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Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

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    Saturday Morning Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I don't see either Monique or Katrina on here yet, so I'll get us started for today. Here we are at another week end. Baking DH's spelt bread is on my list for today. It's supposed to be ~90 deg., & the oven will heat up the kitchen, but it has to be done.

    I made it to the sewing room yest. for more piecing of the Smoke & Fire quilt. I have 66 of 80 blocks made. Certain ones will need to have the specific corners snowballed once I get the blocks laid out to my satisfaction.

    We had a brief rain shower yest. late afternoon & eve. We're in that weather pattern where brief afternoon showers are a possibility most days. I saw pics of that dust cloud from Africa that now has reached the US. Isn't it amazing how that can travel so far in the upper atmosphere. I remember when Mt. St. Helen's had the volcanic eruption, we got ash here in Colorado. And it's my understanding radioactive particles from Chernoble traveled all around the globe.

    Have a good week end.

    Good Morning,
    I spent most of yesterday morning trying to get the long arm to sew. I made a quilt and two throws and had no problems at all. I changed the needle and now I cant get it to sew. I have the needle in correctly. I even put in another needle thinking that that the other one could be damaged , well no luck. I have reset, rethreaded and cleaned it. I got so frustrated I had to walk away. I am not even sure I want to mess with it today, maybe next week.

    My daughter has been back to work for a couple of weeks now. They are not open to the public but fill orders and UPS picks them up. Including herself there are 4 people working. She sent two home Thursday sick. I am beside myself with worry. One of the people went immediately to get tested. She said he said he had been to a wedding this past weekend. She said it takes 3- 4 business days to get the results.

    Have a good weekend,
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    • SagedCrone
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      This is going to sound awful and good at the same time..if there is to be sickness, let it be something akin to the regular flu but not anything else that would put your daughter in harms way. (now, that sounds as though I'm cursing someone with a sickness, but I promise..that's not what I mean by that) keep your fingers crossed for anything BUT C-19.
      Sorry to hear of the LA problems..I have a little bit of problem with the MA that I have..thread keeps breaking, I just walked away..I'll figure it out another day..good luck with yours!

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      Does your daughter work in the Pelham/Alabaster area?

    • TMP
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      Claire, No, She is the manager at the Gap at the Summit and lives in Hoover

    Good Morning Joy and those after,

    Yucky day yesterday, hot and humid. I made a trip to the grocery store yesterday as they had a deal that if you bought meat from their case you got 10 percent off, so I went to stock up a little. My son was not feeling well and so he said not to pick him up. Rescheduled him for Monday.

    I was also able to get into the sewing room yesterday. Made up the label for the anniversary quilt and also worked on the mystery quilt that a purchased a couple of weeks ago. Last Friday was the 1st clue and yesterday was the 2nd. Two more to go. I'm a little behind but will probably get caught up today.

    I sewed part of the binding on the anniversary quilt last night. In a little over 3 hours I was able to get about half way through. I mentioned that I was only that far to my husband and he says "it always takes you longer to do something that what you think". Not sure where that came from. I am actually ahead of the time frame I planned. I wanted to have the quilting done by the end of the month. I said that I was almost done and he said but you might still run into a problem. Shows it doesn't understand what I'm doing, and that's okay. My daughter has said quite a few times now that her dad has turned into a grumpy old man. Sometimes I think she is right.

    I did not hear about the dust cloud from Africa, going to look that up. I do remember when Mt St Helen's erupted. I believe that we had some of the effects of that here in Minnesota as well. If memory serves there were "clouds" that blocked out some sun. It's amazing the things you see in a lifetime. I loved talking with my grandfather about things he experienced and his memory was amazing to the end. He was born in 1912 and died just 10 years ago so he experienced so many changes.

    Well, best be off, breakfast is calling my name.


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      I would brush off the DH comments...I know how you feel. I get it from my nan and daughter. I guess we'll get our quilts next year. I work on stuff at my place, I really hear it if I'm making a gift for someone else. Quilting is my hobby and joy and they can only take your joy if you allow it. I've learned to never allow it, it's my happy place and they are not invited that day Haha. Come back tomorrow with kind comments! They act like they both don't have rooms full of projects from me!

    • CarlieBlilie
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      I don't think it has anything to do with quilting, other than questioning why I keep buying fabric he is fine with it. He just seems generally negative, always making snide comments at the TV which I am ignoring because i don't get anywhere when I ask him to explain what he means. I just listen and let him have his say.

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      Howard was funny like that, especially with Jim's projects. He'd never say anything to him, other than- Do you think you'll have enough time? lol, I could do the same thing with Jim's projects for me... 2 years ago- my swing frame, 1 year ago my quilt ladders, etc. The projects get started and never get finished.

