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Happy Wednesday! (Hump Day)

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    Happy Wednesday! (Hump Day)

    I'm awake so I figured I'll start today's thread!
    Monique I hope everything went good yesterday, so sorry for your loss.

    Joy glad the husband had a smooth experience and I hope his pain is manageable.

    I have been sewing like soon. My oldest son Zachary, he's 23 is active duty Army. He's at AIT in FL, away from all family. I decided to send him a package..of course it has grown. I made him a mask, a bowl cozies, mug rugs. Then I got out my mini twister tool and thought a square table topper would be great, have that ready to sew. Then I thought matching coasters, they turned out too big so they can be video game controller pads, made coasters smaller. I'm still debating on a pokemon table runner for fun...I have a charm pack. I just want to send him useful things for comfort. My kids grew up with me quilting so they appreciate what I make for them. I went a little over board but that's me! I'll send some snacks as well...we share a love of combos!

    Thank goodness our year end is over at work...that was a tough one this year. I'm so busy but I do love my career. We had a call today where they let us know they let people go, so sad. Our company is one of the few really good paying jobs for this city so it breaks my heart when I hear news like that. This pandemic has really affected everything. I wish them the best and hope they can find something quick. You have to gave a degree to work at our company so hoping that's helpful for them.

    I want to thank everyone on this forum, you all mean the world to me. I consider you all my quilting friends. It's great to see all the personalision and ideas that generate here. Thanks!

    My daughter finally went shopping in my fabric to get everything she wanted. She's 17 and took up sewing and quilting. 5 piles later she told me I was a fabric hoarder lol. I told her lucky for her! I want to make an ugly quilt so was waiting for her to get what she wanted..we have way different tastes.

    Happy sewing and have a great day! I'm going to watch Matlock on youtube and try to fall asleep!!
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    Good morning to you. The service yesterday was lovely and not too long. A lot of tears were shed. We enjoyed a BBQ after the service. I am glad that this is behind us.

    Today the menfolk are headed out for a round of golf. Hubby, our two sons and a nephew. I have no doubt that they will have a great day. My boys are supposed to take up the treadle sewing machine upstairs for me. I will tackle the room when everyone is gone.

    Today is our Canada Day. Covid has really screwed things up this year. No celebrations, no fireworks, no parades. So it will be the quietest Canada Day I have ever experienced.

    Not much else happening around here. Have a great day friends.

    Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Good morning!

      Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends. I should call my friend who's from Canada today and wish her a happy day. Today is the last day of warm temperatures before it gets hot, hot, hot. Temps forecast near or in the 90's for the next week. The central air will get a workout.

      We had a really good porch visit with Mom yesterday! She even got my name right a couple of times, which is rare. She was very chatty and waved at everyone who walked by. She thought they were all friends from her past and it was nice to see her engage. I talked to hospice #3 when I got home yesterday and they will take a look at her today. I really like this one. I had a good conversation with one of the nurses and they sent me a consent form to sign digitally. We will see what they say and go from there.

      I ordered my snap hoop monster today. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I have received positive feedback from a couple of forum members, who said it does make the edge-to-edge quilting easier. I should piece the back of my WIP, so I can try it out while I'm on vacation.

      How is it July 1 already? Even with the telework, it seems like this year has flown. Hard to believe I should be back at work August 3, three days a week. We will still telework for the other two. The plan is contingent on how our state is doing with the re-opening. On the one hand, it will be nice to be around more people. On the other hand, I am concerned about fellow employees not following social distancing. That's a problem for another day.

      Time for tea and some breakfast. I need to run up to the grocery store today and buy some produce...and maybe some ribs to celebrate the holiday on Saturday. Have a wonderful day!
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        Hello, a happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends from me, too. Thankfully we have a rainy day mixed with some hail and thunder storms, good time to sew. That's what I will do now.
        Have a happy day and stay safe!


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ DH said he "had a long night", but he's not having that much pain. Most of his nights are long anyway because he doesn't sleep well. The Tylenol has been adequate for pain relief. I'm very thankful things went so well yest. It really was an answer to prayer.

          Yest. afternoon I did the veg. prep. for chicken soup, which I'll be making this a.m. It's an all morning job. I'm going to be much more careful about wiping down items with paper towel to remove grease prior to washing them.

          It was supposed to be cooler yest., in the 80's, but it still warmed up to 92 by afternoon. The mowing guys came a day early. The office had let me know ahead of time. I suppose they must be giving their employees Fri. off for the 4th, so they rearranged this week's schedule.

