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    Welcome Tuesday

    Good morning friends. I should learn my lesson and never 'plan' a day as it never goes the way I plan it. I answered a call for help yesterday, someone wanting curtains hemmed. One pair was hemmed with duct tape and the second cut at some point. What a job trying to get a straight edge. It took me a couple of hours but I managed, to the best of my ability, to finish them. Customer was very happy and we had a good laugh when I told her never to use duct tape again. It had been on there for quite some time, LOL!!

    I ended up going to town with my neighbour. It was longer than I thought it would be but what the heck. I had also thought about starting to dig the hole for the septic tank but that never got done. I may do that this morning before it gets too hot. I did do a load of laundry.

    I am hoping we get some rain soon. The grass is burnt in most places. I live in the country and don't water anything other than my vegetable plants.

    I am slowly getting the blocks done for the North Star quilt, slow and steady wins the race right?

    On the news last night it is now mandatory to wear masks inside public places. A lot of places now, no mask no service. I am getting tired of hearing about covid19.

    Have a great day friends. Stay cool and safe.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning to Monique and all the quilters that follow....

    Today is high anxiety for me. Hubby traveled via air plane yesterday to NW Arkansas for a job interview. His interview is this early this morning and I have high hopes there will be a job offer for him.

    As much as I despise packing up a household again (number 6 in 6 years); I am thrilled that we will leave Vermont and get back to an environment we will prosper better in. It has been very evident our family doesn't "fit" in Vermont after 3 years. The struggle has been most frustrating.

    Prayers requested that this is where we belong and this move will be the last. Quilt hugs!

    "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


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      Praying for you and hubby that he gets the job.

    • auntiemern
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      Prayers you get relocated to AR. Do you know what town? I am only about 3 hrs away from the AR border.

    • shermur
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      auntiemern.....we haven't totally decided where in NW Arkansas we will be living. It will depend on employment opportunities. I would love to be in the Springdale area, but we will have to wait and see.....Right now, it's still looking discouraging.

    Good morning!

    My plans for today need to be revised. I woke up sick around 4 am. I'm not sure if the issue is viral or food related. We have a porch visit scheduled with Mom today. I'm going to send my sister without me. I feel fine now, but don't want to risk exposing Mom if it is/was a virus. I have a loaf of bread started in the bread machine, so I can make toast later. I don't usually buy loaves of bread. I can't eat it fast enough and I have a tendency to forget about it if I freeze it.

    I will schedule another visit with Mom in a couple of days. I'm disappointed I won't get to see her today. The hospice nurse called yesterday and said Mom is having trouble swallowing; they want to put her on chopped foods, which is one step up from puree. The nurse said she noticed a decline since last week. She also told me that Mom lost her glasses. I tried to call her ophthalmologist to see if they had her prescription on file. I got a voice message saying the office was closed, but according to their website, they should have been open. Maybe they took an extra day because of the holiday? I will try again today. I'm hoping Mom's facility finds her regular pair.

    Time to get the bunny her breakfast and myself a cup of tea. Have a wonderful day!


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      I keep all our bread in the freezer. I have Type 2 diabetes, so I limit how much bread I eat -- usually only 1/2 slice at a time. After I bake bread (or buy bread at the bakery), I place wax paper sheets in between the slices so they're easier to pry apart.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It will be another hot day today, & more to come in the extended forecast. It hit 101 yest. I went out early to work in the yard. I weeded 1 large flower bed & another smaller one. After 2 hrs., it was heating up & I was tired, so I quit for the day. I was able to get the weeds out in the toter before the garbage truck came by.

    Monique ~ I, too, am sick of hearing the C-19 news. It's disheartening to see all the desecration of our historical monuments & statues. There is so much civil unrest now. Regarding brown grass -- when I lived in Mich. we lived in a rural area where we had well water & a huge lawn. We didn't water anything except the garden. By Aug. the grass all turned brown. We have a large yard here; our water bill every summer is a lot. We get charged by the no. of gal. used. It's on a tiered scale, so the more you use, the more you pay.

    I don't have a plan of action yet for today, but I think I'll stay inside.


