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Well Friday has come!!

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    Well Friday has come!!

    Good morning friends. It promises to be another hot one again today. I hear the morning dove this morning. I usually hear her every morning. I got a load of laundry done and dried before the storm last night. And it was quite the storm, heavy winds and scary sounding wind, a little hail and then the rain. The power flickered on and off many times but we never lost power. I did some sewing as well. I cut sewed and cut one strip wrong but I don't have any of that fabric left over from the jelly roll but I am sure I have other fabric that will do just fine.

    I have been awake most of the night, having trouble getting back to sleep. Alarm went off at 4:30 and I don't think I slept a full hour. Hubby was picked up at 5:10 for a round of golf. I have to work today so I can see both of us needing a nap later today.

    I have a belt ordered from China for the treadle but lord only knows when that will get here. I need to find another source for one. She is a 1906 Singer with the Sphinx decals on her. I think she will be called Mildred as that was my Aunt's name.

    And so that is what is happening around here. No great plans for the weekend except to keep cool and maybe sew a little.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning, it’s going to be another Midwest scorching hot day.

    Tomorrow is the 4th but fireworks have been booming around here every night for at least a week. At least the fireworks stands are thriving. I think we are all looking for something to celebrate. Of course, it drives our Girls crazy.

    I did a little machine embroidery yesterday and discovered that I have grown eight more thumbs. I had a hard time hooping, trimming and changing thread. It pays to keep up your skills. I hadn’t done any embroidery in a few months. I won’t let that happen again.

    Monique, I have sleepless nights like that. They sure do wear you out. Be gentle with have been through a lot lately. Try to take a good nap later today.

    Have a great day friends....Hugs

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    Scottie Mom Barb


      Good morning everyone. It's looking to be a hot one today I think. Yesterday was a pretty nice day and I got some painting done outside on a vintage glider. I painted the square "panels" and now need to paint the main areas.

      I want to make a couple of pillows and I think I will make them using a dresden plate pattern to go with the pattern on the bench. I am not sure just how old this bench is. I got it from my sister who got it from my cousin years ago.

      Today I think I will work on making new kitchen curtains from some white tea towels that arrived yesterday. They are in the washer now.

      Happy Friday all. Have a good day.
      Ginny B


        Good morning!

        It's going to be a hot one today -- highs in the upper 80's, low 90's. That will be the weather for at least a week.

        We have had fireworks in our neighborhood almost every night for about two weeks. The one night I didn't hear any, but my sister said she heard some behind her. I wonder if there will be a decline after the holiday -- one year, the neighbors were still setting off fireworks in August, almost September!

        Monique: my Ohio sister has a treadle machine. She bought it from a Western wear shop (now long gone), that was using it as a display table. Dad helped her get it working again. He and Mom used to drive down to Amish country quite often and he bought her new belts from one of the hardware stores down there.

        My snap hoop monster came yesterday! I am happy to report that yes, it does work in my machine. The package said Baby Lock/Brother, but my machine was not listed in the description. Fortunately, all Baby Lock hoops are supposed to be compatible with my machine. I have used one of the small hoops from my old machine on the new one with no issues. I want to work on the backing of my WIP today and see if the hoop makes edge-to-edge quilting easier. I decided not to piece the after quilt for the back, and just go with the one backing fabric. My WIP is a Spring Twist quilt, and despite my best efforts, some of the pinwheel centers are a little bulky. I don't want to add more bulk with a pieced back. I will be using a thin, summer-weight batting.

        Time for breakfast. Have a wonderful day!
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          Julie, was it Lehman's in Kidron? They carry a lot of non-electric items that cater to the Amish in the area. I checked their website and they do have a treadle machine (quite modern in appearance!) but I didn't see belts on the website. Doesn't mean they don't carry them though. Monique, you could give them a call or email them to check. I'll bet if they don't carry them, they can tell you who does.

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          Lehman's! That could have been it! I was looking up Ashery Country Store and Miller's Dry Goods.

        • Cokie
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          The Ashery and Miller's Dry Goods are two of my absolute favorite stores!

        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's hot here, too! It hit 100 deg. yest.! I had entertained the thought of doing some yard work in the eve., but it still was 100 at 6 p.m. By the time it would have cooled off enough to work outside, the mosquitoes would be bad, so I chilled out in the recliner & finished reading my latest book.

