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Good Morning Saturday! :)

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    Back again & checking today's chat. I've been busy since early this a.m. doing laundry. I decided to strip DH's bed & wash the 3 matt. pads, etc. They are out on the line finishing drying. The blanket is dried; the bedspread just went in the dryer, & a load of sheets is in the washer. Six loads so far. The pillows are airing out in the sun. I still need to vac. the BR & utility room.

    My gr. son & his wife has put in an offer on an older, smaller house in Annapolis. I think they are waiting for the results of the inspection. The house was built in 1955. It's in an older, but nice neighborhood. I hope it works out for them.

    It sounds like most folks are going to have a low-key day. No special foods on the menu here, since DH eats the same foods every day. Boring, but it works for him. Over the years he's developed food allergies & has to be very careful of what he eats.

    The temp. already is 88, so it's heating up out there.


      Happy 4th of July everyone! we are just chilling in the house, it is a hot one outside today. Got our bedding out on the line should be dry up quickly. Talked with my sister over the phone, this year is a lot different for the both of us. So glad we can chat and visit over the phone. Nothing much else is planned for the day. Stay well and safe everyone! and enjoy your day!


        Happy Independence Day to the U.S.A. !! No idea what I'm cooking tonight. Still crazy busy taking care of my ex and giving extra attention to my DH. I need to make a shopping list and instead I came to see what everyone here is up to. Have a great day!



          Happy 4th to all of you in the US. Enjoy your safe safely.

          I made 10 more masks this morning for Rachel and Eli. Then as if we were reading minds, Rachel popped over with a donation to the local fire department in my brother-in-law's memory. What a nice thing to do. Gave her the masks at the same time. We took a little drive to town and dropped the cheque off at my sister-in-law's and stopped for some ice cream. Did a drive through town and got stopped by a friend, waving us in. Had a visit and drink there. And then we were home again. I have been sewing the North Star quilt that Jenny made. Noticed ANOTHER block that was sewed and cut wrong. Man O Man. So I decided to have a nap instead of finding more fabric that I can use in the quilt. I have none left over from the jelly roll.

          My friend Lynda was going to head to Ottawa and pick up a leather belt for the treadle. She will drop it off tomorrow. Someone gave me a link to Bonnie's Quiltville and I ordered tubing form a company. We shall see how it all works.

          Well supper is just about ready, fish and chips, home style.

          Enjoy your July 4th no matter what kind of celebration you do. BUT stay safe.
          Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


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            I did build away... and what a construction/de-construction is turned out to be on the "simple" baby quilt. Not sure if it was my lack of concentration (oh look a squirrel) or just out of practice. But I got it done. First attempt at binding, oops didn't move needle over, so instead of seam ripping it I got the rotary cutter out and just cut it off, only lost about inch all around. And then cut more binding and went at it again, even sewed down almost a complete side before I noticed bobbin was empty! Jeeze Louise!. Lens fell out of my glasses... etc.. I won't go on coz it didn't stop there. But like I said... IT IS DONE!

          Hi all,

          Well it's now a little after 8pm, we had a quiet day relaxing at home. Both my husband and I spent part of the day reading, and then went to Wendy's drive thru and picked up a burger for a quick dinner since we didn't feel like cooking and weren't that hungry.

          Yesterday I ran to my local quilt shop and picked up a bunch of things I ordered from the video chat she did on Facebook Thursday afternoon. For someone who lost her motivation to sew I sure did buy my share! They had some cute things I picked up for my sister's birthday in August as she is a quilter too.

          Probably be another lazy day tomorrow as we have no specific plans or anywhere we have to be. Love those types of days where we can do whatever our heart desires.

          Hope everyone had a good and safe 4th!
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