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    Welcome Thursday

    Good morning friends. I actually slept in until 6:30 this morning, WOW!! Before the menfolk headed out, my boys brought up the treadle machine upstairs. I sort of cleaned up the room to make a place for it. I did manage to break the belt, luckily I have one on order. She was pretty stiff but I got her oiled up. I have been watching some videos on how to clean it and use it. I look forward to being able to use it. The menfolk had a wonderful time but man is it hot to play golf.

    My little sewing buddy brought me a card yesterday that made me cry and she was so sweet giving me hugs. I am going to miss her so very much.

    I did a little sewing last night as well. It felt good to sew.

    Not sure what today will bring. I think I will do some laundry for one thing. I work tomorrow and hubby has a golf date tomorrow, he will be picked up at 5:10am.

    So have a great day everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique and all to follow. I am glad you are getting to work on your treadle. I haven't done much on mine yet besides just clean it up. I need a belt for it. I got some new sewing machine oil so I need to go back and see if I can get the stiffness out and then learn how to use it.

    We had a great day visiting with Max and Lily yesterday. We spent most of the time outside but did go in for lunch and the kids were anxious for us to go down to the basement with them so they could update us on things down there. Max showed us all the happenings in each of his fish tanks (he has 3), showed us how big his turtle had gotten and was also so proud of his veggie garden bed. As well he should be. He is doing a great job! Lily and I played with her dolls for a bit and we all had a "snowball" fight. Makes my heart happy. And the day before, I got mail from Zeke and Aviendha with new pictures and an art project of two hands connected bt a piece of yarn that said "Hugs for my Oma" and "signed" by them.

    Not sure what we will do today but I know it will include sewing of some kind.

    Have a good day all. Make it the best Thursday you can.
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    Ginny B
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      Good morning. It is starting to heat up here- 92. . I should be able to make some progress on my quilt. I also picked up a quilt from my longarmer yesterday. It was nice to visit ( with masks and distance). I also left another quilt with her.
      I am going tomorrow to get a manicure and pedicure. It will be nice to catch up with my manicurist. She has moved to a new shop that is further away from me. I was spoiled - she was only 5 min from my house.

      Have a good day.


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's a mild 62 with 90's forecast for the next 5 days. Yest. it was 94. It's too hot to work outside, unless one gets out there very early while it's cool. I still have some impatiens I haven't planted yet. The bed has to be weeded first.

        I was busy all morning yest. making the chicken soup. This batch made 14 qts. DS#1 called in the afternoon. He freq. uses his drive time to call. His dau. had a job interview yest. She's looking for full time work now that she's grad. from the univ.

        I'm still rearranging quilt blocks until I'm satisfied with the layout. I may take it easier today & do some sewing. Bonnie Hunter started a new Leader & Ender challenge yest. I printed off the instructions. I just might work on this one. I have so many scraps. I won't use such small pieces, however. The little blocks she makes, IMO, are just too tedious. I like quicker results.


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          I've not heard of Bonnie Hunter. Can you point me in the right direction?

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          Carlie check out Bonnie Hunter’s web site

        • KarenC
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          I have also shied away from her projects because of the small pieces, however I don't like tossing scraps. Since this one is free of HST's I may try it. My first experience with small pieces was recently a paper pieced pineapple block quilt, and I enjoyed it. Cut one day a week, and sew in small increments after work.

        Good morning!

        Today starts a week (or more!) of hot weather. Highs in the upper 80's, with temps into the 90's over the weekend.

        Hospice #3 agreed with hospice #2, and Mom is officially under hospice care. I went with hospice #3, they are a local, non-profit. They took care of my boss's MIL and her family was very happy with them. I'm still working on setting up a care team meeting with Mom's facility. They never seem to be in a rush to arrange those. I contacted a funeral home yesterday, to pre-plan Mom's funeral and find out what the new normal is during this age of Covid. I will meet with them next week to finalize everything.

        I really like the American Heart pillow amartin24 made. I want to make one as a wallhanging to put in my front window. I have a flag for outside, but the bracket was put up by a tall person and I need a step stool to reach it. I was looking through my stash yesterday. How is it I have oodles of fabric and very little of it is red or navy blue? I might run up to the LQS today to see if they have any. I'm imagine their patriotic fabrics are probably sold out, but it might be worth a look. They only let 6 or 8 people in the store at time. They have chairs set up outside if they're at capacity and people need to wait.