          Well, July is a busy birthday month for our family, plus one anniv., & the upcoming wedding of our grand son on the 19th. I've made quilts for 2 other grands when they got married. I'm going to offer one of my earlier made quilts to them if they want it, or give them the choice of a monetary gift.

          The state directive yest. is that we will be wearing masks indefinitely. No deadline in sight. Previously, there were hopes of relaxing the rules on July 1, but that is not going to happen. Because of the upswing in new cases, bars, which were opened 2 wks. ago, must go back to take-out service only. If the bar also serves food, dining-in must have social distancing, families/groups must remain at their own tables with so social mingling. Some of the places that do testing now are limiting hours of service due to a shortage of test kits because of the upsurge in new cases. And I heard on the news that this virus may have mutated already. Sorry to say, but I think C-19 is going to be with us for a very long time.

          Monique ~ I'm glad things went well yest.

          Happy Hump Day to everyone.


            Good morning all. Happy Canada Day to our northern friends. I am sure it will be very different than years past as the 4th will be here. Although how quiet it will be around here remains to be seen. Quite a few fireworks going off each night around here.

            Today we will have a visit with Max and Lily. We will head over there after breakfast for a couple hours. Max is very anxious to show us how his garden is doing.

            I have been working on getting the binding on the log cabin a little bit each day and I am about half way done. I usually watch a couple episodes of Murder She Wrote or The Waltons while stitching. I find I am being drawn to those shows lately more than usual.

            Time to get this day moving along. Have a good one everyone.
            Ginny B



              Good Morning All,

              Moving slowly and not getting much done this morning. My plans kind of shifted when Mike called, we forgot to put the garbage out. Oh well, it's out now and I've started here at the computer. I'm still waiting on my thread to quilt the ugly, and my list is here, so I might as well load up my instacart and get the groceries done while I'm here, right?

              Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors. The 4th around here is going to be different, as well. Here the baseball stadium is offering a 'baseball movie' and fire works. We won't be able to see much of that from our house, but I could care less about going downtown to sit outside for a movie I've already seen. I guess my credit union has to make the best of a bad situation since they paid for the right to have their name on the stadium this year. lol, so much for free ticket days as there won't be any minor league baseball there this year.

              I got an email from church, they're planning on having an early outdoor service, the regular service in house and on YouTube. We'll have to wear masks until folks are in their seats and then we can take them off. I'm wondering if it's worth the effort. I couldn't fill out the survey as I have to do what Jim and Morgan decide or stay home and Youtube it.

              Zaxby's opened their dining room, Mike and I were the only ones sitting inside and eating. We socially distanced ourselves as far from the counter as we could get. lol, but it was nice to have fresh HOT chicken.

              Well, it's 9, Jim hasn't called so Morgan's off. I guess it's time to get busy. Have a great day everyone.

              PS>>>> July's theme is posted for Secret Santa!

              β€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                I just realized you're where my son is doing his AIT. He's in Jacksonville.

              Morning all,

              Today looks to be another warm one. Yesterday we had a little relief with a heavy rain in the afternoon. My husband planted a lace hydrangea and a coffee tree prior to the rain so they got a good watering in.

              Taking advantage of it being cooler in the house and have some homemade croutons with some left over Italian bread and seasonings in the oven and it smells very good!

              Happy Canada Day to our friends up North. I'm sure our 4th of July will be much different this year too. The people around the back of our house usually have a huge party and have a fireworks display that rivals the professional ones. Very nice to sit in the sunroom and see such a display for approximately 45 minutes. Can't imagine what it must cost for those type of fireworks. Not sure about this year.

              Well, I hear my timer going off in the kitchen so must get a move on. Wishing everyone a good day!

              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                Happy Canada Day! Hope you can enjoy it fully.
                It is pouring down rain here right now, good thing the gutters got cleaned out on Friday or they would be overflowing and making a rut in the new flower bed. That probably means no sod can be cut but eventually we will be able to get some, no real hurry there.
                I got a lot done on the Brilliant Swirls pattern, I had to square up the 4 block segments, maybe because I used a different ruler to cut the strip sets, it should make it easier to lay flat for quilting. I added in a few fabrics to my jelly roll to make it big enough for a queen bed, I plan on getting the mattress as soon as I feel safe going shopping for one.😯


                  Good Morning, Its going to be a scorcher today. We have a huge storm heading our way from the Kansas City area. We may have to be offline for much of the day.

                  Monique, I’m glad to hear that the service yesterday went well. The circumstances were so sad.