        I worked on the Smoke & Fire quilt yest. I laid out all the 2.5" red squares (ironed in half first) for the "fire". There will be 96 corners to snowball! Ugh. Not my favorite thing. This could take a while. When all the snowballing is done, then I'll start sewing together the blocks. I decided to make it 7 blocks wide x 9 blocks down. The blocks will be 6" finished.

        Monique ~ We have a lot of mourning doves around here, too. One year they built a nest in our apple tree -- a crazy loosely situated nest out of twigs. They had 2 babies. One year they were building a nest on the curved downspout under the eaves; DH took that down as soon as we discovered it. They regularly drink from our water dish.

        No more time now.


          Good Morning All,

          Yesterday I worked on Christmas Uglies. I thought I'd sandwiched one of the large ones, but it turned out to be one of the small ones. Oh well. I stitched in the ditch to keep it simple and quick. I finished it, trimmed, and sandwiched the second. It's quilted and I'm ready to pull another one or two out today. I ended up with 4 of the smaller and 4 of the larger. I still have squares in the other box that I can use to make more. I need to decide who is getting these and get it written up in the list.

          I talked to Melinda yesterday, no cancer in her blood work. The numbers that were off were because of her red blood cells. She's got a lot of double RBC that are connected in a figure 8. When they're hooked together like that they can't carry oxygen which is why she's always tired. She's anemic on top of that. She's morbidly obese (200 lbs at 5' 2''). She's deficient in D, but the meds she's on now, she can't take a Vit D supplement. There's something strange going on with her bones from the previous chemo, they're still figuring that out. The doctor she saw last week wanted her to walk in her neighborhood, but it's in her file not to leave her yard due to severely compromised immune system. Even walking in her own yard would be hazardous with all of the tree roots and pits. I told her about the Cubii, I don't know if it would help, but it's something. Anyway, she's back in her sewing room and seemed pretty happy yesterday about projects she's been working on.

          Mike is off today, so he's sleeping in and I'm not sure what our plans will be today. I hope you all have a great one!
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Originally posted by Monique View Post

            I have a belt ordered from China for the treadle but lord only knows when that will get here. I need to find another source for one. She is a 1906 Singer with the Sphinx decals on her. I think she will be called Mildred as that was my Aunt's name.

            Bonnie Hunter uses this for her treadle machines. She does a lot of treadling. I have mine but I have yet to put it on the machine. This is to her blog page on the item.


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              I have ordered a couple of things on EBay that came from China, and they really weren’t much different in time than any other order.

              I haven’t tried the synthetic belts or rubber tubing yet. I do have a treadle cabinet that came with a coiled wire spring installed that I have been dying to try. Got to get a few more projects done first.

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              Well I ordered some to have on hand.

            ((flying in on her broom)) Morning all... Just a quick fly by to say HI! Happy 4th and all that jazz! It's just at 8am here and I'm heading out the door to do some more work on the camper before it gets hot. I'm not sure if we are going anywhere this weekend or not..the boychild has to work, so if so it'll just be the grand daughter and the DIL. If I don't get a chance to jump back ladies and gents have a great great weekend!!

            Sage, crone of broomsticks and hammers!
            😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



              Finally Friday!

              Cloudy here today but rain would be welcome to cool us down. The dino quilt is on hold waiting for a jelly roll to use for sashing strips. I only need two of the strips out of the pack. The others can be used for the backing fabric for a coordinated finish.

              Finally found a paint color after about 25 sample pots. When I showed the color to DH he said to clue him in when I decided to paint. We see color so differently.

              Happy Friday to all. May your day be great!


                Good Morning all,

                We are continuing with the hot and humid weather. Dewpoints in the 70's and temps in the 90's. Yuck. I was running my son around this morning, 9 am our time, and temp was already at 83. It is miserable and it doesn't look like it will let up for a while.

                Yesterday a ran my son up to the ER. Not good results. He has had such pain in his neck he could no longer take the pain. He had asked me what he could do for the pain and I suggested he use a warm, moist washcloth. Worked some but he didn't keep it up. Normal for him. He got some morphine at the ER and they ran some tests. He was told he definitely had a stroke recently. I'm at my wits end trying to figure out how to help him when he doesn't really want to help himself. Frustrating as all get out. He still has not received his SS check for June and July should be here on Monday, I hope.