      Thing is, Jim didn't get that from his Dad or me. If we started something we finished it. It might have taken a little while to save up for what ever project it was, but we always followed through. I really would like my swing frame though. I told Mike if he didn't start on it soon, I was sending my swing to the Salvation Army. The frames he started for the quilt frames will be hitting the bulk garbage day not long behind them!

    Good morning!

    We had rain overnight. The weather should clear although there is a slight chance of rain this afternoon. Highs today around 80.

    We got some encouraging news from the hospice nurse yesterday. She examined Mom; and while Mom is showing several signs of entering the final stage of Alzheimer's, she is not there yet. The nurse has to send her results to a doctor for review. They may want more information or agree with the nurse's assessment. She explained that for Mom to qualify for hospice, she has to meet certain criteria. Mom meets some of them, but not all; Medicare requires all the criteria be met. The nurse did say she thinks Mom would benefit from additional care. Pending the doctor's decision on Monday, I'm going to set up another care team meeting with the facility. I don't know with the Covid restrictions if we could have an outside caretaker come in. If so, I will hire her more help.

    I thought it was going to rain all day and planned to spend the day in my sewing room. Now I'm not sure what the day will hold. I would like to finish the top of my WIP. All I need to do is put the borders on. Then I need to figure out how to piece the back. I am using the leftover fabric from the top on the back of the quilt. That may be a project for another day.

    Time for tea and breakfast. Have a wonderful day!


    • joder1116
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      I don't post a lot on the forum, but I have been a member for quite some time. I'm not sure what state you live in but, Indiana Dept of Health (ISDH) gave guidelines for essential care givers. This might be the case where ever you live, if so your Mom may be able to get the additional care in her facility. I am a nursing home administrator with an active license in Indiana. There has been almost constant guidelines given by ISDH as well as from CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) through out this ordeal (16 weeks since my facility went on "lockdown") We just recently started allowing outside visits with strict rules. Thankfully my facility has had ZERO positive case in residents or staff.

    Good Morning All,

    Back from Ponte Vedra. We had a great time. Cecelia, her friend and I had a great time. We went to St. Augustine the day before they required masks. All three of us wore ours. The beaches were pretty much family groups way far apart. We walked and walked enjoying the scenery. We didn't see any dolphins this trip, very few shells, and lots of friendly dogs.

    It's milky grey here today. Cecelia has a class to take on Zoom. She's planning on leaving once that is done and surprising her husband by coming home a day early.

    Tomorrow, it will be time to start working on something. I need to find some joy in my sewing room.

    Have a great day!

    β€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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      St. Augustine is awesome! Loved it when my sister and I visited there..(cept..I'm not sure how we did it..but we love to have a good time and make people laugh..I guess we were doing that too much cause..we got kicked off the free bus there!..or was that Savannah ?..ROFLMAO! Now wait..we got kicked off the free bus in Savannah, and the one in St. Augustine wanted us to come back and ride all day..he enjoyed the 'company'..bah!

    It looks like the Saharan dust cloud has reached's really hazy here this morning and an air quality alert has been issued for the entire state. 2020 has thus far been a year to remember- pandemic, cicadas, murder hornets, and dust clouds...I wonder what's up for the 2nd half of the year.
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      Not sure I want to find out what the rest of the year will bring. Who would have predicted this?

    • KPH
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      Mom always said, don't ask, you don't want to know.

    Good morning. It's overcast here this morning with chance of rain/tstorms a few times today. Not going to plan on doing much outside in case a storm pops up. Guess I will just need to be in my sewing room for a while. . I need to put the binding on the log cabin so that is definitely on my to do list today. I finished the quilting on the borders yesterday.

    I heard about that Saharan dust cloud. I didn't know it got as far as Kentucky though.

    Have a good day.
    Ginny B


      Good afternoon,

      Finally sat down for a few minutes. I finished mopping kitchen floor after giving DH a hair cut. It's too hot out in the garage. All clean now. My new clothes are folded and put away. The returns are ready to go back. Since I'm between sizes, I ordered both. Quite happy with the summer colors of everything. Makes it easy to mix and match.

      Time to check in with DD and see if we can drop some donation items today.

      Hope your day is great!


        Good Afternoon. I slept in today as it was a rough week. Our company's year end is June. I work in Finance and it was stressful closing the books during this pandemic. Glad it's over!!

        I hope to sew this weekend on secert santa projects and get some more done around this house!

        My daughter got her final grades this year and finished her Junior year of HS with a 3.7 GPA. She was so happy, she works really hard in school. She slacked it a little freshman year so 4.0 she missed out on! I'm proud of her!