      Good morning all. It's a cloudy one here. I spoke with my son in GA a bit last night. He is, of course, very frustrated that his surgery didn't happen yesterday. Plus, he is still in pain. He sees his GP today and hopefully his bp #'s can be brought down.

      Monique, wow duct tape! That must have been quite the project. Sherri, I hope the job interview goes well for your husband. Julie, baking bread is one of those things I've been wanting to do again but haven't. Enjoy your toast. Joy, good idea staying inside during the heat of the day. I enjoy the summer weather but am very careful not to do any yardwork when it's hot. My outside time in the afternoon would be sitting in the shade enjoying my book.

      No sewing happened yesterday except for a little bit of work on the log cabin binding. I need to get the label ready to sew on when I come to the next corner so that may be on my list for today along with finishing the last few rows of the flag wall hanging.

      Have a good day everyone. Stay well.
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      Ginny B


        Good morning,

        I think Tuesday is one of my favorite days. Making progress checking off things on my to-do list. Old concrete from a fence post is gone. The moving guys will pick up a desk tomorrow and deliver to DD's home for me. I'm not using it and it will be nice to have the space again. Now I can paint and do a spruce up in that room. I may switch this room to the sewing since it's larger.

        It's an office day for me but nothing urgent. Hope your day is great!


          Good Morning all,

          We are also continuing with the hot and humid weather. It threatened rain yesterday morning, in fact we were supposed to get rain before I completed my run to the grocery store. Several hours later we got about 100 drops of rain. There is a chance of rain again today, and pretty much every day this week. However, the temps are supposed to be in the 80's and sometimes 90's. Humidity did go down a little bit but not enough that it is comfortable being outside.

          Monique, I am with you on the Covid-19 crap. I'm so tired of hearing about that and then all the rioting and looting. Sherri, praying that your prayers will be answered as requested! Sometimes I feel that we never should have moved either and I'm only an hour away from where I feel I should have stayed. I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

          I worked on my sampler quilt yesterday for a bit. I agree, Monique, slow and steady. Seems like progress is very slow on this sampler quilt. I traced templates for about 6 different blocks last night. I'll bring those downstairs tonight and cut them out while watching some TV with Dave. I feel guilty spending time in the sewing room instead of with him. We talked about it the other night. I told him how I felt and he said he is fine with me sewing in the evenings if that is what I want to do.

          I have a date with filing today to get it cleaned up. I may start my laundry too. I have a feeling that if my son's checks come today that I'll be making a trip to pick him up and run him around also.

          I'm off for breakfast and some coffee. Have a great day everyone.


            Good morning everyone,

            We'll be having lots of sunshine today and temps around 80. That looks like the pattern for the rest of the week. I work this Wed. and also the weekend. JoAnn's is now saying all employees must wear masks. My goal today is to try out the Creative Grids template to make myself a couple of masks. I'm also interested in the pattern out there that has gathers on the top and bottom which supposedly keeps the mask away from the nose and mouth. Anyone try that one yet? I too am tired of hearing about C-19, especially how political it has become.

            I worked in the garden a little while yesterday. It's looking better than it has in years. It must be all the rain we've been getting...more than usual for the summer. The farmers aren't happy though...lots of water standing in some fields. Otherwise, yesterday was a bust....just couldn't get motivated.

            Find a reason to be grateful today :-) Jeanne


              Good Morning All,

              Shipment 2 from Amazon arrived yesterday. Dumb me got a paper cut opening the box up so I could put it in recycling. I didn't realize it until I put my moisturizer on last night, even after I'd washed my hands countless times. Go figure that one!

              It was stormy yesterday once Mike left for work. I had a snuggle bug trying to bury herself under my hip most of the afternoon. The sun is shining today, so far, but more storms are expected this afternoon.

              Jim's getting pretty discouraged. The job he's been so hopeful for has been put on hold. It's still on the books, but no hiring right now. It's getting closer to the start of school and he really wanted to have something nailed down by now. I just don't know what to tell him.

              Monique, you're an angel helping someone hem their curtains. I used Stitch Witchery to get the hem on my curtains fixed enough I could stitch them. Lazy me!

              Sherri, lifting prayers for your DH's interview to be a positive experience, and you'll get back where you belong.

