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Thursday Morning Greetings!

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    Thursday Morning Greetings!

    Good Morning Everyone ~ I don't see a thread started by Monique, so I'll start. I hope everyone is surviving the heat. It was 102 deg. here yest. So hot. And a hot wind that just increases the fire danger. We also were under an air quality alert for ozone.

    I headed out early to the yard to plant those flowers. After I got all my tools, etc. out, I realized I had 2 or 3 "holes" that needed perennials, so I headed over Lowe's to see what still was available. By this late in the season, many of the annuals are sold & the perennials picked over, but I found 2 light yellow echinacea (cone flower), a sheep's bit, Lantana, and bought 4 marigolds. The 4 & 6 packs were sold out. Had to buy the individual plants, but they're very nice. Just as I was unloading the flowers, the lawn service showed up. They usually don't come till late afternoon. They had switched the order of mowing, so came here early. I also had scheduled some weed spraying. I ate a later breakfast while they did the mowing & spraying.

    I amended the soil with extended release fertilizer granules & Super Phosphate, then planted. I worked until noon, by which time I was tired & feeling quite hot. Took a break for lunch & cooling down & also to rehydrate. When I went back outside to finish up, it already was 100 deg. I laid a wet towel around my neck to help keep me cool. I worked in the shade of the umbrella at the picnic table. Got the 3 purple fountain grass planted in pots, put away the tools & hosed off the patio. It was 2:15. Glad that job is done. Lots more weeding needs to be done yet.

    I took it easy the rest of the day. Had a call from a friend from church. I learned a mutual friend recently was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had a kidney removed 5 yrs. ago (cancer), & on the 5th year anniv. with a routine CT scan, they found the lung tumor. He's tentatively scheduled for surgery in Denver on the 24th. No other cancer was found anywhere else in his body. His name is Denny. Prayers would be appreciated for him.

    Time to get on with my day.
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    Good morning Joy and all to follow. It's going to be a scorcher here today. Yesterday was a bit hot too. We did have a nice, quick visit from Vicky with Max and Lily. We have been going through closets and crawl spaces and pulled out a small aquarium and a couple of pink Barbie cases. Max was thrilled to get grandpa's old aquarium. He is really into his fish and has plans for the new addition. Lily was so excited to get her mom and Aunt Kathryn's Barbies.

    I have some masks to make as well as the last two rows of the flag wallhanging. Plus I have some rearranging plans for my sewing room. All the large pieces are staying put but some smaller pieces are going to be moved around.

    Have a good day everyone. Stay cool.
    Ginny B


      Good Morning Joy, and also to those that follow.

      Prayers for Denny on my list. That cancer is nasty stuff. My mom died from rectal cancer over 20 years ago.

      Our temps were in the low 90's yesterday and, of course, the dewpoint was in the 70's. We got rain early this morning, about a 1/2" so far. Doesn't look like we will get much more but since Dave watered about a 1/2" yesterday that gives the lawn what it needs this week. We are supposed to get a little break in the dewpoints today and temps in the mid to high 80's. I'll be staying indoors. I have a trip to the dog groomers for my two dachshunds. Augie is a longhair so he will be getting a bath and nail trim and trimmed down good to help him get cooler. Milka is a smooth coat so she will only get a bath and nail trim. Augie is pretty good about it but Milka hates it. I think she behaves if we aren't around so I'll just drop off. We need to get some R/O water for the aquariums, too and maybe I'll talk Dave into getting a cup of coffee out somewhere so we are only making one trip.

      I didn't do too much in the sewing room. I was able to get the elephants drawn out for the baby quilt I'm making. Just looked at some pictures of cartoon type elephants online. Thanking my grandmother for her gift of being able to do stuff like that. Out of 4 grandkids she had I seem to be the only one with the same abilities as she had although I'm not sure about my sister who was 2 years younger than me as she died was she was 13. I got the patterns transferred to the quilt top and started the embroidery last night. I think they are going to be exactly what the top needed. I'll be working on that the rest of the week as I want to get it completed as soon as possible. The little boy turned 2 months old yesterday. He was born on my sister's birthday (the one who died).

      Off to get a cup of coffee and then to the groomers. Have a great day.



        Good morning and thank you Joy for starting our Thursday. I was busy helping hubby dig a little more for the septic tank before it got too hot.

        I realized yesterday that I needed more elastic for masks so off to the quilt store for that and some retail therapy. I really didn't need the 2 meters I bought, but it was 1/2 price. I picked up 4 meters of white and black elastic so I will finish the masks this morning before it gets too hot. I also got myself a new bathing suit bottom and a new dress and some "stuff" at Walmart. After the quilt store I went to our favorite restaurant and brought home some tasty wings. Oh man were they ever good. And I was very good about wearing a mask everwhere I went except the restaurant but the waitress said it ok. Mask will be mandatory as of next Monday. No shirt, no shoes, no masks, NO SERVICE! Hopefully it will keep covid from spreading.

