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Sunday Morning Greetings :)

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    Sunday Morning Greetings :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's another ozone alert day here. We've had several air quality alerts recently due to ozone. It was 98 yest. & it's expected to be hot again today.

    Well, it was a noisy time in the neighborhood last night. It started ~6p.m. & didn't let up until ~11 p.m. It was worse than usual. I think it's because there were no city fireworks this year, plus the pandemic, so people celebrated at home. I noticed activity at 7 different properties within a 1 block radius of us. Very noisy! The air was filled with fireworks smoke. Hopefully things will settle down now.

    I mentioned in yesterday's thread about the 6 loads of laundry I did -- all that bedding, etc. I was glad to get all that done. Today will be church on YT again. Per our state's guidelines, it looks like we might not be able to meet for "live" church until after the end of July. I hope to do some sewing this afternoon.

    Good morning all! 5th of July and finally it is quiet. My next door neighbor blew up hundreds of dollars of fireworks and took hundreds of photos of the explosions which she posted on FB. Crazy! Lots of local fireworks going deep into the wee hours!

    I quilted my graduation wall hanging yesterday. I must be rusty because a tuck ended up on one edge, first time that happened! I was able to take out a small part of the quilting and fix it. Too bad this is for someone else, but I think I fixed it adequately.

    I love Jenny’s idea of hanging quilts on the porch. I want to do that on my porch, and started yesterday with a little patriotic runner I made from scraps. Turned out nice! I will graduate to bigger quilts but I need A longer pole!

    8D155911-ABE7-4837-9096-2D054F48D697.jpeg Have a wonderful day!


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      Your porch looks lovely with the table runner. Somehow I missed that suggestion but I’m going to make some for my porch.

    • JCY
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      Lovely! I would never hang out anything on my porch for fear it would be stolen.

    • KPH
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      That looks great! I keep a hanging on my front door, don't have a front porch, as much as I would love one.

    Morning all,

    It was a lazy day for us yesterday we stayed home this year. Neighborhood had fireworks going on last night, the very loud ones that sound like a bomb going off, could have done without those. The people behind us did not have their firework display this year that rivals the professional ones, the overhead ones with beautiful bursts of color.

    Looks to be another hot one today glad there's no place I have to be. Maybe I will attempt to get in the sewing room and try out my creative grids mask template. Want to make a few more masks I have been making the pleated ones so this will be a new type for me. The template should make it easier to keep them all uniform in size.

    Hope everyone has a good day, be safe, stay healthy!

    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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      Good Morning,

      We are still on our hot and humid streak. Chances of rain all this coming week but it doesn't look like the chances are very good. Dewpoints and heat will continue to be high so I will be remaining in the house.

      Visited my daughter and her family yesterday. Our son came with and we had a lunch of ham and turkey sandwiches, veggies and fruit. I also bought a DQ ice cream cake for our son's birthday. I gave my daughter and son-in-law their anniversary quilt. They both loved it. My son-in-law was in the basement when I gave it to my daughter. He asked me if he had to share it. 😆. I told him that yes, he did have to share. Our oldest grandson was also there and it was great to see him. His best friend just became a dad recently so I asked him if he wanted me to make the little one a quilt. I got to thinking this morning that I make a cute quilt for a little boy a couple of months back that I think I'm going to layer and finish up for him to give to his friend.

      We've been having a battle with Japanese Beetles. Both Dave and I have been going out to check on the plants every hour or so. Sometimes you can see the bugs flying over the hydrangea tree. We try and dump them into a glass of soapy water but sometimes they are too quick. Not sure what else we can do.

      We will be doing church online at 9 this morning and then I will be sewing. I did make it upstairs last night for a bit. I completed the LeMoyne Star block but it looks a little stretched out in a few places. The block is not completely flat, a few little puckers, because I had to rip out a couple of seams. I may just do a new one. I have a couple more blocks that I have the pieces cut out so I think I'll work on those and layer the quilt for Izzy's little boy (whose name is Isaiah also). I don't think it will take too long to get it done.

      Have a great day everyone.


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        We have Japanese Beetles every year. We spray ours with liquid Sevin. It really takes care of them.

      • CarlieBlilie
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        Thanks Bubby. We’ve been trying a spray and it works to get them off but they keep coming back. I’ll get some Sevin tomorrow.

      Good Morning,

      I know its Sunday but it feels like Monday to me. Since Amanda is on vacation she is coming over for awhile today. Yesterday she brought me BQ for supper. I didn't want to tell her I had no idea she was doing this and had already eaten. I will have it today and it will be nice not to have to cook . I finished the binding on a quilt yesterday. Ya another one finished.

      Its shedding season for Sandy, I cant even describe to you the amount of hair that comes off this Lab. Its like a cloud of hair is constantly flowing around her. She is the perfect dog except for the shedding.

      Got a text for the man who does my yard he is coming today . I am not sure where he has been but my yard is horrible. My neighbor told me she thinks his mother n law bought a lake house and he has been busy.

      Speaking of unkept things..... MY HAIR!! I haven't had it done since March. I look like a fat old unkept redneck . I never realized I had this much grey! Even though I don't see many people , its starting to get to me big time. I know the lady that does my hair has opened back up but we have had a burst of positive cases in Alabama and I am going to hold out a little longer.

      Take care,
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        I hear you about your hair. Mine hasn’t been cut since the first of February. I normally wear it in a short bob. It’s now down to my shoulders and I can put it in a ponytail. I have an appointment for a haircut Wednesday!

      • KPH
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        I went and had my hair cut, then I wished I hadn't. I'm going to let it grow out again. It's always gray, so no worries about coloring.

