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Friday is here!!

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    Friday is here!!

    Good morning friends. I had to think what day it is. It promises to be another hot hot one today. I think I melted a little yesterday. We don't have air conditioning here.

    I got my sewing buddy to come over and help with the masks for her family. She was happy to help and made a few on her own. She is a good student.

    The rest of the day I did nothing, it was just too hot.

    Scooter Rooter (septic guy) never showed up. I live beside a restaurant so we thought we would be nice and not have them pump while it was open. Sometimes they aren't so nice to us (long story) so I would have gone ahead and had it done at the end of the day. BUT they will come Monday when the restaurant is closed.

    I accepted another two weeks work yesterday at a post office 10 minutes from me. That will take me into the middle of August and hopefully I can take some time off and maybe take Maizyn again before she starts school. Speaking of Maizyn, apparently she is now officially a 'woman' as she sent her father a message that she got her period. 10 freaking years old?????? He says he is not ready for that, lol!!

    Today is a work day at a post office I have never worked at. We shall see how today goes if I will go back or not. I don't want to spread myself too thin. The demand this year has been femomenal for us casuals and we are far and few between. AND it is an hour away and they don't pay my mileage either.

    Hubby's birthday is Sunday but there won't be much, the boys won't be here. We are invited to have lunch with my brother and his wife, just the 4 of us. We'll see.

    I best get a move on, have a great day and weekend my friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning. It is a humid one. We are expecting a visit from Tropical Storm Fay today. I hope it doesn't interfere with our trip up to Rob and John's tomorrow. If it does, I guess we will just put it off until next weekend. Our social calendar is pretty open at this time.

    Monique, oh my goodness, so young for Maizyn to have started her period.

    I got a few things done in the sewing room yesterday. The masks are done and I finished rhe flag wallhanging. I have the backing, batting and binding all cut and I will quilt it and get the binding attached and have it ready to hand stitch it down. I also need to get the label ready to attach to the log cabin quilt.

    Happy Friday everyone. Stay safe and make this the best day you can.
    Ginny B


      You are undoubtedly one of the busiest people I know. Wow!! Your gd is a little early, but God makes them grow up fast. Must be a plan. Bless her. Been hot here but we haven't turned on the air. Could have used it over the 4th but compressor is broken. Nice breeze and she and I don't mind but the families that were here were miserable. I guess when you're used to it it's hard. Cools off at night and I like knowing it's summer
      kid brought some "old"kayaks and left them. I'm trying to learn. It's fun, although a little scary.
      She is getting more comfortable with the boat and we went fishing yesterday. He caught a stingray and some puppy drums so a good supper. Crabs and shrimp are coming in. That's good.
      House is coming along. Floors are down except for shoe moldings and they are cut. Just need to nail in place. Pictures need to be hung.
      Did some embroidery yesterday. Sewing space is small but I'll make it work.
      Picking up one piece of furniture at a time at habitat and it's looking homey.
      Haven't decided on counter tops but don't even know where to shop for them. Rest of my like for that... right?
      New laptop should be here today so maybe I can get pictures for you all. The phone is not good for the forum.
      Love you all...walk with the Lord and pray for continued freedom.
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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        I'm pretty sure there is a Menards near New Bern. We went there when I visited DS and family in January. I ordered our new countertops through Menards (back home) and we just love them! They came cut to perfect size per our measurements.

      Good morning!

      It will be another hot one here today. We do have a chance of rain this afternoon. Tomorrow should be cooler, high in the low 80's, but a greater chance of rain.

      I was talking to one of my counterparts yesterday afternoon. My boss had mentioned earlier in the day that when we go back to work, it will be two days a week and on a rotation until Thanksgiving. My counterpart said we will be all telework from Thanksgiving to the new year. Wow. I was not expecting that. The news is making me re-think my decision not to buy another table to use as a desk. This telework thing is not going away. Of course, I don't really have a place to put another table...

      I need to go to an eyeglass place today to order a new pair of glasses for Mom. Hers were lost. Her eye doctor sent the old prescription, but gave it a new date. Which is good, because apparently all eye places have a rule they won't accept a prescription that is more than two years old. My sister found one of Mom's old pairs, probably from before her cataract surgery. I'm going to take them with me so they will have an idea as to fit. I wish I understood the prescription. If all she needs are reading glasses, I could buy her some cheaters.

