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Good morning Monday

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  • Cathy F
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    Looks very nice!

  • geegeequilts
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    Joy, I will definitely say an extra prayer for a speedy outcome tomorrow. Hopefully he'll bounce back quickly. Gina

  • Teen
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    Looks very pretty, Claire! Great improvement!

  • Teen
    Good morning, ladies! Prayers being lifted. Joy...I had that happen to me and they pulled the tooth without cutting gums. Very tender after numbing faded but bearable. I dislike dental stuff like us all and have had a lot done. Good luck!

    Raining since early morning...gentle and pleasant but a small bit of storming headed our way this afternoon.

    We video chatted with our mothers yesterday. I've been doing that with my mom for months but it was a first with mother-in-law. I got very emotional since we hadn't seen her since August last year. She got a bit emotional, too. She looked wonderful! I miss our mom's so much and hope to travel to them soon.

    My gladiolas bloomed!! I was a bit worried since I planted bulbs late so super excited...My hollyhocks are budding so they'll be blooming sunflowers have the flower heads. So satisfying when you grow just from seeds.

    Cleaning bathrooms today. Exciting, huh? Then will work on King's cut a ready to go.

    Have a blessed day and keep safe!

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  • baslp
    Good morning. It will be in the 80’s today. We have not had rain for awhile. I dug out weeds In the yard yesterday. My legs and hand hurt today. I will take it easy today and make a few more blocks.
    i have to take our dog Rocco back to the vet. He had the procedure on his ear done again. It looks like more fluid is building up. I think he may need part of his ear cut off.
    My DS started his internship at Kohl’s today. He gets a taste of the real world.

    Have a a good day.Stay cool.

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  • Nwmnteacher
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    Terry, I think you are close to New Bern, which is close to where my son and family live. His wife, who is from Okinawa, says NC feels hotter than her island home does. It must be a difference in the humidity. Although, I was in Okinawa in July one year, and it felt pretty darn hot to me!

    Can't wait to see pictures of the new place!

  • KPH
    Good Morning All,

    Lifting prayers for so many this morning. A young person from church had brain surgery (2nd this spring) and she's been in so much pain. God bless and keep those who have requests.

    I'm moving slowly, Mike's at work and I should be working on the laundry. We'll see what I get done today. The sky is a sort of blue this morning, but it isn't clear. I guess I should check on that Saharan Dust. We've had an air quality advisory all weekend. I've stayed in as much as possible, but the grocery store is a must.

    I'm hoping to get the first of the Christmas Uglies sandwiched while the laundry is in the works. It's going to be a lot more than normal with extra sheets, towels and all. I guess I'd better get busy. Have a great day.

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  • grammaterry
    Joy and Monique...prayers are on their way
    Hot and humid in our new location the last few days. Not much breeze. Sprayed for flees, ticks, mosquitos and ants this morning while cool. Bugs are more rampid here than in the mountains along with the humidity. I started dinner this morning. I'll cook it and put it in the fridge until evening and I'll microwave it. Not my style but...its too hot.
    Children are coming for the 4th of July. Trying to imagine where they are going to sleep. But we will manage. I have 3 twin beds, two couches, ordered two cots, DD is bringing two cots, have some boat cushions...all will be good, right?
    Guess what? The oven came yesterday. Got one of those robo calls that said our special order was at Lowes. Well, we had the oven on order and the marine battery so we headed up there to get the battery....surprise surprise, it was not the battery. However, they couldn't find the oven and it took them two hours to do so and we loaded it and got it home. So happy we have a little elevator because this thing weighed 175 lbs and it was all DH and I could do to get it in the house and on the counter and then into the slot. DH was a trooper installing it in the heat yesterday afternoon. He was so frustrated for the two hour wait at Lowes.
    I painted the rest of the trim for the shoe moldings this morning and then DH will have all the trim pieces measured and cut into the angles. Then we will bring up the air compressor and nail gun and "voila" we will have finished 1800 sq feet of flooring. Bless his heart. I think taking up the old carpet was the most work though. But it is hauled to the dump and things are coming along
    Hope you all have a blessed week. Love you all

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  • Cathy F
    Morning all,
    Up early this morning as I needed to make a quick run to the grocery store for a few items BJ's was out of that was on my order this week. Our local grocery store opens at 6:30 Mondays for seniors. Got my few items and home by 70.

    Yesterday was hot and humid, a good day to stay indoors looks to be the same today.

    No sewing going on here, lost my motivation for now. I'm sure it will pick up when it cools off. I don't have any air conditioning in my sewing room so it gets really warm up there.

    Well, I'm off to the kitchen to get some potatoes going for potato salad. We'll have that with some grilled chicken tonight but first a cup of coffee to kick start the day.

    Wishing everyone a good day, be safe and stay healthy!
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  • Claire Hallman
    We got the flower bed finished yesterday, now all we need if for the plants to flourish. It looks so much better than when we started. We do need to add some sod on the outside, maybe today. I think our neighbors are going to do something similar on theirs, nice compliment.
    I am almost done with my ripping out on the pop stars, hope to get it fixed and sandwiched again this week. In the meantime I am doing a little sewing on another set of blocks. I like to have at least two projects going so I can vary my sewing/standing/cutting to relax various muscle groups.
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  • Bubby
    Good Morning.. Another Monday. They sure come around fast!