        We finally went to a super Walmart , i haven't been since Feb. Texas is a hot spot right now, we have our own theories on why but they've re shut down bars and any place that gets 50% of their revenue from alcohol. Walmart is always super crowded since they close at 830pm here. Kinda annoying though we got there at 730pm and they made an announcement they were closing in so many minutes every 5 minutes. I'm not exagerating. I forgot stuff since I was so frazzled with feeling rushed from the get go.

        I hope we get rain today! Some days are ugly hot but it hasn't been terrible! I hope everyone has a fantastic day and gets something off their to do list!


          Good Morning my quilty friends!

          Was up and about early today, had some roof fixes to do on the was supposed to be in the low 90's here today, I'm sure it has gotten there.
          So, quickly and early I ran to the hardware store, came home with donuts, (how did those get in my car!??), put on my wireless headphones and headed for the camper. Up the ladder (I hate this part) and start the work on the rooftop of the camper. It wasn't even 10 a.m. and it was already hot..why?? Just so happens, I had a black shirt on..wrong thing to do..but then, I remembered..I have on a sports bra, and live in a totally secluded I popped that shirt off, put my head phones back and on and continued the work! It was much better without a sun drawing black shirt!
          With that job finished, it had already gotten hot and I lost the desire to stay any longer to go 'inside' the camper to work on the windows. (hot is one thing, but hot and stuffy with no breeze is ENTIRELY another!) I trudge my happy ass back to the house! I'm done..maybe I'll settle in to a movie and some x-stitching.

          Perhaps we should all check the Farmers Almanac a little better for the predictions for the rest of the year.
          But to help ease some of the possible issues ..
          Sure..Covid-19 was a new thing..we're all dealing with the realities of this one...
          but, the murder hornets was a semi 'fake news' bit..yes they do exist, but the broadcast that the news put out was from NOV of 2019 (it wasn't important enough last year to tell you) so.. hate to say it this way but.. the covid news was running slim so they had to bring in a new 'scare'..and they dug it up.
          In Nov, 2019, there was an 'Asian Giant Hornet..aka 'murder hornet' nest found in Washington state, it was eradicated. Yep,
          one hornet escaped and was caught and killed.
          This dust cloud..same thing, they need a new scare. It comes every year. Every year. They just never talk about it..they don't make it a 'headline'..but they needed something to boost those ratings and keep the people in fear.
          I have not heard anything major about the cicadas. 2020 isn't a prime cycle year, but..they come every 17 years, some will start the year before, and it can continue for the year after. Different parts of the country (north and south) seem to be on a staggered cycle..

          I hate's not news they are giving the's fear, it's exaggeration at it's best, like a child telling a fantastical tale of beasties and monsters.. because it keeps us all worried..and we continue to listen and watch.
          So rest easy..most of it is stretched truths or tall tales with a tad of truth.

          So I'm off for the day, we are supposed to be rained in for the weekend, which is why today was the last possible day to fix the roof on the camper..
          Perhaps the rain will cool things down for next week or after, then I can do a bit more inside work on the camper!

          Hope everyone has a great day...and and ever better weekend!!
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          😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



            I don't usually post on the daily thread but so excited I actually left my house today!!! Our adult daughter moved back home with us back in Sept to save since money and pay off medical bills. It's been fabulous but she works at Amazon and my husband is constantly worried she will be infected with the virus at work and bring it home to us. (I am a completely laid back person who practically never worries about anything.) Last week she put down a deposit on an apt and will move there mid August and she is so excited. It us a 2 BR so she will have her own craft room. Today we went to an antique place, three floors of stuff, and she bought an adorable small Mission style rocker for the incredible price of $60. I love love love antique shopping and she does too. It was so much fun getting out of the house to look around. It wasn't very crowded and almost everyone was wearing a mask incl us. It was my first time out anywhere in 2 weeks.

            I also got a pkg from M today so I was pretty excited about that. Three weeks ago I ordered some stuff incl some batting but I accidentally ordered wool instead of cotton. I called them two days later to see if I could change the order but it was already in processing so she said just reorder the cotton and mail back the wool for a credit. Ok. So I reordered it but didn't return the wrong stuff, was waiting for new order so I could use that box to mail it back.So today I had big plans to sandwich the quilt I just finished and get it all pin basted!! I excitedly opened the new box from M, expecting the cotton batting, and guess what they sent by mistake? Yep, another pkg of wool batting! So now I have two to return, and my quilt is at a standstill until I get the right batting. I think I have everything straightened out with M. This is the first time they ever messed up my order though so I really can't complain. Today I also ordered the DD, the ironing board cover from Moda. It looks really cute. Have not ordered a DD in months. I also have two fabric orders processing from FQS that I ordered on 6/11 and 6/12, they are really SLOW getting orders out these days so I will probably not order there for awhile. I will shortly be stalking the mailman, I mean mail carrier, to see if she has my goodies on her truck!