      • Momofmonsters5
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        We have a great dog as well that we rescued last year. She sheds something terrible. I had to put up my carpets. Shes great except for the shedding.

      Good morning!

      It was a noisy night here, too. We had the occasional firework throughout the day, then once it got dark I thought they would never stop. There were too many trees to see anything.

      I mentioned in another post that the LQS up the street is closing. There was nothing about it on the website. I checked Facebook; the main store and the other branch are staying open. The employees will be given jobs at the main store. I bought two machines from the LQS; I'm sorry to see it go. It is a small store, and with social distancing can only accommodate eight people. The main store is about 15 minutes from here.

      I am taking a couple of vacation days to start the week. I log back in to work on Thursday. I don't have anything planned. The weather will be hot, in the 90's. I would like to get my hair cut (still haven't done that yet!). The rest will be errands and hopefully some sewing.

      Have an awesome day!
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        Good morning,

        Through the eyes of a little boy... it was a wonderful celebration yesterday. It rained for a couple of hours last night so fireworks were delayed. It was quite the show in the neighborhood when they did start. Luckily, most were over at a reasonable time. It was fun to see his joy with all the colors and make special memories with him and DD. Lots of neighbors out in their driveways too.

        Not sure what project(s) to work on today. I will have to sew as the embroidery is still in the shop for a cleaning. Of course, I found a mistake on the dinosaur quilt when I tried to piece it. I cut the sashing strip short so need to re-embroider. The blocks are squares and rectangles so have different lengths of sashing around them.

        May your day be bright and sunny!


          Good morning all. It was a nice, relaxing day yesteday. Did a bit of sewing and then just sat outside and read and chatted with hubby while the ribs slowly smoked on the grill. Dinner was yummy. Then it got real noisy. We sat outside on the front porch for a while. There were so many people setting off fireworks in the neighborhood. The ones that burst into pretty colors I can take but the ones that just sound like a bomb are not very appealing to me. After a while I just came inside. I had to close all the Windows because of the noise (couldn't here the tv) and the smell of the smoke. I put on a Hallmark Christmas movie that I had recorded while we were getting Hallmark for free. I hope it is quieter tonight.

          Today I will do a bit more on the flag wallhanging. My goal is to have it on the wall within the next few days. I've got the baked ziti and sauce all ready for dinner so the rest of the day is now mine to do whatever I want. I see sewing, reading and some spider plant babies potting in my future.

          Have a good day everyone. Stay cool, safe and healthy.
          Ginny B


            Good Morning all. Like most here, my neighborhood also did more than their fair share of fireworks, and those that sound like bombs... UGH. And since history does have a way of repeating itself, there wild will be more in the coming days. Seems they always hold back a few for the next day and the next and....

            I did manage yesterday to finish the baby quilt..... oh it was not a smooth adventure at all, but the journey is done!

            Hope all have a safe and relaxing day today.



              Good Morning All,

              Well what a noisy day it was, and it started long before sunset with thunderstorms off and on all afternoon. After dark the neighborhood was busy with fireworks. Gabby finally calmed down and in a lull, she went out. Bless her heart, she'd just squatted and another round of fireworks went off. Thank goodness, I kept her on the leash. I kept telling her go on and finish, I'd watch out for her. Needless to say, she didn't linger! She was a snuggler last night for sure.

              I didn't do a whole lot of anything yesterday. We had left overs for dinner and will have more left overs tonight. I talked to Jim twice. He's really enjoying restudying William Wilberforce. I doubt that I even need to watch his presentation, but I'm getting a lot of what he's cutting due to the time constraints. They haven't found out anything from his FIL's covid test yet, which is making Jim even more antsy. I don't know if Morgan's heard anything from hers, either. I figured with a holiday, we probably won't hear anything until later next week from ours.

              I'm feeling the need to do something creative today. Not sure what I'll get myself into, but hopefully I'll find something to fill that need.

              I won a package from 2 Blind Brothers. I was shocked There was a pair of their sunglasses and a Braille bracelet. Whoot, whoot. I asked Jim who we could give the sunglasses to, because we all wear glasses. I was hoping there would be some of their socks in the gift, because my kids love there socks!

              Well, time for church on line. Have a great day!
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                It's afternoon now, just a little late getting on here again after reading a few posts this morning. We had such a great day yesterday with lots of family here! We had my two daughters and their families and Mike's son, son's girlfriend, grandson, sister, aunt, and cousin. Seventeen of us altogether. It was the first that I've met some of his family. It was a very hot day but we were able to stay out on the deck with the table umbrella and the awning. The little kids played in the sprinkler and had a blast getting soaking wet.
                We had the drawing for the quilt that I made. My younger daughter won it. She was happy- she said she was wishing she had another quilt for in the camper.
                My older daughter just found out that she has Lyme disease. She thought she had an infected mosquito bite. After the area getting worse, (no target shape showed) she eventually went to urgent care. She'll be fine- they prescribed antibiotics for a couple weeks. I think it's the fatigue more than anything that's getting to her. I just hope she does ok at work- she works three 12-hour shifts a week at the hospital, in ICU.
                So today we aren't doing anything! I just cleaned up the deck a bit this morning and put things away. Today will be a day of recovery.
                There was a lot of noise last night from neighbors' fireworks but not much past 10:30 or so. Only one of the dogs was bothered. The other dog is never bothered by anything and the two cats didn't care about the noise either.
                Hope everyone has a happy day!
                ~ Carol from PA


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                  I know of at least 2 people in my church who deal with Lyme Disease on a chronic basis. No fun. I hope your dau. gets better.