach. I have a lot of trouble with our new format.

      It’s time for me to eat my breakfast and get moving. There are a few loads of laundry calling my name.

      Have a great day everyone. Hugs.....

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Good morning!

        We had some rain overnight, too. We should see more rain on and off today. It looks like most of it will be east of here.

        I ordered Mom's glasses yesterday! They will be ready in two weeks. My sister gave me a pair of what she thought were Mom's old glasses. Turns out they were cheaters. 🙁 Mom's prescription is for bifocals, so they couldn't be used to gauge where her pupils are for the bifocal line. They had to use my eyes to make a guesstimate. I found some frames that are similar to her old ones. I thought her glasses were reasonably priced -- compared to the sticker shock I experienced for mine. I may go back when it is time for me to get new glasses.

        When I got home from the eyeglass store, I found a package with the fabric I ordered from Etsy. It turned out not to be an exact match to the one fabric in the quilt. That's one of the problems with ordering fabric online. The way the color looks on the computer screen isn't necessarily what it looks like in person. It is close enough, I'm waffling on the border again. I might take some pictures and post a poll to see what other people think. I hate being this indecisive.

        No real plans for today, just the usual housework and maybe some time in the sewing room. Have a wonderful day!


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Hot - hot - hot! Yest. the temp. hit 107 at our house. DS#2's vehicle showed 104. The weather phone no. DH freq. calls said it was 111 at that location, which is in a nearby town. The 7 day forecast is for temps. in the middle to upper 90's. No relief in sight. I gave the sprinkler system an extra run last night. The lawn really is looking stressed.

          The diagnosis from the endodontist yest. for DH indicates he needs a root canal.
          🤨 He's not happy about that. I set up an appt. for next mo. Of course, it's not covered by our dental ins. He has so much dental work that needs to be done.

          I went groc. shopping at 3 stores yest. a.m. prior to the dental appt. I'm trying to shop just once a week to limit my time out & about. It looks like the C-19 virus isn't calming down any time soon. Will it always be with us?! One wonders. I think I need to make a couple more masks, since they're still required, & it looks like we'll be wearing them for a good long time. The school districts still are trying to decide about resuming school next mo.

          I'll be cooking DH's Anasazi beans today then I should be caught up with his foods for a few days. I cooked up beets yest. I'll need to bake bread again next week.

          Have a good week end. Stay hydrated!


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            My son-in-law has been going through similar issues with his teeth. He had several root canals done and recently was experiencing pain. He went to an endodonist, which I've never heard of, and several, if not all, of the root canals were not completed and therefore were infected. He was told that a dentist should never do a root canal. He is doing better now but will need several more treatments to complete the partial root canals.

          Good morning everyone,

          I'll be working at J's this weekend, so I'll be one tired puppy by Sunday eve. Now, if I can just keep myself from buying anything!!!

          Yesterday was a gorgeous day...just perfect! I spent some time in the garden pulling some weeds and just admiring how well everything is doing. We're anxious to start getting some homegrown produce on the table. DH spent some time trimming some of the huge trees in the backyard (I know, it's the wrong time of the year to be cutting tree branches, but you can't tell him that!!) I helped him drag the big branches to the side of the road where the city crew will pick them up. It really did open up the yard to the sun.

          I didn't make it to the sewing room at all, and I know I won't be in there at all this weekend.
          Monique, I'm glad you finally have some rain :-)
          Time for 1 more cup of coffee before I have to get ready to leave for work. Enjoy your weekend. Jeanne


            Last night and this morning there has been water coming down from the sky-- is that what's called rain? It's been so long, I've forgotten. 😀 Daughter #2 and her family are camping this weekend. They have a nice camper so hopefully they'll still enjoy their time and be able to keep the 3 kids occupied.
            I got a request from daughter #1 for masks for her kids so that's today's project. I want to get those done quickly so I can make some quilts for Christmas gifts.
            Our governor has said our county is supposed to go back to no indoor dining at restaurants. That was supposed to start on Thursday but it didn't start yet. I hope it doesn't happen. I feel so sorry for the restaurant people, struggling to stay in business. We ate out yesterday afternoon. It was so nice!
            Nothing exciting to report so I guess I'll go have my second tea.
            Have a happy day!
            ~ Carol from PA


              Good Morning Everyone,

              Yesterday was lower temps and wasn't too bad outside but we never really got the lower dewpoints we were supposed to get. They are now back on their way up and we are supposed to be in the 80's and possible 90's with high dewpoints for a week or more Glad I don't have to go anywhere.

              Not much accomplished yesterday although I did get the rows sewed together for the mystery quilt I'm working on. Trying to decide if I should get some fabric to do borders but not sure yet what I want to do. I am almost done with the embroidery for the baby quilt. I'll have that done today and will get it layered and start quilting it. I have an appointment at the vet for my two dogs next Wednesday and it is near where my daughter is. If I can get the quilt done by then I can drop it off to her.

