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    Welcome Monday

    It is Monday right? And I am NOT working right? Seems a little strange but I will take it, LOL!! I hope everyone had a great weekend with your celebrations.

    I spent part of the weekend trying to get the treadle up and running. I think I have mastered sewing forward now. It still needs some TLC but at least she is working. I have renamed her Merilda which was my Aunt's real name. We all called her Tante Maral (in french). I sent my cousin a message telling him I have her running now. I think my Aunt is smiling from above. How I wish she were still here so we could quilt together. She was a hand quilter.

    I am coming along nicely on the North Star quilt. I will continue with that today. Hubby is going golfing this morning so I will have most of the day to myself.

    A load of laundry might get done today as well.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning,

    Yes, Monique, it is Monday. My weekend was good, spent time with my daughter and her family including the oldest son who is on his own now. My daughter and son-in-law loved the quilt so now I'm on to the sampler that from a class that was cancelled many years ago. Completed 3 more blocks although I struggled with all of them. One is a called a curved rose and I'm not sure that it looks right. Need to look into that one a little more.

    We are overcast this morning. There is a threat of rain each day this week. I'm not sure if I want it to rain or not. We do need the rain but it will make things so much more muggy. We are supposed to be in the high 80's today and humid still. Today will be groceries this morning and then waiting for the mail to see if my son's checks come. He still has not received his SS check from June. We went to the post office on Friday to double check on his forwarding order. We found out that the original order used the old street name for my address. The street name was changed probably back in the 80's. I know the old name because this is where I grew up. The postmaster deleted the old name order and hopefully there won't be any more problems. If the checks are here then I will be picking him up and taking him to cash his checks and get a few groceries.

    I am also going to stop at Home Depot and pick up some bug killer. Thanks to Bubby for the name of a good Japanese Beetle killer. I'm hoping it will take care of the problem. Right now you can see swarms of them coming in for a landing on my hydrangea tree and the evergreen tree.

    Off and semi-running (not good at running). Have a great day.


    • Bubby
      Bubby commented
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      Make sure you read the directions carefully. You need to wait seven days between spraying.

    Good Morning All,

    Yep, it's Monday. I walked outside with Gabby and didn't feel like I was being smothered with a wet blanket. The skies are blue for now, but more rain is expected, all week long. I guess the grass guy will be happy. lol

    Mike goes in this afternoon. I need to make a quick run to Pet Smart to get bone broth for Gabby's dinners. Other than that, no where else to go. I ordered from Amazon on Friday and there are three shipments. One today, tomorrow and the one that shipped first will be here in a week, weird. Oh well.

    I watched water color tutorials yesterday and pulled out two more of the uglies, didn't work on either. Not exactly sure what I'll do today, but I'll probably wait until Mike leaves for work to start anything.

    I hope you have a great day.
    From NC, retired in FL
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ We're in for some very hot weather over the next week -- maybe even triple digits. We had 96 yest. I need to adjust the times on the sprinkler timer box so the various zones will run longer. The lawn really needs to be fertilized again, but it can't be done in this heat. I don't do it unless the temp. is 80 or < -- too much risk of burning the grass.

      I watched YT church in the morning, plus some other videos by Rory Feek. In the afternoon I did more piecing on the quilt. I'm working on snowballing corners of certain blocks. It will take some time to do all of them.

      Yest. eve. I worked in the yard ~40 min. It really was too hot; I was sweating in just a few min. I trimmed back the climbing rose. It had several dead canes on it this spring. I had to use the loppers on the thick ones.

      I was relieved the neighborhood was quiet last eve. No audible fireworks. A skunk odor wakened me at 12:40; I had to close all the windows.

      Today will be the usual laundry. I think there are at least 4 loads today.