        Time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


          Good Morning all,

          Our weather continues hot and humid. It is miserable to spend much time outside. Laundry was completed yesterday and I straightened up the sewing room. I had leftover fabrics from the projects that I recently completed that needed to be put in their places. I also worked on one of the panels I purchased years ago. It is a "school days" print. I'm working on the quilting and should have it done today. I have about 6 others to work on, among others. I will work on that one today and maybe start another. Tomorrow morning I will be getting the next clue to my mystery quilt so I don't want to get too involved with something.

          My daughter finally contacted me about getting together this weekend. She hates doing anything on Sundays because that is the day she catches up with household stuff and gets her ducks in a row for the daycare too. She suggested we get together for brunch on Saturday. We will be going to her house as they are looking forward to some fair food (the county fair there was cancelled but they are doing some fair food stuff this weekend) and to watch the fireworks. Ours were cancelled but theirs is not and they don't worry about being too close to anyone since they will watch from the parking lot at her mother-in-law's fast food place. They do this every year and they always have a great view. It is my son's birthday on Saturday and he will be coming with us, unless he says otherwise today. I will be giving my daughter and son-in-law their quilt on Saturday too. Excited about that but nervous, too.

          Coffee time, have a great day everyone!


            Good morning! It's my Friday...tomorrow is a paid holiday for us. I have so much to accomplish today. Yesterday half my day got caught up on one account, was not the plan, I hope today I can stick with my agenda.

            Strange here ..we have a fire works ban starting tomorrow at noon until Saturday at midnight. Strange because before that and after that you can go nuts. They say due the dryness it's a fire hazard but why is Thursday and Sunday ok but Friday and Sat are not. We live in a rural area part of town so I'm guessing well still see them.

            Now that my back is so much better I can marathon sew and love it! I love designing my own quilts and projects I'm finding. I think it comes from most my adult life I was a military spouse and living on base all the houses were the same, I always wanted my home to be unique and not look like the neighbors. In quilting the same, I want my quilts to be something no one else has. I have done a few mass patterns, I try to put a spin on those to make them different.

            Loving working on secert santa projects ..I designed a quilt for one of the themes. So fun!
            I also finished making design boards useful and I used up leftover bindings. I bought a $4 foam core from dollar general and got 2 12", 6 10" and 2 8" boards from it. So useful, I can't believe I've been quilting this long and never knew about them. I made my daughter one and my bf sells insurance and will use one for a display board. I have been using them to trans port from my cutting area to my machine. I'm currently having a blast with my mini twister tool.
            I hope everyone has a blessed day!


              Good Morning All,

              Hope everyone is feeling perky. Jim called yesterday, his FIL wasn't feeling well. Jim's pretty sure it's allergies, but he was going to get tested. Jim's family is 'grounded' until they get the results since they had been to their house Sunday evening. Morgan went to get retested, just in case.

              Yesterday was busy, I did my groceries on line and got them put away. Gave Gabby a bath and got her all blown out and cleaned up that mess. Didn't make it into the sewing room except for putting the thread down. By the time it got here, I didn't care about going into the sewing room at all. It was way too hot!

              Today is a new day and hopefully, I'll get myself motivated to get busy on the uglies.

              Have a great day!
              From NC, retired in FL
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Would somebody tell this technically challenged person how you add a comment to a post? I know how to post on the thread, but not how to add a comment after a specific post like I see others doing. They just seem to make more sense that way.

                just wanted to tell Monique “welcome” to the treadle club, please share a picture of your machine!
                sigpicIf you can't see the mistake from the back of a galloping horse, nobody is going to notice it.


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                  For some reason Monique’s post doesn’t give me that option- maybe because it’s the first one? Thanks for sharing the answer, anyway.

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                  Yes, that's correct. I've observed that the person starting a thread doesn't have the comment option. You either can click on her name & send her a private message or just comment the regular way & address it to her.

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                  I will take a picture later when it it lighter out, lol!!

