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  • KPH
    Good Morning All,

    I had an early morning call from a dear friend I haven't seen in 5 years. He keeps up with time a whole lot better than I do! lol He was hoping to drive down to Sarasota to teach a class, but has classes the week before and after, so no driving for him, just flying in and doing the classes and flying on to the next class from now until the end of the year. He's been teaching from home since March. I guess he's glad to get out of the house!

    Howard's Mom called yesterday. Her older sister is in the hospital with heart problems. She started having seizures again, as well. They started with a CAT scan to make sure she hadn't had a stroke. She does have some blockage in her heart. That's on today's agenda, going in and finding out what needs to be done there. She's in her 90s and Dot's not far behind. She's really worried and can't get to NC until she takes care of her knee (She gets the gel shots in her knee every so often and it's been over 4 months since her last shot).

    I sandwiched one ugly, and have the second batting cut and ready to go. I ordered variegated thread to quilt with and it should be here today. Not sure when, since there was a shooting at Amazon fulfillment yesterday. Apparently the guy was targeted. The shooter pushed the person at the door out of the way, took aim and fired. After that the shooter left. They have video of the get away car and are looking for the three involved.

    Better news, Jim is getting more job offers. Morgan has her certification to nurse in 34 states. He was less than motivated after taking their mini vacation, to getting back into the job search. He's finding more and more remote jobs, so maybe he'll be able to stay here!

    Gabby has her booster this afternoon. I received notice that my house insurance was not going to be continued. I filled out extra sheets before we left for Ponte Vedra, I'm hoping that will take care of the 'out of compliance' type thing that they said it was. There's another envelope coming this afternoon from them. I see what it says before I go to the insurance agent's office. Otherwise, I'll have to have them start hunting for a new home owners policy. Thank goodness we have several months before the policy runs out.

    Mike's doing his laundry today. I had 4 loads yesterday. I uninstalled the Maytag app from my phone. My baby monitor sitting on the dryer is more reliable than the app! In the long run, it will be cheaper, too. There's a fee on the app after the first 6 months.

    Time to get started. The kitchen floor needs a good scrubbing, after Mike finishes his laundry! Have a wonderful day.

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  • KPH
    commented on 's reply
    I'll keep you and yours close in my thoughts today.

  • Cathy F
    commented on 's reply
    Thinking of you today, hugs to you.

  • JulieC
    Good morning!

    It's going to be another pleasant day today. Perfect weather for a porch visit with Mom.

    Mom's facility did not agree with the hospice nurse's assessment and asked if they could bring in a second opinion. I was little leery; the facility nurse said she talked to this other hospice and they said it sounded like she qualified. They came out and said yes, she is ready for hospice. Now I don't know who to believe -- one hospice says no, she's not ready; the other says yes, she is. I'm calling in a third hospice as a tie-breaker. I'm starting to get a little stressed and have already had an argument with the Ohio sister -- about furniture, no less. She doesn't want Mom's furniture back in the house after Mom is gone. She didn't appreciate it when I told her I'm not worrying about the furniture until after Mom passes. Granted, there was a swear word in my response.

    I was invited to a belated birthday drive-by parade next week. I will be on vacation but plan to participate. It should be fun and it will be nice to see people for the first time in months. It is also incentive to get my hair cut. I haven't done that yet and my quarantine hair is getting way too long.

    No plans for the sewing room today. I am excited my order from M* has shipped. It was the daily deal a few days ago. I had been admiring that fabric line and jumped when it was the DD. I'm glad I bought yardage, too, because it started selling out fast.

    Time for tea and work. Have a wonderful day!

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  • JCY
    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Monique ~ Thoughts & prayers for you & your family today with the BIL's funeral. Prayers needed here, too, for DH & the tooth extraction this a.m. He didn't sleep much last night & is really feeling scared about going to the oral surgeon this a.m. I hope there won't be any complications.

    Yest. was a big laundry day -- 5 loads. I decided to strip my bed all the way to the mattress, so that included the matt. cover, 2 matt. pads, sheets, & 1 other load of clothing. It was 98 deg., so the matt. pads & cover dried nicely outside in the sun.

    I'll not linger this a.m. We need to get around early for the 9 a.m. appt. I need to eat breakfast earlier than usual.

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  • CarlieBlilie
    Good Morning,

    Monique, my thoughts and prayers will be with you today.

    Yesterday was a monsoon! Rained all morning and into the afternoon. Sun finally came out around 3. We totalled 3.25 inches of rain. We certainly needed rain but not that much. The rest of the week is supposed to be very muggy and hot, dewpoints in the 70's and temps in the low 90's. A stay inside kind of week.

    Dave decided to pull up the indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor between the house and the patio. He will be replacing it with the laminate that we have in the kitchen and dining room. The carpet is quite old, I'm thinking my grandpa had it installed in the late 80's after he built the addition to the house. Originally it was supposed to be a garage for his 2nd vehicle (the one they used to go to Texas every winter) but I think my grandmother got him to change his mind and it ended up as a great "gathering" place. We've always called it the patio. It originally had the big garage door and grandpa made a huge screen that fit where the door was. During the summer months grandpa would open the door and put the screen door up during the day. He spent many hours sitting there and reading. When we moved in we found that the outside wall was deteriorating so Dave removed it and we put 4 nice windows in instead of the garage door. That's where you will find us most days. We bought a greater heater that has not allowed us to use that space year round, although we do use lap quilts in the winter to help keep us warm. Doesn't get too bad though. It is just about the biggest room in the whole house.

    I was able to get caught up on my mystery quilt yesterday, new clue comes on Friday. I will be getting groceries today, so glad I didn't go yesterday with all that rain. I am going to work on a couple of wall hangings today and get them completed. I'll ask Dave to hang the rods, I just have to figure out where I want them.

    Off for some groceries. Have a great day.

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  • Monique
    Good morning everyone. Work went well yesterday and I was kept busy. Today is THE day. Afterwards, my other sister-in-law is having a BBQ at her house. The two sister-in-laws live back to back. My oldest should be here shortly. We reminisced last night.

    I have taken another work day, this time Friday and close to home. I am hoping things slow down soon.

    So have a great day everyone.

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  • BeaPeg
    started a topic Happy Tuesday

    Happy Tuesday

    Hello to all and I hope everybody is well.
    I was off the computer several days, busy in the garden, reading, sewing etc.
    Last time I told you that our son-in-law had to be operated at one of his kidneys because of a tumor. At the operation the result was negative, they said it's nothing wrong. But unfortunately when he got the finale result, it was cancer in a very early level. He has to go for blood test now very often for the next 5 years. Andrea and Marius are very hopeful that this was all. My prayers are with them and I hope it's really okay now, but maybe I'm to old and saw to much to really believe in it and have my thoughts.
    Last weekend I had my first lesson for the patchwork teacher certificate, it was online the very first time because of Covid. It was really good and and we had much fun. For me not everything was new but there were several new, easy and simple ways to old and new pattern. That's a pic what we sewed and the dots are not appliqued but rather sewed in. 20200628_135542.jpg There are some 3D pattern, too. I loved the moved Flying Geese border.
    I'm looking forward, the next lesson is in September, in Dortmund, theme "Traditional".
    Have a nice day.