        Good morning. It is hot and humid here. It is hard to walk the pug in this weather. Yesterday I glued and sewed the binding on the quilt I picked up from the quilter. I hope the vet tech will like it.
        I received the batting I ordered from Amazon for my baby quilt. I now need to sandwich it and start to do stitching the ditch in the ditch. Not much else going on today.

        Stay safe and cool.



          Good Monday morning everyone,

          We spent the weekend at the cabin along with DS #1 and his family, and my sister and her hubby. Wow! Hot and humid!! DS and DH installed a stand alone air conditioner in the living room closet and vented it through the wall. It certainly helped. We also have one upstairs for the bedrooms. The windows in the cabin are original...80+ years old. They are paned and open inward, so window air conditioners won't work unless we cut a hole in the outside wall. Downstairs we have windows on all four walls, so there isn't much room to be cutting holes! Anyway, we had a great time....spent time on the pontoon and on the deck overlooking the lake. BIL loves to fix things, so he and DH worked on fixing our wooden dock which had been damaged last winter and spring from the lake ice. It was great to be able to sit there again and enjoy coffee on the lake :-)

          Today will be laundry; there are several loads from the cabin. I will probably do a little weeding in the garden too. It's absolutely calm outside today....not a hint of unusual for us. It's a good time to use the Blossom Set spray on the tomatoes and cucumbers. Not sure if I'll make it to the sewing room or not.

          Have a blessed day, everyone. Jeanne


            Good morning!

            Our heat wave continues, highs in the low 90's predicted for most of the week. We should see some relief this weekend.

            No work today for me, either. I didn't sleep well last night, and ended up sleeping in this morning. I'm a little disappointed with the late start. I was hoping to run some errands before it gets hot. I want to go to Fresh Thyme for some produce. It is usually a better quality than what I find at Giant Eagle. We have a Whole Foods near here but I haven't tried it yet.

            I just placed an order on Etsy for some fabric. I have my Spring Twist quilt on the design floor. I was looking at it yesterday, trying to decide what size file to use for the edge-to-edge quilting. The border was bugging me again. I used one of the busier prints in the border. I finally decided it is too busy. The eye doesn't have a place to land. One of the Etsy sellers had a couple of yards of my favorite fabric from that line. It is a calmer print. I am not looking forward to spending time with my seam ripper, but what's Jenny's saying? Something about if a mistake bothers her three times she fixes it? That border has definitely bothered me more than three times.

            I'd better eat some breakfast before I head out to the store. Have a wonderful day!


            • Claire Hallman
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              Maybe you could just make the busy border more narrow, slice some off instead of ripping. Then you could add the new border.

            • jjkaiser
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              Claire that is a great idea!

            We have a little bit cooler weather this morning, I am sure it will heat up later.
            I spent a good bit of yesterday fmq on the pop stars, all I have left is the borders and I am switching thread colors for that. I have been trying to decide if I want to switch patterns, too. I will probably decide when I sit down to do it.
            I got out something new to work on, a kit for a wall hanging, the first kit I have ever bought. Some of the fabric sure is little cuts.😮 I need to be very cautious cutting it out. Lots of hst so I think I will starch the daylights out of it.
            DH thinks he might have a UTI so we need to go to the store for cranberry juice. If not much better tomorrow he will visit the doctor, perhaps online????
            Claire from Pelham, Alabama


              Hello, All!
              I now have six projects to do ahead of the new quilt for the master bedroom. I need to make 5 quilts for Christmas gifts and a teddy bear for my youngest grandson's first birthday. That's not till November 4th so that won't be hard. But I want to get the "must make" things done before my "want to make" bed quilt. For each of the first 3 grandchildren, all girls, I made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for their first birthdays. Then when we were blessed with a little boy in the family, I made a teddy bear. His was made from a jacket that my late husband wore. For the next teddy bear, I'm making it from the dress his mom wore for her first day of kindergarten. I have the pieces cut out but I need to get the stuffing for his innards. We need to go to Walmart sometime today for dog food so I can probably get it there. I should see if they have some elastic, too, for a couple more masks. I've lost two of mine. And one is stained from when I washed it. I had a pipe cleaner in the nose part for shaping. The pipe cleaner rusted on the white fabric with small blue flowers. That was my favorite. So I'm down to one mask and no more elastic. I don't really like wearing the tie ones.
              Not much else going on.
              Have a happy day!
              ~ Carol from Southwest PA


                Good Morning! Everyone sounds busy today. I have been so restless and staring at my computer screen trying to get into work mode all morning. Not sure why it's a struggle today. I love my career.