        I opened the windows last night and shut them again this morning. Today it is expected to get to 95 but will feel like almost 108. Now that's hot.

        I have to work tomorrow and she has asked if I would work a couple of days next week. I told I would see. Then my boss calls to say that she had serveral people call for me to work. I think I will probably take the two weeks after I am done the two weeks at my regular spot. This one is 10 minutes from home. And so I will work 1 whole month in total. Can't wait until it settles down and vacation time is over. I may just take the last two weeks of August for me and keep Maizyn before school starts, if she is even going to go. We shall see. Les and I NEED to get away soon but nowhere to go.

        So that is what has been going on around here.

        Stay cool and safe everyone.
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


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          Monique, I can't imagine digging a hole for your septic by hand! When we had ours installed at the cabin last year, they brought a huge backhoe.

        Good morning everyone,

        We were busy at J's yesterday; lots of elastic and mask fabric were heading out the door. I was really tired by the time I got home (1 hour drive), and was in bed quite early. I work again this weekend.

        It looks to be a nice day here; high of 78, and not too much wind which is always a bonus here on the prairie.

        Not sure what I'll get into today. There's always something....we'll see what gets my attention. Enjoy the day everyone.


          Good morning to all,

          Did you ever wonder how some people make it through their day? Lately, it seems like my projects take 3 or 4 phone calls to complete the tasks. It happens from the lighting order and wrong parts delivered to the internet service repairs. Plus, the county workers trimmed about 8 inches of growth along the fence but left the rest of the 15 foot easement grown over. That's another phone call to make.

          Goodness, I'm cranky. My machine is giving me a foot pedal error so that may be why. It was just cleaned and serviced so perhaps an update is needed. One more call to make this morning.

          Lots of gardening, planting and digging holes by everyone here. I love reading about your flowers and gardens. It is hot here so not much outside gardening being done this summer. I would love to post on a landscape board and see what the designers come up with for our yard. A few ideas swirling around in my head.

          Hope your day is bright and sunny!


            Good morning!

            We had a belated birthday drive-by parade for my boss this morning. We met up in the work parking lot to decorate our cars. She was on site today, so she came out of the building and we drove around the drop-off area three times and honked our horns. It was fun to see everyone again. After the parade, we socially distanced and had a chat outside. One of the gals decided to take the voluntary separation package. Her last day is July 31. She and I have worked together on and off since 1994. She already has all of her years in the retirement system. She also has grandchild #3 on the way! The boss announced she is going to be a grandma, as well -- this will be her first.

            I found out we won't be going back to work quite as planned in August. With the increase in Covid cases, the administration is being cautious. As of this morning, we would be going back two days a week, and we will be on rotation. Which means we will probably work one day on site every two weeks and the rest will be telework. This is through Thanksgiving, if I heard correctly. Our president has a web meeting tomorrow afternoon, I'm sure we'll hear all the details then.

            I'd better get logged in to my work site. Have a wonderful day!


              Good Morning All,

              I've had this window open for a while. Jim called and we were on the phone for an hour. Plans for next week, he wants me to come and help him get things done at their house. I'm fine with that, it needs to be done every once in a while anyway. I can paint and feather in so I imagine, I'll be working in Esther's room where she put the blue hand prints on her wall right after we painted it pink.

              After talking to Jim, I managed to get one Christmas Ugly finished. It's bound in black. I attached to the back and pulled over, and machine stitched the binding down using Black on the front and white thread on the back so it doesn't show through the minky. One down, 7 more to go! 6 still have to quilted. Then there's still squares cut that I can make more. One step at a time, right?

              Mike's at work today through Sunday. Still no word on our tests, but Cecelia's was negative ( She texted after 10:30 last night) so I'm pretty confident that we're fine. Jim's FIL still hasn't heard back from his test that he had done two days before we had ours done. Oh well, that's the way it goes.

              Jim has a crafting table that he built that he's trying to get rid of. He's going to post it on Craig's List. He asked if there was anyone here in the Jacksonville area that might like it. It's HUGE- 4' x 6' and kitchen cabinet high. I told him I'd ask. He is wanting to sell it, and we can't sell stuff here, I know the rules but I know where he lives.

              Last night was Jim's class on William Wilberforce. I couldn't believe it, my BIL called then my MIL called while the class was on Zoom. I didn't get to see a whole lot of it at all. He has a book that he's going to let me borrow.

              Well, time to get busy. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Good Morning All... A quick hello while the nurses aide is here helping bathe the Mister. I still have to type up my grocery list and get it emailed to son so he can shop tomorrow for me. My sewing machine is getting quicker and quicker at throwing hissy fits. She is so in need of a good spa day. No longer have a local dealer/repair shop so I will have to make a road trip when the time comes that the shops are fully opened and I can travel. I intend on buying another machine, just haven't made up my mind which one yet.

                Hope all have a good day and prayers for Denny!


                  Joy, will pray for Denny & a positive outcome of his cancer. Keep us posted. Gina