    Joy, I will pray for your DHs dental appointment tomorrow. I would be dreading it, too.

    Yesterday I started cutting 5” squares for the Pixelated Heart quilt. I use the 5” wide M* ruler for this and it goes pretty fast. I need 155 squares. Not sure if I bought enough fabric though I bought what the tutorial called for. I still haven’t sewn the blocks for the Irish Change together. I need to get my act together.

    Monique, my prayers are with you and your family. I hope Les is doing okay. This will be a super busy and emotional week for you. Hugs, dear friend.

    Julie, enjoy the vacation days you take.

    I need to help Jeff get the trash out for pick up. Have a blessed day everyone.

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  • JCY
    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Prayers please for DH who has an appt. at 9 a.m. tomorrow (Tues. the 30th) with the oral surgeon for a tooth extraction. This is the tooth that broke off after he had that fainting episode in Jan. & the A Fib & was in the hosp. It's broken off at the gum line. He's soooo dreading going & is very anxious about the whole thing. I suspect the gum will have to be cut in order to get at it. It's broken off at the gum line.

    Yest. was church on YT. The church is hoping to have a parking lot service in July. I have no interest in being out in the hot sun for that. We're waiting on the gradual phasing in of things. I'll be glad when we can have live church in the sanctuary.

    As I have time, I continue to watch episodes of Rory Feek's video blog, This Life I Live, on YT. I'm playing catch-up. He has written a blog for several years, but this year started with the video blog, which actually is a weekly TV show on some other network that I don't get. You may remember Rory's wife Joey died 4 yrs. ago of cancer at age 40. He is raising their 6 y.o. dau. Indiana, who has Down's Syndrome. He lives on a large farm in TN in a big old farm house that is >100 y.o.

    I did more piecing on the Smoke & Fire quilt yest. afternoon. I now have enough blocks, but need to snowball certain corners with the red. I cut the 2.5" squares yest.

    Today will be the usual Mon. laundry. I need to make a trip over to the groc. store for a few items.

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  • CarlieBlilie
    Good Morning.

    This morning it is raining, has been raining most of the night. We've gotten about 1.5 inches so far. We are supposed to be hot and muggy this week into the weekend and possibly next week. Temps in the 90's so I won't be doing anything outside. There are threats of storms too later this week but not sure if that will actually happen. We will see. This is the first rain we've gotten in over a week. There were a couple of times it looked as if we would get some rain but only a couple of sprinkles. Dave will be happy as he won't have to go water the gardens for a couple of days.

    Worked on the mystery quilt yesterday and will probably work on it a little today. I also got brought out some cross stitch that I completed a while back and have never readied them to hang. I found some cute border fabric for both of them and will get them done in the next couple of days. One is a Precious Moments that I did years ago on 18 ct aida. Two little ones looking at a rainbow. Why I've never completed it I'll never know. I remember how frustrating it was to work on as I had to use a beading needle and one strand of floss and it kept breaking. Anyway, it should be done in the next couple of days.

    I think I may just wait until tomorrow to get groceries since it is raining. I like to go early in the morning because most of the time there isn't a lot of people there, for me it is less frustrating. I'll pick up Jim a little later to help him with some new paperwork. The paperwork he turned in last week was the wrong form. (sigh).

    I'm off for a cup of coffee and to think about groceries today. Have a great one!

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  • JulieC
    Good morning!

    It is a very pleasant 68 degrees right now. High today will be around 82. I am enjoying it while I can, they are predicting temps in the 90's for the weekend.

    I was looking at the time off calendar at work on Friday and realized I am still down for vacation next week. When the telework was extended through July 31, I figured I wouldn't need it but didn't take it off the calendar. The only difference between working from home and having a day off is how many times I log in to my computer. I really don't feel a need for the whole week. I might take a couple of the days, though. I was added to an approval queue and need to check how that would be approved in my absence. I don't want the one co-worker to have an aneurysm if something doesn't get approved right away.

    My windows are in dire need of a cleaning. That's why I'm surprised some poor bird keeps flying into one of the living room windows. This used to happen all the time at Mom's house while I was growing up. Her house had lots of windows and Dad kept them sparkling clean. I don't remember having this problem before, but then again -- I was at work all day and wouldn't have seen or heard it. Here's hoping it doesn't hurt itself. My sister had two nests of baby birds this year. The local robins finally succeeded in building a nest on the ledge of one of her windows. Did you know baby robins leave the nest about two weeks after they hatch? I had to look it up because we were surprised how quickly the first hatching was gone.

    Looks like it is time for a second cup of tea before logging in to work. Have a wonderful day!

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  • Monique
    started a topic Good morning Monday

    Good morning Monday

    Good morning friends. Can't believe it's Monday again. Can we redo last week? If only we could.

    Friday was actually a very slow day, not much mail. I was done sorting early. Luckily I had my crochet with me.

    My youngest arrived Saturday afternoon. My friend Lynda and I went to pick some strawberries on Saturday morning, about 12 pounds. Well we all got into eating them. There are delicious. Well, I went back yesterday and picked more and made some freezer jam. This morning I read where they are closed for a couple of days. Not surprising as there were many people there.

    And so I work today again but off tomorrow. Tomorrow is the funeral for my brother-in-law. My oldest is coming either today or tomorrow, not sure, but it will be a busy week nonetheless.

    I need to get off my duff and get ready. Have a great day everyone.