      My sister in Texas may be Covid-free. Her SIL, who lives on her property, tested positive and my sister was exposed. My sister has not shown any symptoms. She registered for a Covid test but can't get in until July 14, which is the end of her 14 days.

      Time for a second cup of tea and to log in to my work chat. Have a wonderful day!


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        Your sister might be Covid-free, or she might be an asymptomatic carrier. Encourage her to continue self-quarantining and get that test as soon as she can, even if she doesn't show symptoms.

      Good Morning, Everyone ~ So hot here! Last night was the warmest night yet. I slept with just a sheet over me most of the night. I have the fans running this a.m. to cool down the house. The forecast is for 101 today, but it usually is even warmer at our house. Every eve. after it cools down a little bit, I go out & hand water the flower beds. The lawn is getting some areas that look pretty dry, but I already have the sprinkler zones set for longer times. I'm not willing to pour more water on it. It gets expensive.

      After all my hard work on Wed., I took it easy yest. I nursed my sore muscles. Finished reading my latest book.

      Monique ~ My gr. dau. started her menses when she was only 10. I remember when I was in the 6th grade, there was a gal who already had developed. She said she started when she was only 8. That's the earliest I've ever heard. I read somewhere that with so many meat products (e.g. chicken) being fed hormones, it can affect things & girls can develop earlier than they used to.

      This a.m. I have errands to run to 3 groc. stores. DH has an endodontist appt. at 12:45, which he is dreading. I need to get an early start to get my shopping done in time.


        Good Morning all,

        My goodness, Monique, that is early for your granddaughter. My 12-year-old granddaughter has not gotten hers yet, at least she hasn't said anything to her mom about it.

        Terry, be very careful with that kayak. I have a friend who would kayak with her husband and she had a nasty incident where it turned over in a fast moving area and she had problems getting it back upright. She was pretty shook up as well as banged up.

        It was a little cooler yesterday, only got to 79 degrees but the dewpoint was still high. It is supposed to be going down today but I noticed this morning it is 63 and that is still sticky. We are only supposed to have a break for this day. Tomorrow we are back to high humidity and temps in the 80's. This is weather I distinctly remember as August weather back when I was young. I don't remember having this long a stretch of hot and humid weather for many years

        My son's July check came in the mail yesterday so he is a little relieved. Hoping the June check will be here soon. When I picked him up yesterday he was having issues with his left hand. It doesn't want to open up completely. He asked me to open his mail for him as the hand does not grasp things properly.

        Dave and I dropped the two dogs off to get groomed yesterday morning. I know that Milka was not happy. She hates the water. Augie on the other hand LOVES water. His former owner had a pool that he would swim in all the time. Milka only got a bath and nail trim while Augie got a shave, bath and nail trim. He looks so good and hopefully having the shorter coat will help him with overheating. He has been panting a lot lately. So much so that Dave started turning a fan on him when he lays down on his bed. It has helped him cool off. We also went to the pet store yesterday so we could get some R/O water for water changes to the aquariums. We bought some algae for the tangs to eat and, of course, he found a rock anemone that he just had to have. We were going to go to a fish store in the Twin Cities but decided that we would wait until next month. We will see if we actually go. They have a wonderful selection of all kinds of fish, both freshwater and marine. We've shopped with them for many years but don't get up there as much as we used to.

        The embroidery on the baby quilt is coming along good. I think I should have it completed by Sunday and then I can layer and quilt. I think I will probably hand quilt it since it has the special embroidery on it. Mystery quilt clue should be coming in a bit so I will probably work on that this afternoon. There is only clue left which will come next week and then it will be done. It is coming together nicely.

        I'm off for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Have a great day.


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          get a small kids blowup pool and see how the dogs like that

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          We actually have done that and he loves it. But we have a problem too in that he drinks the water and then pees all over the place. It’s like he doesn’t realize he is peeing. He is so much more comfortable with the short hair cut.

        Good Morning. It’s going to be extremely hot here again today. We will have to find a few things to do indoors. My plan is to clean the fridge. I have a hard time keeping it straightened out. We need to do some food shopping and I want it clean and fairly organized before we bring in more food.