                So excited, I bought the original DD as soon as it posted. I had been stalking that fabric line for a couple weeks. So happy I saw it before it sold out.

                After work I'm going to quilt my sons gifts, I got great advise on here on how to quilt them.

                I bought a veggie spiralizer today with work reward points. They have a shop for us instead of montitary awards. I'm going to do the keto diet, I've struggled with sciatica for over a year. Now that I'm almost 100% healed thanks to my invertion table...time to get this extra weight off from not being able to walk much less exercise for a year. I have 30 lbs that need to go. We eat a lot of Mexican food which is high in carbs. My bf is Hispanic, I cook his comfort foods. He of course does not struggle with his weight lol.

                It's hot here, feels over 100...I hope everyone stays cool and has a wonderful day!!


                • Claire Hallman
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                  I loved and bought the DD, too, what do you plan for it?

                • Momofmonsters5
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                  Hi Claire, not sure but definitely will be for me. I have a few layer cake tutorials saved. Strangely I've never done the double slice ...I might do that one since I don't want to lose the designs. What are you going to do?

                • Claire Hallman
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                  I have no idea but I just love the fabric, I ordered some extra yardage to go with the layer cake

                Good afternoon. Late getting here today. DH and I both had dr. appts. this morning so we were there for a long time. They did a couple tests while we were there too and also drew blood so we don't need to either come back another day or go to the lab.

                My bp was up a bit but probably because I was in the doctors office. It always stresses me to have to go. I have had a couple of bad experiences with doctors when I was younger and so now stresses me everytime I go even though I like this doctor and his staff for the most part. He is aware and takes that into consideration when my number's are up. I do monitor it at home so he always asks me what the numbers have been. He knows I will tell him if things are a bit high because I have in the past and we got meds changed and it's back in line. I probably had higher numbers today too because my youngest son Tim is having spinal fusion surgery today. His gf Carrie is with him so she will update me as the day progresses. She said he was quiet but in pretty good spirits this morning. I wish I could be there (he is in GA) but that just can't happen right now.

                And just as I typed that last sentence, Carrie texted me that the surgery is NOT happening today. Tim's bp was too high so they won't do it. Now they need to get to his GP and get his meds adjusted. Not sure how long they want to wait but I am sure that he is not happy right now. He wants to be able to get this taken care of and get back to work. I will talk to him later.

                Time to get something done. Just not sure what. Can't seem to focus on anything in particular. Have a good day all.
                Ginny B
                Levittown, NY


                  Good Afternoon All. Sitting here reading about the updates and saw the word laundry... well shoot I put a load in early this morning and it is still in the washer. Just now went and changed them to the dryer and the dang washer ate a sock. I swear I put 4 in, but only 3 came out!

                  Yesterday I worked on project that needed the use of hot glue gun. Found out I am all thumbs when using it coz it kept burning my fingers. Yes I do own the rubber finger guards for use in ironing to keep from burning fingers, but did I remember I owned them... NAH!

                  Been hot today and so not much of anything got accomplished. Sorted thru stack of mail and did the breakfast/lunch dishes.. done and done...


                  • JCY
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                    Mimi ~ I find that socks often have a way of getting into other clothing items, like a pants leg, or inside something. I do a thorough search before putting items into the dryer. But I dry our socks on a rack; I don't put them in the dryer. They shrink too much.