                We have had even more rain, enough for now please, we will need it in August.
                I heard from my long armer and she is putting my quilt on her machine today, I am excited as I have only had 2 quilts done professionally. I had planned on entering it in our guild show but it has been cancelled, postponed until 2022. 😢 Maybe I will still be around.😁
                I got my fiasco pop stars quilt fixed and should be able to pin baste it today, hooray! It looks sooo much better, well worth the effort.
                Claire from Pelham, Alabama


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                  What a lovely quilt!

                • Nwmnteacher
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                  Now that's a really gorgeous quilt!!

                • KarenC
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                  Beautiful. I find that I really like blue/white and red/white quilts.

                Good Morning all. Haven't posted much recently, busy with Mr. C and his care and hospice. Actually nurse is coming today and we have written things down to discuss with her and need pictures taken of couple areas to compare to those taken a couple weeks ago.

                I moved my sewing machine into my bedroom this morning, testing my waters.... from my bedroom I can hear him in the living room but NOT from my sewing room. The reason I haven't done it sooner is because I can see my late fathers house from my bedroom window. But you know what.... seeing blue skies, sunshine and watching the world go by is relaxing! And actually when I look up and see his house, I think of fond memories... not those between Jan and March of this year.

                And best of all... I got email from my attorney, California probate courts are finally open and my paperwork has been filed. Court date of August 20th set for blessing me with being Administrator of the Estate. Finally there is a light at the end of that tunnel. I am starting to feel that my sewing mojo might be finally waking up! When I sewed my dad would always ask "what are you building". Guess men build in their minds (LOL).

                I started building a simple baby quilt this morning!

                Hugs to all.


                • Monique
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                  Build away....

                Well yes it is Thursday and 96 C here and my air conditioner broke. goodness it was getting hot. i really keep it warmer in here than my son or granddtr might like but it keeps the bills down. sigh. I"m waiting on the repairman now. so much for my shower this morning! i'm working on a large "baby" quilt. jungle animals and bee fabrics. top is done.


                  Good evening everyone. I thought I would be on here earlier today. It was supposed to be my day off, so slept in (70). Started work about 9 this morning and worked through 50. So much for a day off. There is always so much to do and deadlines. Hopefully I am done with documenting SOX controls for a bit. I will log in again tomorrow. I am determine to finish reconciling some accounts so that I can document the processes and turn it over to a consultant. My boss already has my next projects in the planning stage, so need to put this one to bed. A coworker requested 8 more masks today.

                  Weather is hot here in TX. With the rise in COVID 19 cases, I have decided to stay home this weekend. Between work, quilting and lawn care, I should keep busy.

                  Mimi Howard and Julie, sorry you are having to deal with hospice patients. Extra hugs and prayers for you.

                  Stay safe everyone.
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                  Spring, TX


                    Good evening,
                    Late to the board -- I was up early enough with the chipmunk screeching outside the bedroom window at 6:30 am. There must be something annoying him, he continued most of the morning. I was slow getting going this morning. Yesterday we went to neighbours for a drink -- mostly drank lots of water and a glass of wine. It was so hot and humid even in the shade. Two of the ladies got weak from the heat in the evening. I don't move much when its like this. We have been and will be in a heat warning advisory for the next week. In the 90s-100 with humidity. Unbearable to be out for long, but perfect for indoor activities, as long as we don't lose power. I have been bugging DH to get a quote to have a generator hooked up to house. With hot summer and extreme cold winter ice storms, you never know when power will be lost, and I think it will get worse with climate change. I would rather plan ahead than be sorry. Friends of ours had it done, and very grateful, as her DH may be on home dialysis in future, and not good to lose power.

                    Today I spoke to mom. It was supposed to be a video chat, but I have issues every time, so I just talked to her on the phone. I also went for the Covid test - throat & nose today. It took about 1 1/2hrs from line up to end. Standing outside was a bit much for some, so they left. One lady passed out, and ambulance came. They were passing out water -- I cant believe people didn't bring some in this heat or wear a hat. If I want to have in-person visit with mom, I need to get a test every 2 weeks. Rules of visit -- 1 family member per week, 30 minutes outside under pergola at a 6' distance, no touching, no bringing of items or food. I will also have to wear a mask and make an attestation.

                    I tried to do a bit of yardwork -- got about 10' of beds cleaned up, removed a dead rose bush and then the wind and the rain started again. I cant catch a break, Maybe I will go out there early tomorrow morning. Thunder-storms expected in the next few days.

                    Have a good evening.
                    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.