        We’re hungry for tuna salad but have no tuna on hand right now. Maybe BLTs would be good for dinner with pasta salad. We have no lettuce. It has been bitter and rusty the last few times we bought any. We like the Dole chopped salads that come with dressing and toppings.

        Those of you who live without a/c, I don’t know how you deal with it. I don’t need cold air but I find being overly hot exhausting.

        I keep watching for an update on Annikas brother. Hopefully no news is good news for him.

        Terry, good to hear from you and that things are progressing well for you. You sure have had a lot of changes to deal with.

        I took some time and straightened up the sewing room yesterday. My sewing mojo is hibernating. Maybe when it gets cooler.

        Wishing everyone a good day....hugs

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Good morning. We are getting rain from Faye today. Hope there will be breaks so I can take the dogs out. It was a scorcher yesterday. So this will give us some relief from the heat.

          I went to a friends house for coffee. We have not had a chance to catch up sinc3 March. She has a large kitchen, so we were able to stay more than 6 ft away. Yesterday I had a masonry guy come to our house to see what we could do with this small area next to our deck. This is the only company that called me back.

          i did start to quilt my baby quilt. I have to lock myself in a bedroom so I can sandwich the layers. Leo, our cat, wants to stretch out on it. I could see him looking under the door!

          Have a great day.


            Good Morning All,

            Finally got our test results, negative. Thought that's what it would be anyway.

            Grands will be over here tomorrow. They're spending the afternoon with Nana and Nandy. I bet they're on cloud nine. Tomorrow, Jim's going to work on the garage, and they'll spend the morning here. That means, I'll have to get busy and unroll the batting and sandwich up the next two Uglies to get started on them.

            I have a friend that contacted me about making a quilt for her daughter's college apartment. It's going to be wall hanging sized to hang on the wall going upstairs. I'm guessing a sleeve will have to be included too. Hopefully, it won't have to be too big. I found a 'pretty' bandanna that would make a nice center. All depends on how big she wants it. Since they're wanting it for sound proofing, I think I'll add batting and fleece to the back.

            Time to get moving. Have a wonderful day!

            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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              I am so happy that your test is negative.

            Good morning everyone,

            It's going to be a beautiful day here in NW Minnesota! Very little wind :-)) I might have to sit on the deck and read for awhile today.

            I was in the sewing room a little while yesterday. I made a few blocks from the scrap busters challenge. Today I want to try the face mask pattern that uses a circle to start. I also need to sew the satin binding on the quilt for the littlest granddaughter.

            I'm supposed to have a hair cut today, but I need to change it to Tues. since I have an appt. to have the car's oil changed. I don't want to make the hour drive twice if I don't have to. The salon's phone has been busy nonstop since 90. I'll have to keep trying every few minutes.

            I work this weekend, and next Wednesday. I'm thinking of heading to the cabin Thurs. morning for a long weekend. I don't know if anyone else from the family has plans to go as well, but I don't mind being there alone if everyone is busy. We'll see.

            Have a lovely day everyone.


              We are going to do a bit of grocery shopping today and have been invited to our DS deck for pizza tonight. Two things in one day, be still my heart.😀 We need to go by Lowe's for some fertilizer, too.
              I pulled a few weeds and watered a bit last night but it has gotten too very humid here to do much outside, the watering will continue from time to time.
              I was folding some quilts yesterday and discovered a leaf on an applique didn't get sewn down, a project for today, might do it by hand since the quilt is already quilted.
              I have a little wall hanging ready to fmq later this afternoon.
              Someone asked about my sewing machine wall hanging in my sewing room. I got the panel a couple of years ago from M*IMG_1331.JPG


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                I love your panel.

              Good Morning to all. Rough night last night, Anxiety was getting the better of me. Finally got calm enough (with the help of anxiety meds) to fall asleep around 3 am, the Mister woke me at 7 am and said time to get on with our day, he was needing his morphine. He even added a fast acting one to his long acting ones. And last night he had tried to close the front door, somehow his effort to use walker and go/back n forth caused him to get off balance and ripped some skin off his forearm on the edge of the dinning bar. Couple of other events happened that I think may have added to attack being a rough one, it happened just as I felt like I was falling sleep around midnight. BAM! Wonder I didn't wear holes in the carpet from all the pacing I did.

              Time for a happy pill and relax and find my happy zone! This too shall pass!

              Hugs to all...