              Julie, I hope you're feeling better and will be able to see your Mother later this week. It's really a challenge watching and being helpless as their body decides to start shutting down. Big hugs for you and your family.

              Ginny, lifting your son in prayers. Bless him, being in pain can cause the BP to go up. Hopefully, they'll get it down and he'll be rescheduled soon.

              Joy, you've been way hotter than we've been this summer. I know that won't last once this system moves through.

              Well, time for my last cup of coffee. I've already found a few things I should have put in the dishwasher. Oh well, it will have to be run again anyway. Have a wonderful day.
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Good morning! I'm on a quick break. Work is so busy due to all this crazy Covid. So tired as well. We barely made it to Walmart last night to grocery shop. Seriously why are they still Closing at 830. We marathoner it. I started a low carb diet today and needed a bunch of produce.

                I wanted to sew last night but we had to go to Cruces which is an hour away to the bank. It rained so it was a nice drive. I made the man some dinner and I went to bed.

                It's going to be a scorcher today so glad I have an indoor job. I hope to sew later and relax. I hope everyone has a blessed day!


                  Good morning. Yesterday we had a huge storm pass through our area. A lot of thunder, lightning,and rain. We lost power for 2 hrs . So no sewing or cooking dinner.

                  I am making some more bandannas for a small dog. They get quite dirty since she likes to spend a lot of time outside. I am working on getting the backing for the baby quilt sewed. I find it frustrating to sandwich the layers together. I tape the backing to the floor and use a spray adhesive for the other pieces.

                  I need to to get some lunch and get back to my projects.
                  Have a good day.


                    I am a little bit down right now, along with everyone else dealing with the effects of covid. We had Delta flights arbitrarily cancelled yesterday and no way to re-book online so I spent an hour on the phone [after waiting an hour for a callback] getting things rescheduled. They are still flying to our destination, why not just change our schedule instead of cancelling. Today we had a cruise cancelled and another one changed from one ship to a different ship. Crazy to even think of cruising I know but that will have to be handled next week. 😬 First world problems, I know but still disheartening.
                    Our housekeeper wants the double bed mattress so I don't have to worry about finding a way to get rid of it, thankfully.
                    I will have a couple of nice sheets to re-purpose in the quilting room.😉 I think I will do some Bonnie Hunter leader ender challenges using them. I have been making four patches forever as leader/enders so I am going to cut strips at 2 1/2", not going to do them 1 1/2", I am a rebel.
                    I hope you get to move back to Arkansas, Shermer, and that you get to be happy there.
                    I am so sorry about folks dealing with aging parents in nursing homes and on hospice. It is so very difficult at the best of times.
                    It has just started raining here, hopefully things will cool off and the ground soften as I have weeding that needs attention, maybe tomorrow will be the day.


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                      Leader & Ender ~ I don't like to sew anything smaller than 2.5". I have plenty of scraps without using stuff that small. A few years ago I made a Carolina Chain using scraps -- mostly binding strips & fabric left over from trimming other quilts. I laid all my prepared piles out on a flannel covered block board. Using Bonnie's method, the piecing went quite quickly. I made 6.5" blocks (unfinished). I made it into a baby quilt.

                      Sorry about all your travel disruptions, having to re-book, etc. I hope your trip all works out okay. Whenever you do get to travel, I hope you'll take lots of pics & share some with us. Glacier Park is a beautiful place. We visited there once when the kids still were at home. Montana really is "Big Sky Country".

                      Mattress ~ When I bought those 2 new mattresses last year, the company hauled away our old ones, so that was a relief.

                    Good Morning all.

                    Well Joy you were spot on, the washer did not eat that one sock, for it did make it to the dryer hidden in a piece of clothing. Like you I don't dry socks either, only a matter if time that if the sock material doesn't shrink the elasticity of them goes wonkers.

                    Not much on my plate today, put another load of laundry in and this time I didn't forget it.. already got it to the dryer. Nurses aide comes to day for doing the bathing of Mister C. His swallowing is getting harder so I am now doing soft food items, next step will be the puree route. It is his birthday today and his grandson's tomorrow, I am just hoping nothing tragic happens on either day.