              Jeanne, I know what you mean about homegrown. We are anxiously anticipating fresh tomatoes. Our plants have gone crazy will all this humidity. All the plants are about 5 ft tall and we have tons of flowers and some small fruit. It will still be a bit before we can pick anything. We did not plant anything else.

              Off for my first cup of coffee and some breakfast. Have a great day everyone!



                Good Afternoon All,

                It's beautiful, but scorching outside. The kids were here this morning. Jonathan took Gabby outside, she wasn't sure what to think about that. I told him to keep her on the leash in the back yard. I had just let her go this morning when the neighbors set the hounds out. Wasn't that fun bare footed and still in my pajamas running around after the little dog that was protecting her turf. I hope they get that fence replaced soon!

                The kids found a drawing book and used it to draw spiders, crocodiles and a unicorn. Zeke left his spider picture to send to Grandma Dot. The kids are glad to be out of quarantine. Morgan's Mom picked them up for lunch and the afternoon with her. Her husband finally got his test results- negative. We're all free!

                This afternoon, I'm going to deep condition my hair and once done with that, I'll head back in the sewing room. I sandwiched two uglies, yesterday and quilted one. I want to get the other one quilted. Then I'll have to make more binding. I thought I'd made enough for the four small ones, but no.

                Have a great day everyone.
                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  It seems to have cooled off a bit at least for now. There's a nice breeze so I shut off the ac and opened the windows. So pleasant! I woke up with a headache so went back to bed for a while and I'm embarrassed to say I'm just now getting around to my first cup of coffee. Been a stressful week. We learned that a very good friend is now in hospice care, and my brother tested positive for COVID. He is quarantined at home but has no symptoms, thank goodness. I hope things stay that way. His wife tested negative. DH is gone for a while today for a ham radio something (he's speaking a new language now that he's involved in that so I just nod and smile!). Nice to have the house to myself for a little bit. Not sure what the weekend will bring. Enjoy your weekend, friends.


                    Good day everyone,
                    It was good to get some rain last night, and we can certainly use a lot more. Its been misting all day -- sort of strange, don't remember this for long periods of time. Our temps are lower today in the mid 90s -- its been above 100 this week and a long stretch with high humidity. I cant take either, so I try to limit time outside and time of day. The garden looked good last week, but was a bit wilted from lack of rain. I watered every day, but it just evaporated.

                    Life is never dull. Had my first outdoor visit with mom this week -- in scorching heat - high 90s. She was just comfortable. She remembered it was my husband's birthday and wished him well. She rhymed off all the kids birthdays in July. So I would say that the memory issues she encountered were a direct result of social isolation. The staff have been taking them around the residence for walk/visits. Also they are eating in the dining room, 1 person per table at a distance. Baby steps, but necessary. I will have to go for another Covid test on Tuesday, so that I can visit mom on Thursday. We get the results in 24-36 hrs latest. I will have to do this every 2 weeks. I kind of don't mind, as I will know for myself if I ever get it. We are very careful, just not taking any chances.

                    I have quilted 2 Victoria quilts and 1 for DH on the LA. I will load another practice VQC quilt, then I think I will feel brave enough to load one of mine. Its a steep learning curve, and since I cant take classes or go to academy, it's self-learning with You Tube, forum groups, etc. OH and learning by mistakes.

                    My family doctor did a drive-thru for vaccines. I was to get the 2nd shot of shingles when lockdown happened. It was good, although I did develop a fever and very sore arm / muscles for a day. It caused us to cancel a visit from DH's birthday from his son & family. We will have a breakfast on Sunday instead. The hospital called and I am having my mammogram on Sunday night, rescheduled from March. Things are moving along, slowly but surely. I also had my hair cut, but decided I will continue to color myself, as I want to limit my time indoors, even with a mask. I decided I will do my own nails, and postpone massages for now. No cleaning lady. All this has a benefit, I have lost about 3 lbs. Doesn't sound like much, but that is below the plateau I have been stuck on for years.

                    I hope everyone is staying safe, as we see the numbers in the US skyrocketing. That is very scary. Hope everyone elsewhere is also doing well.

                    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                      We still can't get a massage in Colorado; they have not yet been approved. I'm sooo in need of a good massage. I use the massage stick that I bought after having PT on my hip, but it's just not the same.

                      I think the social isolation has been difficult for all of us. Getting results from the covid testing in 24-36 hrs. is fast! Some folks in the US are waiting a week or longer for results, even if they even can find a place to get tested. Lines are long with people waiting hours at a time for the drive-through testing.

                    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                      Joy -- I cannot imagine waiting that long for test results. Do they tell people to self-isolate until they get the results? In the beginning, they were telling people to do this. Now, only if you have symptoms, in which case, you should go to hospital and not the test clinic.

                    No rain, just over 100 temp!! I just saw an Amazon truck speeding up my street with the side door wide open. Make a right turn and all pkgs go out!!


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                      Oh no! I hope there was nothing breakable in those packages. What a trip!