                Enough on that. I sewed most of the afternoon and evening yesterday. Got one wall hanging ready to hand sew the binding and then worked on my sampler quilt. The one I decided to work on was a little challenging for me since I have not done much with set-in seams. It is a LeMoyne Star. I've got half of it done and only had to rip out one seam. Thought that was pretty good. I'll be upstairs again today working on my mystery quilt. If I get that done I'll move on to the sampler again. So far I have 14 blocks done. A lot more to complete but I have nothing but time.

                We will be going to my daughter's tomorrow for lunch. Decided on ham and turkey sandwiches with fruit and veggies. My grandkids are fruit and veggie fanatics. I always thought it was amazing that when we went out to eat with them they would order the broccoli to so with their meal instead of the fries. I will be giving my daughter and son-in-law their quilt too. We were going to try and celebrate my son's birthday so I'm hoping he feels well enough to go to. I'm thinking of picking up a DQ ice cream cake to celebrate. Should be great since the weather is sooooo hot.

                Monique, we have a bunch of morning doves around here, too. I love listening to them. This spring we had several orioles as well. When Dave and I sit outside, which isn't happening now, we like to listen to all the birds. It is rather calming.

                Hope everyone has a great day.


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                  My heart goes out to you. It is very hard to help someone who won't help themselves.

                Happy Hot Friday!

                Oh my it's a stinker today and the next week is predicted to be in to 90's all week. The only goal I have when the weather is that hot is to go for my morning walk and keep hydrated.

                I've been working on a quilt for my DD and I've got only 7 more blocks to do with the embroidery module. It's a big quilt and doing the blocks in the center has been challenging.....lot's of quilt to maneuver around and it's very hot under there. This is most definitely a deep winter quilt. When these last blocks are finished, it'll be time to do some plain quilting in between the embroidered blocks. The last stage is to embroider/quilt the sections on the edge. I have a few more quilts to get quilted, so I want this bugger to be finished. Having a Snap Hoop Monster is saving me about 200.00 per quilt in professional long arm services.

                Today is day three of a new diet I'm trying. Not really a diet, more of just cutting out the junk that I eat. I do love my cookies, cakes, granola and general snacks. The reason I'm trying it is that I've been reading that there is some anecdotal evidence that reducing complex carbs (junk food) can also reduce inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. I'm not trying this on a doctor's advice, just thought I'd give it a try and see if it makes a difference. In August I have an appointment with my Rheumatologist and the big topic for discussion is starting Chemo for Lupus/RA. That's not a route that I want to take, but my hands are getting so bad that many days I can't do anything. The cravings aren't as bad as I thought they'd be.

                I'm catching up on the news now, and the glass of chilled green tea in the fridge should be ready to hug by now. Hope your holiday is great!


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                  I have llost 32 # since Jan by not really dieting just changing the way I eat. My dr said I have high cholesterol and wanted to put me on a statin. I said no, I hate taking prescription drugs. So she told me to see a nutritionist who said my cholesterol would go way down if I lost 20#. Unfortunately nc of covid I was supposed to have more labs in April but that appt got cancelled and I haven't made a new appt yet so idk if cholesterol dropped that much. Now I only eat one piece of bread about once a week. No breakfast, I never was a bkfst eater. Lunch is usually a bowl of soup or bowl of wheaties (no sugar) and piece of fruit. No eating between meals, no snacks, and NO second helpings. No desserts or sweets. NO chips any kind, mostly bc if I stsrt I can't stop. I love classic Lays potato chips.I have cheated very little, have had 3 cookies and two french fries since Jan also ice cream one time. I hardly ever exercise but I ordered a Fitbit for motivation in counting steps but it didn't come yet, hope it will get me to walk more often. I feel great and my double roll of belly fat is gone, forever I hope!

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                  JJ ~ If you want your arthritis to hurt less, by all means cut out the sugar. I cheat sometimes, & always have more joint pain in my hands after having sugar. Plus sugar is a hit on one's immune system. I heard somewhere that even a tsp. of sugar will depress the immune system
                  for up to 4 hrs.