                    I had to put sewing machine back in the sewing room but I kept the small desk at my bedroom window, using it for my laptop and such so I can still see blue skies and watch the world wake up ... Small desk and no support on left side was a struggle with quilting even a small baby quilt. Not a lot of room for using the ironing board either for extra support. Some day I will get some manpower over here and have them trade out the two rooms, furniture and all. I am looking forward to sewing while watching the rain. That is like double relaxation. Talking peaceful rain, not stormy harsh weather.

                    Time to start getting things prep'd for the morning bathing routine.


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                      Mimi ~ If you don't want to do the pureed food yourself, you can purchase baby food. Do you ever supplement with Ensure or another nutritional drink to give him extra nutrition? Thoughts & prayers going your way.

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                      You know it never occurred to me about the baby food. I do have supplements, both liquid and powder.

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                      As a retired nurse who worked in rehab for 10 yrs., I learned a lot of tricks for patients with swallowing problems. I worked with many stroke survivors with impaired swallowing. The speech therapist would specify the type of diet they needed. Sometimes patients were safe to eat pureed or even solid foods, but aspirated on thin liquids. There is a powdered thickener one can buy to thicken any liquid to make it a thickened liquid that is safe to swallow. When the swallowing mechanism is impaired, people can get aspiration pneumonia. I had one patient who really missed his Coca Cola, so just to have the flavor, he's swish it around in his mouth, then spit it out.

                    Howdy Everyone! It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I had a friend who sold her house waay faster than she expected (6 hours)! She didn't have room to bring her livestock with her when they found a temporary rental while they were buying their property. Since she lived near my father's family, I said I'd help her haul them home, and give them a temporary place to live while they got their place sorted. I had to wait until school got out though. Then Covid-19 rolled in. We waited until after school got out, stocked up on masks, hand sanitizer, road snacks, and hit the trail. 8 days and about 6,000 miles later we returned home. We saw, WA, OR, ID, UT, WY, CO, TX, OK, KS, CO, WY, UT, ID, & OR before returning to WA. I saw family I haven't seen in 5-10 years and parts of the country I hadn't seen before. (I also brought home a Singer sewing machine from my great aunt,) I wish we could have spent more time seeing things and visiting, but we were really trying to minimize contact. As we were traveling, the case count kept climbing and we were not excited about that. The number of people wearing masks or taking precautions varied extremely. We got some strange looks in places when we got out of the truck with our masks on. We just didn't want to be the ones responsible for bringing in something to their communities from our travels. Now Em & I are on a 14 day self-quarantine. We have plenty to do around here, so staying home isn't going to be a problem. Although, there is an opportunity to get ourselves tested at the local FD tomorrow. I am seriously considering it. July 5th we had our only baby goats for the year, a week early. They are so tiny and I'm not sure the little boy is going to make it. We'll give him all the help we can, but it's been 3 days and he's still not able to stand completely on his own like sister can. Fun times. They are so small they can only eat about 4 ounces at a time. That's about 1/4 to 1/3 of what normal kidlets can chug by this time. It's feeding time, then I have blueberries and raspberries that need picking. The wood pile also needss to be shifted over to the newly constructed woodshed so hubby can continue to construct the rest of it. Hopefully by the end of summer there will be no more blue tarps covering our winter heat source! I hope you all have a great day and remember to find something to smile about!
                    Be who you are and say what you feel
                    because those who mind don't matter,
                    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



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                      Wow that was some road trip. Glad you made it home safely.

                    Hi all,

                    Late checking in with the forum today. I've been busy in the kitchen today and yesterday blanching green beans from the garden for the freezer. Will have plenty to last us all winter did all the peas last week and my husband planted two more rows of peas for another crop. Thankfully everything ripens at different times or I'd never get out of the kitchen.

                    Today was overcast so my husband and grandson went fishing and both caught fish. They do catch and release. He knows not to bring any home!

                    Has been hot and humid here, we could use a good rain as it takes it's toll on the garden and lawn.

                    Not much newsworthy for me seems each day is about the same. Wishing everyone a good afternoon!
                    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

                    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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                      I love fresh fish.