                  Joy, I'm so glad the oral surgery went better than expected. That makes life easier all around.

                  Our neighbors began celebrating the 4th last night as soon as we went to bed. It scares the dogs something awful and they bark constantly. Our vet gave us some medication to help them through this so I will start them on it today. Sugar really goes ballistic.

                  We are under a heat advisory today so we will be indoors all day with the a/c. I think a salad for dinner tonight sounds yummy. Cathy, I love homemade croutons! I know that wonderful aroma of them baking.

                  Wishing everyone a good day.
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                  Scottie Mom Barb


                    Hi everyone! I'm gonna be high today! ON THE ROOF!...of the camper at least. I have to remove my AC unit and replace the seal underneath. We have had mucho rain and it proved to be too much for the seal. Is all's best it's done now while parked at home than out and about. So..trying to get as much of an early start as I can on's supposed to be mid 70's today with slight chance of better get at it! Have a great day everyone!

                    Sage, the crone of AC seals and ladders
                    😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



                      Good Morning all and Happy Canada Day to those in Canada!

                      Late start this morning, working on bills. Yuck. Oh well, has to be done. Yesterday was nasty hot and humid. Supposed to be the same again today although we got just a hint of rain. I'll be doing laundry today and Dave wants to go to the pet store today also as he used the last of his coral supplement. He feeds the coral every day so need to get some today.

                      Joy, glad your hubby is doing okay. Hope the Tylenol continues to help enough.

                      I worked on a couple of wall hangings yesterday and have them pretty much completed. I have a panel that I'm working on now for the fall. It's going quite quickly so I'll probably do another. I though I had more than 2 applique for the sampler quilt to hand sew. Nope. Those are done so I will start working on the blocks. There are only 3 more applique. I should get out the baptismal napkins and work on those. I last gave some to my pastor about 3 months ago and I know there have been several baptisms since. Those would be good to work on at night.

                      Best be off, have a great day everyone.


                        Good morning everyone,

                        We had a soaker last night! Water is standing in the slight "ditch" between the neighbors and us. We usually only see that in the spring during the snow melt. I hear the sump pump in the basement running. I slept through the whole thing, although it was thundering when I went to bed. Poor Sadie is frightened of thunder, so she headed under the covers.

                        Monique, I'm happy that the funeral service went well. Joy, good news that DH did well concerning the tooth extraction. Happy Canada Day to our northerly neighbors. We'll celebrate the 4th at the cabin. Usually, there are 3 families that let off fireworks over the lake. I hope we'll be able to do that this year.

                        My stomach says it's time for breakfast! Jeanne


                          Good morning everyone,
                          Late - but still morning. Its been awhile, I don't know what I have been doing. Wait -- just busy with mom's care, life, shopping, new LA, housework, yardwork. Everything takes longer to do now. I have to schedule shopping, and have been successful in no line-ups. Dealing with weather - heat, high humidity, thunderstorms.

                          TODAY -- we are taking a break to celebrate Canada Day. It is definitely different this year. Since we live in the capital, all celebrations, fireworks and events are cancelled. Since I moved here, we used to go on Parliament Hill, and then with kids and friends to enjoy the day, staying overnight at Westin that overlooks the core. Gone are those days, but the memories last. Of late, we spend it at home, with friends and fireworks in the school yard / park. I don't think our community association is allowed to have them this year. We will enjoy drinks and snacks at good neighbours. Happy Canada and proud of our heritage.

                          Monique - so sorry to read about your brother-in-law. What a shock. I'm glad that his funeral was not too difficult in these circumstances
                          Joy -happy to hear your husband was able to have his tooth problem fixed. That had to be painful, in any event, but necessary.
                          Katrina - saw the beaches in JX and was surprised that folks are paying attention. Please be safe and your family also, you are in a hot zone.

                          Have a good day everyone.

                          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                            So today is Hump day right? I just talked to my financial advisor on my IRA's and such. Not wonderful news but he said not to worry too much and to ignore all market happenings to come in the Fall. All will be well. I do hope he is right. He did mention if i had problems i might consider a reverse mortgage. not! I want to leave my home to my son or he will have no where to live. Now his keeping it afterwards is the thing to worry about. Wednesdays are hard enough. jump over that hump everyone and smile, smile, smile.... πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚


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                              yes, i'm already in a fairly safe investment. i can't afford to take lots of chances. Not a gambler. He did say when i'm 80 we will rethink things seriously. can't wait,yes I can!

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                              I'm turning 78 this mo.

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                              You are just a skip and a jump ahead of me!!!